Paint it Black

Yep, the most overused title in the miniature painting hobby.  This is actually really important, having made several display bases, nothing cramps your style while doing the final details like pink or white foam poking through.  So this rather large undertaking I vowed to paint it black early and paint it black often.

I’ll paint some more black on these but first I’ll probably put down the timbers inside the trenches.  After that is done I’ll do the sand.  I don’t want to sand all the flat surfaces and I can’t use as much cat liter as I did on my GT display base, it looked good but it isn’t game-able.  This table needs to game-able, that means wider than usual trenches, modularity, less than perfect fits, and lots, and lots of little pieces that can be re-arranged.

Someday I’ll get my other table’s worth of terrain here in Vancouver.  I plan to make a lip to connect the two.  I was thinking of doing a ruined village after this, something vaguely French and World War One.  I’ve also considered Spanish Adobe style buildings or even an Ork Village, but lately seeing the stuff Pardulon is producing if I ever have the money to drop on a gaming table again, plus the time and energy seeing this one is barely started, I might do a shanty town.  Maybe only a 4*4 Shanty town…

Here’s some pics.  I plan to work on just one tile at a time after this, plus I plan to work on my army for Astronomi-con Vancouver.  Note I tested the biggest GW base, the one used by Imperial Guard weapons teams, they fit in the biggest trenches.  I plan to make some machine gun nests and some of them will be big enough to accommodate these 80mm bases, but not all.  I want my table to favor lone models on a single 25 mm base.  Painting even six tiles took up my painting table, all my counter space, and my stove…

Final photo of the pink foam tiles

Painting table with tile

Counter covered with terrain tiles

Stove covered in terrain tiles


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