Laying the Lumber

So after carving my foam and painting it black, the next step was to line the trench sides and bottom with planks or in the miniature wargaming world, Popsicle sticks and tongue depressors.  These can be bought at most craft stores along with more precision cut pieces of balsa wood.  My trenches turned out to be just under five Popsicle sticks deep.

Timber lined trench

This tile has a removable foot bridge which used to lay flat in the trenches when not needed, but after lining both sides it doesn’t.  I’m not sure on the front lines you saw bridges across trench works much, but further from the front they were needed to send out patrols and what not.

This tile also got two little sandbag walls, made by this fella.  This gives any sentries something to hide behind or lean on.  I also allotted two surface craters to this tile, these were rather cheap and flimsy.  I don’t advocate buying craters for the most part, as they are make-able, but then again I bought lots of sandbags and they are make-able too.  I went against my golden rule of maximum modularity and glued the two craters to the tile.  They were pretty lightweight foam so I thought this was for the best.

After coating everything black once more it was time for the first texturing.  Due to cost and availability I use cat liter for this.  The problem with cat liter is it is porous so painting is a bit more work, it is also dusty which is why you need to use cheap black paint early and often.  After the glue hardens I’ll do beach sand, then probably this finer grained sand I got from somewhere years ago.  Beach sand as long as it is dry is great due to being more irregular than hobby sand.

Trench lining with Bridge

Once again I took a bunch of pictures at each step, including posing with my test guy, a technique I got from someone on the Waaagh.  I need to name my Imperial Guardsmen at some point.  The test ork is named Barry…  Oh the bridge is made by Snapdragon but he doesn’t make or sell much stuff anymore.

Painting everything blackTile with scatter terrain



Adding texture with cat litter


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