More Tools of the Trade

Today I went and got my blood tested, I put this off for a long time. It involves fasting and biking a fair ways, technically I could have taken the bus. I need to lose weight… Now I’m at Bean Around the World again, about to continue work on my never ending job search, but before coming here I went to Memphis Blues for lunch and stopped at DeSerres Art Supply Store on Broadway too.

I usually go to the one on Main Street but DeSerres is becoming my go to place for supplies besides paint and models. I picked up more Popsicle sticks obviously. I also bought some sponges on sticks, these can be used to highlight terrain or achieve neat weathering effects. I’m going to do some sort of rust tutorial in the near future. I also bought some plaster of paris and some DeSerres brand light modeling putty to make craters out of. My final purchase was basically mineral oil which you can mix with pigments to achieve, wait for it, rust and weathering effects.

Recently I got my first incoming link from Peabody Here! another Vancouver gamer, one I’ve probably never met but probably learned of my blog from one of Zac’s forums. I’ve never even met Zac but I’ve sent him emails a few times. Vancouver has lots of gamers, we have the world’s largest concentration of video game studios, but we have no big gaming con. Maybe I’ll have to organize one, but first I need a job.

While going through my miniature gaming directory on the ferry yesterday I found two tutorials on the use of pigments, one is from Forgeworld and the other Fantization Miniatures you should visit their sites before you download the tutorials below:

I’ve since ridden home after applying for six or seven jobs. I’d really just prefer if one of the jobs I already applied for, say the one I interviewed for last, would just hire me… Anyway I took a photo of the stuff I bought along with some other tools of the trade such as a P3 Wet Palette, a re-useable palette that I previously bought at DeSerres, and the best purchase of the last couple years, an eye dropper. I really recommend to anyone serious about using washes especially making your own custom washes to go get an eye dropper at a local pharmacy. I still add my washes and ink by brush but I add clean water to paints and inks and washes via the dropper.

Tools of the miniature painting trade

Wet Palettes came up today on the Lead Adventure forum, I’m not a total convert, but I’m using it for most models. The big exceptions are terrain, washes & inks, and metallics.

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