Orks and Goblins in Warhammer 8th Edition

So yesterday was a busy day on this blog or was it the day before. I’m still waiting to hear back from a potential employer, I’m beginning to think I’m not their first choice. I ran into an old business contact from my previous job at the cafe, but where I spent my afternoon was at Strategies trying to price out a 1500 point Orks and Goblins army list from my existing painted miniature collection.

My Goblin Horde

I have well over 100 painted goblins but at 3 to 5 points a piece it only goes so far. I also have three warmachines which I can now use all in one small army and plenty of character models painted or could be quickly painted. I found another goblin shaman in my collection the other day, I really should move that model to the proper box… I’ve written a number of army lists in the last ten years, generally trying to get just 1000 points on the table lately, but now 1500 is the number for Darren’s (Strategies) 8th Edition Mighty Empires campaign so I decided to rank up my Nurgle deamons rather than paint 63 goblin shields and base them and do movement trays etc. etc.

However I want to get some use out of my large painted goblin collection someday so I got some advice on a 1500 point army. I have 66 painted goblin spearmen, I want to do them as one big unit eleven wide, they were to have my Battle Standard Bearer and the Raggedy Red Banner, but when I told a guy what it did he said that was now impossible.  Literally the entire unit and the core of my army were based around this unit and that banner, all is not lost, but I have to see the FAQ right about now…

Apparently as of July 12th 2010 no one at GW headquarters thinks the Raggedy Red Banner is an issue. I now own the Big Red Book so I guess I’ll try to understand the problem, which apparently is Battle Standard Bearers now let you re-roll all leadership tests so the Raggedy Red Banner’s ability to re-roll panic tests is borked because there is some big overarching rule that says you can never reroll a reroll. I also learned today that you can have one of a Ward save or a Regeneration roll but not both, this affects my proposed big unit of plaguebearers some.

So here is the 1500 point Ork and Goblin list I’m going to work towards someday fielding, it uses all three units of goblins I have painted, though some of them are not on the field at 1500 points. It requires the painting of the 63 shields, the basing of the entire army, the construction of various custom movement trays, the painting of some goblin crew with hand weapons and lastly the painting of 9 Ork Arrer Boyz, no one uses them so I decided since I have the figs I’d rather a small unit of them than a small unit of regular boys. My 2000 point list will have a horde of orks and likely another warmachine, bulked up Night Goblin units, and maybe a chariot or two.

I’d like to field snotlings, but I’d also like GW to make plastic snotlings. I had some old lead snotlings but I appear to have lots them, I haven’t seen them in years and I think I’ve gone through just about any box they could possibly be in. Maybe I’ll go through mom’s attic next time I’m home. Without further ado here is my totally sub-optimal but hopefully fun and unique Ork and Goblin army which maybe this fall could be coming to a table near you. I just need to find the motivation to paint and base the goblins. A squad of 10 orks is just to give some ablative wounds to my Ork Sorcerer Lord. It should be pretty obvious where my heroes go:

  • CORE: 65 Goblins with Spears and Shields and Full Command: 345pts
  • CORE: 39 Night Goblins with Bows, Full Command, and 3 Fanatics: 212pts
  • CORE: 25 Night Goblins with Bows, Full Command, and Nets: 130pts
  • CORE: 10 Ork Arrer Boys, Full Command: 90pts
  • LORD: Ork Great Shaman, Level 4 Wizard, Horn of Urgok, Amulet of Protectivyness: 280pts
  • HERO: Goblin Big Boss, Light Armor, Shield, Battle Standard, Ragged Red Banner: 112pts
  • HERO: Night Goblin Shaman, Dispel Scroll, Mad Cap Mushrooms: 95pts
  • SPECIAL: Rock Lobber with Bully: 75pts
  • RARE: 2 Doom Divers: 160pts

Goblins are like the antithesis of Chaos Daemons they cost so little each, you have so many options on what to do at 1500 points. I once read that O&G have the most CORE choices, if it wasn’t for warmachines my army would be all CORE and HEROs and LORDs.

My glorious plan, assumes the other player is more clever, more maneurverable, and has better combos of magic items than me. My plan is to stand in a big green wall, with warmachines between my units to prevent the outbreak of violence and basically pepper the enemy with arrows, rocks, doom divers, and spells. If the opponent gets close to the big Night Goblin unit he gets amped up Fanatics. I wasn’t planning on maxing out on fanatics, that is all anyone seems to use Night Goblins for. Maybe at 2000 points I will max out, I have six painted. I will also bulk up both Night Goblin units so they look more fearsome and replace the arrer boys with a big unit of boys.

But first I need to learn the rules, paint, base, make movement trays and learn what the Raggedy Red Banner actually does, anyone in my meager blog readership know? Maybe I’ll ask on the Waaagh.

One final crazy option I have is to use Grom the Paunch in larger games or even at 1500 rather than a sorcerer lord. I have the model, as for a while it was the only Goblin Chariot in print…  I have no wolf rider miniatures but I always thought they were a cool CORE option, but I don’t have the time and money or energy to field hordes of them. I was a big fan of Light Cavalry in the previous edition, even thought of doing Dark Elves or Marauders so I could have a lot of them on the table.

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4 thoughts on “Orks and Goblins in Warhammer 8th Edition”

  1. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to this, but I still haven’t technically seen the new army book. I’ve read enough online, that I’ve been working out an army list. Unfortunatelyf my desire for the crazy big new spider requires me to have at least 2000 points and my equally crazy desire to go pure goblins…

    Goblins got cheaper too so it is lucky I have so many painted. Most still need basing though. My solution to goblin cheapness, besides taking more goblins is to take Goblin heroes. In order to get the Goblin Great Shaman on Arachnarok Spider I need most of the 500 points, probably all available to Lords at 2000 points. Because of this I ultimately think I’ll need 2250 as a Goblin Warboss for the extra point of Leadership seems wise. I’m thinking of mounting him on the Gigantic Spider, I have the old OOP one, it looks small now and mine had a Forest Goblin Shaman rider…

    I want to do up a unit or two of Spider Riders, maybe one of Spider Riders and one of Wolf Riders. I still think another Rock Lobber fits my army well and will help the Goblins kill tougher stuff. Finally squig hoppers have always been amusing to me and now I’m thinking of having a wave of them lead by a Big Boss.

    We’ll just have to see how painting goes not to mention my job search…

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