Work in Progress Nurgle Plaguebearers

Posted: July 19, 2010 in Diseased Sons, Rank and File, WIP
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Plaguebearers with one coat of paint

Plaguebearers with one coat of paint

So as mentioned earlier after realizing just how soon the 25th was, I changed gears and started work on some more Nurgle Plaguebearers this evening.  I sprayed them black, then used Delta Ceramcoat black (which actually dries a nice flat black), then two or three more touch up of Chaos black.  After all this I reached for Foundry Triad Dusky Flesh pot 6C.  Some people online like this triad but it is the least useful of all I’ve purchased.  I thought at least it would provide a base to built up from…

I put it on the P3 Wet Palette and it didn’t cover much at all.  I new I was going to have to do another coat.  So I looked around for a similar and chose GW’s Graveyard Earth.  I put it on the wet palette and it didn’t cover much better.  I don’t know if I’m using the wet palette too wet, or if I shouldn’t use it at all until I got the basecoats down?

Plaguebearers with two coats of paint

Plaguebearers with two coats of paint

After putting a second coat of each paint on, again using the wet palette things looked better, but I figured why not do a third coat?  So I have three coats of paint on the model, all the same colour, time to start building up the highlights.  I decide to just go straight to Foundry Flesh Triad and grab pot 5A.  It gets put on the wet palette and it covers quite well, so maybe the A colours have more pigment or something.  I make sure it is good and thin and though it looks a bit different I push on.  I figured when I put a wash over top it would blend together pretty well.

For the other model, the more upright one, I chose Foundry Drab Triad number 12.  I was going to go straight to the C, but once it was on the wet palette I knew it was too light so I got out the B and put that on thinly as a first highlight.  Now the models were starting to look a bit different and a bit like I’d spent some time on them.

Plaguebearers with three coats of paint

Plaguebearers with three coats of paint

As part of my flesh, I decided to use GW’s old flesh wash.  This has never worked out very good for me, no matter how much I shake it or stir it, the pink pigment always separates leaving a light brown was.  I shaked it every few minute and I’ve been rotating it regularly so having read online how some people actually miss it, I decided I’d put some on my other palette, in one of the little cups.  I actually got some pink pigment in it.  I thinned it with a drop of water, stirred everything really good, and put some on the model.

I’d previously done a pretty heavy wash of Devlan Mud on the one I’d used the Drab triad on, so I put the same amount of wash on the Flesh triad one, it looked orange, I pushed on, it really was orange.  I don’t know how it got orange, no orange paint or inks were involved.  Maybe I should have tried to wash the stuff right off, instead I put it on much thinner and tried to remove the excess from in the recesses.

Both models are drying while I type this, but I’m sure you’ll agree when you see it now, the flesh plaguebearer is definitely tinted orange.  It is quite a weird colour, doesn’t look like I’ve spent all evening trying to achieve it.  The Drab plaguebearer on the other hand looks very evil.  I’m pretty tired so I think they’ll stay as is until tomorrow, but both need a lot of work, maybe I should have done them all green or pale blue, colours I’ve actually tried before.  I tend to use my plaguebearers to expirement on, but I’m on a deadline so perhaps I shouldn’t have this time.  Hopefully with some decent highlights and maybe another wash they’ll come out alright.  I plan to try Ogryn Flesh Wash on the flesh coloured now orange one and Gryphonne Sepia on the Drab one after building the highlights back up.

Plaguebearers before washes

  1. muskie says:

    Apparently a wet palette shouldn’t thin out paints like that, I’ve been told I have too much water in the box or the sponge. I’ll keep experimenting, the thing should come with better instructions perhaps. There must be a video, that seems to be all the rage now on the internet, in the mean time there is this post on another blog:

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