Plaguebearer Progress

Today hasn’t been a very productive day, I stayed up too late last night working on the plaguebearers flesh and slept in way too much this morning. You can do this when you’re still unemployed, but tomorrow I’m setting an alarm.

Almost painted plaguebearer flesh
Almost painted plaguebearer flesh

I couldn’t resist fiddling with the models, especially after the turn towards orange that the flesh of one plaguebearer took. I used some more Foundry Flesh 5C and some GW Ogryn Flesh wash to rescue it, but I’m still not happy doubly so due to all the effort involved. The other model came out much better, but I tested some of those techniques on a Nurgling previously. It was a base of GW Graveyard Earth, no less than three thin coats. Then some Foundry Drab 12B then eventually 12C. I used GW Devlan Mud and Gryphonne Sepia wash on it.

Now I’m going to do the metallics on all three plaguebearers. The unit champion has some chainmail and a pendant. So I’m going to give them the rusted metal treatment before doing the flesh of the third model. I’ve learned my lesson I’ll be using a Foundation paint or paint straight from the pot to get the basecoat done on the champion. He’ll be a flashy sickly green in order to standout. After that it is bones and blood and the plaguebearers are basically done. They are rather fun to paint, which is probably why I’ve acquired 40 painted ones when I get these three finished.

Painted plaguebearer flesh tones
Painted plaguebearer flesh tones

In 2nd Edition Warhammer 40,000 they used to be better than a Genestealer in hand to hand combat. That was a long time ago, now Plaguebearers can’t even be fielded in the same army as Plaguemarines. Hopefully GW fixes that again someday. In the mean time I’ll rank them up and try a horde of them in Warhammer Fantasy Battle 8th Edition and continue to work on non-Diseased Sons models for 40K.

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