Knarloc Green Plaguebearer

Flesh painted Knarloc Green
Flesh painted Knarloc Green

So after taking some water out of my P3 Wet Palette I went to get some Knarloc Green paint. It is a relatively new colour to me, but it was pretty thick and gooey on one side of the pot, so I jabbed my brush in and attempted to mix it. This appears to have damaged one of the brushes I’ve been using the most lately and the end result was more Knarloc Green paint than I needed on the palette so I decided to paint a Nurgling and alter my plan slightly.

Although most people out there seem to have moved to a drown your model in wash or even straight up dipping their models in miracle goop, you can actually paint lowlights with wash or even just with paint. So after base-coating the flesh with Knarloc Green I got out the Badab Black Wash and painted it into the recesses. You don’t have to be super neat as the next step is to paint Knarloc Green highlights back onto the model.

Flesh shaded with Badab Black Wash
Flesh shaded with Badab Black Wash

Then after it was highlighted and the paint was dry, I got out the Devlan Mud Wash and painted it into the shadows too. It was about then that I noticed I hadn’t painted the pointing hand of the Plaguebearer so I backtracked and caught that hand up to the rest of the model.

After the second wash had dried I painted yet more Knarloc Green on as a highlight.  Hopefully you can start to see the results.  Those two dark washes really help shade the model, but it isn’t a harsh but a more gradual transition. You also get a kinda muddy look which is good for Nurgle. After the fourth coat of Knarloc Green was dry I planned to paint the new Green Wash into the shadows some.

It had gotten quite hot and my hands were sweating I noticed my carefully applied rust was being re-wetted. This is one of the risks of using pigments and why you should leave them till last. I did them when I did so I could write something of a tutorial on how I currently use them in my rust technique.

Added highlights with Knarloc Green
Added highlights with Knarloc Green

I’ve since put the Ork Flesh Wash on, it isn’t my favourite green wash, but I decided to give it a go. It sometimes, especially if you put a lot of it on, tints your green. I can see one or two spots where this occurred on these models. This is not what I’m looking for, but is easily fixed with yet more Knarloc Green.

After all this Knarloc Green I finally plan to switch to another green or two and start doing a little blending to try and get some edge highlights going on the model. I was going to paint him a brighter green, but instead he’ll be my first Knarloc Green plaguebearer and with the medallion and pointing hand should stand out fine as the champion.

Now with this post complete it is dinner time.


Flesh shaded with Devlan Mud Wash


Another highlight of Knarloc Green
Another highlight of Knarloc Green

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