Basing and Movement Trays

Movement tray is the Perfect Size
Movement tray is the Perfect Size

So work has been ongoing on re-basing my old Beasts of Nurgle and creating a custom movement tray for my Horde of 40 Plaguebearer. These models and a couple Nurgling stands and Slim are set to make their Warhammer 8th Edition debut. Most of these models have never been used in WFB. I think Slim hasn’t, the Beasts have and maybe 16 Plaguebearers have.

I didn’t have much luck gaming with them over a decade ago. Daemons could break and run, they had no ranged attacks and negligible ranged spells. Beasts moved random distances and not terribly fast, my most reliable unit in the few small games I played was the Nurglings. Now under the current rules they may be the weak link, of course in bigger points games I can field 10 stands which might make a difference, my proposed 2000 point list had two units of 5 stands, while at 1500 points I have one unit of four stands.

I blackened the edges first
I blackened the edges first

Anyway it isn’t a tactical army or carefully chosen, it is just a bunch of Nurgle demons I painted up for the Diseased Sons.

The bases and movement tray were made of balsa wood, glue, and sand. I used some plastic and metal bits to decorate the Beast bases, but mainly it is my traditional drybrush order of Scorched Earth, Snakebite Leather, and Bubonic Brown. After the drybrushing was done I touched up various bits on the Beasts with black. Then I just plan to do a quick job on the little details I added so I could get everything finished and either take a break from painting tomorrow or get back to working on my Astronomi-con Vancouver army.

The perfect glue application
The perfect glue application

Of course I got all the Plaguebearers out of the miniature case for the family photo. I plan to put it on Flickr and post it to a forum or two. It is a pretty good looking unit of demons, all metal too. Some think the big banner is dated, so I may spruce that up. It tips over too much so I’ll either do something major with the banner bearer or just leave it out. I took with and without banner photos so you can see all the individual highlights and custom colours and what have you on the Plaguebearers.  You’ll have to look a ways to find a well painted unit this big, mine will be at Strategies Games on Sunday…

They do not rank up the best. Most of them are fine but the DIY standard bearers and even worse the DIY Gong of Despair just won’t rank up. I think I need to retire that model and paint the musician with the bell that I picked up more recently. Originally when the rules came out you had to convert your standard bearers, musicians, and unit champions. You still kinda have to convert your Heralds of Nurgle. I’m just using the one with the bigger banner.

Adding the beach sand
Adding the beach sand

This was actually quite a lot of work. I was all proud of my old world handcrafted quality but when I was using a size three brush to paint the tray black, I started thinking that it is worth it to buy pre-made movement trays especially if you can get them magnetized which is my plans for the goblins, I just need to talk to Litko and of course get a job and make the money to afford it. If I add anymore units to my tenuous Warhammer Daemon army, say a unit of Daemonettes or even just some Flesh Hounds of Khorne I may go all out and get premade bases and matching movement trays, Micro Art Studios and others make really nice resin pieces. If you’re going to put as much time and effort into your models as I usually do, the extra expense for the resin bases isn’t that much and it does tie the unit together which is doubly important in Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for and another day of mine gone to blogging and painting miniatures, the complete Horde of 40 Plaguebearers, the Netherworldly Mathematicians, the flagship unit of the Diseased Sons Nurgle Daemon Army:

Horde of 40 Nugle Plaguebearers

Horde of Plaguebearers with Banners

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2 thoughts on “Basing and Movement Trays”

  1. The edges are also balsa wood. I bought square strips of a quarter inch and just measured appropriately to fit the number of bases and allow room for the edge. Then I covered the edge in sand too to texture it. It must be detailed in another post. Now you can buy pre-made trays from GW and other companies, but this is the old school way to do it.

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