Ah what a wonderful morning

So I got up at quarter to six, because I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately. Apparently I should have stayed in bed because some random person on the internet has decided to describe my writing style as boring and my name as terrible. It seems odd that someone who has chosen the email address of superluckybestgoman@gmail.com would find my actual name so offensive. What can I say my dad made it up, it is a shortened form of an historic Norman name that has all but died out.

Perhaps if I used RANDOM CAPITALIZATION and purple text and nonsensical words such as “hiyo” I could be l33t and girls would talk to me on MSN or at least someone claiming to be female would message me out of the blue claiming they were lonely and just wanted to talk….

Remember “On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.

Apparently I was wrong to expect on a blog devoted to painting miniatures in a post about painting miniatures there would be some actual painted miniatures shown instead of just ads. Furthermore I was incorrect in my assumption that using a particular colour or technique is just another tool in the toolbox and should not be so hastily discarded, apparently to build on my stellar reputation I should write a guest post on a blog and announce to the world that hence forth I would not be using “Devlan Mud”. Apparently this passes as big news in some people’s lives.

“You should never argue with a fool, people might not be able to tell the difference.”

It is doubly important to remember this quotation while using the Internet. It is also wise to remember the words of Ezra Pound, “Pay no attention to the criticism of men who have never themselves written a notable work.” This whole blog post so far is just asinine like the people who inspired it.

If you’re just discovering my blog thanks to an incoming link on this post and you’re having trouble with some of the big words such as “asinine” and you’re trying to figure out if you’re being insulted or not. Just remember asinine starts with “ASS” and if you put it all in capitals and make the text purple people will know you’re not to be trifled with.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled boring blog post about miniature painting on my now one month old blog about miniature painting. I’m sure more people will comment any day now.

Painted Miniatures

Last night I got up and revised my Servants of Decay army list so it is Plaguemarine free. I want it to be WW1-esque to go along with the trench table I’m making. Although elite assault troops with high technology is probably tactically sound, I thought my army needed more artillery so I’m thinking Earth Shaker Cannon and with all the comments I’ve been getting on the ten to fifteen year old paint jobs on Sluggie, Slimey, and Esmeralda I thought some crazed spawn storming the trenches along with the zombies and rabble would be very cinematic.

Beasts Of Nurgle

New Fancy Square Bases
New Fancy Square Bases

I’ve been devoting too much time to the square base game, when I started this blog my plans were to finish my Astronomi-con Vancouver army, build my modular trench table, and an Imperial Armour 7 based rebel scum army to go along with it, maybe play Nick’s Death Korps in some sort of big showdown. I built a couple trench tiles and finished some test figures, but then I painted a couple of Plaguebearers just for fun and made the mistake of telling people about it who should really just shut up and paint their own models instead they finally moved me to unsubscribe from Bell of Lost Souls because I just can’t be bothered with trying to wade through all the incredibly well written and insightful comments that thoughtful, articulate, people leave there.

Ahh… where were we? Oh yes I’m going to paint a Chaos Sorcerer as a stand in for a Herald of Tzeentch as no suitable models were on the shelves of Strategies and I think at 1500 points, in 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle, on battlefields populated with Level 4 magic users, I need to up my defensive magic capabilities in the Mighty Empire campaign. As I’m using older and thus smaller models I bought some more substantial bases to give the models more presence on the table. I have less than two weeks to get the Herald done, but for this week’s game I need to base 54 Night Goblin mercenaries and make some more movement trays.

I didn’t do much hobby related yesterday but I plan to clean and base the three models I dug out of my OOP miniature collection. The Plaguebearers and the Sorcerer will be base-coated black. No guarantee I use Devlan Mud Wash on them, but they will be darker in tone. I’m thinking of trying to do a Fleshy 2.0 and his mate beside him will probably get some sort of wet and shiny green paint job like the slime I did on the champ’s sword. I’ll probably paint matching Nurglings for them and after those Nurgle Daemons are done that is the last I’m doing for a while.

Resin Skulls I may use in basing
Resin Skulls I may use in basing

I’m thinking of priming the two Slaneesh demons grey as lots of top painters seem to have opted for this as a base coat colour. I’ll test my Krylon Grey Primer on a plastic Gretchin from the 2nd Edition 40K box set, I have plenty of those sitting in a box somewhere. It is good to try out new paints and techniques on less important models first, that is why my Forgeworld Khorne Terminator Lord is still not painted and I’m doing a 2nd test bezerker so I get my red technique tight and dark. I also have one or two other bigger flashy models to do by Astronomi-con Vancouver along with three more rank and file Chaos Space Marines.

“Enough or too much.”

What can I say, over a lifetime of reading boring books and writing boring sentences I’ve collected an awful lot of quotations.

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2 thoughts on “Ah what a wonderful morning”

  1. I have been following your progress and I think this is a great blog.

    As to grey primer – I personally really like tamiya super fine grey – though some painters find it too slick for their taste. I have used it on most of my Golden demon projects over the last couple years. Otherwise I tend to use GW black primer.


    1. Yeah, I used some Tamiya stuff when I was in Japan, I can get it at Grand Prix Hobbies and Imperial Hobbies, between them they have a lot of stuff like Mr. Primer or some of the others with silly names.

      I totally slept in today, but last night around 3am I painted Delta Ceramcoat over my GW Black Primer. I swear I don’t douse them enough or maybe it is just the Nurgle models I’ve been doing lately, seems I always have to paint a lot more black, to get the model primed, even after several blasts and rotations of GW Black Primer. I may try Army Painter stuff out as it is the latest talk of the forums.

      Thanks for stopping by and I added your blog to my sidebar. I don’t really try to win painting trophies. We don’t have a close Games Day in Vancouver. There was one in LA once I think that was the only West Coast one ever. I just try to do the best I can on the models I need to paint in the time I have. Sometimes I go a little overboard, but I’m actually trying to get more efficient at painting, not sure this blog is helping in that regard because I tend to document steps and stop myself from taking shortcuts…


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