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I was doing better today/tonight at sleeping, but then I got up to do or check something and now I’m updating this blog. I haven’t updated since, early, early in the morning which is suboptimal if you want to generate traffic. You should probably update between 9-10 am until about 1-2 pm Eastern Standard Time.

This blog isn’t that popular, but it is new and I’ve put a lot of effort into it already. Google will reward that eventually as will the rest of the Blogosphere. I joined the From the Warp blog network, you can see their logo on my sidebar. These networks are a big deal to some, I had to start this dedicated blog in order to qualify. I may join one or two more, it depends on how stringent the requirements and who my peers will be.

Looking at my web traffic statistics, something I perhaps do too much, I noticed where traffic comes from and where traffic goes to. In my Blogroll, most of the traffic goes to the alphabetically first blogs which is good for the guy who called his blog A 40K Hobby Blog and good for Malcolm who called his blog A Canadian in Space, but it is bad for say Zac…

So after finding another miniature painter with a blog in Vancouver I went to bed. I did add him to my Blogroll as he apparently goes to the same store as me. But then I couldn’t sleep so I decided to create a category for just Vancouver miniature painters and bloggers. Vancouver is one of the Social Media capitals of the world. We have large networks on Facebook, LinkedIn, and PlentyOfFish, in fact PlentyOfFish. com is a local company, Flickr and Now Public were also started here. You see a lot of iPhones and MacBooks now in Vancouver, when as a long time Mac user, I used to be ridiculed, even in programmer/ComSci circles. Now let’s just say some of us were way ahead of our time.

Anyway now there is a Vancouver or Van City Bloggers category in my links. Blogroll was still appearing first so I had to create five Links widgets and order them how I wanted to get the sidebar to behave how I want. This shows the power of WordPress even the dot com version. One of the things I’m amazed at is people trying to run really elaborate blogs off of when they should just get a WordPress account or better yet a domain. They’ve built up cachet or Google Juice for a domain they don’t own, which is always a no-no in web design/internet branding. Can you even export your data from Blogger easily? Of course I went with the free account myself rather than self host another blog. I just wanted to try out the features of that aren’t available to self hosted blogs, there are one or two…

So if you’re a gamer in Vancouver, you should pop by or Strategies on Sundays and if you have a blog, a good blog, not some crappy thing you threw up back in the day and never update, but a good blog with pictures and tutorials on miniature painting and you’re in Vancouver, let Zac or I know. Zac is big on building up the local gaming community, I just try to do my bit to help.

Update December 2019

I am updating every post on this blog to improve the Quality and taxonomy. I’ll get to the blogroll soon. I’m in Calgary now and so is Zac, but I can’t say I’ve thought about him much over the years ever since he decided the purity of thread can not be compromised.

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One thought on “My Blogroll”

  1. One thing you can’t do on a blog but can on a self hosted WordPress blog is have ads. Lots of bloggers try to monetize their blog. This includes some of the more popular miniature painting blogs. I decided long, long, ago that I’d keep it just a hobby. I’ve turned down more than a few requests to add banners to but maybe I shouldn’t. Some relevant ads isn’t the end of the world, I’m all for supporting companies you like and helping the little guy, but some blogs seem to have just joined ad networks and they’re showing some dubious and annoying ads now…

    Anyway if you want to slap adds up all over your blog you can’t do that on however if you want to just advertise your own miniature painting service like Dave Taylor and others do, that is allowed in the usage agreement.

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