The Beat Goes On

Literally, when I came home and walked up the stairs my downstairs neighbour was playing music very loud, I could here it just fine in my apartment and I could feel it coming through the floor.  Now I like music, but if I’m being forced to listen to some, I’m choosing the tracks.  So I put on my surprisingly large stereo considering how loud I usually listen to music, anyway I put on some Emmylou Harris circa “Spyboy” and “Wrecking Ball”.  These are mostly ballads with a lot of bass.  It was amusing to drown out crappy dance music with a gospel track, but then I think the music got louder downstairs, so I switched to a custom funk mix I made which is great for painting to.

I never did much painting so far today, but I appear to have won the stereo war.  This is the second one to take place.  If there is a third it will be take no prisoners.  Last night a different neighbour in a different building played music until 2:30 AM.  I need to move, but my never ending job search goes on…

After talking to a recruiter and revising my resume at his suggestion, I really think it is just strange now, but anyway I’m not what people are looking for… I’ll probably revise the resume again before I update copies online so that and applying to yet more jobs are the order of the day beside the laundry.

More hobby supplies
More hobby supplies

Now this really is a boring blog posting! But there is a reason, after revising my resume I walked to Deserres and bought more balsa wood, a brush, and some two part epoxy.  With these fresh supplies and the Slaneesh Daemons off my painting desk I’m ready to tackle the big Goblin baseoff.  Actually it is the medium sized Goblin baseoff as the biggest unit will sit in the case as I once again avoid painting 63 goblin shields.

Before I get to basing goblins and making them a custom magnetic movement tray, I need to finish off the second movement tray I’ve made for my Plaguebearers of Nurgle.  I have attached the sand and a sealing layer of white glue is drying.  Once that is done, I’ll use my new bigger brush, but still smaller than 1 inch, I think it is a half inch brush, to paint the movement tray black then the traditional three GW brown drybrush and it’s done.

Old Gretchin and Older Squig
Old Gretchin and Older Squig

The funk gets stronger as it goes longer.  “Burning Spear” by S.O.U.L. complete with funky flute solo won the stereo battle, but now it is the JBs.  This song has bass.

Also being primed right now are the chaos sorcerer model and the fancy magnetic plaguebearer base thing I made.  Those will possibly get painted this week, but it is already Wednesday so perhaps not.  More important as far as the Mighty Empires campaign is concerned is getting the goblin mercenaries fit for their 8th Edition debut at Strategies on Sunday.  And as promised I got out an old 2nd Edition 40K Gretchin which got a squig bit I’ve been saving for about 15 years and some beach sand and will be used to test the Krylon Grey primer I bought at Deserres or Micheal’s quite a while ago now…


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