Painting Evil Dark Red

Before I went ahead and painting my Forgeworld Khorne Terminator Lord I wanted to get my dark red down. I wanted a really dark evil looking red, like you see on some of the better figs painted online. My first test Bezerker didn’t go as well as I would have liked. My second Khorne Bezerker still took too many coats of paints as some of my reds are old and not in good shape. I think I got a look I’m happy with, which I’ll try to simplify when I paint more Bezerkers and Khorne worshipers.

My dark red test Bezerker
My dark red test Bezerker

The keys to this dark red include Reaper Master Series Clotted Red. This is possibly close to the new GW Scab Red which I don’t own. I actually used an even darker red from Reaper called Bloodstain Red as the true base, I’d probably skip this for rank and file miniatures. After the base coats are dry I used a custom dark red wash I made by mixing blank ink, red ink, and water. This is important I didn’t use the off the shelf GW red wash.

After the wash was dry I did another coat of Clotted Red as a highlight. Then I used some out of print reds, Go Fasta Red and Red Gore. These are old GW round pots with white lids. They aren’t crucial. After that I think I did another wash, another step I’d probably skip if I was going for speed and not smoothness.

When that is done it is time to paint a more vibrant highlight, for this I’d intended to use the new GW Blood Red in the flip top bolter shell pot. This didn’t seem to dry the way I wanted, it came too orange and too matte. I also used old red lidded GW Glazes, specifically red after the highlights. This was painted over the highlight and the surrounding area.

Ruby Red on the left, Blood Red on the right
Ruby Red on the left, Blood Red on the right

One thing I also did was use some of my darker reds to tone down highlights, I also used straight black ink to shade and even to black line some parts of the model where too much red got into the shadows. This was done on the fist and on the shoulder pad for sure. I also kept building up highlights with Blood Red and Red Glaze finally switching to an old pot of Ruby Red. I think Owen gave me this pot, as I don’t think I would have bought it.  It is almost the exact same colour as Blood Red but I like the consistency of it and how it dries glossier. It was the final highlight on the power armour.

Next up is touching up the black and the brass. Then I’ll finish the power armour. I realized while I was out and about that I don’t actually need to finish the test models, just the key parts of the test models, that I plan to duplicate on the more expensive resin models. So soon I will work on three more Chaos Space Marines and probably the Sorcerer too. I don’t know if I will paint much more tonight, but tomorrow it will be more of the same, looking for work and painting miniatures.

This is how the first test model ended up looking:
Khorne Bezerker test model

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