2 Servants of Khorne

Plus a Chaos Sorcerer are what I’ve been working on lately. I got up early and started painting around 9:30 AM. It is almost like I have a job, alas unlike some people I’m not a mercenary painter, I’m spending all this time on these three seemingly random figures because I have it. Soon like this afternoon, I’ll add three more models to my paint queue. These are the last three rank and file models I need to finish for my Astronomi-con Vancouver army.

The Bezerker and the dark purple Bloodletter are test figures for the paint scheme I plan to do two of my HQ choices. The highlights are very subtle on the Bloodletter, it was two layers of Liche Purple leaving some black showing, then a custom purple and black wash, not the current GW ones. Then the first true highlight of Foundry Royal Purple Shade. I’m also using my Liche Purple to Royal Purple Triad progression on the flames on the bezerker.

After all the work I did on the red armour, the rest of the model doesn’t need to be fancy, after all it is just a test model, I don’t even need it finished, I just need to get the red, black, purple, and skull scheme I came up with down. The brass and other metallics are pretty easy and the tubing will be dark green.

3 WIP Chaos Models
3 WIP Chaos Models

For the daemon I really need to do a good job on the flesh, see if my technique of really thinned down subtle highlights is feasible. I plan to use another thin purple wash at some point.¬† I also plan to try something different with his horns and claws. His big honkin’ sword will be a cool green, likely based around Jade Green.

The Chaos Sorcerer I’ve had since 1994 or so. I bought it as an ally for my Orks and Goblins army. My entire chaos miniature collection, which is now three armies strong, started as allies to my Orks in Fantasy and 40K. I really like painting grey, I find it easy. I used Adeptus Battle Grey as the base coat, leaving some black showing. Then I did a wash of Badaab Black which left the shadows shiny. This will not do I did some more greys, most recently damn, I’m not at home, some medium GW Grey, I used all in-print paints for a change. I plan to do another highlight of that colour. I also made my own thinned black wash which yielded me better results IMHO.

Painting fabric is way easier than painting power armour or flesh. You can see why Skaven are so popular. I even have a crazy plan to use thinned glazes to add a shimmer to the grey robe. I may not do this, as it looks pretty good as is. I used a size one brush and painted with the folds, I also added even more stirations where I thought the fabric would fold further. The armour will be kinda a mystical jade green, maybe the same as the Bloodletter’s sword. The fur I’m tempted to try and do like tiger or leopard print, but I might just do brown. His blade will get a ghostly blue power weapon look. I do a good job of painting blue power weapons, his blade is probably magical anyway.

I also learned I have to prepare for the Battle Royal as detailed on page 406 of the big red book. I don’t really think I can make any clever changes to my Daemon army. Getting the sorcerer done who will serve as a Herald of Tzeentch, who I dubbed BibbltyBobbltyBoo, is the only square based model I’ll be painting for a while. My Nurgle Daemon army is supposed to be tough, but the fact I’m towards the bottom might see less badness coming my way early on. The Beasts of Nurgle will get a lot of opportunity to prove their worth.

Beasts Of Nurgle

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