Back to Painting Power Armour

I’m actually quite worried I won’t get my 2010 Astronomi-con Vancouver army painted in time. I’ve decided I’m only 5 mini’s away from being done, but besides these three rank and file models I have to paint both my HQ choices. I was going to paint a Greater Daemon too, but now I’ve realized I’ll never get it done. If you want to see what it will eventually look like, just go back in time and see the purple Bloodletter I’ve been painting…

Models painted Black and Tin Bitz
Models painted Black and Tin Bitz

As for the three models I’ve been working on tonight, I haven’t made much progress. After finishing the Chaos Sorcerer for the Mighty Empires Campaign at Strategies, I ran some errands and applied to a few jobs. It also got a lot hotter. I slept in and had to delay painting until later into the evening. I even bought some beer to try and fight the heat. I really should get a fan. I just sit in my apartment and sweat.

All these models are ‘kit bashed’. They are made of various plastic, metal, and resin bits that I’ve acquired over the years. I’m actually running out of in-print backpacks and I think chaos space marine legs. I have extra torsos because I use metal and resin ones, but legs I’ve mostly used up. I’ll have to buy another box of rank and file CSM someday.

Highlighted Black Power Armour
Highlighted Black Power Armour

I’ve actually decided to change things up. Even after painting well over 100 Chaos Space Marines I’m still trying to get it down. By getting it down, I mean paint more efficiently. Give me 60 hours and I’ll paint you a really nice model. But if your goal is to paint an entire 1500 point army, especially to a high standard you have to be smart about it. I’ve moved to the cult of the black primer, but I’m trying to give grey a shot for some models. I seem to spend a lot of time painting black into recesses after spraying my models with Chaos Black. I think I may give Army Painter Primer or Testors a try.

I swear the models are never perfectly cleaned and primed no matter how much effort I put into them.

The first thing I did was paint the armour trim Tin Bitz. All three of these models will have different coloured power armour as they are in three different squads. Two of them are Plaguemarines and one is a Chosen of Chaos. I decided to paint the trim first as it defines the model. It is something I’ve been experimenting with while painting test Bezerkers. The trim outlines the model which helps in painting the rest and in photographing.

Innis and Gunn Beer
Innis and Gunn Beer

I painted the Chosen first as it has Black Power Armour which is actually easy to highlight if you follow my system. I spent a lot of time working on an efficient method of highlighting black. I also leave room for the Purple Flames which are the signature feature of the Nefarious Fire Chaos Space Marine Warband. To highlight black after much experimentation I use Foundry Triad #34 Charcoal Black. I apply the paint in the following order Shade, Charcoal Black, Highlight, Shade. I use the second layer of Shade to shape the highlights. Then I give them a little Badaab Black wash to darken and blend the highlights. Then I use the Highlight (34C) again and if I really want the model to pop, I use a lighter grey. This time I used the new light grey I bought which is Vallejo Sky Grey. It is actually a bit too light, but any lighter grey will serve.

I’ve gotten more selective in what I highlight. You have to do this if you’re trying to paint entire armies and squads, especially for the square based game. The most important parts of a model are the face, hands, and the weapon. I left the weapons black as they will mostly be a silver metallic colour, not Tin Bitz or Brass. The hands I did highlight up to Sky Grey but this model has no helmet, he’ll get a blue tinged flesh like most of my CSM.

It is almost midnight and I’m on to my third beer. So this is the end for the evening. Tomorrow I have to get up earlier walk to Strategies and try to win my first game of Warhammer 8th Edition. I don’t fancy my chances. I will be trying to get these three models done quickly to maximize the time I have for my HQ choices.

Whenever non-hobby people see my models they always ask what size brush I used so since I’ve had to buy some new brushes and although I’m not super picky, all brushes are not created equal, here are the brushes I’m using lately.  Most of them were bought at Deserres.

Tools of the Trade
Tools of the Trade

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