The purity of the thread can not be compromised!

Posted: August 15, 2010 in Op Ed

Never mind that it was all in fun on a little forum no one really cares about.  Never mind that I was talking to Carmin a few hours ago.  I don’t need to post online. My life goes on whether I type crap in a blog or a forum or notI’ve been fucked over worse than most people can imagine and I don’t have a single second for it anymore.  Zac seems to think thread hijacking is a crime against humanity.  I’m sure he’s a nice guy and it is his forum.  I have nothing against him, but I’ve lived my life.  I’ve suffered, really truly suffered, and in order to continue to survive, I just can’t get involved in drama, especially not online internet drama.

Color me gone from forever.  Life is harsh, I know.  It is just a hobby.  If you can’t see that or see the humor even with the smiley face, well…  The internet is a big place I’ll just go hang out on the B&C, the Waaagh and Lead Adventure Forum.  Some people seem to think they have some higher hobby authority, maybe some do.  It is Zac’s forum and like I said it isn’t Zac, it is meI have to go.

There is no negotiation, there isn’t any need to do anything other than say goodbye.  I have to move on and that is life.  I try to live mine the best I can, but I can’t get involved in any more shit, I know how things go and it is better to walk away early than…

It is only a hobby. I can take it or leave it and I certainly won’t be ‘hijacking’ any threads on anymore because I won’t be posting there again.

I've posted the last time on

I've posted the last time on

What a wonderful way to end a day. You try to amuse people, you try to post pictures of miniatures you paint, you try to be a good guy, you type up a battle report for others to enjoy, and all you get is grief.  I just can’t have this in my life.

Sayonara Zac and this isn’t the first time I’ve walked away form a forum post 2005 and it won’t be the last, it just isn’t worth any stress in my already difficult life.

  1. […] So after a few days away from this blog, I’ve gotten some encouragement to resume posting, so I decided I would if for no other reason than to make sure some people, or at least silly internet handles, get the fame they apparently so desperately crave.  That said I think I’m scaling down my online forum participation.  I just don’t feel like going out of my way to help anonymous people online anymore.  I think I deserve to be more selfish after all these years.  Plus there is at least one more forum I’m never visiting again. […]

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