The purity of the thread can not be compromised!

Never mind that it was all in fun on a little forum no one really cares about. Never mind that I was talking to Carmin a few hours ago. I don’t need to post online. My life goes on whether I type crap in a blog or a forum or not. I’ve had enough. Zac seems to think thread hijacking is a crime against humanity. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and it is his forum.  I have nothing against him, but I’ve lived my life. I’ve suffered, really truly suffered, and in order to continue to survive, I just can’t get involved in drama, especially not online internet drama.

Color me gone from forever. Life is harsh, I know. It is just a hobby. If you can’t see that or see the humor even with the smiley face, well… The internet is a big place I’ll just go hang out on the B&C, the Waaagh and Lead Adventures’ Forum. Some people seem to think they have some higher hobby authority, maybe some do. It is Zac’s forum and like I said it isn’t Zac, it is meI have to go.

There is no negotiation, there isn’t any need to do anything other than say goodbye. I have to move on and that is life. I try to live mine the best I can, but I can’t get involved in any more shit, I know how things go and it is better to walk away early than…

It is only a hobby. I can take it or leave it and I certainly won’t be ‘hijacking’ any threads on anymore because I won’t be posting there again.

I've posted the last time on
I’ve posted the last time on

What a wonderful way to end a day. You try to amuse people, you try to post pictures of miniatures you paint, you try to be a good guy, you type up a battle report for others to enjoy, and all you get is grief.  I just can’t have this in my life.

Sayonara Zac and this isn’t the first time I’ve walked away form a forum post 2005 and it won’t be the last, it just isn’t worth any stress in my already difficult life.

Update December 2019

My blog remains, Zac’s website is long gone. I’ve been through a lot. I blogged too much, but my crime against humanity was telling the truth and going out of my way to help people. If I made a joke that wasn’t appreciated in digital communication, well I’m sure I’ll burn in hell for it. For did not Jesus say, never hijack a thread in an online gaming forum lest ye offend the righteous? And if ye offend the righteous surely you will burn.

Ironically Zac and I both seem to be living in Calgary now. I’m not sure we’ve ever met in the real world but maybe our paths will cross at the Sentry Box someday, perhaps he has a new perspective now on the importance of thread purity in online gaming discussion forums.

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