What is it with people online in this hobby?

It is supposed to be a fraternity of people of like mind. People who are drawn together as they share a common interest. They share stories, painting techniques, opinions in a reasoned and adult manner. Instead there are people who seem to do and say things online that they just wouldn’t do in the real world.

I don’t know why it happens to me, maybe I’m too opinionated, maybe I’m overly sensitive after everything that has happened to me. I’m tired of being kicked around, taken advantage of, mistreated and generally treated like shit. I let people get away with it for too long, not because I have no spine, but because I thought it was a misunderstanding. I wanted things to be better, so I suffered in silence. I bit my tongue. I went away and I never came back because things never got better.

And you know what? More people just kept doing the same stupid shitty stuff. It is one thing to be completely fucked over by people you trust and care about and put up with it for the good of… well I’m not sure what anymore. It is another thing entirely to take abuse from random people on the internet for expressing an opinion. I know there are misunderstandings in online communication. I don’t like them but supposedly when you put a smiley after what you say, it means it is all in fun, or in jest, or something.

You don’t expect someone you don’t know to say “Fuck you”. You can remove the two middle letters to get around some automated internet sensor, but the meaning is clear.

This is a hobby. H-o-b-b-y. People like me give a lot of time teaching people to play, or paint, or letting people use our stuff. I’m a nice guy. Too fucking nice, people take advantage of me and I’m sick and tired of it. I started this little hobby blog, to blog about painting miniatures. That is it. I’m not advocating white supremacy. I’m not denying the holocaust. I’m just writing about some miniatures I painted for some games I sometimes have time to play. That is it.

There are good people in this hobby. I believe Ron the guy who runs From the Warp is one of them. I even think Zac is a good guy. But I can’t take this shit. My hobby time is suppose to be relaxing. I paint the miniatures. I put them on a table. I roll some dice. I lose. I go home and type up a battle report. I go to a few hobby sites. I share the battle report and my thoughts with a few individuals who I thought were reasonable people, who shared the same hobby as me. A hobby about painting miniatures, pushing them around on a table while rolling some dice, and now people post pictures and stories online for their amusement and the amusement of others. People engage in online discussions, maybe they get a tad off topic but c’est la vie. It is just a hobby.

Stating “Fuck You” after my comment is pretty clear you take extreme exception to something I said. And I don’t see what I said that would warrant such a response. I didn’t express any hate. I didn’t criticize anyone except vaguely Americans in general and that is fair we live North of you, if you can’t take a joke, send Colbert North again, we Ice Holes can take a joke. But even saying some Americans play an extreme version of Warhammer 40,000 is true, some Americans enjoy an extremely competitive version of the game and are willing to forgo sportsmanship, painting, army composition, and some would say common sense in order to prove to the world or say 37 people online that they are the best.

That’s fine it doesn’t interest me and I find it amusing that some people take a hobby so seriously they’d resort to cheating to win a little tournament in Seattle. But when I’m just trying to relax, and I have random people in the real world come up to me and say “Fuck you!” Well I want to know what the hell? And on the Internet people seem to think what they say and do doesn’t matter, but let me tell you it does.

Someday, somebody will remember something you said or did online and you’ll lose an opportunity because of it. You may think it doesn’t matter, I’m l33t, Muskie McKay is an asshole, fuck him. He’s just bitter and old. But I’m a reasonable person and I’m speaking from experience, hard, hard, hard earned experience.

You’re not impressing anyone with your two word vocabulary. And in fact you upset me further and I’m just trying to relax at the end of the day.  All I wanted to do was type up a battle report and share it with a few people on an Internet forum. Apparently in doing so I’ve caused great offense to two people. And I just don’t see it…

I just don’t see what crime or heinous act I’ve committed that warranted personal attacks.

I mean “What is it with people online in this hobby?”

What is it with people online?
What is it with people online?

After I hit “publish”, I’m turning off my laptop. Right off. I’m leaving it off until tomorrow morning when I need to resume my life. There is at least one hobby site I won’t be returning to after this evening. I don’t want to make it two.

Author: Muskie

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3 thoughts on “What is it with people online in this hobby?”

  1. “Any idiot can do well with 3+ armour save, special rules up the wazoo and WS 4 BS 4 etc…”

    “the way some of you Americans play”

    “paint your damn army”

    In one post you hit on three overdone memes that annoy a great many people. What is it with some people on the internet that they feel the need to make cheap digs while discussing a h-o-b-b-y?

    You’re not the only one who does this to relax. Can’t an American with an unpainted Space Marine army go online without being attacked in a random discussion about the relative merits of space toy soldiers vs. fantasy toy soldiers? What’s wrong with people online, indeed?

    Smileys help, but one smiley after one line does not “fun up” an entire post, most of which was intended to be taken seriously. Even without that last line, you probably would have gotten the same or similar response. Perhaps your post was a big FK you to Ar_nihs, just with a lot more letters in between – as you no doubt know, you can say FK you without having to actually *say* FK you.

    Ar_nihs may have overreacted, but do you really feel those comments were necessary in the context of the discussion? Could they have been phrased better? And just as Ar-nihs may be overreacting to some random dude online, maybe you are too?

    Don’t obsess over it, and don’t bring the weight of the past into every new interaction. Learn from them; don’t let them control every other aspect of your life.

    Cheers, hope you’re doing better after some rest and reflection.

    1. Nope, I just don’t see it.

      I’m entitled to my opinion. And if my language could have been better, I did apologize, but personal attacks online anonymously in the comments of some blog. I don’t have time for this shit. I’ve been through way to much. I just can’t associate with people like that.

      I don’t know what ‘memes’ even means, people use it all the time like it is the holy grail of the Internet. It’s just a word, that is starting to annoy me. But I’m entitled to an opinion and I’m entitled to not having my entire opinion immediately discounted by someone with a two word vocabulary. If my comments hit home, you know what, the guy should shut up and paint his damn army. This is good advice, I make it blunt so people know I’m serious.

      If you have time to put up a website, spend hours on a forum, insult random people on the internet, play video games, watch movies, tv, etc. etc. etc. You have time to paint your army. If you chose not to, fine, but online in miniature painting circles, and at many tournaments and stores in the real world, it is just considered laziness. I’m tired of whole American ‘Ard Boyz scene. If people know what the English mean by the word “hard” or ‘Ard then if they really wanted to be considered the baddest asses on the planet when it comes to pushing little pieces of plastic and metal around on a table, then they surely have the dedication, intestinal fortitude, and dare I say balls to paint their army. Battle reports and in game shots of unpainted figs is just not what I want to see in my hobby time.

      I don’t want to discuss this, it should be just a fact of life. You buy the miniatures, you paint the miniatures, you play with the miniatures. Sure sometimes people don’t do things in that order, but if you want to have a website and a convention celebrating the hobby and then leave out an entire third, put me in that third because it just loses too much for me. Also I’d say people who put a lot of time and effort into their army are just more enjoyable to play against.

      That’s why I in theory do this, to enjoy myself. When that ceases to be the case I’m stopping and walking away. I’m walking away doubly fast from some people.

      I don’t know Ar_nihs, I don’t want to know him. I don’t know you and you know what I don’t think I want to know you. I wish you the best of luck in your hobby endeavors but it just isn’t worth it for me anymore. I’ve had enough of all this online drama. I’ve had enough of people who just drop in, say “Fuck You!” and leave. I’ve had enough of people, especially arrogant Americans who can’t even be bothered to paint their own armies, telling me how to play the game, or claiming they are the best.

      I say miniature painting is part of the hobby or indeed is the entire whole hobby for some people. I’ve painted plenty of models I’ve never gamed with. I don’t want a prize. I don’t want anything, painting the models is a satisfying accomplishment usually. Though sometimes it gets too stressful with the rest of life bearing down on you.

      My life is a lot worse than some people on little hobby websites may gather. I try to hang out on them to escape or at least put aside bigger problems on my life, but all I seem to get is more grief and stress. I just don’t need it.

      I can’t just not think about it, for whatever reason, certain things haunt me, they’ve haunted me for years, and they’re going to haunt me for many more years to come. I put up this little blog to get away from certain types of people, that frankly I just don’t want to associate with. I want to talk about painting minis with other people who paint minis. If we find time to use them in a game sometime fine, otherwise they just sit on a shelf or in a box for years or a decade. My life is bigger than the hobby.

      Being polite, an adult, and not a random internet handle is something you have to do eventually. My name is Muskie McKay and I’m sick of all this shit. I have a zero tolerance policy for it now. Sorry when things start getting uncomfortable, abusive, out of hand, I’m leaving, and I’m not coming back.

      Good luck with your armies and all that, I’m just staying away from the whole hobby and the Internet sub-culture which really needs to grow up some. Because it isn’t encouraging me to participate anymore, it is just making my life worse, it is adding stress to my already stressful life, so I’m just logging out and I don’t know when I’ll log back in. I’ll play my guitar or something.

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