On to painting Purple Flames

Well now that I’m back blogging, I guess I should make one more progress post before I call it an evening. I had hoped to get the purple flames done on both models, but there are so many. Plus I decided I needed to do the grey rock on the bases before I did the flames, this may have saved me some trouble, but I made my own trouble working on the Khorne Terminator Lord’s base especially.

I’m not sure if it is visible, but this base has a lot of detail. I’m going to highlight every single flame around the base, plus I have the free hand ones on the armor and cloak. The sorcerer has a lot of purple flames too. After I finish those I have to paint the silver metallic bits, mostly weapons such as the combi-bolter the Lord is holding and the big spike that goes through the dead Commissar. After that I plan to do the green cabling followed by finishing off the brass trim. There is a lot of brass trim on the Khorne Terminator Lord from Forgeworld.

I should make it, but I still have lots of detail work to do, skulls, belts, the sorcerer’s Force Weapon and all the unpainted detail on the Khorne Terminator Lord. Tomorrow night may be a late one. Tonight I’m ending at a respectable 10:48 PM. My eyes, back, and my right knee are bothering me, so hopefully a night’s sleep will help all three.

WIP Khorne Terminator Lord
WIP Khorne Terminator Lord
WIP Slaneesh Sorcerer
WIP Slaneesh Sorcerer

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