A lot of Purple Flames

I procrastinated away the morning. I just lay in bed for hours. It is too bad you can’t just visualize the model being finished then it will finish itself.

I’ve spent the last three plus hours painting purple flames. So I decided to celebrate and take a picture of the models, especially the base of the Terminator Lord. I used a different camera position so hopefully all the work I’ve done on the resin base is visible. Before anyone asks it was made by Scibor. Gotta find the link now.

The purple flames are my new dark purple recipe with slight variations for where on the model the flames are. The 3D flames are highlighted where as the free hand flames are painted with the lighter colours in the centre. You can have it both ways as far as I’m concerned. I mean they are demonic purple flames, the laws of physics don’t apply.

A lot of Purple Flames
A lot of Purple Flames

I still have to paint:

  1. Silver metallic bits
  2. Green tubing
  3. Brass Trim
  4. Bones and Skulls
  5. Belts and leathers bits
  6. Terminator Lord’s Loin Cloth
  7. The Sorcerer’s Force Weapon

Then it is final details like eyeballs and touch up work. The grey stone on the bases needs a little touch up, but I’m waiting until after I do the Brass Trim. The Sorcerer’s base actually has a lot more detail behind him, bricks, skulls, shell casings etc. It is going to be a long night, but I think I will soon leave the house and get some fresh air and a bite to eat.

My right knee is really bothering me. Too much time spent hunched over the painting table this week…

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