Blood for the Blood God!

Or something…  Today is a dull grey day in Vancouver so I didn’t do much, we have seasonal weather disorder up here, that’s a fearsome Nurgle creation that is…  Anyway I finished painting the two Servants of Khorne I was working on prior to Astronomi-con Vancouver 2010.  They were both test models, but now in the spirit of not wasting any work, I’ve penciled them in to my Astronomi-con Vancouver 2011 army.

OOP Plastic Bezerker

The Bezerker is the original plastic Bezerker model.  I’ve had some on sprues for years, I didn’t change it at all, I wanted it stock and simple.  I like how the red came out, better than my Khorne Lord possibly.  The Terminator Lord had so much detail, you had little room to build up armor highlights and there was almost no edge highlighting…  I’m pretty much an edge highlighter when it comes to power armor.

OOP Metal Bloodletter

The Purple Bloodletter is also long OOP.  I may end up using it as just a generic lesser daemon on a round base.  All my other daemons are on square bases, but I’m thinking of doing up a few stray models on round bases, I need to scare up some old pink and blue horrors.  But first I need to get a job.

I’ve been spending my evenings at Bean Around the World again looking at job postings.  Yesterday there weren’t many so I ended up updating my original blog.  Might even go in for the WordPress upgrade I keep considering.

These models are pretty simple, but painted to a high standard, even though I had other more pressing models to get done.  I’ve become a big believer in test models.  I do them a bit different as my test models usually look really good and then I simplify my paint scheme for the actual rank and file.  I even do test models for HQ and major conversions just to make sure I don’t waste more expensive or irreplaceable figures and parts.

Plastic Bezerkers

Now that these two models are out of the way I really am painting three old plastic Gretchin.  They’ll get a decent paint job but I don’t want to spend much time on them.  After that I have more Diseased Sons, three purple Nurgle Renegades and three green Nurgle Terminators, they were made with a Forgeworld bitz so I want them to look good.  I also have to re-base my old terminators on the new 40 mm round bases, that is a project that I’ve been going to do for well over a year…

The three Khorne models I've painted in dark red armor
The three Khorne models I've painted in dark red armor

When I get all that done, my paint queue will be the smallest it has been in years, of course I have lots of models I want or need to paint.  So I will eventually get to doing a squad of Bezerkers, three more Nefarious Fire including a new lord, but also I have 22 terrain tiles to make too by next year’s Astronomi-con.

It is off to the Matte sealing booth err box for these guys.  I’m going to try Testors Dullcoate one of these days…


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