On to Spaceships

The naked chicks are done and officially entered in the Lead Painters League. I thought of one or two more highlights I meant to do. Another layer of red on some of the lips, a highlight of silver on the shackles… I already spent too much time on models I don’t really have a use for other than to get bonus points for in an online painting competition.

Wet Palette used in painting naked chicks
Wet Palette used in painting naked chicks

Still no pics publicly available or even privately. But I took a shot of the wet palette. I blended up some custom skin tones. Actually all the skin tones were custom, I have the Californian Blond, the Native American, the Mocha Skinned Lass, the Red Head and the Asian. I used all manner of thinned washes too. Hopefully they score alright.

I dug out my Silent Death models, the spaceships in the title. Many were broken off their bases, some were even bent. It’s been years since I used them. I even bought some new ones off of Metal Express but I can’t find them. I know they got mailed to my current address, so unlike some other models I know I own but am not sure where they are, these models are definitely in my apartment somewhere. I’ll probably paint up a squadron of five for the Lead Painters League, but I don’t plan to spend as much time on them.

Silent Death Models
Silent Death Models

What I really need the spaceships for is to run an Astro Smash at this year’s Trumpeters Salute. My demo game is April 1st on Friday evening that my event will be run, so if you want to play a fun little space dogfight came, come on down. You have to pay admission at the door, but they did rent an entire community center or at least three rooms in it, so there are other options and models to buy and gawk at.

Here is a pick of everyone I’ve ever painted and still have in my possession, plus two that I won already painted from the Ottawa Red Shirts.

Silent Death Spaceship Collection

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