LPL 5 Week 2

I’m at the #EastVanLove Tweetup but before that starts I’ll update ye old blog. The second week of the Lead Painters League is on now, something like 68 new teams of miniatures for you to peruse and vote for. I lost week one badly, but I think I could have done a better job photographing my entry and perhaps gone with one less highlight would have been more natural. I’m used to painting unnatural subject manager, not naked chicks.

I also drew a very good opponent, this week my entry is simpler and my opponent is not as esteemed so perhaps I can win. My OOP Khorne Bezerkers are not going well. I left town to visit a sick friend in the hospital and then just didn’t paint much. I painted some the last two days but I don’t think I’ll make it, oh well Week 4 can be Bezerker week.

In addition I have my first product un-recommendation. Previously while studying for my CFA and just suffering from insomnia I spent a lot of time reading Tabletop Gaming News and other sites and bought a lot of stuff, particularly from small independent companies. I bought a lot of resin terrain which I did wash and have slowly, very slowly been painting as part of my trench table. I also bought a lot of boutique miniatures, including a bunch of cowboys, some WW1 Canadians, some Picts/Celts. I hope to paint most of it eventually, maybe even some of it for the Lead Painters League. The other thing I bought a lot of was resin bases.

Resinforge Bases
Resinforge Bases

Not all resin bases are created equally. I like Epicast and Dragonforge plus I also like the stuff outta Poland. One company I tried was Resinforge. Their bases arrived in a pale yellow color, not ideal. I prefer darker colored resin. They also seemed thinner than regular GW bases. I finally got around to using one and paint would not stick to it. I rinsed it with water. I tried GW spray primer, craft paint, GW Chaos Black. I gobbed it on. But it would just erase, kinda bead off, like a felt pen on a blank CD… It only did it on part of the base. It was annoying. Once applied paint also wiped off easily. So I got out the file and filed off the edge which was the biggest problem. Still didn’t help. I ended up gobbing on more black.

We’ll see if it takes.

Soaking Resinforge Bases
Soaking Resinforge Bases

In the mean time I got all my Resinforge bases and dunked them in a jar filled with dish soap. Hopefully this solves the problems, but I have my doubts after repeatedly sanding off resin only to have paint not stick to the resin underneath. So in conclusion, I’m not recommending Resinforge bases. You should be able to just grab them from a package and glue a mini to them. A little sanding or scraping is OK, but you shouldn’t have to dunk them and leave them soak overnight. You also shouldn’t have to keep repainting your base black…

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