Astro Smash

I’ve been busy. One of the things I’ve been working on is running an Astro Smash, a Red Shirt Smash to be precise at the 2011 Trumpeters Salute Gaming Convention. The convention is still going or just ended. Me and my back had had enough after two days. I spent most of the morning and part of the afternoon in bed catching up on sleep and hoping my back would stop hurting. I should really take more drugs…

Astro Smash set up and awainting players
Astro Smash set up and awainting players

Anyway, despite planning ahead I still had to photograph 100 pieces of paper and finish my prize ship and create asteroids the day or two before. I barely made it. The paint was still wet on the asteroids and they’ll need yet more black paint and some dry brushing to be truly done. I also should make 4 or 5 more, maybe even a full 10 more as that is how many little styrofoam balls come in a bag. I’d wanted to use lava rock, but didn’t expel much energy looking for them. I just used balls which I melted with some liquid plastic glue I’ve had for ages.

Making asteroids
Making asteroids

This was probably toxic and a bit dangerous, so open a window and move anything important like your prize ship well away from your work service.

Friday night at Trumpeters Salute was a bit weird as it seemed like more games were being run than there were players. And even after I managed to get 4 players they kept wondering off to talk to people and look at stuff. They seemed surprised my game moved so fast and their turn was literally up in a minute. Then to top it all off they wanted me to run it again on Sunday.

Prize ship after several coats of red
Prize ship after several coats of red

No way, I knew my back and life would need readjusting. Plus I had to almost beg to get my first two players. Next year I’ll do it bigger and better and likely on Sunday. Astro Smash and Silent Death are really beginner friendly and there were a lot more people there on Saturday and more kids. Kids like to blow stuff up quickly, they don’t care about historical accuracy. Astro Smash has zero historical accuracy and even sacrifices some physics and such for fun.

Fun over physics especially in outer space.

In the end someone I knew won the prize ship and quite enjoyed the game, so I may run Silent Death if not an Astro Smash at some future Trumpeters Game Night. It really is a good game even right out of the box, it just never had the big corporate gaming clout behind it, it never was a company’s number one game, and now it is basically really hard to find, but all the books and miniatures are in print and can be bought online at Iron Crown Enterprises, err I mean Ral Partha, err I mean Iron Wind Metals, err even they don’t know who owns and supports this game anymore…

The prize ship is a Glaive, official prize ships are no longer in production and I didn’t feel like giving any of mine away. So I painted up a Glaive. I thought it would look cool in flaming red from black right up to near white and really glossy like a hotrod or chopper. In the end I went for just the lava effect. It was a bit rushed but 20+ coats of thin paint, plus washes and glazes went into the effect. Then I just painted some brass, about 5 blues on the cockpit and then 3 or 4 purples on the thrusters…

2011 Trumpeters Salute Price Ship

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