One Plague Marine Unit Rebased

I actually rebased 12 models…

I actually rebased 12 models so more than a unit, and Green I will eventually get some more plague belchers and plague spewers because that is how the Diseased Sons, the Chosen Sons of Mortarion roll.

Long time readers of the blog will of course know that I actually roll poorly, getting snake eyes on multiple key occasions last game. Also long time readers of the blog may have seen these models before. They have only been on my painting desk for about two weeks, but they were literally already painted.

That is correct I enbiggened the bases. They are now on 32 mm bases even McFly the Malevolent my Malignant Plaguecaster. I wondered if he should go on a 40 mm base, but apparently not, 40 mm may be reserved for terminator armoured characters.

Miniature Photography Futility

More recent readers of this blog and the hashtag obsessed will note that considerable effort went into taking better pictures. I recently got an iPhone 13 mini and despite the name it does not excel at taking close up photos of minis.

It does a better job of taking in game shots when Bill and I are playing game but if you try to zoom in or move your iPhone closer to the models, that is a fool’s game. You can of course crop and edit your photos afterwards either on your iPhone or your Mac but I was very disappointed with some of the photos I’ve been taking of work-in-progress models.

At some point last year I not only bought a light box, but actual lights to take photos of my miniatures. But I never really got around to rephotographing my entire collection, now during the great rebasing of 2022 I’ll try to get a new better of photo of many of them.

Let there be light box

Many of my old models are not armed legally, some will thus stay on shelves or in cases, but others will “counts as” something that is in the Death Guard codex. My “big camera” is a Panasonic DMC-GM1K which I barely use or know how to use, but now that I’m a serious miniature photographer I’m using it.

I used Apple’s Photos app to do some photo editing, but my main photo editing software for twenty plus years is GraphicConverter, I am up to version 11. Upgrading from version 9 did help, but I barely know how to use this software too. I can annoyingly make a header image that is 715 by 235 pixels which was perfect when my old website code was working, now this odd size seems to give some websites fits. Not Facebook, I shared my last post on Facebook and it looked good.

iPhone vs Actual Camera Shaped Camera

Bill thinks I need more Instafame, but when I take photos on my iPhone they come out too dark. I of course tried again today and I have two very similar photos, one take with an iPhone and edited on an iPhone and the other taken with the Panasonic and edited in Apple’s Photos. You can leave in a comment which one you think looks better.

Shot and edited on iPhone
Shot with Panasonic DMC-GM1K

Flickr Lives!

Although I have #hashtag-ability I prefer Flickr so I think I uploaded a half dozen photos take on the Panasonic to Flickr, these I can embed across my web empire and I put them in some groups. I might even share this blog post so Bill can get his Instafame.

Alas the custom embeds I like to use on Muskblog do not seem to be working on WordPress dot come at the moment, so I’ll have to try more boring embeds.

Plague Marine Champion
Plague Marine with a flamer
McFly the Malevolent

I already started on the cultists and I also want to get the Nurglings and the Necromunda models off my painting desk, I swear they have been there over a year. I recently added another model that I think I primed back in 2008, it uses Forgeworld bits and again is not quite armed perfectly for 9th Edition Warhammer 40,000 but Bill wants me to run a themed campaign army, so I will lean into being the Chosen Sons, I will eventually get all seven plague marine squads legal at least at five man size, but I have 38 purple Plague Marine models, some of those are only useful as Nurgle Renegades but I may actually make a gun-line Death Guard army because I have so many.

If you have thoughts on painting Death Guard, taking pictures of Death Guards, sharing Death Guard posts on social media, or overusing key word phrases to try and boost your vanity metrics, please leave a comment below.

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