The Siege of Vanithros’s Bastion has been delayed

That’s right, our campaign apparently has a name but it still isn’t starting…

That’s right, our campaign apparently has a name but it still isn’t starting. I’ve read Sun Tzu so your delay tactics won’t work on me, it will only give me more time to paint fresh recruits with bigger better 9th Edition guns.

Now you may be asking yourself where is Vanithros or who is Vanithros what is in his Bastion and why am I sieging it? The short answer is I don’t know, but I did Google it, after being informed via Google Doc that this was the name of our Warhammer 40,000 campaign. I did not learn a thing.

I am also assuming I am the aggressor. Signed up to the campaign so far are Henry Cavill’s favourite army the Custodes. All I know about them is they are supposedly ten feet tall and bulletproof. But I heard a rumour they easily get the sniffles. They are presumably coming to the aid of the blue bootlickers themselves the Ultramarines. Also rumoured to be in the vicinity are the so-called fallen dark angels. Ooohhh how foreboding.

Spawn using Magos Purple Contrast Paint

Despite working maybe too much, I also busted my ass painting and prepping for the campaign, so tonight I’ll be taking it easier and sleeping in tomorrow, but I got Gryphonne Sepia drying on my latest model. This one was not the easiest to assemble or paint and with my new worse eyesight and having been forbidden to drybrush by Bill, I resorted to Contrast paints, glazes, washes, and a somewhat sloppy but impressionistic highlighting style.

First Flesh Highlight

Bill also requested or suggested the model be fleshy, then he described it as grisly as I alternated between highlighting it and then drowning out my highlights by not thinning my wash/glaze enough. So it probably could have been done even quicker and better especially if I didn’t throw in a surprise by doing four distinct skin colours.

Highlighting Chaos Spawn Flesh

Also requested and sticking to my theme was a giant skull on the base with glowing green eyes. I have not painted the eyes yet but they will be green, likely a random Vallejo green with Tesseract Glow gobbed in the eye sockets. Why are GW paints so hard to spell and this one you really need to shake.

Billalexdevin, Spawn of Chaos

Chaos Spawn

I don’t have too much more to say, I’m tired, it has been a long week, but those expecting me to post a battle report tomorrow will be disappointed but fair warned.

Welcome New Fans!

Given my recent digression into blogosphere nostalgia and people’s obsession with vanity metrics I should give a shout out to my three biggest fans. They are not however my biggest sources of referral traffic.

Top Three Fans

  1. Codsticker
  2. Plague Gardener
  3. Cadian Shock

Of these three I think I’ve only met one and even then it was a long time ago on an island far far away. I think they still have some hills I made.

Three Top Sources of Traffic

  1. Facebook
  2. La Figoblogotheque
  3. Blogs of War

That is right, not only am I big in France, I also seem to benefit from my oddly chosen featured image size on these websites, well maybe not Facebook. To be popular you gotta crosspost too much for my liking. I probably need to be more aggressive at self promotion than I am and use really big photos.

Top Ten Posts

Now that I’ve posted, crossposted, and likely started appearing in Google again what are people reading? Well anything Death Guard posted to the Death Guard Facebook group but over the entire ten plus year history of this blog these are the most popular posts of all time:

  1. How’s this for a trench table?
  2. Five Freshly Painted Night Goblins
  3. Glowing Green Paint Effect
  4. Painting Rusty Weapons
  5. 2010 Astronomi-con Vancouver is Over!
  6. Trench Table Beginnings
  7. Painting Evil Dark Red
  8. 3 Finished Plaguebearers
  9. Top 5 Plague Marines of All Time
  10. Orks and Goblins in Warhammer 8th Edition

My trench table is mostly unbuilt and in storage with the rest of my terrain at my mom’s house. I have some stuff I bought for it here in Calgary but I need a bigger place to hold games on a 6*4 table. But now 40K is a different scale and I actually think a skirmish game like Necromunda or Kill Team is a better fit for my lifestyle.

Writing more tutorials could happen but I just am not as good at painting as I used to be. But I still paint rusty weapons, glowing green, and evil dark red. It will be a while before I paint more plaguebearers but some plague marines or even orks and/or goblins could happen.

What’s Next?

Old Brushes

Next up on the painting table are four previously primed black chaos cultists including the long awaited return of Cancerous the Extremely Naughty. After that is will be a lone “Blightlord” and three actual plague marines that may actually be available to purchase from GW. Our campaign will happen, Bill and others have been painting. I made index cards for each unit, we have a Discord server or channel. That is where the action is, that or Instagram.

And yes I know it has been an extremely shitty week for some, the worst week of their lives, but there isn’t much I can do. My job is working with databases and creating reports, so of course I have my campaign army in an Excel spreadsheet, but tonight I need to rest. I’m now waiting for Contrast paint to dry. I may do another glaze then it is those damn glowing green eyes.

If you know where Vanithros is or even who Vanithros is you can leave a comment below. If you think the Custodes are going to wipe the table with the mere 7ft tall genetically engineered super soldiers you can leave your reasoning below. That’s all besides mentioning again that preparing for this campaign and work has been tiring, if you’re tired you can leave a comment below as well.

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