Rebasing Plague Marines Continues

We are pretty busy at work, but I made some time to paint more mud and skulls…

We are pretty busy at work, but I made some time to paint more mud and skulls. This time I put the Wraithbone right out of the pot onto the plastic skulls and that made a mess, so I can’t recommend that. I’ll probably use the spray on Wraithbone again next time or some brush on primer.

The bases were enbiggened using the adapters I got from Tabletop Adapters. They fit pretty good, but you still have to fill in some gaps with filler, then glue and sand. Then you re-drybrush and it looks pretty good. The skulls are from GW, they come in a big box, this actually might be the rare good deal from GW, but there are other miniature skull manufactures.

For those following our 9th Edition Narrative campaign or Warhammer 40,000 this will give me two ten model squads of Plague Marines. This is Syphilis who became my maximum Plasma Gun squad which in 9th Edition is three. The champion can now have one and then one per every five models in the squad. The rest of this squad will have bolters and then a banner/icon, the Sigil of Decay.

Syphilis Squad
Fresh Recruits for Syphilis Squad

Narrative Campaign Week 5

Attacker: Hostile forces continue to hinder the progress of your crusade. You must disrupt their supply lines or their forces will over-power you and leave you unable to push forward.

Defender: A vicious counter attack has been launched against you. Muster your army and defend vital supplies.

Players will play one mission of Sabotage as either the attacker or defender
Blight Bombardment marker
My Blight Bombardment marker

I want to get back to converting new champions as I do think especially using Power Level the Power Fist may be worth it. You can actually give a model a fist and a plasma gun whereas in the past you could only give your champ a plasma pistol and a power fist, so I might have to build that truly overarmed champion either to lead Syphilis or some other squad.

The next Plague Marine squad I add to the campaign will be a melta gun armed one, but that might not be for a week or two as I also want to bulk up my cultist squad and I still need to paint the new plague marines I have on my painting table. I plan to convert more as I’ve yet to try the Blight Launcher out in battle. If you have thoughts on arming plague marines and champions you can leave them below.

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10 thoughts on “Rebasing Plague Marines Continues”

    1. The previous Death Guard Codex may have been better, but I never got to play with it. When this one came out I decided right away I wanted to lead my army with the Lord of Virulence. He gets a discount to do the Blight Bombardment, but to start the campaign I just used a model I converted but never really used much. He isn’t really optimal even thought I spent some points to boost him. I’m waiting to see if Maceo will turn into a Chaos Spawn or a Daemon Prince. He has to earn it or be randomly given it. I also am not sold on the bigger header image, on this website it may look good but on other websites it just may cause more problems, that is why I went with a 235 by 235 square on my original blog, but the plugin I was relying on seems to no longer do what I need so I may have to write some custom code. In the mean time I just blog here and I would prefer to put the biggest highest resolution pictures on Flickr, but even there I don’t upload maximum size. I’ve been online too long, I keep my images smaller resolution than kids these days…

  1. I’m going back to the 715 by 235 featured image, if I ever fix my homepage/blog and it appears I must work on it more that is the optimal size. I think bigger images I’m going to keep putting on Flickr as that may be cost effective or it just may give me more options.

  2. Catching up on old posts that I’ve not read yet, I just had to say that that bombardment marker is wonderful :)

      1. It was in the familiar Mace post, we had such hot weather I gave up painting and instead I build three more models for my paint queue but now I can’t seem to find much time to paint and I bought the Chaos Daemon codex so I’m rebasing most if not all my chaos daemons after all these years.

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