40K Narrative Campaign Week 5

The games were over quickly this week…

The games were over quickly this week with the Ultramarines being defeated by the Aeldari before we’d even finished our second turn. Of course maybe Devin and I just play slow, but if it wasn’t for Bill I’d be alone in last. Absent from the Pariah Nexus of late were the accursed Sisters of Battle.

Due to a die roll, Devin’s Chaos Space Marines were matched up with my Death Guard and it did not go well. The mission was pre-selected as Sabatoge and I had made up my mind I’d be the Attacker but the Defender got the bigger better deployment zone and as I setup the terrain this was my fault, but when I setup the terrain I thought we’d be going across the width, I can’t even setup the terrain right this edition.

The Battlefield


So before setting up I did win the roll to choose to be the attacker and defender and I chose my army not knowing if it would be 25 PL or 35 PL, basically I have a number of combinations of units that make ten power. I still haven’t hit upon the right combination of units and I seem to really struggle to kill vehicles so I’ll be adding that melta gun squad next in all likelihood.

The Forces of the Diseased Sons

  • Maceo the Maligned, Chaos Lord of Nurgle
  • The Right Hard Posse, 5 Blight Lords
  • The Cancer Cell, 10 Chaos Cultists
  • Toe Jam, Hellbrute
  • Boris the Defiler
  • Billalexdevin, Spawn of Chaos


This deployment went better as I may have had more units than Devin, he had two units of cultists, one unit of chosen, one regular CSM unit, his defiler and his Chaos Lord. I think I was officially the underdog and got one extra CP, but based on how this week went I may be a bigger underdog next week unless I play the Sisters of Battle again.

Devin placed one unit of cultists the maximum distance forward and I think I may have immediately hid Toe Jam behind a building. Then he placed his second cultist unit back in some ruins, or at least we played them as ruins. I put my cultists opposite his first unit, hoping to get to use their flamer. He placed his CSM squad also far forward and I think I put Boris on the board next, also nestled and hopefully out of sight, but about then I realized I controlled who got to go first.

The big unit of Chosen were placed far forward but before that I think the Chaos Lord went into the ruins. When he placed his Chosen down I placed the Right Hard Posse directly opposite and eventually backed them up with Maceo but before that I deployed my lone Chaos Spawn to make a run for an objective. But Devin’s Lord is a Master of Diversion and got to redeploy his Chosen far from the Blight Lords.

The Initial Deployment of the Opposing Armies


The Objectives

These are actually chosen before deployment, I’m pretty committed to Turn their Hope to Rot as it earns me a Virulence Point and I was doing well at achieving it in practice games, but now I’m struggling. My second choice was Cull the Horde as I thought I had a chance of it against the twenty cultists but it is six models by a single unit in a single phase, and I failed to accomplish it three times at least. Next game I may try the Reaper or if I’m feeling optimistic Survivor.

Battle Round One

I chose to keep my right to go first and with a Hellbrute, a Defiler and Blightlords with two heavy weapons this was my most alpha strike-y army of 9th Edition, alas it didn’t go well. I had fancied the chances of the Right Hard Posse against Chosen especially boosted by Maceo the Maligned but that combat was merely delayed…

Carefully Positioned Bombardment

The objectives weren’t clear in the deployment photo but basically they must be 9 inches from the edges and 9 inches from each other so they end up basically in a square. According to the mission I had five turns to destroy them and then there were additional victory points for destroying the enemy units, so I prioritized killing the first unit of cultists.

Once again I opted for the Blight Bombardment, I put it near the Chosen and Chaos Lord and between two objectives. My hope was the advancing army would end up under it, but I underestimated how fast models move. Now that it is week five of the campaign several units are much better than when it started, the Alpha Legion Chaos Lord apparently has something called the Talisman of Burning Blood which allows him to advance and charge. I think the Chosen can also move faster than normal now.

As for my movement, Toe Jam moved up and actually could see the repositioned Chosen, the Blightlords, the Defiler and Cultists took aim at the enemy Chaos Cultists. I actually advanced Billalexdevin and this was that models best game.

The Defiler shot first, I chose to shoot at the cultists because of how the scoring was done and my agenda but I failed to roll over three with my blast markers and I think all game I rolled poorly with my flamers too, maybe I got one four, so I averaged below 3.5, that likely hurt me as I sacrifice range and power to be the plague flamer guy. Boris I think killed four cultists but I think all his heavy bolter shots did nothing. The Cancer Cell was within flamer range and I’m coming around to the auto rifle being better than the pistol and brutal weapon, but I also think I need a bigger unit of Chaos Cultists or to strictly use them as backline objective holders.

So the Right Hard Posse had to fire at the cultists and probably Maceo too. I did split fire though and took a wound off the Defiler with the Reaper Autocannon but it heals one per turn. Toe Jam was also a bit unlucky with his shooting all game and he has the twin-linked lascannon. He killed a lone Chosen and it took a command re-roll to do it, so perhaps in hindsight I rolled poorly this game.

Enemy Turn One

Here come the Fallen

I had managed to kill one unit and to wound two others so it wasn’t horrible but it was far from an alpha strike. Devin moved his models forward aggressively, I thought he was being a bit overly optimistic and it almost cost him his Chaos Lord but his Chosen are a lot stronger than they were in our first practice game, but by the time I learned that it was too late, as I actually think I had the shootier force for a change.

Devin’s shooting was not so damaging, a cultist or two died and a Blight Lord also died to a melta gun, it turns out Devin has a lot of melta in his army now. Toe Jam and Boris were basically fine but then came the charge declarations. This was the subject of much debate because of course I declared overwatch. Devin was granted cover so +1 armor save. He chose to send his Chaos Lord at the Blight Lords so I used my flamers and again didn’t roll that many shots and they aren’t hugely strong, I had optimistically used Plague Brewers but not a single plague spewer shot got through his saves. I did do two wounds with combi-bolters or Reapers, but then Devin failed his charge.

The Chosen did not fail their charge and crushed the cultists in H2H. You can only play the Overwatch stratagem once so they never got to use their flamer defensively and that extra attack they get for their brutal weapon, they didn’t get to use either. His CSM also charged and made it into combat with the Blightlords, they did a wound but then the counter attack with six axes and six sword attacks killed all but one alpha legionnaire. I even played Break their Spirit but Devin chose to use Insane Bravery, this resulted in them being in H2H one more crucial turn.

At the end of Battle Round One, it was one dead cultist squad a piece and thus a 0-0 tie.

Battle Round Two

This is when I found out I missed with my Blight Bombardment. I’d also used up almost all my command points, but I thought I’d line up my shots on the Chosen. But before I could fire Devin played a Stratagem called “Conceal”. This meant Toe Jam had to put lascannons into something other than the Chosen which I questioned the wisdom of, but I guess the Lord has invulnerable saves and other tricks.

I’m not sure how the Chaos Lord and others survived taking lascannons I must have rolled worse than I thought. Weapons that do a straight three or six wounds are better as I must have rolled lower than three many times when I needed to roll high. I did use command re-rolls but the reason I lost is I continually misjudge the speed of models and the power of models.

Toe Jam actually chose to fire at the Defiler doing six wounds with the single lascannon that got through, so obviously I needed more of that. With the Blightlords engaged I put a defiler cannon, twin-linked heavy bolters, a havoc missile launcher and the combi-plasma into the Chosen who got cover due to being close to the boxes. Devin must have made a lot of saves as with all that shooting they went from nine to eight models. We are playing that his CSM get an extra wound.

You can see Billalexdevin taking the long way around as it was ruled he couldn’t fit past the Chosen, but then later it was ruled he could fit through the windows in the walls…

After my turn two move

The Right Hard Posse did kill the Chaos Space Marine they were locked in combat with, but not before possibly taking another wound.

Nine Chaos Chosen Survived

Enemy Turn Two

Devin advanced towards the Blightlords and my Defiler. His Defiler and second cultist squad also advanced. His Defiler comes apart, I prefer to make a definitive choice rather than magnetize and he’s going to have to pin pieces to get them to stay together better.

As alluded to earlier, it seems his Chosen squad is packed with combi-metlas. It isn’t completely WYSIWYG. This resulted in 12 wounds being done to Boris as his Lord has a Combi-Melta too. I think his defiler returned fire at Toe Jam doing two or three wounds. I had bought fancy new wound markers on the Internet, but somehow Devin didn’t twist it all the way as when I moved him later it didn’t show how many wounds he’d taken, I think we played it as three.

Chosen about to Charge

Once again the Chaos Lord chose to charge first and I chose to Overwatch with the Blightlords because if you don’t Overwatch then you are engaged and can’t. The Chosen split charged which turned out to being a winning strategy as was bringing all those melta guns. Overwatch failed to cause a single wound, like I said I did not roll well with my flamers this game and my decision not to try and charge with my Defiler may have been a poor one, but I knew the squad had melta guns, but they would need a six to hit if I had charged…

The result of all this was Boris dead and I think all the Blightlords died before they even got to strike. He also has power axes in that squad and his Chaos Lord has a Thunder Hammer, weapons that do multiple wounds are good, I wonder if I forgot my Disgustingly Resilient, I don’t think I did, but maybe it was conveniently forgotten here and unlike last game I remembered my Contagion but not every unit causes it.

Losing both Boris and the Right Hard Posse to a single charge was a crushing blow, one I couldn’t recover from but I did try. My army doesn’t have a way to fight first other than Counter Offensive. I think I need to play more aggressively but I keep trying to play the Death Guard as a shooty army, rather than an army that must charge any chance it gets even if it would take a lucky roll to get into H2H.

Battle Round Three

The score was actually 10-0 as obviously last turn Devin killed units than I did scoring ten victory points. But having lost 19 power level and my two most powerful units things were dire. Toe Jam moved towards the enemy cultists. My lord moved towards his lord and then Billalexdevin snuck through the ruins towards an objective.

Toe Jam again fired on the Defiler and may have done something but Devin made a lot of 5+ invulnerables with that model. Maceo likely fired at the opposing Lord, but my hope was by defeating him in H2H I could use a special requisition, but I failed.

Maceo was converted for fourth edition and although I like the combi-plasma a little I’m not sold on the power maul. None of my other models had these weapons, but I think I would prefer the Lord of Virulence in 9th Edition. The Arch-Contaminator warlord trait I do like and will possibly put it on a future warlord of the Diseased Sons but the Fugaris’ Helm I may save for another character as my Lord lacks offensive force but he still can become more powerful as the campaign goes on.

Any unit can sabotage an objective

I can also give relics to champions but requisition points are becoming scarcer so my spending one to make two units Treacherous I may regret. But increasing the strength of my existing units is possible, as so far the largest game we’ve played is 35 PL, I don’t need need more units.

Billalexdevin can destroy an objective so that was his greatest accomplishment of the campaign. Toe Jam killed several cultists and they needed sixes to hurt him, but even before that I’d also come to the conclusion that Hellbrutes should try to get into H2H ASAP and taking this model as opposed to The Beast Rabaan just because he fits in my case easier was a mistake. I will likely make a 9th Edition Hellbrute and I’m think Hellbrute fist, with heavy flamer then twin-linked heavy bolters but today Boris couldn’t kill much with his…

Devin’s cultists did fail their morale test and two more died leaving three.

Toe Jam and Maceo are just too weak

Enemy Turn Three

Having failed to defeat the enemy when I got to strike first in H2H things were not going to go well when I was counter charged. Devin’s Defiler shot all it’s guns at Billalexdevin and apparently his Defiler has a combi-flamer and I guess I could maybe glue one on mine, but I do plan to make a new Defiler but likely for my Chaos undivided forces. My Diseased Sons army is already so large and even if it isn’t optimal or the official model, I’m not sure they need a second Defiler, we’ll see how long the campaign goes.

His Defiler charged Toe Jam and his Chosen charged Maceo. Toe Jam survived but Maceo of course did not. The Lord of Virulence is looking real good right about now, but I’m committed to spawndom or daemonhood but I haven’t been in a hurry as I’ve only marked him for greatness once.

Toe Jam actually chose to kick the cultists and killed one or two, they failed their morale check but this robbed Toe Jam of the unit kill.

Battle Round Four

My lone model left was Toe Jam but he can fire his heavy weapons while in H2H further proof that Hellbrutes should get into close combat as fast as possible. The Defiler had taken a number of wounds and I kept using re-rolls to hit or at least try harder to hit with the twin-linked lascannons but alas Devin kept making 5+ saves or I would roll one to wound or if I did get through my D6 wounds would turn out to be low. It just was not my game.

The Defiler Claws had no trouble finishing off Toe Jam because defenders fight first.

Post Game

I ended up losing big having only destroyed a single objective but in hindsight I think I should have chosen to be the Defender, I just don’t have an alpha strike army or the ability to move quickly to take and then destroy objectives. I’ll have to keep tweaking my force but I also gotta get painting.

Both the Cancer Cell and Toe Jam picked up a battle scar. Although I was encouraged to, I don’t take disadvantages that do nothing, so the Cultists can no longer use Stratagems or re-rolls but they never often did, for Toe Jam I chose weakened armour which may make him die even faster but that scar seems thematic having died every game he’s ever been fielded in during the campaign.

Our project at work, is again supposed to end this week, but it never seems like it will end. So how much time I have for painting will be limited. I’ve already chosen my next 35 PL combination and if we go up then I could field my plague marines, my Blightlords and my HQ and that would be closer to how I want my army to be, but I think I need melta guns, lots of melta guns and probably some blight launchers too.

The quest for the optimal plague marine squad will resume next week so if you have thoughts on that or how to take my losing army and make it a winning army besides rolling higher when I need to roll higher, you can leave a comment below.

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  1. Good on you for taking the time to write up these games even when they’re not going well for you. I’m really enjoying reading my way through your Crusade experiences.

    1. Thanks! It has certainly taken a long time. People underestimate how long it takes to blog especially if you have standards. This is a holiday weekend so we are down a few participants and I may have to get a cab to the game store. I don’t really mind losing what upsets me is when I carefully write out things not to forget then forget them. I bought some more game aids so maybe I’ll finally get another victory. Also this week there was a Balanced Dataslate, the first of our campaign so a lot of my models will now reduce incoming AP by one. The fact that Blightlords now have ObSec may also help, but most of the armies in our campaign have power armour so my opponent will also benefit. We have one player using the new Aeldari rules and we still may gain another campaign participants, the mysterious Chris who dice do not hate. The campaign to me was just an excuse to finally update my army, alas my painting skills and patience aren’t what they used to be, I’ve been procrastinating a bit the last two weeks but today I hope to paint and blog, but first I must exercise as I’ve also gotten old and fat.

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