40K Narrative Campaign Week 11

After a several week hiatus once again the forces of the Ultramarines and the Death Guard met on the field of battle…

After a several week hiatus once again the forces of the Ultramarines and the Death Guard met on the field of battle. It was also on the day you could pre-order the Chaos Codex so we may see some new sexiness enter the campaign, but not from me, I’m committed to the Death Guard at least for 2022. But I spent a lot of time yesterday reading reviews and watching videos and in order for the Diseased Sons and the Nefarious Fire to use the latest Chaos Codex they must join a legion.

I was originally thinking Black Legion, after all the Nefarious Fire are black, but for the Diseased Sons the best fit for their havocs and various other models I can’t field with the Death Guard codex is the Iron Warriors, oh the irony. The Creations of Bile and even the Red Corsairs are dark horses as they get less rules but they did not fight in the Horus Heresy and are not of the first founding.

If you have been living in a hole for the last few months many of the rules were leaked officially or unofficially but the usual sources will have you covered until the book is in your hands, I will just plot and scheme and hopefully paint, but first I will type up the latest battle report as Maceo the Maligned is destined for daemonhood or spawndom.

There are separate videos on the Legions mentioned above


Bill and I headed down to the Sentry Box for the first time in several weeks. He set up the terrain and rolled up a bunch of stuff from one of his fancy campaign books so for posterity our mission was “Dominate the Field” there were four objectives represented by little green flags on the corners of the two deployment zones represented by little plastic right angles I got off Etsy. Our affliction was “Unnatural Dread” which didn’t have a big affect but might have if we remembered it, there was also “Deferred Reinforcements” but that didn’t affect me either as I put my entire 40 PL army on the table to start, but Bill tried using actual “tactics”.

Even though I left behind the Burning Sores and Syphilis somehow I had more campaign experience than Bill’s army. But he brought back some old favourites including the marines with the extra good melta guns, they came on as reinforcements. As a result after doing some math Bill got two extra Command Points we didn’t use the new Command Points rules because they are for matched play and we’re all about forging the narrative.

I once again chose Turn their Hope to Rot and it is not the easiest agenda to accomplish as I have to kill the enemy’s strongest unit which of course Bill combat squads and hides half in the corner, but I also took Reaper which is easier but you only gain two experience points and can not gain virulence points. I gotta get painting I have three primed Plague Marines and I need to do another one for the Scarlet Fevers I think and I will paint that Plague Surgeon I bought, that will open up another Death Guard agenda and advance the narrative.

Diseased Sons Army List

I actually picked this army list weeks ago and basically the idea is I need more anti-armour because there are now Chaos Knights to kill not to mention toughness eight Wraithlords. So I see melta guns in my future and likely some daemon engines plus of course more cultists as outnumbering the Loyalists is fun. I think I want to get 40 of those painted for the new Chaos Codex.

  • Maceo the Maligned, Chaos Lord of Nurgle 5 PL
  • McFly the Malevolent, Plaguecaster 5 PL
  • The Scarlet Fevers led by Killious Bilious the Silliest, 5 Plague Marines 6 PL
  • The Cancer Cell led by Cancerous the Extremely Naughty, 10 Cultists 3 PL
  • Billalexdevin, Chaos Spawn 1 PL
  • Stumpy, Chaos Spawn 1 PL
  • Boris the Defiler, 9 PL
  • The Right Hard Posse led by Osteoporosis the Old School, 5 Blightlord Terminators, 10 PL


I started the game rolling nothing but ones much to the amusement of Bill and my streak of never being able to roll a six to get a command point back continues. Bill started doing the math as he kept expecting my one in six chance to happen but it did not then I explained to him that this streak has been going for at least three games. I don’t know what the odds are of this happening but they have to be microscopic. As a result of rolling ones to start Bill got to choose to be the attacker and go first but I got to choose sides and thanks to my cultists and spawn I outnumbered the Ultramarines not that they had anything I was really worried about where it would deploy, the most worrisome stuff was in reserves.

The fourth objective is behind a building guarded by a Chaos Spawn

Battle Round One

Look at all the Diseased Sons

Bill him’ed and haw’ed but ultimately chose to go first and decided he would try and kill Billalexdevin. In a campaign a unit of a single solitary Chaos Spawn is worth as many experience points as the mightiest of Chaos Knights unless you have some clever agenda. Bill’s agendas were to dig in the dirt and try to atone for his mark of shame. Billalexdevin also has the mark of shame that is why he has to hide in the corner.

The Ultramarines also fired at my terminators and the Scarlet Fevers but nothing important died just a single plague marine, the planest janest one.

Death Guard Turn One

I did a pretty good job remembering rules, I forgot some Grizzled rolls but so did Bill and I forgot that Boris can heal one wound a turn and I think we both forgot the -1 Ld test but both our armies had high leadership and McFly is inspiring and the second part of that twist is you can re-roll if a character is nearby so McFly stayed nearby the cultists for most of the game.

In my first turn everything moved forward, I sent my second Chaos Spawn around to help the now wounded one hold the corner objective. A single Chaos Spawn has it’s uses especially in making the math work out but a unit of two or three is probably more useful and will happened if the campaign goes for years as Bill hopes.

Although as noted two paragraphs ago I didn’t remember everything and will have to update my notes as I earn yet more Battle Honours and Battle Scars I did remember to cast my defensive psychic power on the Right Hard Posse, alas Bill ignored them trying to pick up the easy XP by killing spawn and cultists. Bill is a big fan of Transhuman Physiology and he played it just about every shooting phase when I shot at whatever I wanted to kill, despite that the Cancer Cell with their three autoguns managed to wound squad three. Shame on Bill for not even naming them.

Battle Round Two

Battle Round Two

The Ultramarines had some super scouts and they wanted my Chaos Spawn dead. The squad I had to kill which was split into combat squads is in the centre and the top right corner above. So basically we both had two objective but I defended one of mine with a lone Chaos Spawn and this flaw in my defences was quickly spotted by Bill or was Billalexdevin merely a sacrificial pawn?

Stumpy tries to help his fellow Chaos Spawn

Regardless after shooting the Ultramarines charged Billalexdevin and rolled a tonne of dice I believe because of a rule called “Shock Assault” and killed him taking an objective away from me and scoring a big 30 victory points and jumping out to the early lead.

Death Guard Turn Two

After some more maneuvering with my blisteringly fast forces McFly attempted to manifest a psychic power but I rolled a three. I did not use a re-roll but tried to cast another psychic power and rolled snake eyes. Bill was amused especially after I explained why I saved my command points until I really needed them. As a result my Plaguecaster did not suffer a perils of the warp attack and actually did a mortal wound on an Ultramarine.

Of course Bill used Transhuman Physiology which saved an Ultramarine from Boris as he had one of the few guns that would wound on a two or a three. After the death of Billalexdevin, Stumpy of course charged the Ultramarines who overwatched and hit and wounded twice. As Chaos Spawn only have a 5+ armor save I needed to roll boxcars to survive, so I did.

It was all academic because shock assault is so good and the Ultramarines tried to kill another chaos spawn in hand to hand. Eventually they will get the Grandfather’s blessing but it is too early in the campaign for that right now.

Battle Round Three

At some point we adjusted the score so to start turn three, for those wondering, the score should have been 40 for the Ultramarines and 30 for the Death Guard. I thought I should have scored 20 in my turn three but Bill decided I actually should have scored 20 in my turn two, so that is what the official record will now say.

The Ultramarines reinforce their left flank

Although I didn’t make a note, I did take a picture and I believe his reinforcements arrived this turn, but because of our small table and the special rules he couldn’t appear within 12 inches of me so he ended up on the Death Guard right flank right where I had to worry about knocking his models over with my elbow. And even though I originally thought Stumpy died last turn I also wrote that the super scouts fell back and re-engaged.

Many shots were actually directed at poor Stumpy and despite being power level one, the least powerful possible unit in the game, Bill used basically half his army to kill him and Billalexdevin. Also it should be noted two units dug in Battle Round one so I guess it was most of half his army for three turns to kill two spawn.

Despite the legendary status of my Chaos Spawn what Bill really wanted to kill was Boris the Defiler and the mega meltas lined him up but only did a few wounds, which in hindsight I could have healed over time but forgot. Apparently that is now a standard rule for daemon engines in the new Chaos Codex.

Ill-fated Ultramarine charge

The Ultramarines also decided to charge the Blightlords. I of course declared I would use overwatch but there was some debate over how many of my models could fire because of the terrain, in the end I think it was ruled just the Plague Spewer could because I had him on point and he managed to kill 1.5 models. The Right Hard Posse would go on to kill two more in H2H taking zero wounds, they really are elite troops and I should use them in most every game of the campaign going forward.

A couple cultists must have died to Ultramarine shooting I think the ATV may have shot at them or just some regular bolter or bolter rifle guys, but due to rolling a two and the inspiring leadership of McFly it was decided they passed morale, but we probably forgot about that -1 twist, but we remember I would get to re-roll if I did fail, so maybe I passed on merit.

Death Guard Turn Three

Now that they were on the board, there was no doubt who was public enemy number one. I generally moved forward most every turn but at the plodding Death Guard pace. However McFly was able to see and thus Smite a melta gunner. Boris also shot all his gun every turn with varying success, if I built a Defiler for this edition, and I probably will for my non-Nurgle Chaos Space Marines, I’d arm him differently but as it is he killed the Eradicators which maybe had been squad Typhon.

Not to be left out the Right Hard Posse which historically has been how I got a gun that could shoot over 24 inches now seems to be more dangerous in melee but despite that they killed squad Odino with their guns. This would result in a score for the curious of 50-40 for the Ultramarines heading into the fourth battle round. In this mission it is pretty hard to score over 10 VP a turn, you have to basically take an objective from your opponent in their deployment zone.

The reason I got 20 in turn two is the Blightlords now have Objective Secured and although on the other side of the ruin they eventually got close enough to the objective on my left flank especially after the super scouts withdrew only to charge back in and die. So whether I got 20 VP in turn two or three the score at this point in time would be the same.

Battle Round Four

The ATV roared forward to draw a bead on the surviving cultists huddled behind a wall but crucially within three inches of an objective. I also noted that Bill killed a Blightlord, this one I probably forgot to roll Grizzled, their battle honour for, the other thing I forgot most of the game was contagion, despite moving the dial every turn, I think I need to stick that dial right in front of me, maybe wear it around my neck on a chain.

Live Fast Die Blue

Death Guard Turn Four

Little known fact, after the ATV got all cute and charged McFly through a wall, Boris crawled over and crushed it. McFly is actually pretty good in H2H, he gets less attacks at a lower weapon skill than Maceo but his stick is a plague weapon and does multiple wounds. Now that I’ve played a few games of this edition, weapons that do more than one damage seem really valuable. The fact that heavy bolters do two wounds and autocannons even the reaper autocannon does not is odd. Maybe the new-fangled chain gun is good or whatever the Maulerfiends have, I’ll definitely be adding anti-armour and higher damaged weapons to my army as this campaign goes on.

The battlefield as the fifth battle round begins

Battle Round Five

Some more stuff obviously happened in the previous battle round, I wrote something down but it is illegible. I also think I cast Miasma of Pestilence on the Scarlet Fevers because on the small squads used by the Ultramarines, Plague Wind isn’t that great. I will probably field a lot of junior psychers in the new Chaos Codex.

Bill did a lot of math and consulting the rules to start this turn. I assured him even if I could not win, I wanted to roll some dice. But as he had a 10 VP lead I needed to take an objective from him, the one held by three Ultramarines in the bottom right corner, my right flank his left. I had carefully strung out my Blightlords but a lot would be riding on the Scarlet Fevers making an advanced roll and surviving and somehow outnumbering the Ultramarines.

Captain Snazzy Pants had done little but dig in the dirt and make it the tactical doctrine. He is not toughness eight, but somehow he has multiple relics and is actually very tough to kill and rolls a lot of attacks in H2H, I assured Bill Maceo would fight him to advance the narrative so he rushed forward.

Just because I stopped mentioning it the fact remains, I still had not rolled a six to get a single CP back. I should get potentially 11 chances per game if I remember so figure three games that is 25 or so consecutive non-sixes. I actually had four CP or so to start the this battle round, I like to save mine until I need them and the climactic H2H fight has started. I did use Plague Brewers several times during this game and it did nothing, so perhaps the Chosen Sons are not the best plague company but I’m not giving up on them now, I’m a ride till I die kinda guy or at least until this campaign ends.

Captain Snazzy Pants not only moved forward he likely made a big charge roll into the Blight Lords but I heroically intervened of course. The Gravis Captain has so many rules, he has a power sword which is actually now a relic plus a power fist, plus I think he used Gene-Wrought Might and it was probably Shock Assault and some favourable doctrine. Bill also decided to split his attacks four into the Blight Lords and four into Maceo this was just fine with me, they both have 4+ invulnerable to his surprise.

One Blightlord died but Captain Snazzy Pants took six wounds in return so maybe he miscalculated.

Warlord versus Warlord as the Gods Laugh

Death Guard Turn Five

The crucial fourth objective

Bill was very concerned this turn about my ability to actually win the game I assured him I had a plan and dutifully advanced the Scarlet Fevers. They need to roll at least a five it was determined to make it interesting and they did.

The Nurgle Renegade with a heavy weapon really has a heavy weapon, I’m counting it as the Plague Spewer, so if he had the regular assault plague flamer I would have been better off, but McFly and Boris can kill one or two Ultramarines right?

Before any of that on the right flank I actually used Release the Toxins in the command phase. I always want to use this but only Maceo can and he often dies or I forget, I didn’t roll the greatest and there was only one Ultramarine within range but Captain Snazzy Pants took another wound. I kept insisting to Bill, about how I would kill Lord Godrick the big Chaos Knight that joined our campaign, was going to be mortal wounds all the special rules in the world wouldn’t save him from that.

Of course I shot at the Ultramarines I think I even killed one which is pretty poor when you consider I also had the psychic phase and the three heavy weapons on the Defiler. But McFly could charge, so I promptly rolled a five. But I had saved my last command point so we got out one of my measuring sticks and it was determined I needed at least an eight, so I re-rolled and got an eight!

I rolled first then measured, then re-rolled exactly enough.

McFly fights first as the charger and beat down an Ultramarine with his stick. Next up was Captain Snazzy Pants who had learned his lesson and put all his attacks into Maceo. Three got through and of course I failed all three of the saving throws and died. Maceo is just not that great of a Chaos Lord, I won’t be surprised if he does turn into a spawn, he just does not seem to be able to come through in H2H against the other warlords and tough models in the campaign.

Of course the Blightlords get three attacks each and four for the champ and they easily killed the Ultramarine Captain.

Post Game

So despite Maceo’s failure and because I rolled a five on a single die and after a re-roll, an eight on two dice and because there was actually another bonus 10 VP for holding an objective in your opponent’s deployment zone I didn’t even know about, the final score became 90-80 for the Death Guard. Take that math!

This was one of my more successful games as with the exception of Maceo failing to kill Captain Snazzy Pants and advancing the narrative and earn his third chaos boon via the Path to Glory requisition an option I’d kept secret until now… things went according to plan.

Stumpy picked up a battle scar so of course I gave him “Walking Wounded”. Boris and the Blightlords killed the most units but I gave MVP to the Scarlet Fevers as it would get them to six and their first battle honour. Then not wanting every squad to be the same and because it fit the narrative I gave them Fleet of Foot.

If you have thoughts on my brilliant tactics and superior army selection you can leave them below. If you would rather talk about the new Chaos Codex or how boring Ultramarines are, I’ll also allow that.

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  1. Nice going. I’m really enjoying following your exploits here. This looks like it was a really fun game, I’m glad that your evil minions were able to pull down Captain Snazzy Pants.

    1. I previously spelled it Snazzypants all one word, so now I’m torn whether and where I should correct it, but yes he is not as tough to kill as the Wraithlord, the Chaos Knight or even maybe the Sister Superior. The other Chaos Lord, it has been a long time since I fought Devin, maybe tomorrow, he will be using it from now on, so his units could get a lot tougher and his stratagems will be different, but as for Snazzy Pants I’m sure I’ll see him again. This 40 PL force seems to be working well but when we go up to 45 or more likely 50 power level I’ll add back in Syphilis and drop maybe the two spawn, they really would be better off in a unit of two perhaps. Spawn in the new Chaos Codex may be even better.

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