40K Narrative Campaign Week 16

Time in the warp is not linear, but despite everything I have continued to chronicle my journey through the Pariah Nexus…

Time in the warp is not linear, but despite everything I have continued to chronicle my journey through the Pariah Nexus and the even more mysterious World Wide Web warts and all for the amusement and mockery of anonymous cowards on obscure Internet forums.

Our 17th week of campaigning at the Sentry Box actually starts in a few hours but due to work, family, the weather and other never-ending headaches in my life I have not completed last week’s battle report, but I’m at least trying. But once again it seems some bigly brave online trolls have gone through 10, 15, 20 years of posts to pick out their personal favourites. Although some webpages and older posts have comments turned off, comments are generally turned on for the latest post which they discovered but I will not tolerate spam or other unsavouriness in the comments section. Elon has never tried to monitor a website as big as Twitter for “freedom of speech”.

Pre Battle

So if you’ve forgotten our campaign has entered a new phase and the missions will be pulled from a new book. The new phase will have a specific length which I think was decided to be 6 games or weeks. The games will gradually get larger the first game was 25 PL the next will be 40 PL and so on. The forces are now on two teams, there is Team Chaos which means there will be no games against the Alpha Legion or the Fallen Knights and the Imperial team consisting of Ultramarines, Imperial Fists, and Adeptus Custodes.

A little seen and inconsequential Ork Waaagh is still rumoured to be in the Pariah Nexus, they will likely be killed on sight like the Xenos scum they are by both Team Chaos and Team Little Goodie Two Shoes.

The Mission: Infiltrate the Ring

The mission and power levels are actually being chosen in advance there are also two twists. The Long March particularly sucked. No advancing, can’t use any ability that allows you to ignore wounds and if you roll doubles on the charge it automatically fails. Campaigning is hard.

The objectives were also mysterious and if you took the time to perform the action they actually turned into shields.

For the first time ever it was decided I would play Thomas and his Imperial Fists. My agenda was once again “Turn their Hope to Rot” and it again ended up being a big squad that was then split into two combat squads. Thomas won the roll off and inexplicably made me the defender. He also got to choose who went first and after seeing our deployment which was also prescribed I had to put a third of my force defending each objective, he let me go first.

The terrain was from some Kickstarter project and you could score points by holding objectives after turn one. The attacker could also declare in one of their command phases that an objective was the “Alpha Objective” and it was worth extra points. Then there were extra points for controlling the objectives at the end of the game, which is why I think Thomas chose to attack or at least go last. He also had Outriders so he had the more maneuverable force.

The armies deployed

The forces of the Diseased Sons

As this was a 25 PL battle and I’d just finished painting my first Blight Launcher, the Scarlet Fevers were the first unit I selected. I then took a five man plague marine unit and of course my only HQ choice, McFly. That left just two power which thanks to careful planning and painting became two units of a single Spawn of Chaos.

I had decided to deploy my biggest squad in the middle, they are also the shootiest, my hope was the Spawn could sneak around a flank but with no advance move, they were just too slow. Gangrene on the right had to hold against the charge of the Outriders.

Battle Round One

I did move the Spawn forward but they are slow for a Fast Attack choice. Gangrene stayed in their light cover which the Imperial Fists just ignore. That is a rule the Iron Warriors and thus probably the Diseased Sons will get in the future. The Scarlet Fevers moved a little but I had to stay within three inches of the objectives to try and score next turn.

Gangrene managed to do one wound in the shooting phase. They are sub-optimal but when I boost them to ten models they’ll be much more fearsome but that requires painting three more plague marines, this heatwave can end anytime as far as I’m concerned. The Scarlet Fevers did four wounds but all were saved.

The Imperial Fists roared forward. The bikers shoot first at Gangrene and got four exploding hits so twelve hits totals but no wounds were done, praise Nurgle! The Lieutenant killed one plague marine with his master crafted stalker rifle. And after I had cast Miasma on them, no one even fired at the Scarlet Fevers.

Both armies maneuver

If it looks like the bikes might have a charge, remember boxcars is an auto fail and the squares are approximately 15 inches wide, Thomas did measure but he would have needed at least boxcars. Long charges were basically out due the Long March in the Long War.

Battle Round Two

After seeing every Imperial Fist who could fire at Gangrene I was even more determined to reinforce this my mathematically weakest flank. I sent Stumpy back to guard an objective whereas my faster Spawn, due to Battle Scars, Billalexdevin onward. McFly hand no line of sight but had to remain within 18 inches of some plague marines so he could at least cast Miasma, but that failed to occur.

Gangrene held the line and Bob the Necessary Evil used his plasma pistol but the save was made. My one lone melta gunner managed to roll one on his wound roll so no Outriders died. The Scarlet Fevers shot at the combat squad in front of me which was my agenda and the blight launcher killed one. It has less strength and AP than a plasma gun but D2 is a big deal against nothing but multi-wound models.

The Outriders are charging soon
All the misses in melee

The hatred the Imperial Fists have towards Gangrene is infinite. And once again all the Imperial fire was directed towards them except perhaps a pot shot or two at Billalexdevin which did a wound. One plague marine died due to the vaunted Imperial Fist firepower.

This was the turn the Outriders got to charge and it looked bad, because those three models got to roll nineteen dice! But after only one missed, I repeated my age old maxim, wounding is what counts. Thomas managed to cause 4 wounds but then I failed three saves, but I used a command re-roll to keep a model alive.

In my half of melee every one of my attacks including Bob’s powerfist all missed!

After the round is complete we scored and due to Plague Marines having objective secured and Outriders at least in the Imperial Fist book don’t but isn’t there a stratagem that gives it? So after consulting the rule book and Aiden weighing in the score was officially 10-0 for Team Bad Ash!

Battle Round Three

This round started with more maneuvering. The Scarlet Fevers closed in on the Imperial Fists leaving an objective for McFly to hopefully hold when he got there. He succeeded in casting Miasma of Pestilence but even with putting the card beside them I or my opponent forgets about it sometimes, it really is a powerful ability so I must remember to cast it and enforce it.

Let’s point at each other

Transhuman was played in my shooting phase so only one wound was caused by the Scarlet Fevers and every single plasma shot failed. Transhuman is a powerful ability. I played plague brewers and the one hit that got through did D2 killing an Imperial Fist.

I of course charged into the overwatch fire. Billalexdevin failed his charge roll. The Scarlet Fevers did not completely wipe out the Imperial Fists and the Lieutenant actually heroically intervened. I chose not to use any stratagems on them as I thought they could handle themselves.

The melee on the right flank was less exciting as the Outriders are lesser fighters when they don’t charge. It had turned into a stalemate.

Withdraw is the order worth remembering

Imperial Fist Turn Three

The last wounded member of the combat squad withdrew from combat and the Lieutenant had actually killed the models he was engaged with, so the Scarlet Fevers would have to take the incoming fire, luckily they still had their Miasma.

The Outriders can shoot in melee with their heavy bolt pistols. This started a trend where I remembered to shoot in H2H with the champion who I had armed with a plasma pistol in both my squads.

In the actual melee Bob killed an Outrider and the score was now 20-0 Team Bad Ash!

Battle Round Four

Morale was getting low on the Imperial Fist side but I convinced Thomas with the alpha objective and experience counting in the campaign he should fight on.

Before H2H was rejoined.

I finally remembered Contagion which was now powerful enough to affect shooting. Transhuman may have been played again. I did play Plague Brewers and once again one wound got through and became two killing an Imperial Fist.

Once again I charged with the Scarlet Fevers and once again they took the Overwatch. Transhuman was definitely played during the melee phase and I countered with Trenchfighters. The HQ again heroically intervened and Transhuman actually stopped 3 fists from wounding as I rolled all threes!

There was one Imperial Fist the sergeant along with the captain. The captain went first rolling two ones and two twos. Perhaps he needs snazzier pants?

In the other melee Bob did two wounds and Gangrene lived as I made both the saves!

Before the fifth Battle Round or after I moved.

Battle Round Five

McFly had slowly been moving from the left flank to the centre and he was now within 18 inches of the Outriders so he tried to attack them but suffered a Perils of the Warp attack. However I was convinced to use a command re-roll.

Killious Bilious the Silliest remembered to shoot his plasma pistol and killed an Imperial Fist. I also remembered to play the Blightening so more models could shoot in melee. This lets me roll a lot of dice, but it is not that damaging overall, but could I not also play Eternal Hatred or something? I need a way to wound more, because I do a lot of hits with AP -1 or zero. But I think it was enough to kill the Lieutenant or at least do a wound.

McFly failed his charge roll and I think I tried twice and then defenders aka the Imperial Fists fight first. Bob managed to do two more wounds and the Scarlet Fevers killed the last Intercessor facing them. This completed my agenda as I turned Thomas’s Hope into Rot. I also used Trench Fighters which helped me deal extra wounds.

In Battle Round Five, Bob managed to kill the last Outrider which meant just Captain Lysor Grazensk survived. He really does need snazzier pants.

Post Game

We were trying to get to a barbecue, but eventually Bill and Aiden played another game so we had to wait for that complete. I gave Bob MVP and I also gained a Virulence Point so I may have to try and enhance my plague, but there is a relic that lets you do this more efficiently so maybe I’ll save my points until I acquire that.

Chaos aka Team Bad Ash went 2-1 with the Alpha Legion being our lone losers. The scoring is actually more complicated, as you get a point for showing up and then if you win the amount of points you earn is abased on the size of the game, with today’s games being the smallest Combat Patrol.

It took a whole week to finish this battle report so I must wrap this up quickly so I can try to type up yet another battle report, but if you have any reasonable questions or comments you can leave them below.

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