The Return of a Familiar Mace

It isn’t actually the exact same mace, but it is from the same set…

It isn’t actually the exact same mace, but it is from the same set, I think it was Chaos Warriors or Chaos Knights, the kind on horses from back in the 90s. I don’t have the whole model just the arm sprues, I either got them at GW Gastown or GT Calgary which would put them from 2002. Either way I knew I had more of these old plastic arms and I used one when I converted Maceo the Mutated.

Proof I can still paint, even during a heatwave.

The heat wave in Calgary kept going. We didn’t play any 40K last weekend, though perhaps I could have got in a game, instead I engaged in debauchery and built not one but three models. One model is just like GW intended, the Chaos Spawn is mostly how GW intended it to be, but the third model is a complete and total kitbash using all sorts of bits I either bought especially for the conversion or had from previous spending sprees.

If you haven’t been following our narrative campaign, shame on you. The Diseased Sons, the Chosen Sons of Mortarion, the Sons of Barbarus, the Death Guard were led by the haphazardly selected Maceo the Maligned who has waited since 2005 to lead a significantly sized army, only to suffer from my inability to make key dice rolls and instead of eternal glory as a Daemon Prince, will spend the rest of his miserable life as a Chaos Spawn. But Nurgle loves all his children so of course I am converting up a special model to represent him on the tabletop because the long war never ends.

At some point I made the impetuous decision to buy the Plague Surgeon as my first Foetid Virion even though what I really wanted was a Foul Blightspawn, but in a narrative campaign, the Plague Surgeon has his own special agenda and I thought it would amuse Bill if I tried to accomplish it at his expense.

This of course required me to build yet another objective. And there is a lot of variety in bits and Nurglings one could use in 2022, but there is one Nurgling that is beloved above all, Sassy Nurgling. I wanted to call him Swaggy P, but apparently the Internet has spoken. So I ordered some bits, including some chain as I planned to chain an Ultramarine whose geneseed could be perverted by the Plague Surgeon to something. I thought about crucifixion, but crucifixion is too good for Ultramarines.

Three more Diseased Sons

The other big news is a third Chaos Codex, Codex Daemons coming out. It’s not like I didn’t declare 2022 the year of Chaos and come out of exile to take the blogosphere by storm. I’m not sure I need another codex, I can’t remember the rules in one let alone four. But I can build an army of painted models using three codices and I’ll add a Knight, not the horsey kind, eventually.

I don’t need more models that can’t shoot well in my campaign army, but long ago I had a dream, a dream of a sea of Nurglings and I kept painting them long after Bill and other people thought I was insane, even after they were taken out of the Death Guard codex, I kept buying and painting them. But thanks to GW’s thirst for model sales, I can field 25% daemons, and I’ll have to do some math, but 27 is my new Nurgling target, I just counted sixteen painted stands in a case behind me, all on square bases, but the long war lasts forever, even if Games Workshop changes the rules or the base sizes.

Beasts Of Nurgle
My Beasts of Nurgle

I will also rebase my Beasts of Nurgle again, they seem to be the most interesting Nurgle daemons based on the rumours, but I will not rebase the Nurglings, I bought some adapters for the Plaguebearers though. Some may not fit, but I think I need two squads of ten to make a combat patrol, if the rumours are to believed, Nurglings aren’t Core or something, they can’t perhaps be your mandatory troop choices.

Two of my old square based Nurgling stands

The actual book will come out soon enough, I haven’t pre-ordered a copy, but I’ll try tomorrow. The Ultramarines and the Diseased Sons may face off yet again, as the rest of the campaign may work or play Marvel Crisis Protocol.

If you have thoughts on how many Nurglings I should include in my dream army in order to drive my opponent completely bonkers you can leave a comment below.

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