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During the dark days, I lost touch with the hobby and the blogosphere and I think my RSS feed reader stopped working and being supported…

During the dark days, I lost touch with the hobby and the blogosphere and I think my RSS feed reader stopped working and being supported, so I had to dust off some computer science skills and parse some weird format to get the list of blogs I used to follow. I had previously cleaned up my sidebar on Musk’s Miniatures but I never shared the blogs I was digging on like I did before.

Some blogs went dormant longer than mine and then came back like mine, others were started while I was basically out of the hobby. I was always going to do a post like this, but now that I got the feeds into Reader I wasn’t sure how I’d get them out, then I fell behind reading the feeds and I have a pretty good set of unread hobby blogs that I like so I thought I’d share it.

The header may be the 39th digital photo I took with my Nikon Coolpix 2500 back on June 9th 2002, so over twenty years ago. The models in the picture were painted even before that and I note a distinct lack of tiny lines, so I suspect some were painted in the late 90s, there is one RBT01 that I rescued before rescuing models from other hobbyists was cool. They all have bolt pistols so they were painted back when that was an option for Plague Marines. There are no campaign badges so this is before the Calgary Grand Tournament.

Plague Gardening is the other major all Death Guard all the time blog on WordPress. I reserve the right to stop painting Death Guard or Nurgle at some point but it looks like the first half of 2023 will again be all Death Guard all the time. We both seem to be typing up a lot of battle reports.

Realms of Chaos is old school, there ain’t no school like the old school and I follow a lot of Oldhammer or Rogue Trader afficiando blogs. This blogger paints a lot of old school World Eaters of which I have a small collection thanks to Jim Bell that I’ll get back to someday.

Oldenhammer in Toronto should also be mentioned. They seem to have been a GW fanboy in the colonies longer than most. They stopped updating for a while, but that is the way it is with the blogosphere and RSS, you have to subscribe and wait for the spice to flow.

Leadplague has also been keeping it old school. Sometimes I forget the name of the blogs as they go silent for months or years like mine, but with a name like Leadplague I can remember that.

Magpie and Old Lead, is also about old and most likely metal aka lead miniatures. Maybe all blogs with lead in the title are inherently good. There is something satisfying about my old heavy metal dreadnoughts. I’ve been running mine in our narrative campaign.

The Old School Workshop sometimes paints new models just like me, but he definitely keeps it old school on the regular. I tend to prefer the more niche and personal blogs rather than the big loud ad filled monstrosities.

Warphammer is trying to be the Chaos blog or the blog for being good at playing Chaos rather than being bad at playing Chaos like me. I just don’t want to run special characters and flavour of the month armies, plus it takes me months to finish a single model and I try to keep the vow of only painted models hit the table, but I like to support my faction and someday I will enter a Grand Tournament and/or attend a major convention again.

The Corvus Cluster has been running a Warhammer 40,000 narrative campaign longer than Bill and I. They do battle reports and tutorials and I’ve tried to follow along to see if I could learn anything, alas I still am nowhere near the 40K player I used to be, I just have limited time, but I did play a lot of games in 2022, maybe my most ever in a single year.

The Sentry Box’s blog gets a shoutout as we are playing most of our games there. I think some staff talked about playing in our campaign and some actually are, but I don’t think we are an official campaign unlike their Necromunda one. Maybe I’ll play in the next Necromunda one, but one campaign is enough for me at a time and this is what Bill wanted to do after Warcry came to an end due to Covid.

Sprocket’s Small World is just another miniature painting blog which often seems to feature Nurgle miniatures and oh yeah he’s won FIVE Slayer Swords!

A Tabletop Gamer’s Diary has lots and lots of painted and converted models. I’m not sure how he finds all the time and energy but since I’m giving out shoutouts to start the year, this blog definitely deserves one.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever met any of the Fawcett Avenue Conscripts, but I do know a number of Warhammer 40,000 players in Winnipeg even though I’ve never been there from back in the 40K list days and of course Astronomi-con which I last participated in back in 2010 in Vancouver.

I know very little about Captain Cook’s Funky Wenis Rodeo. I only discovered it recently I think through a Facebook group of which we are both members. It has lots of painted OOP models from the Rogue Trader Era. Sometimes I find new blogs by looking at the blogroll of other blogs, so I think I’m checking out his blogroll right now. We seem to like a lot of the same blogs.

Another blogger I have followed for a long long time is Rob Hawkins. I believe he lives just up the road or used to live in Edmonton. I have been to Edmonton but not in a long long time. People have threatened to come down from Edmonton to play against me in Warhammer 40,000.

My final shoutout and link because I have yet another battle report to type up is for Brandon Palmer. You may know him from Grey Matter Musings or as GMM Studios. You’ve probably seen his work. He paints professionally and often does huge armies for Adepticon.

So that next battle report is not getting written tonight. I have actually done a lot of blogging in 2022 especially if you go by words typed. I may blog a little less in 2023 as I hope to paint a little more. If you have hobby goals or a favourite blog you can leave a comment below.


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    1. No worries it was easy to find and recommend your blog. Other blogs publish less frequently and haven’t published in years, still others announced they were done, they have gone to all Instagram all the time for the easy likes or some lesser few maybe to YouTube. I still stick it out in the blogosphere but it is time consuming. I need to spend less time on it and spend more time painting. If you haven’t publish in a year or more I couldn’t recommend you, that is one reason I cleaned my sidebar in 2022.

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