Bought Some Foam

As part of my generally not very successful life and career post Sauder MBA, I had to move, putting all my stuff in storage until I can find a permanent job.  My job search has continued to go very poorly and I don’t have any answers or fresh ideas on where to apply or what type of position I would finally be “the right fit” for. Anyway as part of my move I had to take all my painted minis out of the three glass Ikea cases I bought for them and put them somewhere. Fuzz box budget foam miniature storage

I own several miniature cases. Some I’ve my made myself. Some I’ve adapted from gun or computer cases. I’ve cut my share of foam and I’ve bought cases from GW and Charon. I don’t play much, haven’t played a miniature wargame in well over a year, see first paragraph for the reason why. But when I do play I usually need about 1500 points maybe 2000 which works out to about 40-50 guys plus a couple tanks and walkers or if I’m playing fantasy more men but less big models. Sabol pick and pluck foam

I got my customized Charon case to hold just about anything, since then the truly custom laser cut foam has come on the market. I may get one of those cases someday, cut to match my next army, if I ever do a next army. But in the mean time I discovered I didn’t have enough cases, especially good cases with nice mini-specific foam to move all my models at once.  So I ended up moving them in stages. I filled up the Charon case and maybe the GW case and moved those models to my mother’s house, then later I brought back the empty cases and moved the rest of my collection using every case I had.

I thought about buying some more foam or a dedicated miniature case then, but I didn’t want to rush my purchase decision and I’m well past broke from being unemployed for so long, so movement expenses were being kept to a minimum. Several months have gone by and my minis have sat on a shelf I cleared of books or in a case in storage at my mom’s house or in a storage locker on Terminal. Miniatures in need of a foam home

It was recently Christmas and my 36th birthday so I got given some money and not wanting to spend it, I didn’t. However I keep reading more books and need that shelf space back, my mom’s house has too much stuff in it, and miniatures just sitting on a shelf are at risk so I bought some econo miniature cases I read about online.  I got 5 of them from the War Store for 50 something dollars and I bought two more Sabol Design foam pieces that I can use to store the bigger more awkward models.

The econo boxes are the bigger ones, the so-called Fuzz Boxes. They can hold a lot of models for about 10 bucks, but the spaces look a little small, now that I have them in my hands, especially for Chaos Space Marines. I’ve previously cut GW and Charon foam to make room for spikes and big guns and it is possible to get larger foam cutouts, but not this cheap. The budget boxes are all one size fits all.  I may get out the scissors,  I also may repack the Charon and GW case as they have some goblins in them, Goblins are much smaller but spear goblins are difficult to pack none the less.  Most of my 4th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle spear goblins are in a rifle case at the back of a storage locker. The archers and misc. other goblin models may be repacked into these econo boxes.

Some day I may have the money and space to have dedicated foam, if not a dedicated case for every model. As it is I’m unemployed, and many of my models never even see the table top and many had not even seen the outside of a miniature case until I bought the Ikea cases and put almost every model I ever painted on display in my apartment for no one to see.

UpdateOld plastic goblins in budget foam

A few days later I brought all or most of my miniature cases into my bedroom at my mom’s house and tried to figure out which models would fit best in the new foam.  As I suspected the old GW goblin archers fit best. I have two units of those, the spear goblins are in storage in a rifle case but you can see from the photos how they fit less well.  My old Rogue Trader era and 2nd Edition Space Orks fit pretty well in the budget foam cases and the other models that got volunteered are my one piece metal plaguebearers. Old OOP Space Orks

I cut the odd little gap but I couldn’t safely fit my big spikey Chaos Space Marines in the budget boxes. I also couldn’t make enough room for them in my Charon Productions and GW foam.  I used the Sabol foam to make my three dreadnoughts a home. I need a better long term solution for my orks and goblins, my Silent Death space ships, and models on 40mm round or square bases or motorcycle bases. My ork models like that are in an old tool box I’ve lined with foam, but my Chaos Space Marines are just too numerous.  I have one piece of Charon Productions foam that has larger spots, but an even better solution is needed. Whether that involves pluck and pull foam, custom cut foam, or just ordering more specialty foam, I don’t know. Metal Plaguebearers in foam

I don’t know if I’ll ever start another army or even ‘improve’ the two old ork and goblin armies.  I’m out of practice painting and my life is not going well so time for hobbies I do not have. Everything will set in storage as is at my mother’s house for the foreseeable future. Maybe after sixth edition comes out, I’ll dust off the Diseased Sons and the Nefarious Fire and play some games, but I’m not optimistic I’ll get a lot a use of my miniature collection in 2012 or even 2013. Dreadnoughts in their new foam


Astro Smash

I’ve been busy. One of the things I’ve been working on is running an Astro Smash, a Red Shirt Smash to be precise at the 2011 Trumpeters Salute Gaming Convention. The convention is still going or just ended. Me and my back had had enough after two days. I spent most of the morning and part of the afternoon in bed catching up on sleep and hoping my back would stop hurting. I should really take more drugs…

Astro Smash set up and awainting players
Astro Smash set up and awainting players

Anyway, despite planning ahead I still had to photograph 100 pieces of paper and finish my prize ship and create asteroids the day or two before. I barely made it. The paint was still wet on the asteroids and they’ll need yet more black paint and some dry brushing to be truly done. I also should make 4 or 5 more, maybe even a full 10 more as that is how many little styrofoam balls come in a back. I’d wanted to use lava rock, but didn’t expel much energy looking for it. I just used balls which I melted with some liquid plastic glue I’ve had for ages.

Making asteroids
Making asteroids

This was probably toxic and a bit dangerous, so open a window and move anything important like your prize ship well away from your work service.

Friday night at Trumpeters Salute was a bit weird as it seemed like more games were being run than there were players. And even after I managed to get 4 players they kept wondering off to talk to people and look at stuff. They seemed surprised my game moved so fast and their turn was literally up in a minute. Then to top it all off they wanted me to run it again on Sunday.

Prize ship after several coats of red
Prize ship after several coats of red

No way, I knew my back and life would need readjusting. Plus I had to almost beg to get my first two players. Next year I’ll do it bigger and better and likely on Sunday. Astro Smash and Silent Death are really beginner friendly and there were a lot more people there on Saturday and more kids. Kids like to blow stuff up quickly, they don’t care about historical accuracy. Astro Smash has zero historical accuracy and even sacrifices some physics and such for fun.

Fun over physics especially in outer space.

In the end someone I knew won the prize ship and quite enjoyed the game, so I may run Silent Death if not an Astro Smash at some future Trumpeters Game Night. It really is a good game even right out of the box, it just never had the big corporate gaming clout behind it, it never was a company’s number one game, and now it is basically really hard to find, but all the books and miniatures are in print and can be bought online at Iron Crown Enterprises, err I mean Ral Partha, err I mean Iron Wind Metals, err even they don’t know who owns and supports this game anymore…

The prize ship is a Glaive, official prize ships are no longer in production and I didn’t feel like giving any of mine away. So I painted up a Glaive. I thought it would look cool in flaming red from black right up to near white and really glossy like a hot rod or chopper. In the end I went for just the lava effect. It was a bit rushed but 20+ coats of thin paint, plus washes and glazes went into the effect. Then I just painted some brass, about 5 blues on the cockpit and then 3 or 4 purples on the thrusters…

2011 Trumpeters Salute Price Ship

Lead Painters League is On

There are a record 70 official competitors. So if you want to see a pile of cool mini’s you know which link to click. Every week for the next ten there will be a bunch of freshly painted unseen miniatures in all types of scales and genres. People can vote for their favourites.

My naked chicks should be in there somewhere. I didn’t take the best group photo as I only have an iPhone. Some people didn’t even enter as they couldn’t take good photos which seems strange… I’ve been hit by ‘real life’ but I have two entries done, so hopefully this week I’ll make progress on my OOP Bezerkers. In the meantime I’ve got some minis to check out.

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Lead Adventure

My life hasn’t been going so great and I’ve been staying away from the hobby aspects and websites trying to focus a bit.  Hasn’t really helped.  I haven’t even been to Strategies (LGS) since I dropped off my miniatures for their painting competition and that was several months ago.  I’ve been doing some gaming on the iPhone, my computer, even the Wii, but again not my focus.  Today however I received an email from the founder or one of the people behind the Lead Adventure forum, he’s launched his own miniature company called Lead Adventure which probably focuses on genres not associated with say GW, though Mordheim or Necromunda are closer to what the Prof likes to play.

So if you want to see some new and hopefully interesting figs check out Lead Adventure.

Wow even WordPress seems to have changed since I last posted.

More tools of the trade

Today I haven’t painted a single brush stroke.  I’ve been so unproductive and lazy I forced myself at around 4:30pm to bike down to Grand Prix hobbies to buy some styrene.  I’ve been hanging out more on the Waaagh and I want to get my Looted Wagons armed correctly and fully painted for this edition of Warhammer 40,000.  I also plan to do at least two Battlewagons which will be converted and kitbashed but first I need a new job.

I actually have a job interview Tuesday afternoon.  However I have my doubts about the position and the job offer.  The company is a startup and although I’m totally willing to work for a startup, I don’t know what they actually do or how they plan to make money, besides the ever trendy “social media“.  Seems to me that the social media field is a lot more crowded than it was three or better still four or five years ago.  I know as I’ve been blogging for a long time.  Anyway we’ll see what the CEO has to say.

Styrene tubes and more
Styrene tubes and more

I ended up buying more than a few tubes of styrene.  I forgot how much styrene and Woodland Scenics stuff they carry.  I think they get some model train people, scale modelers, and maybe even a few architects or students at least.  Imperial Hobbies has a lot of stuff too, but I always think that is farther to go.  Grand Prix is a decent bike ride, but you can still bike there and back in under an hour I imagine.  I usually stop somewhere else on the way back…

I couldn’t pass up the battlefield styrene. I’ll probably cut one of them up.  The tubes will also serve as pipes and what not, but some may get turned into gun barrels.  I wanna order some more paint and of course Forgeworld goodies, but first I have to paint some Diseased Sons, then assemble and paint some more Chaos Space Marines, then two Forgeworld models…  Then maybe I won’t feel guilty buying some small Forgeworld stuff.

Plus I’m going to get back to making terrain tiles every couple of weeks.  I have to assemble another  paint rack.  All these plans don’t leave a lot of time for Warhammer Fantasy Battle.  If I want to play that game, the Daemons are ready to go, but they always lose, so I’ll have to finish off another goblin unit.  I plan to paint some Slaneesh daemons gradually, possibly over a grey basecoat which I’ll continue to experiment with.  Painting even a dozen Slaneesh daemons seems easier and funner than 25 Ork Boyz or even 66 goblin shields…

New Painting Queue
New Painting Queue

Waaagh Musk 40K, requires lots of touch ups, and re-armings.  Last night I did further revisions to the army list, I added and removed some vehicle upgrades, and I think one of my dreads will get a weapon swap, and I might as well give the Blood Axe nob a powerfist too…  It might sound like a lot but there isn’t very many Orks in Waaagh Musk at 1500 points.  I do have to do up five large vehicles, which I usually hate to do, but Ork vehicles can be made a lot funner and less work through heavy drybrushing and crazy weathering techniques.

Stay tuned, I might paint something late at night.  Last night while I couldn’t sleep I tried out the Vallejo paint on gloss varnish, it worked great on the Bloodletter’s horns.  If not tomorrow I will begin work on the last Purple Plaguemarines/Nurgle renegades I will ever paint, I mean it this time.