Revised 8th Edition Goblins and Ork army list

Last night or this morning I was lying in bed thinking of changes I could make to my Warhammer armies to try to actually win a game of Warhammer Fantasy Battle in 8th Edition.  There isn’t much I can do with an all Nurgle Daemon army at 1500 points.  I can add or subtract Plaguebearers, Nurglings, and Beasts of Nurgle and none of them have done much on the table top.  The Herald of Tzeentch might keep a few more of my models from dying in the magic phase but in general I have to play with the models I have painted.

New brushes and white paint
New brushes and white paint

After finishing the sorcerer I picked up yet more hobby supplies and looked for work.  A lot of jobs seem to be good fits for me this week and I talked to a CEO of a startup so maybe my third lengthy period of unemployment post-MBA will finally come to an end.  I really don’t care what I do, all experience will obviously help me, and I need money as I have too much debt.  But that’s not what my few readers care about.

I just finished writing a new army list at 1500 points, as that is the magic number at Strategies.  Bigger games obviously are possible as I have a lot of models painted and quite a few unpainted unlike the Daemon army which is mostly painted except for a few odds and sods OOP models.  My army list is goblin heavy and I’ve been trying to embrace that.  I even tried to go all goblins, but in the end I couldn’t say no to a 5 point bully and the Big Waaagh spell list.  So my 1500 point army list actually has 2 orks in it.  My 2000 point army list will have more orks and to save on painting but also so I can have a magic banner (Mork’s Spirit Totem) I’m breaking my vow of no Big ‘Uns.  I’m still unlikely to have Black Orks, though some Savage Orks might be fun, especially if new plastic models are in the pipe line as rumored.

Picking my daemon list is easy, my Ork and Goblin list takes a lot more time.  I have a lot more options, even with only a few units actually painted.  I painted so many goblins (with a tiny bit of help) that I can add or remove dozens of models from units, which doesn’t do that much, but it means I pick my CORE last.  I pick my warmachines first as I want them to be central to my army.  They shoot over the goblins, which in turn shoot and cast spells at the enemy until they get annoyed and charge or I get to cast one of the movement spells and opt for a surprise charge.  The Fanatics of course get in the way of the enemy.

Having dealt with Leadership 4 Night Goblin mercenaries I’ve been thinking of ways to increase my leadership.  I still don’t want an Ork general, but I can switch to a Goblin Warboss for one more leadership over the Night Goblin Warboss I added last time I revised the army list.  I also decided to put him in with the unit of spearmen and to move my Goblin Battle Standard Bearer to the big unit of archers as that will keep them from running away better than the sorcerer who I had leading the unit.  My yet to arrive new Night Goblin Boss figure will still go with the blue archers, but he’ll be demoted to Big Boss and I doubt I’ll bulk that unit up anymore.  This all means that I need to paint two hero goblins, which will be a pleasure, something like seven warmachine crew and then base up everything that doesn’t have it’s base finished, which is every model not in this picture.

Night Goblin Archer Horde

So without further ado here is the army list:

  • SPECIAL: Rock Lobber with Bully 75pts
  • RARE: 2 Doom Divers 160pts
  • LORD: Goblin Warboss with light armor, shield, Talisman of Preservation, and Martog’s Best Basha 131pts
  • LORD: Night Goblin Great Shaman with Staff of Sneaky Stealing, Amulet of Protectyness, and Magic Mushrooms 235pts
  • HERO: Goblin Big Boss Battle Standard Bearer with light armor and the Spider Banner 112pts
  • HERO: Night Goblin Big Boss with light armor, shield, Mad Cap Mushrooms, and Ulag’s Akrit Axe 79pts
  • HERO: Ork Shaman, Level 2 Wizard with the Horn of Urgok 140pts
  • CORE: Blue Archers, 24 Night Goblins with Bows, Full Command, 3 Fanatics, and Nets 202pts
  • CORE: Purple Archers, 28 Night Goblins with Bows, Full Command, and 2 Fanatics 154pts
  • CORE: Spearmen, 44 Goblins with Spears, Shields, and Light Armour plus Full Command 240pts

After working out all my heroes which I really need to keep the goblins from running away and to try not to get raped in the magic phase, I priced out all the blue archers, this is my smallest unit, but with max Fanatics and Nets and a Big Boss geared offensively they are both my most expendable unit and the one I’d like to send out first from my lines.  I’d just as soon not get into H2H with the other units as their main goal is to keep their heroes alive.

I also moved the Mad Cap Mushrooms to the Big Boss, this unit is almost completely painted and should be easier to base and make the movement tray for as it is half the size of the other archer unit.

Goblin Army

For the purple archers I wanted to make them a Horde so that meant three rows of at least ten.  They also have two heroes the Battle Standard Bearer for his Leadership 7 and the Night Goblin Shaman who is the most expensive model in my army.  Hopefully even at Level 3 he can do a good job at dispelling and combined with his Sneaky Staff he should.  The Magic Mushrooms are just for fun and so that I can avoid an unlucky failed casting.  The Ork Shaman is my offensive magical force.  He should have better spells and at 2000 points he’ll be a lot more powerful due to the unit of Big ‘Uns, Waaagh Paint, and Mork’s Spirit Totem.  I really think both my armies will start to come into their own at 2000 points…

The last unit I priced out was the biggest.  Previously I’d stubbornly insisted on fielding 65 Goblins with spears as that is how they are ranked up in my miniature case, but honestly once you get past four rows of ten, the rest are mainly human shields and based on how my games have gone lots of my models get killed before they get to fight anything.  I think this army will do most of it’s damage in the shooting and magic phase with my heroes occasionally having a good round of H2H.  The rank and file mainly will die in droves.  In order to maximize my Fanatics as much as possible the final unit ended up being 44 strong with full command.  This will necessitate me making three more movement trays to play this army at 1500 points but that’s alright, they aren’t as much work as painting and basing the actual models.  Eventually maybe I’ll have a whole collection of custom movement trays.

I haven’t priced it out, but I know what I want to add at 2000 points.  Waaagh Paint and Mork’s Spirit Totem and a unit of Big ‘Uns on foot with Choppas and Shields will eat up most of the points, but I’m tempted to buy another small Night Goblin Shaman just to get certain other magic items, like say a Dispell Scroll but honestly with all the anti-magic I will have thanks to other magic items I don’t really need it.  Usually when someone really wants to cast a spell they risk the miscast to get Irresistible Force.  I’ll also probably bulk up the purple goblin units a bit as I have the models painted, unlike the Orks on foot which I only have a handful painted.

I wanted to do a Horde of Orks but honestly I haven’t benefited much from the new Horde rule.  I think I’ve fielded the two largest units in the Mighty Empires Campaign and I’ve yet to win.  I think higher initiative is still more important than just masses of expendable bodies.  Leadership is even more important than Initiative which is why I fitted in the Horn of Urgok into this army list.  That will increase my Leadership army wide with a one in six chance of the Shaman carrying it taking a wound.  That’ll probably be the first thing I try to cast every Magic Phase, at least while the Shaman has two wounds.

Horde of Plaguebearers with Banners


I’m such an idiot sometimes

Astronomi-con Vancouver is August 21st and 22nd.  Some how it had disappeared from iCal, but now it is back.  Since I switched back to iCal and my iPhone away from Entourage and my old job’s Blackberry it seems appointments I enter magically don’t appear and other oddness.  I’m in Horseshoe Bay going to Nanaimo and Vancouver Island for a cousin’s wedding so no painting for the week.  That leaves me about two weeks to paint 5 models, plus I might do a sixth special bonus model.  It doesn’t sound like much to some, considering I painted five Night Goblins in one day and I’m still unemployed…

However these aren’t Night Goblins, they are bigger, more elaborate, and I had planned to do a bang up job on them.  All of them are converted of kit-bashed.  Some of them use Forgeworld bitz and bobs.  They are not one pose plastic rank and file models.  Now I’ve gone and put the pressure on myself again, by leaving them so late.

The two weeks I busted my ass painting Warhammer Fantasy Battle models, or the weeks I spent doing test models for my post-Astronomi-con projects, or even the terrain tiles I jumped the gun and started making.  All that might come and bite me in the ass.  Last Astronomi-con I stayed up all night working on the paint jobs and bases for my Nefarious Fire models.  I never did finish 15 bases or the Chosen exactly.  All those models are done and more, but I need to do one new Chosen, one Plaguemarine Champion, and one Plagumarine with melta gun and my HQ.  Some of these models aren’t strictly necessary but hopefully will improve my painting score a smidgon.

Astronomi-con Vancouver attracts some good painters so it is a tough prize to win.  I think I’ve come a couple points away the last two years and if I really tried hard maybe I could win.  Alas this year doesn’t seem to be my year either.  Oh well next year the Servants of Decay will have to give it a go.

When I get back from Vancouver Island expect to see a return to my flurry of updates, hopefully painting all the rank and file models hasn’t sapped my fine motor skills too much.

I posted a picture of my army as is, here is a picture of most of the Chosen that didn’t get done last year, but are done now.  Flickr has gone and changed their UI, not sure if I like it, though you can do some fancy zooming or pseudo zooming…

Chosen Chaos Space Marine

Chosen Chaos Space Marine

Chosen Chaos Space Marine

Chosen Chaos Space Marine

Yes they all have comb-meltas. The photos are blurry because my camera was dying. I really should take some more photos of my minis. One day I’ll buy a good camera again.

Ah what a wonderful morning

So I got up at quarter to six, because I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately.  Apparently I should have stayed in bed because some random person on the internet has decided to describe my writing style as boring and my name as terrible.  It seems odd that someone who has chosen the email address of would find my actual name so offensive.  What can I say my dad made it up, it is a shortened form of an historic Norman name that has all but died out.

Perhaps if I used RANDOM CAPITALIZATION and purple text and nonsensical words such as “hiyo” I could be l33t and girls would talk to me on MSN or at least someone claiming to be female would message me out of the blue claiming they were lonely and just wanted to talk….

Remember “On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.

Apparently I was wrong to expect on a blog devoted to painting miniatures in a post about painting miniatures there would be some actual painted miniatures shown instead of just ads.  Furthermore I was incorrect in my assumption that using a particular colour or technique is just another tool in the toolbox and should not be so hastily discarded, apparently to build on my stellar reputation I should write a guest post on a blog and announce to the world that hence forth I would not be using “Devlan Mud”.  Apparently this passes as big news in some people’s lives.

“You should never argue with a fool, people might not be able to tell the difference.”

It is doubly important to remember this quotation while using the Internet.  It is also wise to remember the words of Ezra Pound, “Pay no attention to the criticism of men who have never themselves written a notable work.”  This whole blog post so far is just asinine like the people who inspired it.

If you’re just discovering my blog thanks to an incoming link on this post and you’re having trouble with some of the big words such as “asinine” and you’re trying to figure out if you’re being insulted or not.  Just remember asinine starts with “ASS” and if you put it all in capitals and make the text purple people will know you’re not to be trifled with.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled boring blog post about miniature painting on my now one month old blog about miniature painting.  I’m sure more people will comment any day now.

Painted Miniatures

Well I hope your life is going better than mine is of late.  As I mentioned earlier I’m having trouble sleeping and when I got my prescription renewed yesterday my latest blood work necessitated I go on another ten hour fast and get some more blood work, but perhaps more pressing is I’m still unemployed and rent will soon be due.  So if I devote less time to blogging or miniature painting you’ll just have to make do with some of the fine blogs in my blogroll.

Last night I got up and revised my Servants of Decay army list so it is Plaguemarine free.  I want it to be WW1-esque to go along with the trench table I’m making.  Although elite assault troops with high technology is probably tactically sound, I thought my army needed more artillery so I’m thinking Earth Shaker Cannon and with all the comments I’ve been getting on the ten to fifteen year old paint jobs on Sluggie, Slimey, and Esmeralda I thought some crazed spawn storming the trenches along with the zombies and rabble would be very cinematic.

Beasts Of Nurgle

New Fancy Square Bases
New Fancy Square Bases

I’ve been devoting too much time to the square base game, when I started this blog my plans were to finish my Astronomi-con Vancouver army, build my modular trench table, and an Imperial Armour 7 based rebel scum army to go along with it, maybe play Nick’s Death Korps in some sort of big showdown.  I built a couple trench tiles and finished some test figures, but then I painted a couple of Plaguebearers just for fun and made the mistake of telling people about it who should really just shut up and paint their own models instead they finally moved me to unsubscribe from Bell of Lost Souls because I just can’t be bothered with trying to wade through all the incredibly well written and insightful comments that thoughtful, articulate, people leave there.

Ahh… where were we? Oh yes I’m going to paint a Chaos Sorcerer as a stand in for a Herald of Tzeentch as no suitable models were on the shelves of Strategies and I think at 1500 points, in 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle, on battlefields populated with Level 4 magic users, I need to up my defensive magic capabilities in the Mighty Empire campaign.  As I’m using older and thus smaller models I bought some more substantial bases to give the models more presence on the table.  I have less than two weeks to get the Herald done, but for this week’s game I need to base 54 Night Goblin mercenaries and make some more movement trays.

I didn’t do much hobby related yesterday but I plan to clean and base the three models I dug out of my OOP miniature collection.  The Plaguebearers and the Sorcerer will be base-coated black.  No guarantee I use Devlan Mud Wash on them, but they will be darker in tone.  I’m thinking of trying to do a Fleshy 2.0 and his mate beside him will probably get some sort of wet and shiny green paint job like the slime I did on the champ’s sword.  I’ll probably paint matching Nurglings for them and after those Nurgle Daemons are done that is the last I’m doing for a while.

Resin Skulls I may use in basing
Resin Skulls I may use in basing

I’m thinking of priming the two Slaneesh demons grey as lots of top painters seem to have opted for this as a base coat colour.  I’ll test my Krylon Grey Primer on a plastic Gretchin from the 2nd Edition 40K box set, I have plenty of those sitting in a box somewhere.  It is good to try out new paints and techniques on less important models first, that is why my Forgeworld Khorne Terminator Lord is still not painted and I’m doing a 2nd test bezerker so I get my red technique tight and dark.  I also have one or two other bigger flashy models to do by Astronomi-con Vancouver along with three more rank and file Chaos Space Marines.

“Enough or too much.”

What can I say, over a lifetime of reading boring books and writing boring sentences I’ve collected an awful lot of quotations.

My Blogroll

I was doing better today/tonight at sleeping, but then I got up to do or check something and now I’m updating this blog.  I haven’t updated since, early, early in the morning which is suboptimal if you want to generate traffic.  You should probably update between 9-10 Eastern until about 1-2 Easter Standard Time.

This blog isn’t that popular, but it is new and I’ve put a lot of effort into it already.  Google will reward that eventually as will the rest of the Blogosphere.  I joined the From the Warp blog network, you can see their logo on my sidebar.  These networks are a big deal to some, I had to start this dedicated blog in order to qualify.  I may join one or two more, it depends on how stringent the requirements and who my peers will be.

Looking at my web traffic statistics, something I perhaps do too much, but old habits die hard, I notice where traffic comes from and where traffic goes to.  In my Blogroll, most of the traffic goes to the alphabetically first blogs which is good for the guy who called his blog A 40K Hobby Blog and good for Malcolm who called his blog A Canadian in Space, but it is bad for say Zac…

So after finding another miniature painter with a blog in Vancouver I went to bed.  I did add him to my Blogroll as he apparently goes to the same store as me.  But then I couldn’t sleep so I decided to create a category for just Vancouver miniature painters and bloggers.  Vancouver is one of the Social Media capitals of the world.  We have large networks on Facebook, LinkedIn, and PlentyOfFish, in fact PlentyOfFish. com is a local company, Flickr and Now Public were also started here.  You see a lot of iPhones and MacBooks now in Vancouver, when as a long time Mac user, I used to be ridiculed, even in programmer/ComSci circles.  Now let’s just say some of us were way ahead of the game.

Anyway now there is a Vancouver or Van City Bloggers category in my links.  Blogroll was still appearing first so I had to create five Links widgets and order them how I wanted to get the sidebar to behave how I wanted it.  This shows the power of WordPress even the dot com version.  One of the things I’m amazed at is people trying to run really elaborate blogs off of when they should just get a WordPress account or better yet a domain.  They’ve built up cachet or Google Juice for a domain they don’t own, which is always a no-no in web design/internet branding.  Can you even export your data from Blogger easily?  Of course I went with the free account myself rather than self host another blog.  I just wanted to try out the features of that aren’t available to self hosted blogs, there are one or two still…

So if you’re a gamer in Vancouver, you should pop by or Strategies on Sundays and if you have a blog, a good blog, not some crappy thing you threw up back in the day and never update, but a good blog with pictures and tutorials on miniature painting and you’re in Vancouver, let Zac or I know.  Zac is big on building up the local gaming community, I just try to do my bit to help.

Re-Based Beasts of Nurgle

Today didn’t start up well, I stayed up way too late, or more accurately couldn’t sleep so I kept getting up to look up things online or in the Big Red Book.  So as a result I slept in or just lay in bed for hours…

The first thing I did when I got up besides check my email and this blog’s stats was to start updating the index page at  I’m committed to this blog and painting more non-Nurgle stuff, I just had to drop back into Nurgle mode to get 1500 points of demons on the table by Sunday, but after tomorrow I’m going to be working on some non-Nurgle Chaos Space Marine stuff and then back to terrain, Van Doos, Servants of Decay, and zombies.  Mmm Zombies…

I’ve been putting my newly painted models on Flickr, but now I think I may put up a pile of old pictures of older but still well painted models or just use my new photo set up and the almighty iPhone to take some fresh snaps.  I like my old Flickr integration in iPhone as I could add all the tags before uploading, hopefully Apple fixes that as they put the third party app makers out of business.  Anyway now one random miniature photo, from Flickr, appears on my Nurgle homepage.

Much more work was getting the RSS feeds to display. The age of static HTML has come to a close, the fact I still have 100s of static HTML pages online is a testament to my stubbornness as much as anything.  I could move all the content into a CMS such as WordPress.  I’m not even hosting this blog myself or paying to have it hosted, why bother, the few plugins and tricks I can’t do on don’t really take anything away form the blog.  Before I was more of an IT guy, now I’m just over-educated and unemployed.

We’ll see if these small changes result in more traffic to my Flickr photos and this blog. was a lot of work over a long, long, period and even though it doesn’t have much PageRank it still does fairly well in Google.

Beasts Of Nurgle

The Beasts are basically done, the Plaguebearers are still ranked up on the shelf where I photographed them.  I think I’m going to have to put them in a miniature case, probably the biggest one I own, not because the army has such a high model count, it doesn’t, because the beasts and Demon Prince are odd shaped and fragile and fitting them and 40 Plaguebearers in a small case would require custom foam I don’t have the time to do…

Slim finds a new home
Slim finds a new home

I’ve got a number of cases but I think someday I’ll buy another as Battlefoam is making some really useful custom foam inserts.  I think if you put a lot of time into your army and you want to play anywhere but your house you’ll eventually want to invest in the best case you can.  I used to make custom ones myself, but now there is so much foam out there from pluck and pull to these custom cut ones.

Well time to get going, I’ve been at home too long, we’ll just make room to photograph the Beasts and Slim and I’m outta here.

There turned out to be enough room in Sabol Designs pluck and pull tray that I’d fitted into a Charon Skirmishpack to carry two tanks for what turned out to be West Coast Mayhem.  That is the case I’m using to transport my Daemons as I bought some vehicle and bike/cavalry foam too for it, but it also holds a hundred plus man-sized or even bigger based daemon-sized models which is doubly important when your model is all metal.  Only about four of the models are multiple pieces though, most are solid.

Slim snug and safe
Slim snug and safe

While re-basing the Beasts I freshened up some of the guts with spare GW Blood Red and Reaper Master Series Clotted Red, along with my custom red-black ink based wash.  I’m pretty pleased the paint job on Sluggie (the green one) has held up as well as it has, the flesh is drybrushed and the paint job over 15 years old I think, one of the oldest models with the original paint job still serving in the Diseased Sons warband. Though very, very, very rarely does it see the table.  ;-)

Rather Unproductive Day

I stayed up late last night reviewing the big red book and revising my Warhammer Orks and Goblins army list.  Basically I decided I didn’t need an ork general, I’m not trying that hard to win anyway.  The only reason I wanted an Ork Great Shaman was for the improved leadership and access to the Big Waaagh spell list.  I wondered if I couldn’t accomplish the same thing in another manner.  I still could not afford a big unit of orks on foot, so I went with just the goblins, that’s right my entire 1500 point 8th edition army list has two orks in it.  One is a Level 2 Shaman for access to the Big Waaagh spells, as some of them are very good, at least for Ork magic, the other is a bully leading my rock lobber crew.

Here is the gory details, it is all painted but the warmachine crew, the Night Goblin Warboss, and of courses bases and shields…

  • SPECIAL: Rock Lobber with bully: 75pts
  • RARE: 2 Doom Divers: 160pts
  • CORE: 65 Goblins with spears and shields and full command: 345pts
  • HERO: Goblin Big Boss, Light Armor, BSB, Spider Banner: 110pts
  • HERO: Ork Shaman, Level 2 Wizard, Waaargh Paint: 110pts
  • LORD: Night Goblin Great Shaman, Staff of Sneaky Stealing, Mad Cap Mushrooms, Amulet of Protectyness: 245pts
  • LORD: Night Goblin Warboss, Sneaky Skewer, Potion of Strength, Talisman of Preservation: 130pts
  • CORE: 29 Night Goblins with bows, full command, and three fanatics: 183pts
  • CORE: 24 Night Goblins with bows, full command, and two fanatics: 142pts

This army is more 8th Edition and even more so, the current O&G army book, I think I liked the previous ork and goblin army book better.  Even though I’m not sure they are particularly combat effective I purchased all three of my warmachines and I will add to this arsenal as the army grows.  How else are goblins going to hurt big tough things?  The large block of spearmen was also non-negotiateable, if I ever get it finished, damn straight I’m fielding it, 345 points isn’t that much.  With the 110 point Battle Standard Bearer it has the potential to deal out a lot of damage with all those poised attacks.  I also discovered the Steadfast rule which will really help my goblins, especially at 2000 points when I get to add more Night Goblins and a big ork unit to the mix.

Picking this army list took a long time as I agonized over the magic items.  A lot of the more interesting items are Goblin or even Night Goblin only but there are a few good Ork only ones.  There are also a lot of new common magic items which are often better/cheaper than the army list specific ones.  At 2000 points I’ll have even more points for heros and magic items but I won’t be adding another lord choice I had to work hard to squeeze two Night Goblin Lords in at 1500 points.  I don’t have a painted model for the Warboss, but I might have one in a blister somewhere.  I have plenty of plastic goblins I can use for war machine crew.  So having to buy one more goblin isn’t a deal breaker, besides there are some nice new models.  I have at least 40 Orks laying about, as I always planned to do one big unit with choppas, but now I’m thinking of giving them shields for the parry.

Yet more shields I’ll have to paint. Warhammer Fantasy Battle can real tire out a painter like me who likes individualistic models and usually does minor conversions and puts extra detail into his models.

In yet more time wasting and avoiding doing the laundry I looked into Warhammer’s number one competitor, Warmachine.  I’ve seen people playing it in stores, even yesterday people were playing it despite the fact 8th Edition just came out which is getting a lot of push from the local gaming store owner.  Hordes and Warmachine basically have a new edition for 2010 too. Not sure if this is accidental or not.  It’s big appeal besides not being part of the evil empire as some people call GW, is it requires less models.  Of course most of the models are metal, but there are plastic starter sets now.

I’ve long wanted to move more into skirmish games as the Diseased Sons, even the Nefarious Fire aren’t that portable.  My Warhammer Fantasy Armies are worse as I haven’t played them in so long, I haven’t tried to transport them.  The best thing to do would be to buy a dedicated case for your armies which I’m going to do for the Servants of Decay.  I have several miniature cases, some home made, others made by Charon and GW.  I’m thinking of getting a Battlefoam one as they precut the foam for you, put spending money is an impossibility so to play Warhammer at Strategies I’ll need to figure out how best to transport stuff on monster bases.  When I got the Charon case I ordered one bigger, monster sized, foam layer, but I’d actually prefer if my whole army fit in one small compact case.  Hence the appeal of smaller, skirmish sized games.

Skirmish games are more portable, which as an apartment dweller who currently can’t host games, I need to consider more and more.  Warhammer used to be something you played in your parent’s basement, or if you’re lucky at a local club night, now it seems you need to travel to find opponents for the games you used to play with your friends.  I don’t have a car so portability is a bigger and bigger deal for me.  Something to work on in 2011, as I already have more than enough on my plate for 2010.

I’ve been doing a little painting and now that it is evening hope to make some real progress.  I still plan to finish the test models, hopefully in the next day or two.  Then it is on to the Nurgle lesser daemons so I have a legal, if not necessarily effective, 1500 point Warhammer army.  Then it is full speed ahead to finish my Astronomi-con Vancouver army.

Oh here are some links I’ve discovered recently that might be of interest to anyone who’s read down this far:

Well my computer seems to be having issues and it keeps getting later, tomorrow hopefully I’ll be more productive so I’ll have better photos to post online.  I’m using my Cool Grey wash and it is real hit and miss, the pigment separates in this, the red one, just like in all the old GW flesh washes pots I ever had.

My current painting queue

Warhammer 8th Edition

So loyal readers of this blog, both of them will know I’m working on my Astronomi-con army, my army for next year’s Astronomi-con, my terrain for next year’s Astronomi-con, and some WW1 guys to take full advantage of the modular trench table I’m building.  So what’s this post about Warhammer Fantasy Battle doing on this blog?

Well I honestly haven’t played Warhammer Fantasy Battle in over ten years, but I’ve been encouraged over the last decade to get my Orks and Goblins on the table, I have many of them painted, well over one hundred goblins.  They aren’t the prettiest but they are usable with three exceptions.  One they are not based or more correctly they are just on black plastic bases, two they spearmen really should have shields, so I have to paint 63 goblin shields, and three the rules have changed so many times over the last decade the army needs movement trays and a few goblin crewmen for the warmachines.  In short it would take a lot of painting and work to get 1500 points of goblins on the battlefield.  1000 points was what I was shooting for before, but 1500 seems to be the magic number at Strategies. My Goblin Horde

I went down to Strategies today, but no Darren.  I did bring the army book to my other fantasy army.  What other Warhammer Fantasy Army? I  mean I haven’t played in over a decade…  Well as Owen figured out over ten years ago I have enough Nurgle Daemons in the Diseased Sons to field a small fantasy army.  However through the magic of over the top characters and 100 point magic items, my demons especially considering I’ve painted more over the last decade can easily make 1500 points.  In fact 1500 points isn’t a very good number for using daemons in in WFB.  You’re allowed to spend a maximum of 375 points on a Lord and the cheapest Lord is probably 300 points naked.

I could have went all Heralds but I ended up with the following army list.  I had one Daemon Prince (with wings), one Great Unclean One, 37 Plaguebearers (two standards, one musician), 9 stands of Nurglings, and 3 Beasts of Nurgle painted to work with.  Now I’d vowed never to run daemons again, at least not all Nurgle because they are slow, have no ranged attacks, and not the best magic.  I actually have some more unpainted stuff I could have included, but for fun tried to make an army of what I had painted.  Here is the list we came up with:

  • LORD: Daemon Prince of Nurgle with Wings 355 points
  • HERO: Herald of Nurgle, Battle Standard Bearer, Banner of Unholy Victory, Level One Wizard, Soul Hunger, and Slime Trail 275 points
  • CORE: 39 Plaguebearers, Full Command, Icon of Eternal Virulence 523 points
  • SPECIAL: 4 Nurgling Stands 140 Points
  • RARE: 2 Beasts of Nurgle 200 points

My Nurgle Daemons

My Lord is basically naked and making him a follower of Nurgle seems to get him nothing, Darren’s lackey looked but couldn’t find any bit where he’d get an extra wound or mark of toughness, it didn’t even make him a Level One Wizard.  I decided to do it anyway but I suppose I should start writing out the 2000 point list…

Initially they tried to talk me out of it, but I’m all four one big unit of Plaguebearers.  I bought a new box of command as initially I thought I needed to have at least two CORE choices, but apparently I need three units of anything instead.  Beasts of Nurgle may actually be good as they have a movement of six, but I couldn’t afford to take all three, because I also wanted Nurglings.

I’m going to need to re-base the Beasts of Nurgle, make one big movement tray, and paint two more plaguebearers by the 25th when Strategies new Warhammer Mighty Empires campaign starts.  I totally expect to lose, but maybe 2000 points will be kinder too me.  I plan to put the Plaguebearers in the middle, the Beasts on the right flank, the Nurglings on the left flank, with the Daemon Prince initially screened by the Beasts which might ‘hide’ him.  I really don’t know all the rules, but as I said, “I have a PAINTED ARMY.”  Most people play, I paint, surf the net, and now blog.

Expanding to 2000 points may be in my best interest, 1500 points is the official level of the campaign, bigger games are optional, I could make my Daemon Prince a Wizard too, give him a magic sword, possibly buy a second Herald, but mainly I’d field my third Beast of Nurgle and probably run two squads of 5 Nurgling stands.  I’m even tempted to buy another Beast of Nurgle as I think they might be the best unit I have, they are after all the Rare choice…

I’ll take some new pictures when I get home and I guess clean and prime another Plaguebearer, probably the new champ model or the new musician…

I was hoping to have a new job today, but it is after 5pm and I haven’t heard either way which probably isn’t a good sign, maybe they are still debating, but I’d really prefer to be employed…

Oh and for the record Darren is old school, if you want to play in his store, your models have to be painted and based!

I just did the math to grow to 2000 points I’d need to paint one Nurgling stand, as I’d allotted six more for two units of five, the third Beast of Nurgle and then made my Daemon Lord more expansive giving him the abilities of a Level 2 Wizard and the Trappings of Nurgle which will make him even harder to kill with a 4+ armour save and regeneration.  I’m no WFB expert but all my attacks except for Daemon Prince are Poisonous, I’d get D3 extra combat resolution from my big unit and count all wounds as double combat resolution, and at 2000 points everything but the Nurglings has regeneration.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle is a bit too crazy for me, I’d rather play Warhammer Historicals or Epic…