There is no ‘F’ or ‘U’ in “hobby”

There isn’t a ‘CK’ either…

So after a few days away from this blog, I’ve gotten some encouragement to resume posting, so I decided I would if for no other reason than to make sure some people, or at least silly internet handles, get the fame they apparently so desperately crave.  That said I think I’m scaling down my online forum participation.  I just don’t feel like going out of my way to help anonymous people online anymore.  I think I deserve to be more selfish after all these years.  Plus there is at least one more forum I’m never visiting again.

So this post is dedicated to all the wonderful people I’ve met online such as:

And of course the many people who have been added to Bell of Lost Souls or have decided that they should go there to be immature online.  Led of course by the self important hobby higher authority himself, TastyTaste.  Who apparently should have picked a better online handle, because I couldn’t find him on the front page of Google… Oh I almost forgot about the guy with the pink text who seems to be proud that he is an asshole online.  Alas his name and blog are so insignificant I can never remember what they are.  Not that I remember any of the names above, but luckily I’ve decided if they want to draw attention to themselves and they choose to do so by picking on people online, well they should pick on someone other than me.

I’ll make you famous!

Why do these people share the same hobby as me? They aren’t people I want to associate with in the real world and I’ll be damned if I’ll give them another 15 seconds of fame.  Onward to the minis I am currently painting for Astronomi-con Vancouver which is this Saturday and Sunday.  I have one day left to finish my HQ choices and do touch ups, pack, maybe re-read the rules seeing as I’ve been playing Warhammer Fantasy Battle recently.  Oh well it is not like I ever get to play test the armies I dream up.  Why start this year?

These models aren’t finished though while I was away from this blog I finished several models.  I’m not doing any step by step tutorials, maybe if you ask Ar_nihs he’ll tell you have to paint dark red or blue or black and type up a nice step by step tutorial on his blog.  Or you can go back in time and see how I did it on other recent models.  The reds and blues are basically done, but the blacks and brass need a lot of work still.

Astro Vancouver 2010 HQ
Astro Vancouver 2010 HQ
Astro Vancouver 2010 Side Photo
Astro Vancouver 2010 Side Photo

Updated March 2nd 2013

Why do people feel the need to be assholes online? They’ve never met me, but apparently they found my website, linked to it, appropriated some of the content, posted on some obscure forum, but couldn’t resist to the urge to say about something I’ve spent over a decade building “most of which is crap, BTW”.  They even put it in brackets as their opinion is totally superfluous to the actual content of thread. They just felt the need to insult someone online. So in honour of those people who continue to think this is acceptable behaviour online I’ve updated this blog post to immortalize Supaglue who’s real name may be Gilmore something or other, congratulations on being an asshole!

Who the fuck is Supaglue?


What is it with people online in this hobby?

It is supposed to be a fraternity of people of like mind.  People who are drawn together as they share a common interest.  They share stories, painting techniques, opinions in a reasoned and adult manner.  Instead there are people who seem to do and say things online that they just wouldn’t do in the real world.

I don’t know why it happens to me, maybe I’m too opinionated, maybe I’m overly sensitive, but I have reason to be.  I’m tired of being kicked around, taken advantage of, mistreated and generally treated like shit.  I let people get away with it for too long, not because I have no spine, but because I thought it was a misunderstanding.  I wanted things to be better, so I suffered in silence.  I bit my tongue.  I went away and I never came back because things never got better.

And you know what?  More people just kept doing the same stupid shitty stuff.  It is one thing to be completely fucked over by people you trust and care about and put up with it for the good of… well I’m not sure what anymore.  It is another thing entirely to take abuse from random people on the internet for expressing an opinion.  I know there are misunderstandings in online communication. I don’t like them but supposedly when you put a smiley after what you say, it means it is all in fun, or jest, or something.

You don’t expect someone you don’t know to say “Fuck you”.  You can remove the two middle letters to get around some automated internet sensor, but the meaning is clear.

This is a hobby.  H-o-b-b-y. People like me give a lot of time teaching people to play, or paint, or letting people use our stuff.  I’m a nice guy.  Too fucking nice, people take advantage of me and I’m sick and tired of it.  I started this little hobby blog, to blog about painting miniatures.  That is it. I’m not advocating white supremacy.  I’m not denying the holocaust.  I’m just writing about some miniatures I painted for some games I some time have time to play.  That is it.

There are good people in this hobby.  I believe Ron the guy who runs From the Warp is one of them.  I even think Zac is a good guy.  But I can’t take this shit.  My hobby time is suppose to be relaxing. I paint the miniatures.  I put them on a table.  I roll some dice.  I lose.  I go home and type up a battle report.  I go to a few hobby sites.  I share the battle report and my opinion with a few individuals who I thought were reasonable people, who shared the same hobby as me.  A hobby about painting miniatures, pushing them around on a table while rolling some dice, and now people post pictures and stories online for their amusement and the amusement of others.  People engage in online discussions, maybe they get a tad off topic but c’est la vie.  It is just a hobby.

Stating “Fuck You” after my comment is pretty clear you take extreme exception to something I said.  And I don’t see what I said that would warrant such a response.  I didn’t express any hate.  I didn’t criticize anyone except vaguely Americans in general and that is fair we live North of you, if you can’t take a joke, send Colbert North again, we Ice Holes can take a joke. But even saying some Americans play an extreme version of Warhammer 40,000 is true, some Americans enjoy an extremely competitive version of the game and are willing to forgo sportsmanship, painting, army composition, and some would say common sense in order to prove to the world or say 37 people online that they are the best.

That’s fine it doesn’t interest me and I find it amusing that some people take a hobby so seriously they’d resort to cheating to win a little tournament in Seattle.  But when I’m just trying to relax, and I have random people in the real world come up to me and say “Fuck you!”  Well I want to know what the hell?  And on the Internet people seem to think what they say and do doesn’t matter, but let me tell you it does.

Someday, somebody will remember something you said or did online and you’ll lose an opportunity because of it.  You may think it doesn’t matter, I’m l33t, Muskie McKay is an asshole, fuck him.  He’s just bitter and old.  But I’m a reasonable person and I’m speaking from experience, hard, hard, hard earned experience.

You’re not impressing anyone with your two word vocabulary.  And in fact you upset me further and I’m just trying to relax at the end of the day.  All I wanted to do was type up a battle report and share it with a few people on an Internet forum.  Apparently in doing so I’ve caused great offense to two people.  And I just don’t see it…

I just don’t see what crime or heinous act I’ve committed that warranted personal attacks.

I mean “What is it with people online in this hobby?”

What is it with people online?
What is it with people online?

After I hit “publish”, I’m turning off my laptop.  Right off. I’m leaving it off until tomorrow morning when I need to resume my life.  There is at least one hobby site I won’t be returning to after this evening.  I don’t want to make it two.

2010 Astronomi-con Vancouver Army Preview

I haven’t been able to sleep the last three nights.  This evenings insomnia accomplishments was getting up to write down the back story for my 2010 Astronomi-con army.  I already knew the back story, I thought it up after all when I was picking the army list. I’d submitted the army list to Mike and Christian a month or two ago confident I would have no trouble getting it all painted seeing as I was unemployed.  In my last revision I had thrown in a Greater Daemon primarily for visual impact and as a nasty surprise for an opponent who didn’t read the fine print in my army list.

With about two weeks to go I realized I wasn’t going to have time to do justice to the Ultraforge Wardemon model I had bought to represent a generic Greater Daemon.  I actually had quite a few models I could use in my miniature display case so George was pressed into service.

After writing out the back story ensuring that it jived with all my previous back stories for major tournaments I went back to bed and tried to sleep.

I couldn’t.

Besides not finishing a new impressivly large demon model, I was really worried I wouldn’t have time to do a good job on my original two HQ choices.  I had converted them previously and a lot of planning went into them, especially the one based on a Forgeworld special character.  I never use the rules for special characters but this model was too cool and I had a unique idea for a Khorne Terminator Lord, so… I’ve had the idea for a while and told it to Craig at the Mini Astronomi-con.  Then I told him I was crazy enough to do it.

I’ve been working towards getting my army finished every since.

There are lots of things I had planned to do besides paint up some new army centerpiece models.  I had planned to improve the bases of some of the models, say with the 100 28mm skulls I got off of Black Cat Bases.  Mike and others are obsessed with drilling out bolter barrels or at least painting the black dot so I was going to go through every model and make sure that was done…  There are lots of little touch up and detail work I could do to my miniature collection.  I seem to have been touching up and improving models for the last eight or nine years.  I’ve finally getting around to starting to paint a new non-CSM army only in the last month or two.

In fact painting non-CSM stuff is what got me in this predictament.  I’ve been planning a Servants of Decay army for years. When I became unemployed I couldn’t help but do a test model for it.  I also did not one, but two test trench tiles.  My modular trench battlefield wasn’t going to make it to this year’s Astronomi-con no way no how, but even though I knew it was needed next year I spent about a month working on it and some test WW1 figures.  I figured if I’m going to build a trench battlefield, I might as well make a WW1 army to fight on it, or two WW1 armies as I’ll probably end up doing…

All this was fine, I had months to finish basically 5 or 6 models.  Then Warhammer 8th Edition came out and I got talked into joining a Mighty Empires Campaign at Strategies, which I have to play in tomorrow, err today actually seeing as it is 3:11 AM.  In about 1998, Owen Curtis figured out that I had almost enough Nurgle Daemons painted and on square bases that I could just play in the campaign he was organizing for Games Workshop Victoria, which he was managing at the time.  We were roommates so I dutifully converted up some Plaguebearer command and played several small points games of Warhammer.  It was a builder’s campaign eventually I was supposed to have say 2000 points but we started out at 750 or a 1000.  I got absolutely crushed both times so I think I grew disgusted and didn’t play Warhammer Fantasy Battle again for 11 years.

What about my 2010 Astronomi-con Vancouver Army you say? Well, while laying in bed on top of my covers because it is quite hot in Vancouver right now.  I’m sweating as I type this. I realized that I wasn’t going have time to do all the little things I had planned to do this year to try and make a run at Best Painted Army.  I’ve finished close at Astronomi-con before but I’ve lost points for not having bolters drilled out or having not 100% finished models.  Last year I stayed up for 24 hours straight trying to finish my army and in the end my Chosen weren’t fully painted and something like 15 bases weren’t painted.

One thing I always lose points on in tournaments recently, is not having a display base.  I was going to build a reuseable display base this year.  I’d built display bases before, in fact the original one served as inspiration for my trench table.  While lying awake I thought, that display base is just leaning up against a shelf in my living room, I should just take it to this year’s Astronomi-con Vancouver.  I made the display base for the very first Vancouver Grand Tournament.  I totally busted my ass painting and converting for that tournament.  I wanted to show those Calgary guys where they could stick their paintbrushes after the score they gave the Diseased Sons in my first Grand Tournament.

I think I ended up finishing tied for third.  I was alright with that as Vancouver has some great painters and I kinda bit off more than I could chew with some of my paint jobs and conversions time wise.  Ever since I’ve had more modest goals for getting stuff painted for tournament armies.

So anyway unable to sleep I got up and grabbed the display base that has sat unused pretty much in my mother’s basement for seven or so years.  It was in Vancouver as I wanted to see the brown dryburshed dirt and I decided I was going to rip out the tank traps and stuff to use as part of my trench table.  Since I hadn’t gotten around to that, I decided just for fun to set up my 2010 Astronomi-con Vancouver Army in the display in my living room at say 2:30 AM.  Then after staring at it a while, adjusting a few models, adding in George and the unfinished stuff, I thought of all the things I wouldn’t get done, all the things I’ve been typing about. Then I got my iPhone took a picture or two.

They weren’t very good pictures, there is no light in my living room, but I shone a lamp onto the display base and retook the pictures and deemed it worthy of a blog post.  I had another beer to try and keep cool and ended up typing a much longer post then I originally intended.  I wanted to show a few people that one of my major hobby projects was actually coming together and although it wouldn’t be as good as I could make it, it still looked pretty good, and despite everything, and by everything I mean a whole lot of setbacks and problems in my life, I was still going to Astronomi-con 2010 and people better look out because this year I might actually win a game.

WIP 2010 Astronomi-con Vancouver Army

I hope to win more than one game actually. I haven’t been able to stop the Landraider full of elite close combat troops or the Orky equivalent in the last few years.  So since I was going Chaos Space Marines again I decided to join them and devised my own “Landraider of Pain” army list.  Since I’m a Nurgle guy and I had decided Bob the Necessary Evil’s adventures would continue I thought what could I put in a Landraider to help the Plaguemarines out?

Plaguemarines are tough, but they have low initiative and generally win by attrition or more accurately just refuse to die thus spoiling the enemy’s plan.  They don’t kill much even with two special weapons and a champion with a powerfist.  I had dreamed up the Khorne Lord with Chainfist, who also goes last in H2H so I added a ‘right hand man’ for him in the form of Chaos Sorcerer of Slaneesh who hopefully would strike first and with his Force Weapon get rid of some annoying opponents who might kill my Lord or the Plaguemarines before they get to fight.

With a plan, an army list, a back story, even a display board I decided to blog about it and post to the Astronomi-con mailing list.  A keen observer will note that a few models actually fit perfectly into the display base, they were in my 2003 Vancouver GT army.  I’m not sure how many models were in both armies, you’d have to pick them up and look carefully at the campaign badges.  It is easy to spot the unfinished models.  It is also pretty easy at least for me to spot the model with the oldest paint job, but bolstered by the success I had throwing down models with almost as old of paint jobs in the form of the Beasts of Nurgle, particularily Sluggie, who’s paint job is more primative than even George’s, I decided what the hell, I’ll take a cab and bring an actual display base to this year’s Astronomi-con Vancouver.  I still doubt I’ll win best painted, let alone overall, but hopefully I still get a good score in painting and even with the comp hit I hope to do better overall than I have at the previous two Astros.

Nick, Malcolm, and Jason have been eerily quite on the Astro front.  Dean announced he was dropping out and Rob, a regular opponent, is also out this year.  Some Americans are coming, some people form Kelowna are undoubtably coming, supposedly even some people from Winnipeg are coming to Vancouver this year.  I may have been correct in my prediction that the opportunity to win a gold ticket to the official North American Grand Tournament of all Tournaments would attract some fresh and highly competitive players to Vancouver’s favourite 40K tournament.

Hopefully unlike the Nova Open and the War Games Con or even worse ‘Ard Boyz, they remember to paint their own damn miniatures, or at least get a mercenary painter and announce they are out of the running for best painted and hopefully overall and are just trying for best general or better still, just playing for fun.  Or I will mock them online, especially the Americans and at least two people will know they are sad pathetic human beings who really need a new hobby as miniature wargaming has always involved painting miniatures and converting model battlefields and no amount of online bluster will change that.

Back to painting power armour

I’m actually quite worried I won’t get my 2010 Astronomi-con Vancouver army painted in time.  I’ve decided I’m only 5 mini’s away from being done, but besides these three rank and file models I have to paint both my HQ choices.  I was going to paint a Greater Daemon too, but now I’ve realized I’ll never get it done.  If you want to see what it will eventually look like, just go back in time and see the purple Bloodletter I’ve been painting…

Models painted Black and Tin Bitz
Models painted Black and Tin Bitz

As for the three models I’ve been working on tonight, I haven’t made much progress.  After finishing the Chaos Sorcerer for the Mighty Empires Campaign at Strategies, I ran some errands and applied to a few jobs.  It also got a lot hotter.  I slept in and had to delay painting until later into the evening.  I even bought some beer to try and fight the heat.  I really should get a fan.  I just sit in my apartment and sweat.  I have to go to the washroom and wipe the sweat from my forehead.

All these models are ‘kit bashed’.  They are made of various plastic, metal, and resin bits that I’ve acquired over the years.  I’m actually running out of in-print backpacks and I think chaos space marine legs.  I have extra torsos because I use metal and resin ones, but legs I’ve mostly used up.  I’ll have to buy another box of rank and file CSM someday.

Highlighted Black Power Armour
Highlighted Black Power Armour

I’ve actually decided to change things up.  Even after painting well over 100 Chaos Space Marines I’m still trying to get it down.  By getting it down, I mean paint more efficiently.  Give me 60 hours and I’ll paint you a really nice model.  But if your goal is to paint an entire 1500 point army, especially to a high standard you have to be smart about it.  I’ve moved to the cult of the black primer, but I’m trying to give grey a shot for some models.  I seem to spend a lot of time painting black into recesses after spraying my models with Chaos Black.  I think I may give Army Painter Primer or Testors or something a try.

I swear the models are never perfectly cleaned and primed no matter how much effort I put into them.

The first thing I did was paint the armour trim Tin Bitz.  All three of these models will have different coloured power armour as they are in three different squads.  Two of them are Plaguemarines and one is a Chosen of Chaos.  I decided to paint the trim first as it defines the model.  It is something I’ve been experimenting with while painting test Bezerkers.  The trim outlines the model which helps in painting the rest and in photographing.

Innis and Gunn Beer
Innis and Gunn Beer

I painted the Chosen first as it has Black Power Armour which is actually easy to highlight if you follow my system.  I spent a lot of time working on an efficient method of highlighting black.  I also leave room for the Purple Flames which are the signature feature of the Nefarious Fire Chaos Space Marine Warband.  To highlight black after much experimentation I use Foundry Triad #34 Charcoal Black.  I apply the paint in the following order Shade, Charcoal Black, Highlight, Shade.  I use the second layer of Shade to shape the highlights.  Then I give them a little Badaab Black wash to darken and blend the highlights.  Then I use the Highlight (34C) again and if I want the model to pop, I use a lighter grey.  This time I used the new light grey I bought which is Vallejo Sky Grey.  It is actually a bit too light, but any lighter grey will serve.

I’ve gotten more selective in what I highlight.  You have to do this if you’re trying to paint entire armies and squads, especially for the square based game.  The most important parts of a model are the face, hands, and the weapon.  I left the weapons black as they will mostly be a silver metallic colour, not Tin Bitz or Brass.  The hands I did highlight up to Sky Grey but this model has no helmet, he’ll get a blue tinged flesh like most of my CSM.

It is almost midnight and I’m on to my third beer.  So this is the end for the evening.  Tomorrow I have to get up earlier walk to Strategies and try to win my first game of Warhammer 8th Edition.  I don’t fancy my chances. I will be trying to get these three models done quickly to maximize the time I have for my HQ choices.

Whenever non-hobby people see my models they always ask what size brush I used so since I’ve had to buy some new brushes and although I’m not super picky, all brushes are not created equal, here are the brushes I’m using lately.  Most of them were bought at Deserres.

Tools of the Trade
Tools of the Trade

2 Servants of Khorne

And a Chaos Sorcerer are what I’ve been working on lately.  I got up early and started painting around 9:30 AM.  It is almost like I have a job, alas unlike some people I’m not a mercenary painter, I’m spending all this time on these three seemingly random figures because I have it.  Soon like this afternoon, I’ll add three more models to my paint queue.  These are the last three rank and file models I need to finish for my Astronomi-con Vancouver army.

The Bezerker and the dark purple Bloodletter are test figures for the paint scheme I plan to do two of my HQ choices.  The highlights are very subtle on the Bloodletter, it was two layers of Liche Purple leaving some black showing, then a custom purple and black wash, not the current GW ones.  Then the first true highlight of Foundry Royal Purple Shade.  I’m also using my Liche Purple to Royal Purple Triad progression on the flames on the bezerker.

After all the work I did on the red armour, the rest of the model doesn’t need to be fancy, after all it is just a test model, I don’t even need it finished, I just need to get the red, black, purple, and skull scheme I came up with down.  The brass and other metallics are pretty easy and the tubing will be dark green.

3 WIP Chaos Models
3 WIP Chaos Models

For the daemon I really need to do a good job on the flesh, see if my technique of really thinned down subtle highlights is feasible.  I plan to use another thin purple wash at some point.  I also plan to try something different with his horns and claws.  His big honkin’ sword will be a cool green, likely based around Jade Green.

The Chaos Sorcerer I’ve had since 1994 or so.  I bought it as an ally for my Orks and Goblins army.  My entire chaos miniature collection, which is now three armies strong, started as allies to my Orks in Fantasy and 40K.  I really like painting grey, I find it easy.  I used Adeptus Battle Grey as the base coat, leaving some black showing.  Then I did a wash of Badaab Black which left the shadows shiny.  This will not do I did some more greys, most recently damn, I’m not at home, some medium GW Grey, I used all in-print paints for a change.  I plan to do another highlight of that colour.  I also made my own thinned black wash which yielded me better results IMHO.

Painting fabric is way easier than painting power armour or flesh. You can see why Skaven are so popular.  I even have a crazy plan to use thinned glazes to add a shimmer to the grey robe.  I may not do this, as it looks pretty good as is.  I used a size one brush and painted with the folds, I also added even more stirations where I thought the fabric would fold further.  The armour will be kinda a mystical jade green, maybe the same as the Bloodletter’s sword.  The fur I’m tempted to try and do like tiger or leopard print, but I might just do brown.  His blade will get a ghostly blue power weapon look.  I do a good job of painting blue power weapons, his blade is probably magical anyway.

I also learned I have to prepare for the Battle Royal as detailed on page 406 of the big red book.  I don’t really think I can make any clever changes to my Daemon army.  Getting the sorcerer done who will serve as a Herald of Tzeentch, who I dubbed BibbltyBobbltyBoo, is the only square based model I’ll be painting for a while.  My Nurgle Daemon army is supposed to be tough, but the fact I’m towards the bottom might see less badness coming my way early on.  The Beasts of Nurgle will get a lot of opportunity to prove their worth.

Beasts Of Nurgle

I’m such an idiot sometimes

Astronomi-con Vancouver is August 21st and 22nd.  Some how it had disappeared from iCal, but now it is back.  Since I switched back to iCal and my iPhone away from Entourage and my old job’s Blackberry it seems appointments I enter magically don’t appear and other oddness.  I’m in Horseshoe Bay going to Nanaimo and Vancouver Island for a cousin’s wedding so no painting for the week.  That leaves me about two weeks to paint 5 models, plus I might do a sixth special bonus model.  It doesn’t sound like much to some, considering I painted five Night Goblins in one day and I’m still unemployed…

However these aren’t Night Goblins, they are bigger, more elaborate, and I had planned to do a bang up job on them.  All of them are converted of kit-bashed.  Some of them use Forgeworld bitz and bobs.  They are not one pose plastic rank and file models.  Now I’ve gone and put the pressure on myself again, by leaving them so late.

The two weeks I busted my ass painting Warhammer Fantasy Battle models, or the weeks I spent doing test models for my post-Astronomi-con projects, or even the terrain tiles I jumped the gun and started making.  All that might come and bite me in the ass.  Last Astronomi-con I stayed up all night working on the paint jobs and bases for my Nefarious Fire models.  I never did finish 15 bases or the Chosen exactly.  All those models are done and more, but I need to do one new Chosen, one Plaguemarine Champion, and one Plagumarine with melta gun and my HQ.  Some of these models aren’t strictly necessary but hopefully will improve my painting score a smidgon.

Astronomi-con Vancouver attracts some good painters so it is a tough prize to win.  I think I’ve come a couple points away the last two years and if I really tried hard maybe I could win.  Alas this year doesn’t seem to be my year either.  Oh well next year the Servants of Decay will have to give it a go.

When I get back from Vancouver Island expect to see a return to my flurry of updates, hopefully painting all the rank and file models hasn’t sapped my fine motor skills too much.

I posted a picture of my army as is, here is a picture of most of the Chosen that didn’t get done last year, but are done now.  Flickr has gone and changed their UI, not sure if I like it, though you can do some fancy zooming or pseudo zooming…

Chosen Chaos Space Marine

Chosen Chaos Space Marine

Chosen Chaos Space Marine

Chosen Chaos Space Marine

Yes they all have comb-meltas. The photos are blurry because my camera was dying. I really should take some more photos of my minis. One day I’ll buy a good camera again.

The Importance of Testing Spray Primer

Remember how I talked about priming my old OOP Slaneesh Daemons grey?  Remember how I decided to test how this would work with the Grey Krylon Primer I bought?  Well their is a method to my madness, and no amount of purple text will make you smart.

Problems priming miniature
Problems priming miniature

Last night in between magnetic squares or something I primed the test Gretchin grey.  It did not go well.  I shook the can pretty good but all that came out of it in the first spray was vaguely yellow goop.  I wiped as much of that off the model as I could with my fingers and shook the spray can even more.  I tried spraying the Gretchin again and a big blob of grey primer comes out and lands right on the Gretchin’s face.

I shook the can even more rotated the model and finally got an almost acceptable spread of paint.

Lots of people have recommended this exact brand of grey primer.  It is used by professional artists, it is sold in high end fancy art stores, yet it is cheaper than GW primer.  Some claim GW’s isn’t even a primer just black spray paint which is probably true.

Bad Primer?
Bad Primer?

I was mildly annoyed at this development.  I was glad it didn’t happen to my OOP Daemons, but at the same time my test figure was seriously compromised.  So I got another 2nd Edition Warhammer 40,000 plastic gretchin out from their hiding place.  I cleaned the model, even drilled out the barrel for the nit picky.  I then primed it.  It went a little better.  I ended up rotating both models a bit and called them done after one more shot of Krylon Grey primer this morning.

I took photos naturally.

What do you do with the spots that aren’t primed?  When the model is black or white it seems obvious you fix the primer with that colour.  I don’t know if I have a grey that exactly matches Krylon Grey primer.  I have a lot of greys, maybe Foundation Astronomican Grey is close enough.  It should go on to bare metal and plastic OK…  I’m tempted to just use black though.  I’ve become something of a convert to basecoating models with Delta Ceramcoat black.  It is really matte, the Chaos Black is notably shinier.

The minis are salvageable
The minis are salvageable

One problem I did discover with the Delta Ceramcoat is it doesn’t stick to sheet styrene well.  Yet another thing in favour of using balsa wood.

I still got my great Goblin baseoff to do.  I’m expirementing with the basing material I have and contemplating biking to Strategies or Grand Prix Hobbies or both in search of some milder flock than that red stuff.  I tried using UHU glue just in spots, with a dip in the ballast then a sprinkling of red stuff.  I even got out two pairs of tweezers to try and minimize and position the red stuff.  I plan to give the static grass, which I’ve never used, the special leaves, which I’ve never used, and the lichen which I’ve barely used another go.  I think if I get a decent proportion of material the red will not dominate and people won’t complain that the ballast isn’t shaded…

It’s my damn army anyway.  I really do need to get a squad of Night Goblins finished.  It has only taken me 15+ years, they’ll be done by Saturday evening, all 55.  Well 58 including the fanatics.  I’m going to paint five fresh recruits, they are being primed Chaos Black right now.