The Beast must go on

After my brief brush with infamy, I stayed up too late surfing dubious web content but managed to get up earlier than usual, actually in the morning. After taking care of some unpleasant mundane tasks, I got back to work on my Nurgle Daemon army for the start of Sunday’s Warhammer 8th Edition Mighty Empires campaign.

The final three plaguebearers are sealed and drying and I dug out my three old Beasts of Nurgle as apparently they need to be re-based. I even looked into buying ‘monster’ bases but in the end just decided to make some out of balsa wood since I have quite the stockpile of that material due to my trench table project. This was not super simple, I used a thicker piece and it neither cut well with a little jewelers saw nor with a possibly old dull exacto knife. I got the shapes sanded the edges a tad and then discovered that ‘cavalry’ bases are longer than ‘monster’ bases.

Beasts of Nurgle being rebased
Beasts of Nurgle being rebased

I thought they fit under perfectly but there is a big overhang. Ripping my old multi-piece metal Beasts of Nurgle off their bases was not an option. I remember what a pain in the ass these models were to assemble. It is amazing they’ve never broken, probably because in game terms they are usually horrible and thus never used. In the end it didn’t matter I don’t plan on making a bigger unit of these guys, it is the front and width that need to be right, you can go as deep as you want I imagine.

If you notice, in the difficult to take picture, I set the Beasts up so one is on the extreme left of its base, one on the extreme right and one in the middle. This is due to the tentacles which stick out past even the wider ‘monster’ base.

Now I’m off to the doctor’s office. When I return hopefully the sand is glued to the base and the model is glued to the base, I used ‘magic German glue’ called UHU which I got at an office supply store. I’ve been supplementing my Wellbond with that, especially when gluing sand to model bases.

Hopefully by the end of today I have the Beasts re-based, my movement tray done, and can rank up the 40 Plaguebearers for the family photo. Then I’ll get back to working on some test models and then finally I’ll finish off this year’s Astronomi-con Vancouver tournament army. This weekend is Astro Winnipeg, the original which should see some fresh photos and stories appearing online elsewhere which I’ll try to link to.