Pictures of Khorne Bezerkers

My brief little sojourn in the hobby is over.  It is still technically Monday morning and I have to find a job and do some volunteer work.  I didn’t get the best light today in Vancouver, but that’s OK, I over compensate with light bulbs.  I took close ups of all five out of print Khorne Bezerkers I finished last night.  I noticed little areas that could use a bit more work or tiny details I should have picked out.  I’ll look them over again when the varnish is dry and I put on the glossy red blood.

OOP Khorne Bezerker #5 or 7

WE Assault Trooper painted as Nefarious Fire Bezerker

OOP Plastic Khorne Bezerker with arm/weapon swap

Champion of Khorne with Power Weapon

WE Assault Marine in Nefarious Fire Colors

I don’t know when I’ll pick up the brush again.  Maybe tonight, but I have a lot of other things I want to get done.  I have plenty of models that I’ve assembled and primed that have sat too long, so I’ll be chipping away at them, eventually.

Models that need painting


Finished Five OOP Khorne Bezerkers

These are the first five models I’ve finished in a long time.  I’ll take better photos tomorrow assuming we get some sunshine here in Vancouver.  I’ve been chipping away at these models the last three or four days.  I’ve finished rewatching every Battlestar Galactica episode and now with these two little time sinks out of the way I can get back to looking for a full time job and volunteering.  I’ve gotten good at volunteering again. Finished four of the bases

I had them mainly finished but extra work needed to be put into the fancy resin bases.  I also needed to do a few minor touch ups and paint the eyes.  I left the skull head assault marines with just black holes for eyes, it looks creepy enough.  Sometimes when you go to do the eyes you screw up the face some, especially if you’ve been sweating and drinking.  Sometimes I leave the eyes until the next morning, but this time I just pushed on.

Almost finished 5 Khorne BezerkersI snapped on last pick to prove they are done and then worked on this here blog update.  There are four more models unpainted and unassembled that constituted part of my proposed Astronomi-con Vancouver army, but I’m not going to work on them.  I have some other models that are unpainted but assembled.  Some of them are even primed.  These models are going to get some attention.  I don’t like leaving things undone.  If I’m going to paint something I’ll take it out of its packaging and work on it, otherwise it can sit in a box until I get around to it.

Finally completed these five models

Blood for the Blood God!

Or something…  Today is a dull grey day in Vancouver so I didn’t do much, we have seasonal weather disorder up here, that’s a fearsome Nurgle creation that is…  Anyway I finished painting the two Servants of Khorne I was working on prior to Astronomi-con Vancouver 2010.  They were both test models, but now in the spirit of not wasting any work, I’ve penciled them in to my Astronomi-con Vancouver 2011 army.

OOP Plastic Bezerker

The Bezerker is the original plastic Bezerker model.  I’ve had some on sprues for years, I didn’t change it at all, I wanted it stock and simple.  I like how the red came out, better than my Khorne Lord possibly.  The Terminator Lord had so much detail, you had little room to build up armor highlights and there was almost no edge highlighting…  I’m pretty much an edge highlighter when it comes to power armor.

OOP Metal Bloodletter

The Purple Bloodletter is also long OOP.  I may end up using it as just a generic lesser daemon on a round base.  All my other daemons are on square bases, but I’m thinking of doing up a few stray models on round bases, I need to scare up some old pink and blue horrors.  But first I need to get a job.

I’ve been spending my evenings at Bean Around the World again looking at job postings.  Yesterday there weren’t many so I ended up updating my original blog.  Might even go in for the WordPress upgrade I keep considering.

These models are pretty simple, but painted to a high standard, even though I had other more pressing models to get done.  I’ve become a big believer in test models.  I do them a bit different as my test models usually look really good and then I simplify my paint scheme for the actual rank and file.  I even do test models for HQ and major conversions just to make sure I don’t waste more expensive or irreplaceable figures and parts.

Plastic Bezerkers

Now that these two models are out of the way I really am painting three old plastic Gretchin.  They’ll get a decent paint job but I don’t want to spend much time on them.  After that I have more Diseased Sons, three purple Nurgle Renegades and three green Nurgle Terminators, they were made with a Forgeworld bitz so I want them to look good.  I also have to re-base my old terminators on the new 40 mm round bases, that is a project that I’ve been going to do for well over a year…

The three Khorne models I've painted in dark red armor
The three Khorne models I've painted in dark red armor

When I get all that done, my paint queue will be the smallest it has been in years, of course I have lots of models I want or need to paint.  So I will eventually get to doing a squad of Bezerkers, three more Nefarious Fire including a new lord, but also I have 22 terrain tiles to make too by next year’s Astronomi-con.

It is off to the Matte sealing booth err box for these guys.  I’m going to try Testors Dullcoate one of these days…

3 WIP Chaos Models

Today I’ve done a lot of painting, I got up early and I kept at it for most of the day. I’m working on three different chaos models. The first is my second test bezerker, the second is an old OOP Bloodletter which I’m painting up to be a generic lesser daemon, but mainly I’m practicing my dark purple skin tone technique, the final model is another old chaos model, this one is still in print, non-the-less mine is lead and will serve as a Herald of Tzeentch come Sunday at Strategies.

Mostly finished Khorne Bezerker
Mostly finished Khorne Bezerker

What I really should be working on is my Astronomi-con Vancouver army, but their is a method to my madness. The Khorne Bezerker is serving as a test model for my Forgeworld Khorne Terminator Lord conversion. The Bloodletter is a test model for a bigger daemon. Even the sorcerer could be argued that it is a test model, as I need to get that flashy look for my Slaneesh Sorcerer I’ll take to the tournament.

Well with all the time I put in, I could have put in even more, and none of the models are finished. I had hoped to start on three other models today, but tomorrow will do. I did a lot of work on the Bezerker’s red armour, the Bloodletter’s purple skin, and the sorcerer’s grey robe.

The model I’ve done the least on since the last blog post is the Bezerker.  I finished the purple flames using the Foundry Royal Purple Triad pretty much as they intended.  I’ve been having brush troubles today.  Several brushes were retired and I couldn’t find a good ‘0’ or ’00’.  I’ve been focusing on speed and buying and using bigger brushes, that now when I want to paint flames or fine highlights my tools are letting me down.  Tomorrow I will invest in some new brushes.  I’m tempted to go to Imperial Hobbies because a few gabs have appeared in my paint collection.  Specifically I need a green between Orkhide Shade and say VMC Sick Green.  I ended up making one…

Building up Purple and Grey Highlights
Building up Purple and Grey Highlights

So the greens on the Bezerker are for his seems or tubes or whatever.  I painted them Orkhide Shade then tried to go right to Sick Green but it ended up looking way too Christmas tree-ish.  I then mixed a darker green for the other models.  I also had troubles getting the green in the tiny gaps without damaging my red or grey highlights.  The other thing I did on the Bezerker was it’s ‘silver’ metallic stuff.  I didn’t use silver, but rather GW’s Chainmail.  This was way too shiny, so another dark gunmetal colour would be nice too.  I can darken Chainmail with Badaab Black and Devlan Mud wash but there is always a risk of spillage or seepage, so I think I’d prefer an even simpler metal.  I have Boltgun Metal but I think something even darker than that would find many uses in my painting.

Royal Purple Triad plus a Purple Glaze
Royal Purple Triad plus a Purple Glaze

The Bloodletter got his skin finished off.  It came out pretty well, but eventually I just had to say enough because I have bigger models to work on and I need to get them done within two weeks.  Thankfully I’m unemployed… The skin was painted GW’s Liche Purple twice.  I let black come through, I missed painting a little bit of stuff on one shoulder, I thought it was a necklace but it was his collar bone.  After that I think I did the first part of Foundry’s Royal Purple Triad, but perhaps before that a custom dark purple wash.  Then I worked up the Royal Purple Triad followed by a thinned old purple wash.  Then it was basically Royal Purple Triad Highlight along with some glazes.  I might go slightly pinker maybe to Warlock Purple on the big fella, we’ll see how it looks and how much time it takes.

I also did some striations.  Yet another place where I needed a good sharp point. I actually have some really tiny brushes, but I need zeros and double zeros too.

An extremely highlighted grey robe
An extremely highlighted grey robe

The Sorcerer got a pretty surreal grey robe.  I didn’t use that many different greys, basically just GW ones, two Foundation ones, and one regular one.  In fact I chucked out a light grey, which doing some infantory I think I need four colours and I’m going to try non-GW ones, preferably in the dropper style bottles.  Sometimes they come out too much, but generally they are pretty easy to work with, for super common colours I like the flip tops like black and white or metallics which I keep out of my P3 Wet Palette.

The robe got a wash of Badaab Black but that didn’t go as well as I would like so future washes were custom made by me out of old Black GW Wash.  I did two, one thinned and one really thinned.  I also built up the highlights to Astronomicon Grey, but then I went even higher mixing in some white.  I also painted in lowlights.  This was partly to get rid of unwanted shine, but mainly as it looked good.  I got the aforementioned thin brush and painted black lines into folds.  I also painted on more folds than were sculpted using various greys.  This is a technique I use on skin too, such as the striations.

Building up Green highlights
Building up Green highlights

After I was satisfied with the robe I touched up the black and waited until the Bezerker was ready to do green.  I wanted a different green, working towards an old pot of GW Jade Green, possibly going even brighter.  I started off with Orkhide Shade, leaving some black showing on all three models.  Then I did a mix of Orkhide Shade and Vallejo Model Colour Sick Green.  Finally pure Sick Green was applied then a custom wash made from an old GW Ork Flesh Wash mixed with a tad of Shadow Black Ink.

Then I deemed them good enough for tonight and tomorrow I will finish them mostly and try harder to find a job.  I might go out tomorrow night, so I don’t think I’ll put in as many hours painting, but I’m in the home stretch for all three models, so it will be time to work on three different Chaos Space Marines.

2 Servants of Khorne

And a Chaos Sorcerer are what I’ve been working on lately.  I got up early and started painting around 9:30 AM.  It is almost like I have a job, alas unlike some people I’m not a mercenary painter, I’m spending all this time on these three seemingly random figures because I have it.  Soon like this afternoon, I’ll add three more models to my paint queue.  These are the last three rank and file models I need to finish for my Astronomi-con Vancouver army.

The Bezerker and the dark purple Bloodletter are test figures for the paint scheme I plan to do two of my HQ choices.  The highlights are very subtle on the Bloodletter, it was two layers of Liche Purple leaving some black showing, then a custom purple and black wash, not the current GW ones.  Then the first true highlight of Foundry Royal Purple Shade.  I’m also using my Liche Purple to Royal Purple Triad progression on the flames on the bezerker.

After all the work I did on the red armour, the rest of the model doesn’t need to be fancy, after all it is just a test model, I don’t even need it finished, I just need to get the red, black, purple, and skull scheme I came up with down.  The brass and other metallics are pretty easy and the tubing will be dark green.

3 WIP Chaos Models
3 WIP Chaos Models

For the daemon I really need to do a good job on the flesh, see if my technique of really thinned down subtle highlights is feasible.  I plan to use another thin purple wash at some point.  I also plan to try something different with his horns and claws.  His big honkin’ sword will be a cool green, likely based around Jade Green.

The Chaos Sorcerer I’ve had since 1994 or so.  I bought it as an ally for my Orks and Goblins army.  My entire chaos miniature collection, which is now three armies strong, started as allies to my Orks in Fantasy and 40K.  I really like painting grey, I find it easy.  I used Adeptus Battle Grey as the base coat, leaving some black showing.  Then I did a wash of Badaab Black which left the shadows shiny.  This will not do I did some more greys, most recently damn, I’m not at home, some medium GW Grey, I used all in-print paints for a change.  I plan to do another highlight of that colour.  I also made my own thinned black wash which yielded me better results IMHO.

Painting fabric is way easier than painting power armour or flesh. You can see why Skaven are so popular.  I even have a crazy plan to use thinned glazes to add a shimmer to the grey robe.  I may not do this, as it looks pretty good as is.  I used a size one brush and painted with the folds, I also added even more stirations where I thought the fabric would fold further.  The armour will be kinda a mystical jade green, maybe the same as the Bloodletter’s sword.  The fur I’m tempted to try and do like tiger or leopard print, but I might just do brown.  His blade will get a ghostly blue power weapon look.  I do a good job of painting blue power weapons, his blade is probably magical anyway.

I also learned I have to prepare for the Battle Royal as detailed on page 406 of the big red book.  I don’t really think I can make any clever changes to my Daemon army.  Getting the sorcerer done who will serve as a Herald of Tzeentch, who I dubbed BibbltyBobbltyBoo, is the only square based model I’ll be painting for a while.  My Nurgle Daemon army is supposed to be tough, but the fact I’m towards the bottom might see less badness coming my way early on.  The Beasts of Nurgle will get a lot of opportunity to prove their worth.

Beasts Of Nurgle

Painting Evil Dark Red

Before I went ahead and painting my Forgeworld Khorne Terminator Lord I wanted to get my dark red down.  I wanted a really dark evil looking red, like you see on some of the better figs painted online.  My first test Bezerker didn’t go as well as I would have liked. My second Khorne Bezerker still took too many coats of paints as some of my reds are old and not in good shape.  I think I got a look I’m happy with, which I’ll try to simplify when I paint more Bezerkers and Khorne worshipers.

My dark red test Bezerker
My dark red test Bezerker

The keys to this dark red include Reaper Master Series Clotted Red.  This is possibly close to the new GW Scab Red which I don’t own.  I actually used an even darker red from Reaper called Bloodstain Red as the true base, I’d probably skip this for rank and file miniatures.  After the base coats are dry I used a custom dark red wash I made by mixing blank ink, red ink, and water.  This is important I didn’t use the off the shelf GW red wash.

After the wash was dry I did another coat of Clotted Red as a highlight.  Then I used some out of print reds, Go Fasta Red and Red Gore.  These are old GW round pots with white lids.  They aren’t crucial.  After that I think I did another wash, another step I’d probably skip if I was going for speed and not smoothness.

When that is done it is time to paint a more vibrant highlight, for this I’d intended to use the new GW Blood Red in the flip top bolter shell pot.  This didn’t seem to dry the way I wanted, it came too orange and too matte.  I also used old red lidded GW Glazes, specifically red after the highlights.  This was painted over the highlight and the surrounding area.

Ruby Red on the left, Blood Red on the right
Ruby Red on the left, Blood Red on the right

One thing I also did was use some of my darker reds to tone down highlights, I also used straight black ink to shade and even to black line some parts of the model where too much red got into the shadows.  This was done on the fist and on the shoulder pad for sure.  I also kept building up highlights with Blood Red and Red Glaze finally switching to an old pot of Ruby Red.  I think Owen gave me this pot, as I don’t think I would have bought it.  It is almost the exact same colour as Blood Red but I like the consistency of it and how it dries glossier.  It was the final highlight on the power armour.

Next up is touching up the black and the brass.  Then I’ll finish the power armour.  I realized while I was out and about that I don’t actually need to finish the test models, just the key parts of the test models, that I plan to duplicate on the more expensive resin models.  So soon I will work on three more Chaos Space Marines and probably the Sorcerer too.  I don’t know if I will paint much more tonight, but tomorrow it will be more of the same, looking for work and painting miniatures.

This is how the first test model ended up looking:
Khorne Bezerker test model

Return of the Slave Painter

That’s right, I’m back from Vancouver Island and although I had a very unproductive start to the day as I indulged in sleeping in, I eventually got up and started work on two more test models.  Why am I still painting test models when Astronomi-con Vancouver is like two weeks away?  Well I want to get my red and purple painting down pretty tight as I’m going to do some expensive resin models and I hope that by getting the kinks worked out on plainer janer models I can paint the special models quicky and efficiently.

I still plan to try and get the Chaos Sorcerer done by this Sunday for the Warhammer Campaign at Strategies.  I’m not even last, as more people have joined and they are winless but have played less games than me.  Hopefully the sorcerer and the 3 Beast of Nurgle will make a difference as so far I’ve not been very competative.

Beginning new test models
Beginning new test models

I’ve also agreed to paint yet more square based models for the Vancouver Gamers Warhammer 8th Edition builder challenge.  I’m actually winning that as I painted so many goblins and I have so many more that are close to being finished.  I just need to base them, do some touch ups, paint shields etc.  I also need to do war machine crew.  I had hoped post-Astronomi-con to try and clean off my painting table for the first time in years, but I realized I’m going to have to keep painting goblins in addition to the other stuff I have already primed and ready to be painted.

Grom the Paunch in pieces
Grom the Paunch in pieces

I’ve put a lot of thought into my Orks and Goblins (mostly Goblins) army.  I still don’t think it is very competitive at low points, as most of my points are common goblins and a few goblin heroes and war machines.  I think at 2000 or 2500 points I will have some ork infantry as well as some harder hitting units though I’m not sure which ones.  I’d like to do up a lot of things just to try them out but money and time will keep me painting the models I already own.  One of which is a very old Grom the Paunch chariot model.  The shrink wrap is off but the model has never really left the box, Grom is still slightly discolored.

I was going to convert this chariot to be a regular goblin chariot, or perhaps an ork chariot, as I’m anti-special characters.  We’ll have to see what I end up doing…

My DIY Dark Red Wash
My DIY Dark Red Wash

The 2nd Test Bezerker first had the metal trim done, as that is what I did last time.  It is just Tin Bitz then Brazen Brass highlight than thinned down Rust Brown Ink used as a glaze to colour the highlights as well as blend them in.  I happened upon this combo and have been using it for years, I don’t think many people do metallics like this.

The red was a lot of work, too much work for rank and file models.  I’ll simplify the recipe post-Astronomi-con.  I used two of the three dark red Reaper Master Series paints I bought.  First Bloodstain Red then Clotted Red then a custom wash made from Plasma Red Ink and Shadow Black Ink both of these are very old GW/Citadel branded products.  Then when this was dry I did Clotted Red again followed by an extremely old pot of Go Fasta Red.  I then used an old Red Gore but that was a mistake as that paint has gotten difficult to work with, so I had to paint offer some highlights with darker reds and build back up, this thickened the paint considerably on the groin plate.

Bezerker after several reds
Bezerker after several reds

After one coat of that I think I did another wash of my custom black/red wash.  When that was dry I used my new pot of Blood Red.  After that I used a fairly old pot of GW Red Glaze.  The plan is to keep building up the highlights with Blood Red and Red Glaze until I get tired or get it looking pretty good.  I don’t intend to go up to orange let alone yellow.  I want a dark and evil looking red.

The old out of print Bloodletter is serving as a test model for a bigger daemon.  I don’t want stereotypical red daemons so I’m trying purple.  This is after one coat of GW’s darkest purple, Liche I think it is called.  This is one of my favourite colours in GW’s paint line.  I plan to paint another layer of this and then a wash, not the new GW wash either, I’m sticking with the old one suitably thinned, though I might even add a touch of black to it.  Then I plan to highlight with the Foundry Royal Purple Triad and after that I may do the highlight up even more, throw in some glazes too.

Fancy new static grass
Fancy new static grass

Oh and I’ve bought more basing materials which I plan to test out post-Astronomi-con on some of my many, many goblins.