Four Foul Death Guard Chaos Cultists

That is correct, the Seige of Vanithros’s Bastion has been delayed again…

That is correct, the Seige of Vanithros’s Bastion has been delayed again. But I’m no slacker, I put way too much effort into four Chaos Cultist models. In fact I’ll probably do some touch ups in the morning as I always miss some bits.

These models were primed black. Then I used my black recipe, the one I’ve used on many goblin robes and Nefarious Fire Chaos Space Marines. I may have went with even more layers of grey than usual, I think I did seven and I remember sweating profusely while doing it.

The purple robes are also done just like I did the Nefarious Fire except I think I used an undercoat from an old pot of Foundation Paint, Hormagaunt Purple. I definitely did a wash, but I don’t think I did any glazes. The purple robes got less layers of paint except for the Champion, the Legendary Cancerous the Extremely Naughty, his purple robes may have gotten extra work.

New Paint!

I got two shipments of paint while painting these models and in both shipments off the Internet I got some pots that weren’t usable. Someone suggested I work more to try and save them, but life is short. This is why I like to shake my pots in the store, but some paint ranges are just not carried at the FLGS and people are always hyping them online.

None of these are usable

The Vallejo blood paints are gunk, they came in the “Special Effects Set” maybe they sat too long on a store shelf, the green paint won’t come out of the tiny tube either, it is actually Woodland Green or an approximation of it from the Nostalgia 88 range. I’ll have to try Coat D’Arms next. I think most of the paint I ordered online is usable, but I haven’t tried it all, sometimes you just get a bad pot, even from a local store, even after shaking it in the store, but online when it comes in a box, no shaking.

Corax White

This was another pot of paint I got that was bad. I finally chucked it and bought another one. I planed to use it to paint a pale skin tone but it kept rubbing off. I also wanted to use it as the basis of the fire on the Redemptionist Deacon’s helmet. I don’t know how many times I painted the rubbed-off bits. I also had problems with paint rubbing off the resin bases, not the Chaos Black spray primer, but the next coat over that.

You can see how it rubs off the knuckles and you can see the effort that went into the robes of this 6pt model armed with a mighty autopistol and an expensive Forgeworld bit.

WIP Chaos Cultist

Paint it Brown

After painting black and purple robes I still had to paint lots of little bits and because I want my cultists to have a lot of earth tones, I ended up with a variety of browns. These use some of the paint I bought for my WWI project which I abandoned. But by mixing Wargames Foundry, Vallejo and GW paints I get some very realistic browns and khakis. I even use some boring historical colours to get Nurglish results.

The one actual Chaos Cultist in this batch of four models had pants and various straps and pouches and they got the random brown combo treatment. The Redemptionist models had less brown, but they got some Kodiak like boots.

WIP Cultist with brown pants and pouches

Random Nurgle Skintone

While trying out the various paints I’ve acquired over the years, one brown came out of the pot very green. I don’t think it was mixed too well, but I didn’t want to waste the paint so I used it as the basis of Cancerous‘s less human looking skin. I ended up doing a variety of washes and custom blended colours for half a face and one hand.

Eventually I stopped because I was trying to get the models done and I didn’t want to go through too many layers with unpainted portions beside the skin . Also you can see how the damn Corax White kept rubbing off that half of his face. Also note I finally used one of those model holding tools, the Citadel/GW one. I bought it I’d say over a year ago and never used it, I still like to do things the old fashion way, but with all the trouble I was having with paint rubbing off I busted it out, maybe I should buy two or three more.

I know other companies make them, so maybe I should order some rival ones online…

Custom Browns and Greens being built up

Planning my Metallics

WIP Metallic Paint

So I’ve acquired a variety of rust products including the much lauded Dirty Down, but in order to use it I first had to paint metallic paint both silvery and non-silvery all over the models. Once again the Deacon is the most elaborate. I cursed this model many times, especially as I had flamer bits, I didn’t need to buy another box of miniatures just to get the cool flamer guy.

You can see how the Corax White keeps rubbing off the flames. I spent so much time on his head. If you buy this model, paint it in pieces. I redid his face and thus the bars in front of his face at some point. The silvery paint on the joints of his flame thrower tube also kept rubbing off. Luckily the carefully painted black and purple robes didn’t rub off.

Next time I paint more Chaos Cultists they are getting the Contrast Paint treatment. True black and true metallics looks good, but I’ll probably just use lots of earth tones and I won’t be a hurry to paint more Necromunda Redemptionists even though I think I have every one ever made.

Almost Finished Chaos Cultists

Besides spending too much time on the robes, the browns, the metallics of which I think I used a half dozen different shades, I also had to paint the pale blue skin and all sorts of extra details. I used an old GW purple metallic paint on these models. I used new GW Contrast paint heavily thinned with Contrast Medium on the skin. I used lots of sepia but I also used all sorts of other washes sometimes thinned sometimes not thinned. I used Black Green or is it Green Black, I used two types of Vallejo verdigris one from the set I ordered and one I had picked up back in the day but never used.

I did the skulls with Contrast paint and I did the flames with Contrast paint, but then I was going to try stuff. Normally when I paint flames I paint them backwards with the light color on the tips, but not always. This time I decided I was going all out, pure white at the bottom, then I used almost all the yellows and oranges I owned. I used orange ink, orange wash, but then I used red wash too. I painted darker and darker, then I would lighten it, then I would darken it, I should have just done one or two coats like I did the pale blue skin and declared it done, but no, I kept painting and repainting the flames.

So once again the damn Deacon got more work than almost every other model. The hair of the other guy is less coats of paint and basically I did it while I was painting the flames. I also had to touch up the brazier at least once, then I redid the Deacon’s mask from black to purple, his face is probably the least detailed because of the damn cage.

I did use some Fleshtearer Red Contrast paint in his mouth. I used some Contrast paint on the gas mask guy too, but I also used Reaper Master Series paint for the flames and even the bricks. The hand on Cancerous’s belt is mostly Reaper Master Series paints that I was given and had never used. The fresh and dry Vallejo blood effects let me down but after I did the Dirty Down Rust I immediately used Tamiya Clear Red to do some blood effects.

Below you can see the almost finished Chaos Cultists they don’t have the rust or the blood and gore. I’ll also probably do some touch ups and then seal them. Pro tip, seal the models before putting on the Tamiya Clear Red blood and gore.

Almost Finished Death Guard Chaos Cultists

If you think the Death Guard Chaos Cultists look awesome above and that I ruined them by using rust effects and adding blood and gore you can leave a comment below. I promise I’ll put the models in the lightbox again and take even better photos of them all rusty and bloody, or at least a little more rusty and bloody.

Those expecting a battle report will have to wait a few days longer, Bill has been painting models especially to kill toughness three, six point Death Guard Chaos Cultists because they are so fearsome on the tabletop.

Painting Cultists & Cleaning Brushes

It has been another weekend at the painting desk…

It has been another weekend at the painting desk. I’m slowing down which I’m not sure is a win as Chaos Cultists probably don’t need to be this carefully highlighted. As the title implies I also cleaned and ultimately bought some new brushes to see if that will make my life better.

Some in Calgary seem amazed that I can get any paint on the models without poking my eye out with the brush. It is true my vision has gotten worse and I actually have taken to painting fine details without my glasses on, bringing the model closer to my face, but I’m getting stuff done and my lowered standard is still higher than battle ready standard.

Painting Purple and Black Robes

I’ve already given away all my top secret techniques for painting robes and I think I used to be better at it, but my black highlighting technique relies on Foundry Charcoal Black triad #34. I also usually use another Foundary triad, #19 Royal Purple and I still may. Currently in the banner that is Hormagaunt Purple with just a thin wash, it doesn’t look that bad, but considering I did like seven layers of grey, I’ll probably do more layers of purple.

This purple doesn’t match the purple plague marines, but that is OK. I’m not sure how many more purple plague marines I’m going to paint, maybe one, maybe three. I could even do four, but honestly I have over thirty done and the most I can field at once is 20 unless I create a third squad.

My black robe highlighting technique or a simpler version can be seen on numerous goblins. I did not do purple flames because I didn’t think it was very Nurglish. So instead I painted parts of the robes purple. I plan to do some browns, khaki, and lots of metallics.

Work In Progress Chaos Cultists

Corax White

Bad Pot of Paint

I bought this pot a while ago, likely from the Sentry Box and it isn’t mixed well so I spent time mixing it. This is why I finally threw away so many old pots, I didn’t want to spend time trying to save them. I may give this paint another chance as I often prime black and I want really bright flames and I want them correct so lightest color at the bottom. Usually when I paint flames especially over black I paint the darkest color and work towards the centre of the flame going lighter.

These cultists will have pale blue flesh, I’m not sure if I’ll use Contrast paint or a thin wash or what. A lot of my old paints have died and been throwaway and I don’t need everyone to have the same coloured flesh, I usually just mix up something and try it.

Priming over Grey

This was popular and something I experimented with. Some Ork players do it and then use washes to get their green Ork flesh. A lot of the best painters were using grey primer for a while, now Zenithal priming has become big. I don’t own an airbrush and I have limited space for painting and no garage, so I would have to use rattle cans.

So next time I’m in the Sentry Box I’ll get another pot of Corax White, likely another backup pot of Wraithbone and finally a pot and a rattle can of Grey Seer if possible. I need to speed up my painting especially of Chaos Cultists. When Contrast paints first came out I thought it looked best and most Nurglish over Wraithbone and that is how I’ve done numerous Nurglings and now one Chaos Spawn but for cultists I may try Grey Seer as primer. I also may get a Grey Contrast paint and maybe Dark Angels Green because that might be the closest to the green used on my Diseased Sons.

Painting More Cultists

When I was literally dripping in sweat highlighting cultist robes with only slightly lighter greys, I quickly realized I couldn’t do ten more like this let alone thirty. The Chaos Spawn has some fine details but I proved at least to me and Bill that I can paint Contrast carefully enough to have bright colours beside each other. That and controlling washes was a problem with the Nurglings and Necromunda models I did earlier.

I still think a little grimdark or a heavy wash or even actual dry brushing is OK. Our campaign is just for fun and I won’t be entering any tournaments or likely painting competitions this year. I just want to update my army for 9th Edition and apparently once again I was ahead of the trend as Poxwalkers are becoming less popular as you need troops that can actually think and perform actions and if rumours are to be believed, Cultists will have a bigger role in the upcoming new Chaos Codex.

Having painted between 100 and 200 Chaos Renegades, I can run a very infantry heavy army and have ran all footslogging armies many times, but I appreciate the lowly Rhino more than Bill, but with the trend towards more and more elite armies, I’ve also embraced the cheaper portions of the Codex. A Chaos Spawn is 23 points or one PL. So I can place it down and draw out something more valuable. A cultist is 5 points, you can’t arm them with much, but in theory there must be ways to boost them, they have the Death Guard keyword but not Contagions of Nurgle so I’ve been cheating slightly. I do plan to give them a chance, so ten more if not thirty more will be coming and they won’t have seven layers of carefully painted grey.

Old Diseased Sons army photo from July 11th 2008

What of actual Diseased Sons?

I’m going to build and paint three new Plague Marine models to boost the Burning Sores so they can have the maximum number of plague flamers. I also will paint my Forgeworld Death Guard Terminator and they’ll be primer-ed black and whatever greens I have, which depending on when I get my Warcolours order may include the original green, grey, and purple that I used back in the 90s or a very close approximation.

I’ll also embiggen more bases, likely Gangrene will be next followed by five more members of Syphilis. Then likely five members of the Scarlet Fevers. That will give me four squads of plaque marines. Those are easy additions to my campaign army. But what might help more is Foetid Virion. I will do a Plague Surgeon first as I think it will have the biggest impression on the campaign as it unlocks an agenda. But I also plan to do two Foul Blightspawn as I’m using the Chosen Sons plague company rules and I want a Tallyman and I don’t see why I won’t ultimately do the bell and the bottles guys, that would give me six, so two Elite slots worth of boosting auras. Alas I don’t think they help cultists much, they are not Bubonic Astartes or Core.

If you have thoughts on how to highlight black robes or purple robes or the best primer to use with Contrast paint you can leave a comment below. If you have a favourite Foetid Virion you can tell me which one is the best below.

Chaos Cultist #2

Once again after my job interview I headed down to GW Highgate to amuse the staff…

Once again after my job interview I headed down to GW Highgate to amuse the staff. This time I had a slightly better plan and bought the box of 5 Chaos Cultists for I think $12.50 a veritable bargain in GW land and once again took one model pretty much from start to finish in a single sitting. This time it actually took less time because the cultist was only in two pieces and I used less paints.

I did buy my own brush and still couldn’t do really fine detail work and I didn’t do my best on the greys or the skin tone or the metallics or the blacks but I did some useful browns and tans and a passable purple. I also pulled off some strange hair colour again using some mystery colour which I blended with some other colours.

WIP Chaos Cultist

This model is good enough. I’m one of the only people in the world who wants to paint less well. There are things I’d like to fix on this model, it also needs basing. I made some fundamentally poor decisions in the name of experimentation and efficiency. I should have base coated black or at least grey. I should have probably done only one brown or if two browns then done less work on them. I should have done a darker grey. I should have not kept trying to use GW’s blue shade. I think their blue glaze may be more to my liking. Some parts of it are purple that shouldn’t be, some parts are brown that probably should be purple etc. etc.

I also think I’m a “Layer” man. The thicker high pigment paint is fine for most but even more efficient me likes the smoother applying paint of the Layer range. I’m not in such a hurry that I can’t do two whole coats of paint. A base coat whether with a “Base” or a “Layer” then a wash then a highlight looks good. You can even use your base coat as your highlight colour or your base coat mixed with a little white, grey, or even one of GW’s flesh tones.

Mostly finished Chaos Cultist

I even helped some kid base coat his Tau. He didn’t seem too concerned with quality control. I want to paint more efficiently if I can get by with two colours and a wash, great! But I still want to clean my model carefully. I want to apply my colours evenly and cleanly. I want to take 5 or 15 minutes to let the washes dry. I want to use more than one brush so I can paint some finer highlights. But first I need to get a new job and a new slightly larger place, one with room for a dedicated paint station. Also the CFA will rear it’s head again soon so 40K season for me is only a couple months long.

I really don’t know how to play Warhammer 40,000 anymore. I will learn the rules again. I own plenty of models. I can play the game, but I don’t really care to play the metagame as some have termed it. I also think given my limited time and the fact that getting a model done in four hours is “quickly” for me. I need to choose an army and models that have high points values and are quick to paint. Alas I have plenty of painted models, what I want is generally new tactical options and to paint the fancier models, painting Chaos Cultists is not that efficient in an hour per point way of thinking¬†or more correctly 1.25 points per hour. Also the game has moved to a more over the top playing style where people are deliberately fielding unbalanced armies and GW will happily sell them more models to do so.

My reliance and loyalty to Nurgle doesn’t really cut it in a world with¬†special characters that are released in a limited edition and models that are 888 points each in game. There is definitely an arms escalation in Warhammer 40,000 from a simple squad game with say twenty men and squad level commander to armies that are anything but troops.

I tried to make this cultist at least similar to my test model, but with completely different paints and not having the original test model to compare with, it isn’t perfect, but since when did Chaos Cultists all dress the same. Thor apparently painted 105 Chaos Cultists in a batch in approximately 2 weeks, I’ve now painted 2. If I can get 30 done I’d be happy, I want them all to have auto pistols except the champ and three flamer dudes.

Servant of Decay test figure