40K Narrative Campaign Week 17

Although I just finished typing up a battle report where the Diseased Sons defeated the Imperial Fists, time waits for no man…

Although I just finished typing up a battle report where the Diseased Sons defeated the Imperial Fists, time waits for no man, though it sometimes moves faster or slower depending on the ebb and flow of forces beyond the comprehension of mere mortals. The Pariah Nexus was less busy this weekend, but the Sentry Box was busy regardless.

Bill and I arrived around 11 AM and the only other member of our campaign to show was Aiden much to the disappointment of the waitress at the Pig & Duke. So despite the master plan of it being the forces of chaos AKA Team Bad Ash versus the forces of the false emperor, AKA Team Little Goodie Two Shoes, Bill made me play Aiden. And because of the mission and to try to see what would happen I took three squads of plague marines and even a rhino which both Aiden and Bill think is overvalued by Games Workshop but I used it to successfully complete an agenda.


Aiden was busy setting up the table when we arrived, but then as Bill had decided to referee he took over setting up the terrain and I guess he wanted the battlefield to be smaller so the Chaos Knights would have to walk less so we measured some obscure number of inches from one end and marked it. The mission was chosen in advance as was the power level. We played “Tech Hunt” at 40 PL.

This mission allows you to use the special Recon Stratagems but I don’t think I used any, but perhaps I should have. I talked about it in Turn One then largely forgot about them. There were four objectives you had to dig up, but half of them were in fact nothing. I also was given a secret agenda, or told I had to try and establish battlefield supremacy as one of my agendas. I did try but I failed. I did better at my second agenda, another one I’d never attempted before Poison the Well.

Aiden won the roll off and got to be player A, this meant I had to set up first but he only had three knights so I could out deploy him, but even with one rhino and a lone chaos spawn I could not out maneuver him. Leaving out my heavy support was also questioned but I did accomplish my agenda and earn a virulence point and several experience points. I didn’t really think I could kill Lord Gogo at forty power.

The Forces of the Diseased Sons

  • McFly the Malevolent, Plaguecaster 5 PL
  • Syphilis Squad, 10 Plague Marines 12 PL
  • The Scarlet Fevers, 10 Plague Marines 12 PL
  • Gangrene Squad, 5 Plague Marines 6 PL
  • Rhino with Havoc Launcher, 4 PL
  • Billalexdevin, Spawn of Chaos 1PL

Aiden deployed his first objective dead centre so I deployed one on the right flank, then he put his second seven inches away and into what was my side of the board so I put my final one on the left flank. I put the one I had hoped to hold, aka the real one on the left flank, but then there was some confusion when Bill flipped it over. We used the old green tokens GW made, either speed one or speed two covered by a damaged vehicle one to obscure it. But as you can see Lord Gogo is so big he can basically stand on top of three objectives at once.

The Forces of Chaos deployed, it’s looking good for Team Bad Ash.

Bill actually nudged some terrain to make it possible for the knights and the lowly rhino to go places and do things but it is basically how he set it up originally. Three pieces of area of terrain were declared. Originally when I chose my agenda it was just two, but then Bill declared a building in the back corner of the Chaos Knight deployment zone was also area terrain, how helpful. This meant in order to try and accomplish my agendas I had to gun the engine. I should have advanced the rhino. Can vehicles advance? I think walkers at least can, but I never thought about advancing with the rhino, I wanted to shoot the mighty havoc launcher.

I put Syphilis, everyone’s favourite plague marine squad, in a piece of area terrain which ultimately earned them two experience, but because they performed the Territorial Contamination action on turn one, Lord Gogo took less fire and I think it is going to take higher damage weaponry than bolters, plasma guns, and knifes to kill him. Aiden even forgot one of his best rules, now that he ignores invulnerable saves in melee I wonder if a tonne of little guys may be able to drag him down or will it take melta gun spam?

I of course lost the rolloff to go first because that is par for the course, but before that according to math, the Chaos Knights and Lord Gogo were declared the underdogs and got an extra command point much to Bill’s amusement.

Battle Round One

To further amuse Bill, the Chaos Knights barely moved. Lord Gogo performed an action, scratching in the dirt like a chicken. The other two knights moved and one used the special stratagem or we talked about using the special stratagem “Maintain Focus” which cost 2 CP, but in the end, Lord Gogo scratched and the little knights shot.

The newest Chaos Knight to join the campaign does not yet have a name, but Aiden has decreed she is a lady, so I dubbed her Lady Gaga to accompany Lord Gogo into battle. She fired at Syphilis and used a house trait and Profane Knowledge to get a bunch of re-rolls and kill two Plague Marines.

The other Chaos Knight used Elite Crew to hit every single time. So this was eleven hits in total and I failed all the armour saves and I believe four models in the Scarlet Fevers died, but after some debate I played Insane Bravery and avoided the possibility of failing morale.

Death Guard Turn One

To start my turn Syphilis Squad did Territorial Contamination. I thought about using the “Maintain Focus” stratagem as I ended up trying to kill or at least badly damage Lord Gogo with most everything else. But I didn’t commit both my big units, next time I think I commit everything to killing Lord Gogo or nothing.

I also failed to cast Miasma of Pestilence. I actually rolled quite poorly at crucial times again this game. However Smite did better as I rolled an 11 and did four mortal wounds to Lord Gogo, this is the other way I think he can be killed. The Death Guard have a number of ways to do mortal wounds and there is no rule against multiple Malignant Plaguecasters or multiple psykers casting Smite, in fact there are specific rules to allow it.

There was debate whether I should overload the Scarlet Fevers’ plasma guns and in the end I did. But it wasn’t overwhelmingly successful. But I declared a charge with both the Scarlet Fevers and McFly, I thought about keeping him out, but went for it, but six plague marines and one Malignant Plaguecaster just were not enough to destroy Lord Gogo I need to build an even bigger and more powerful unit.

How many plague marines does it take to kill Lord Gogo?

I did play Trench Fighters and Eternal Hatred plus one of the twists was any unit not in cover in area terrain was affected by radiation so Lord Gogo’s toughness went down by two and I had plus one to wound, but I just did not roll high enough or hit hard enough, I need to make specific squads to deal with a unit like Lord Gogo in ninth edition. I ended up doing three wounds with the Scarlet Fevers but it also cost 3 CP so not the greatest deal.

When McFly was fighting I think I used a command re-roll, which failed, as he has quite high strength in melee and I actually got Lord Gogo down to 13 wounds, would that have bracketed him as the kids say?

Lord Gogo less surrounded.

Aiden then played Bind the Souls of the Slain and Reap & Rend. He also directed all his attacks into the Scarlet Fevers doing 11 wounds at -5 AP so no save possible. This results in Lord Gogo regaining wounds because of the first stratagem.

Also apparently charging someone doing an action doesn’t stop the action unless you kill them.

Battle Round Two

It was in the second Chaos Knight turn that Gatekeeper Gostoc maintained focus. This allowed him to shoot his guns and scratch in the dirt like a chicken at the same time. He decided to get extra cute and shoot his stubber at Killious Bilious the Silliest who was still alive with one wound after Lord Gogo buggered off and then his big gun at McFly.

Gatekeeper Gostoc maintains focus, but enough to kill anything.

Bilious made his one required save on a six, but then McFly took six wounds and he failed every single save! I even tried using a command re-roll and that failed too. But I gave McFly the Revoltingly Resilient warlord trait which managed to allow him to survive with one wound.

McFly’s six failed saves at once.

Lady Gaga used her melta gun on the rhino doing two wounds but Lord Gogo had to turn around and fire all his guns at Bilious and McFly and there was no surviving two knights shooting at my two lonely exposed Diseased Sons.

Next Lord Gogo charged Syphilis and I declared overwatch as they have a battle honour that lets them hit on a 5+ but what I really need is to get the Burning Sores upgraded and back on the table, it is just too hot and I paint too slow, especially during a heatwave.

Can Syphilis stop Lord Gogo?

I don’t think Overwatch did much but the end result of melee was I lost four more guys but passed my morale test.

Death Guard Turn Two

We ultimately had a little trouble scoring this mission and infantry units could dig better than other units which is why I took three units of them, but then my cheapest unit is a single Chaos Spawn so that was my designated digger on the right flank. The rhino continued to race forward and apparently forgot to advance instead using their upgraded Havoc Launcher.

Syphilis was stuck in melee so I used the Blightening. This did 9 wounds but at AP nothing ended up causing just a single wound on Lord Gogo. I also got out of the rhino so I could fire my lone melta gun but it of course missed so I used a command re-roll and missed again.

In 9th Edition the defender fights first if there are no chargers so this meant Lord Gogo got to fight first, only Bagonhead survived, he has proven luckier than most.

Battle Round Three

Gangrene exits the rhino and fires the melta gun.

This game was a bit hard to score as mentioned above, because you got 10 points for digging up an objective and after turn one you could hold objectives but infantry could dig quicker, so when you got your points was odd. Regardless the score was probably 20-0 for the Chaos Knights as Lord Gogo doesn’t have objective secured and Killious Bilious the Silliest did, but then he died before I could earn any points for holding the dug up objective.

Aiden had stopped trying hard at this point and barely moved his models. But after some ridicule he moved two whole models. The Chaos Knight missed with its melta gun but Aiden gets to re-roll almost everything. But I saved against it with a six. Then there were seven more shots into Gangrene from Lady Gaga who again used her Profane Knowledge. But I made all the saves. Gangrene has really done well for a small suboptimal squad.

Lord Gogo was even more bored than Aiden so he killed the rhino with his laser destructor. But Bagonhead survived the stubbers shooting at him, only to die in melee to Lord Gogo’s legendary relic weapon.

In the Death Guard half of the round Gangrene which was my only surviving plague marine squad moved into the area terrain and performed the Territorial Contamination action.

Battle Round Four

I think the score may have been 30-10 at this point as I had dug up an objective and was guarding it with Billalexdevin so Lady Gaga unleashed upon him doing 13 wounds. The rest of the Chaos Knights were holding objectives or performing an action to accomplish their own hidden objective.

Exiting the building the melta gun could once again shoot, but I once again rolled a one to hit, so I used a command re-roll and got another one. It was just not my game, but I didn’t give up and I’d actually accomplished one of my agendas earning the bonus virulence point.

Battle Round Five

One member of Gangrene died to autocannons and then another to the melta gun. The other two knights performed actions to earn more experience but I didn’t write down what the agenda was actually called.

In my half of the turn the plucky Gangrene squad tried to kill off the Chaos Knight closest to them, but Lady Gaga was concerned enough to rotate her ion shields but that ended up doing nothing. Gangrene then charged into overwatch which killed off more of them but I still played Eternal Hatred, however Bob the Necessary Evil and his power fist missed all three times. But the two plague knife attacks actually caused a wound. One day I’ll stab a knight to death, just like I did the Wraithlord.

Plucky Gangrene Squad attacks Lady Gaga.

Post Game

The game was now over and the final score was declared to be 55-20 for the Chaos Knights and I wasn’t even tabled even though a lot of units are off active duty as I was trying to paint more models for them. I definitely make things harder on myself than they need to be, but only playing with painted converted models is the way to go, lowering your standards just results in lower standards and lousy battle report pictures.

A lot of my units were put out of action and the rhino and Billalexdevin ended up taking battle scars. There was a lot of talk about me buying nine Myphitic Blight Haulers but that wouldn’t be my army. I want to upgrade all my plague marine squads for 9th edition, once that is done maybe I’ll paint some daemon engines, but I doubt I’ll do nine, I actually think the flying fast attack choice is cooler.

The Beast needs more torque.

Although I lost the game, I did complete an agenda and that earned Syphilis and especially Gangrene a bunch of XP. Gangrene was once again declared MVP so soon I’ll have to rest them as I need to paint three more additions to this squad so they can have two Blight Launchers and I’m giving them the Sigil of Decay represented by a new cool icon bearer.

So although I thought about adding a landraider or a predator, neither fit simply into my case, so I ended up recruiting the Beast Rabban and spending one requisition point to increase my supply limit. I also decommissioned two of my single spawn units in favour of a unit of two Chaos Spawns. I’d like to eventually try a unit of five, but that is yet more model building and painting. Did I mention my hobby time is limited and we are in the middle of a heatwave in Calgary?

If you have thoughts on killing Chaos Knights who are swollen with campaign power you can leave a comment below. Apparently I’ve forgotten Creeping Blight, I should use that Trench Fighters and Eternal Hatred all at once if I get a big charge on a difficult to destroy enemy unit in the future. Aiden actually bought the bigger knight after pooh poohing it, apparently Lord Gogo can be transferred into an even larger knight if he earns 72 experience points.

40K Narrative Campaign Week 14

The Chaos Gods are fickle masters and after fifteen battles in the Pariah Nexus a cost had to be paid by one particular Diseased Son of Nurgle…

The Chaos Gods are fickle masters and after fifteen battles in the Pariah Nexus a cost had to be paid by one particular Diseased Son of Nurgle. So just like thirteen other weekends before this one a motley assortment of armies did battle over scraps of desolate rock. Once again Maceo the Maligned found his forces opposed by none other than fellow follower of Chaos, Lord Godrick. What will it take to fell this dread mechanical monstrosity?

Ultimately three games were played this week, the Ultramarines fought against the Alpha Legion, the Imperial Fists also did battle with the Chaos Knights but the game of Warhammer 40,000 that I participated in went well until the Blessings of the Dark Master went against the Diseased Sons.


As usual Bill chose some random mission despite threatening to tell us them in advance again. I had a strong feeling I would be playing Chaos Knights so I brought my Defiler which amused Aiden to know end trying to guess where all the parts came from. The mission we ended up with is called “Flanking Maneuver” it is in some campaign book. Basically there is an attacker and a defender, two objectives and you can score 10 VP per turn for keeping the enemy away from your objective and an additional 10 VP for invading the enemies deployment zone.

For my agendas I went with Survivor: Syphilis which was working well for a while and the Reaper because you generally complete it but it is low reward, but Maceo only needed two more XP to get a third Battle Honour so I had pretty much decided this was the week, though perhaps I should have done it last week as it was lucky number thirteen. But fourteen is one of Nurgle’s numbers, I need to add a Tallyman to my army soon, but the queue to join the campaign is long and painting time is limited.

There was another random special rule, all the non-Characters were unnerved, this never had a big impact as often we forgot it, but basically if you couldn’t pass a leadership test you could not use stratagems. But if you were within 9 inches of a character you didn’t have to roll. We both only had one character in our army, but we started off rolling the test, but maybe towards the end we forgot, but eventually there were only characters left…

Officially the Chaos Knights were the underdogs and got a single extra command point.

Death Guard Army

Although switching to the new Chaos Codex will allow me to field even more stuff, I won’t make that switch this year, we’ll see if the campaign lasts into 2023, morale is still high, except perhaps among the Orks, do Orks have morale?

Bill was gracious enough to let us know the games would be at forty power level, so I did the quick easy math and learned my army has become very predictable, but has it become iconic?

  • Maceo the Maligned, Chaos Lord of Nurgle 5PL
  • The Burning Sores, 10 Plague Marines 12 PL
  • Syphilis, 10 Plague Marines 12 PL
  • Boris the Defiler 9 PL
  • Billalexdevin, Chaos Spawn 1 PL
  • Stumpy, Chaos Spawn 1 PL


I won a rolloff and chose to be the defender, my army generally works best as the defender but there were two objectives and although I tried, I never really got close to the second one. We were trying to play two games on one big table so space was tight and I opted to stay on the side I was on and deploy my objective in one corner, but Chaos Knights are quite fast so I had no doubt they’d close the distance, but I also planned to use my spawn to get into the enemy deployment zone and maybe I could sneak one onto the second objective.

The armies deployed on the battlefield

I had way more units than Lord Godrick and conveniently there were towers big enough to hide a Chaos Knight behind, I wonder who set up the terrain? I was not surprised to lose the rolloff to go first, but I was a bit surprised Aiden gave it to me in order for Lord Godrick to cower behind a tower, but I only had one model who could shoot across a four foot table. I like the bigger tables, but of course I plan to switch to a codex where troops can have guns that shoot over 24 inches or at least more of them. Bill is less enthusiastic about bigger tables, but as the power level goes up, how can we not use bigger tables?

Battle Round One

I advanced both spawn and the Burning Sores. Maceo and Syphils along with Boris were going to defend my objective. Only Boris got to shoot, I may have used a command re-roll as I noted I got a CP back. This would be from Maceo’s Tactical Experience which was finally starting to do something. Boris also got enhanced sights on his Defiler Cannon and that was probably the die I re-rolled, the number of shots. The second time I must have got a five which wounded the Gatekeeper, the littler knight on the left flank, 4 times, which would have done 9 wounds but then Aiden used a command re-roll and it became six as he made another save.

Chaos Knights can move fast

Chaos Knight Turn One

First thing about playing against Knights they move fast. Lord Godrick has enhanced engines so moves an extra two inches and the smaller knights also have some battle honours. The smaller knight on my right flank, the Watchmeister managed to roll maximum shots and directed them all at the Burning Sores.

Lord Godrick’s forces get to re-roll one hit and one wound roll per model per turn, so after learning that I was glad I remembered Disgustingly Resilient. The bigger knight fired their biggest gun the Desecrator Laser Destructor at Boris and as I write this I wonder why I didn’t pop smoke? Apparently I didn’t remember every rule or play as well as I thought. It may not have mattered as remember the re-roll hits and wounds and that gun did enough wounds to kill Boris in a single round of shooting, he didn’t explode but those 14 wounds matter a lot to the Dark Masters.

I even wrote down on my cue card Foul Smokescreen, but I often forget to check my cue card during the game.

The third knight, the Gatekeeper has elite crew as does Lord Godrick perhaps and as a result does ten wounds to Billalexdevin who saves 4 on sixes then manages to shrug another on a six, as he is Grizzled, with the end result being the Chaos Spawn still died as they start with four wounds but took five.

Scoring is actually done at the end of the command phase and in this mission you can score points in turn one so the score was officially 10-10.

Battle Round Two

So I quickly moved my now smaller force as a single round of Chaos Knight shooting killed two plague marines, one chaos spawn and my defiler. Stumpy has a Battle Scar so he limps one less inch a turn, he did advance but after measuring he was not wholly within the enemy deployment zone, not even close really, but after another turn of movement he would be. The Burning Sores closed in on the Watchmeister.

Plague Brewers

I played the Chosen Sons special stratagem card, which will hopefully work a lot better when I finally finish painting the two Plague Spewers because the Plague Belchers don’t hit hard enough, but there is an aura I think that can boost them. As it was they still did four wounds, as you can see I rolled a triple six and I guess the Watchmeister failed some saves. Germie’s plasma pistol also did a wound, I did not overcharge. Aiden also reminded me that the guy with the Plague Flail could still throw a Krak Grenade, usually he dies before he gets within six inches of the enemy, but of course it did nothing.

Both the Burning Sores and Syphilis have the tri-lobe battle honour so they get +1 to hit. But there is some Chaos Knight rule where you can’t re-roll hits or wounds against the Lord, the aforementioned Blessing of the Dark Master, but despite all that I still did two wounds with the guns of Syphilis that I fired at him, I split fire shooting about half at each knight because a tower blocked line of sight, so I think I did another wound on the Gatekeeper.

Maceo and the only combi-plasma gun in my entire collection did two hits causing two wounds also on the Gatekeeper. The Burning Sores of course declare a charge and Watchmeister declares he will overwatch but it ended up doing nothing. I then rolled an 8 for the charge distance which was plenty enough to assume the formation. The Burning Sores second battle honour is Bone Horns which did nothing but at least I remembered to headbutt the Chaos Knight.

Assume the formation

With my big squads of plague marines I usually reach for Trench Fighters this is why I’m thinking Power Fist on champs in the future not the Daemonic Plague Blade, but I also like to have every squad and champion armed differently if possible. Whether Trench Fighters is optimal for killing knights in TBD, it resulted in 18 hits but only ended up doing two wounds. I also believe I forgot Contagion in this round of melee. The model armed with the Flail of Corruption still has his Plague Knife and this resulted in him doing 7 attacks and 8 wounds beating down the Watchmeister even with me forgetting a key rule!

The consolidation rule says you must move closer to the enemy so I decided although I took the picture, I did not want to stay in the crescent moon formation. What I wanted to do was move towards the objective, you should be able to move towards the objective in the consolidation move.

Where did the Chaos Knight go?

Chaos Knight Turn Two

Lord Godrick aimed his Desecrator Laser Destructor at Stumpy but he missed twice then he got to re-roll as he has Elite Crew. That was the end of Stumpy with -4 AP he and most models get no save. The Gatekeep shot at Syphilis killing two more plague marines.

Lord Godrick of course charges and I of course declare overwatch but I also declared I would use Plague Brewers then I remembered to use my tactical experience and got a CP back. All the overwatch did two wounds but it cost a lot of command points. Lord Godrick has a 2+ save against bolters which have no AP. I did remember my contagion as you see in the picture I stopped keeping the dial off to the side and instead put it right where the contagion was likely needed, but I believe he was out of range.

Overwatch and Plague Brewers

Lord Godrick can make 15 attacks in melee. He may need to spend a command point to make this many, but this resulted in 14 sweep hits doing 11 wounds. There is a slight chance to save against sweep hits, but you need an invulnerable save to try to survive the other attack mode. I didn’t write down how many plague marines died but I think it was about 2 or 3.

I then played Eternal Hatred and Trench Fighters. My scribbles have let me down but many knife attacks did 4 wounds and the Flail of Corruption did two wounds, but because of the same Chaos Knight rule, the Blessing of the Dark Master again, I can not re-roll to wound and this is a big deal as I’m all plague weapons and have Arch Contaminator on my warlord.

Contagion and Eternal Hatred can not stop the Blessing of the Dark Master

I was not sure I should be allowed as I think my morale phase was over, but Aiden let me use the Icon of Despair which did a mortal wound on Lord Godrick. I usually forget to use that and and often my Sigil of Decay too, I think in future I’ll just go with one icon per squad it might make it easier to remember. I tend to favour the Sigil of Decay in my big bolter heavy squads.

The score was now 20-20 but once the Blessing of the Dark Master gets going Lord Godrick is very hard to kill and I had spent five command points trying to at least slow him down. I did damage, but crucially did not cause him to lose combat effectiveness.

Battle Round Three

The battle was still reasonably close and the score was officially tied 20-20 and I immediately scored another ten victory points as no Chaos Knights were anywhere near my objective but my hope to sneak a spawn by was gone and I’d spent a lot of command points to try and slow Lord Godrick down. So of course I moved Syphilis and Maceo forward to try and get rid of the Gatekeeper.

For perhaps the first time in the campaign I busted out the virulent rounds, this is something I should probably do more with Syphilis when Maceo the Arch-Contaminator is around. Alas I needed sixes to wounds, with the Sigil of Decay a six to hit auto-wounds but I sometimes forget that rule. I believe I did six wounds then the bolter’s lack of any armour penetration meant all of them were saved. The plasma guns in the squad did three wounds bringing the Gatekeeper down to two. Not eliminating that model right then and there may have cost me the game.

I almost went straight to hand to hand, but Germie the Overly Prepared has a plasma pistol for a reason and if you leave plague marines alive in engagement range you’re asking for the Blightening. I went big and also played Eternal Hatred, Maceo’s tactical experience did not pay off and I was becoming short of command points now. The 18 auto-hits did 10 wounds but all of them were saved. I need to find weapons that do multiple points of damage, have higher than four strength and some actual armour penetration would be nice, the all bolters, knifes, and blight grenades team was not enough to bring down Lord Godrick.

In the melee phase Lord Godrick got to go first. I think every one of his attack hit, there were minimal saves and three more Burning Sores died. This left two the champion and the one armed with the Flail of Corruption neither did much, Eternal Hatred helps against high toughness models but it also costs two command points.

Chaos Knight Turn Three

Had enough or are you thirsting for more?

Lord Godrick can also heal and got back two wound to start his turn. But I was surprised he withdrew from combat, apparently he can just walk out, then he just fires the Laser Destructor at the surviving Burning Sores and they were no more. I think the stubber was fired at Syphilis but they made their armour saves, but the Gatekeeper killed one. If you can wound Knights they hit less accurately, but they still get lots of re-rolls.

Both Chaos Knights charged, I had no command points left to fire overwatch. Then Aiden played a fistful of stratagems. He played Bind the Souls of the Slain plus Reap and Rend on the Gatekeeper. This allowed the Gatekeeper to heal two wounds after killing two members of Syphilis. I believe Lord Godrick killed five more plague marines.

None shall pass

Maceo did a single wound on the Gatekeeper as he had heroically intervened. He gets plus one to wound when he does that. Syphilis I thought passed moral but due to all the casualties they took they failed and only Bagonhead their champion decided to stay and fight.

The score was 30-30 but for you neatherworldly mathematicians out there I now had two models left on the board.

Battle Round Four

The game was now two versus two and I was stuck in H2H against Chaos Knights. So skip straight to melee as I lacked enough command points to release the toxins. The Gatekeeper went first, he wounds on twos but Maceo saved both.

Bagonhead does nothing and then I wrote down that I “must roll 4+ then die”. I think Lord Godrick switched from sweep to hits that just remove models with anything but 2+ armour or an invulnerable save.

Maceo killed the Gatekeeper, this would be the third Chaos Knight that he has personally beaten down in melee. The Dark Gods were beseeched but the die roll was not made.

Chaos Knight Turn Four

Warlord vs Warlord

It was now one on one, warlord versus warlord. Lord Godrick walked over beside the objective and he got 20 victory points officially as a result. He also fired the Laser Destructor at Maceo who made his saves but then he got charged.

Four wounding hits were done by Lord Godrick in melee but I used my command re-roll to save and live!

Battle Round Five

To be fair Maceo allowed Lord Godrick to go first. He does three wounding hits. I fail one of my invulnerable saves again, but once again I use my command re-roll and make it! Maceo must roll 4’s to hit, but he does manage to do one wound on Lord Godrick.

In the Chaos Knight turn Reap and Rend is played again. Four hits and then four wounds were done by Lord Godrick, this time Maceo failed all four of his invulnerable saves and died taking 24 wounds!

Post Game

The Gatekeeper took a battle scar but Aiden immediately paid one requisition point to remove it. Bill is thinking of changing that to cost two requisition points. In this mission the Chaos Knight commander got nothing special for winning but he did get a requisition point and intersection point.

The Diseased Sons got a requisition point and no battle scars. I gave Maceo the Reaper as both he and the Burning Sores had killed one Chaos Knight. This was crucial as it made Maceo eligible for another Chaos Boon and true to my word I took my chances.

The worst possible die roll

Aiden had actually wandered off and Bill was in the middle of losing to the Alpha Legion but I got Aiden to come back, explained to him the importance of the die roll and got a five and a one. This turns into a three and a one, or thirty-one, one of the two combinations that would turn Maceo into a Chaos Spawn. Even if I had declared before rolling that the green die was high, thirteen was the other result that would result in spawndom!

This was not unexpected by me, even though it was statistically less likely, I had an unpainted Chaos Spawn on my shelf of shame for just such an occurrence, but I also had an unpainted Daemon Prince for you optimists on the Internet.

Now McFly must lead the Diseased Sons. I went downstairs and bought the Lord of Virulence model, the warlord I wanted but didn’t have time to paint before the campaign started. If you’ve never had your Chaos Lord turn into a Chaos Spawn in a narrative campaign of Warhammer 40,000 ninth edition, let me tell you it is a lot of record keeping.

I actually gave Syphilis MVP as that would push them into the next tier and they could gain veteran warriors. Later I also spent one requisition point to finally upgrade the Burning Sores to have their plague spewers. But I had lost my Arch-Contaminator and his Fugaris’ Helm.

How do you kill Chaos Knights?

Although the Chaos Codex is new and sexy and I have plans for it, I am committed to running my army using the Death Guard rules and updating my seven plague marine units. But despite some battle honours and a lot of command points being spent, the bigger but still medium sized Chaos Knight has twice proven un-killable by my army. I’m not sure if the Chaos Knights have taken a loss in our narrative campaign yet.

I also committed to being the Chosen Sons, how could I not? This makes me the plague flamer guy so I gotta get painting more, including the special one the Lord of Virulence gets. But before he gets requisitioned, I’ve come to the decisions that the Right Hard Posse need to get bolstered.

On more than occasion I’ve run units of ten terminators including in a tournament, the 2011 Trumpeter Salute. But several of my models are not legal in the Death Guard Codex but would be usable in the new Chaos Codex, some chainfists would definitely help. But I can buy and paint some new models so after the three or four primed and partly painted guys are finished I will buy some Blightlord Terminators and I will have to convert one.

I actually already have converted some Death Guard terminators one of them was painted and has already fought in the campaign, so one more of those models will get painted as it has been primed maybe since 2010. I’ve also decided I’m an axe man. And I’ve long preferred melta guns over plasma guns, so expect to see my axe and melta bias show itself going forward. In fact I think I used up some of my supply limit to recruit Gangrene and another legendary Diseased Son, Bob the Necessary Evil.

Gangrene led by Bob the Necessary Evil

I still think the plague spewer maybe one per squad like I did with the Scarlet Fevers will work and I intend to well and truly melt something with the Burnings Sores and Plague Brewers. But I need to roll high. Eventually I’ll get some Plague Burst Crawlers with Entropy Cannons.

Perhaps it is time to watch a video, alas it is three hours long…

However if you have additional thoughts on killing Knights particularly with the Death Guard you can leave a comment below. I have not decided on what warlord trait to give the Lord of Virulence and I’ve definitely been out-Relic’ed so far this campaign so I will be requisitioning some more. Rumor has it Lord Godrick is now Legendary and took some relic that turns off invulnerable saves…

40K Narrative Campaign Week 10

Once again the fighting intensified in the Pariah Nexus with the forces of Chaos facing off against the forces of Chaos…

Once again the fighting intensified in the Pariah Nexus with the forces of Chaos facing off against the forces of Chaos and the forces of the Imperium fighting the forces of the Imperium. Why were these objectives so important that the Death Guard would fight the Chaos Knights and the Ultramarines would fight the Sisters of Battle and why was a third battle fought between the forces of Lord Godrick and Captain Snazzy Pants? Some mysteries are better left unsolved but if you want to read another Warhammer 40,000 narrative campaign battle report, you’ve come to the right place.

Summer has arrived in Alberta and people have plans and commitments off the 40K gaming table, if those commitments are another miniature wargame who am I to judge. This week’s games almost didn’t happen and for the next two weeks Bill our somewhat fearless leader will not be able to participate so some bonus games like the one played this week between Aiden and Bill may happen or we just may not meet for two whole weeks so we can get some serious painting done.

In the real world I have never played Aiden in a game of Warhammer 40,000 whereas Daniel had played him many times, hence the Chaos on Chaos crime. Aiden joined our campaign late so he wanted to get in an extra game so Bill played against him while Daniel and I watched and heckled. The record should clearly show that Bill did not win a game or Warhammer 40,000 this day, but I bought everyone nachos afterwords so were there any losers this Saturday afternoon?

The Forces of the Diseased Sons

Once again I chose my 40 PL after last week’s game and once again I did not know my opponent or the mission. My opponent turned out to be Chaos Knights one bigger one known as Lord Goderick and two littler ones known as Watchmaester Vyke and Gatekeeper Gostoc. I like the fact that everyone had a name and I wrote them down right away to make our story more engaging. My army was as follows:

  • Maceo the Maligned, Chaos Lord of Nurgle 5 PL
  • McFly the Malevolent, Malignant Plaguecaster 5 PL
  • The Scarlet Fevers, five plague marines 6 PL
  • The Cancer Cell, ten chaos cultists 3 PL
  • Rhino with havoc launcher 4 PL
  • Toe Jam, Hellbrute 7 PL
  • The Right Hard Posse, five Blightlord Terminators 10 PL

I probably should have tried harder to make room for my terminators earlier as it stands they just had a single game. They have a gun that shoots over 24 inches, three wounds each but they are old and not optimally armed for 9th Edition, but I will get them some experience and battle traits and that might make up for it. I also had Toe Jam who is damaged and tends to die quickly without doing much, both contributed this game, but there can only be one unit marked for greatness.

The Mission, Deployment, and Everything

Aiden and Daniel arrived first so they set up two tables or one and half tables, but Aiden and I were both ready with army lists, though the mission was a surprise, it was “Dominate the Field”. So I set up the four objectives in the designated position. We forgot the affliction but otherwise Aiden and I did a good job remembering the rules and keeping score accurately and our game ended first.

The goal of this mission was to control objectives, the fact they were in set positions and you got extra points for taking them away from the enemy made for a bloody affair and only two models remained standing at the end of the game.

Against my better judgement I took “Turn their Hope to Rot” knowing I would have to kill the big knight, spoiler alert I did not succeed at this agenda as this was mine and eventually Bill’s first game against Chaos Knights. I actually acquired the book last week, but I’ve yet to even take it out of the shrink wrap, I’m just too busy at work. But my three year plan includes a centrepiece model, so now I’m considering a Chaos Knight as that big intimidating model to put in the miniature case. Enthusiasm is still high in our campaign so it will go onwards through the Chaos Space Marine codex with some even talking of starting a different force either instead of, or in addition to the one they’ve used so far.

My second agenda after that tangent was “Priority Target” this was a much better chosen agenda because every unit in Aiden’s army was a vehicle but killing the big knight going forward will be a challenge and I will need more higher strength guns and have already chosen my 40 PL force for next week.

I can not remember who got to choose sides, but I believe it was me. I often just stay with the side of the battlefield I’m on to speed up the game, but my army wasn’t even out of the case and I didn’t even exactly remember what I’d chosen but I generally deploy my cheapest units first and in this case that was the cultists. Lord Godrick was deployed last with the Gatekeeper deployed before the Watchmaester. There were no fancy Aeldari Ranger guns but none-the-less I put Toe Jam behind a building and even the rhino I tried to get in cover, but it turned out to be all for not, as after five consecutive ties I won the roll-off and chose to take the first turn!

The Diseased Sons and Chaos Knights deployed

Battle Round One

I’m so used to not getting first turn, it took me six rolls of the dice to get it. Aiden commented my army looked small but I don’t make the point costs and my most powerful unit was waiting to teleport in. I moved most every model. Toe Jam has enhanced engines which Aiden was playing wrong it is two inches of extra movement so he moved at maximum speed to line up a shot on a war dog.

Even though it was my agenda to kill the largest knight I decided to try and get the war dog off the objective so everything I could throw at the smallest knight I did, this meant my cultists, the rhino and both my characters advanced towards it. The Scarlet Fevers may have shuffled their feet but it turned out they were out of range and they are just not as shooty as Syphilis, but my commitment to not making clone squads will probably last for the duration of the campaign.

Toe Jam’s Snake Eyes

Generally during this game I remembered the rules, I even took time to shuffle through my stratagems at one point looking for some Hail Mary but the best stratagems cost more than a single command point. But early in the game I did not use any much to Aiden’s surprise. I did remember to cast Miasma of Pestilence or at least try, I may have failed.

My shooting was not overwhelming, Toe Jam with my most powerful weapons promptly rolled snake eyes for his twin-linked lascannons so I did use a re-roll there and yes my streak of not being able to roll a six to get it back continued for another entire game. This one in six chance has failed way more than six times in a row…

But after all my shooting not a single knight was dead but they may have been angry as Lord Godrick roared forward, this is when I explained that enhanced engines was plus two to movement and then an additional one inch to your advance and charge roll. Lord Godrick has one big gun and one little gun but he gets all kinds of re-rolls and even prevents you from getting re-rolls or even hitting him with anything but a 4+ later in the game and considering how much I rely on auras and plague weapons this wasn’t good news.

The Chaos Knights close the distance

His laser destructor hit Toe Jam but even though, due to his battle scar, he instantly took a mortal wound Toe Jam survived with a single wound. Aiden almost used a re-roll on his damage roll but benevolently gave Toe Jam another turn of life. The Defiler is definitely better, more than two PL better in my opinion.

The Cancer Cell did not survive. Lord Godrick shot his heavy stubber at them killing two, but then the next knight, the Gatekeeper eliminated them entirely. The Rhino was the target of the third knight it has two Avenger Autocannons and rolls a lot of dice. Again the knights generally get to re-roll a hit and a wound every turn due to a house rule. The rhino ended up taking five wounds and Aiden tried to claim rhinos are disgustingly resilient and got out my book, I’m still not sure they are, what say you Internet?

The Gatekeeper tried to charge but failed twice.

In this mission you could score in the first turn because it didn’t say you couldn’t using Bill/Daniel logic so the Diseased Sons got 20 but the Chaos Knights only got ten victory points in Battle Round One as they controlled a lone objective.

Battle Round Two

I started my turn out by moving forward my two now exposed characters. I also moved the rhino closer to the objective to ensure control. Toe Jam may have also adjusted his line of sight. His BS/WS doesn’t degrade but the Knights do. I also teleported in the Right Hard Posse and they would play a large part in the game and justify why I included them in my starting 50 PL and why I’ll need to invest some time and energy optimizing them.

Sometimes I write lots of notes, sometimes I write a single word like “Smite” so yes I repeatedly tried to cast Smite on the Knights, Plague Wind was considerably less useful against them. I may add a second psycher as the campaign goes on. Shooting was not uneventful, the Reaper Autocannon did four wounds then the rapid firing combi-bolters even did one. This left the Gatekeeper at one wound so I decide to try and finish him off in H2H and had Toe Jam fire at the Watchmaester doing only a single wound. This configuration just does feel optimal in 9th Edition maybe I should add Blastmarker Billy.

Maceo and McFly confront the Gatekeeper

Lord Godrick was now in range of my plasma gun so the Scarlet Fevers actually did a wound to the big knight, but then Aiden informed me it healed four per turn, which isn’t true I think it heals D3 so to really damage it you need to do at least four wounds in a turn, so lone pot shots won’t get it done.

Maceo declared his charge, McFly and the Right Hard Posse also declared their charge but it was Maceo who got to strike first and he promptly pasted the Knight.

To start his half of the turn Aiden used something known as “the leash”. I was paying attention and had read online how it was popular so I played Cloud of Flies on my Blightlords. Aiden may not have even intended to shoot at them so that was a big four command points I could have used for something more offensive. Of course the streak of not getting any command points back continued.

The Chaos Knights start turn two

As he was now the closest model to the Watchmaester Maceo promptly took four wounds, disgustingly resilient likely helped but notably Chaos Lords have five wounds and Maceo would not take anymore for a considerable period of time.

A heavy stubber was directed Toe Jam’s way but he too survived though I had to use a command re-roll perhaps Aiden was being too cute or he was just underestimating how disgustingly resilient the Diseased Sons are. The rhino was not so lucky it took the laster destructor blast.

Lord Godrick was not finished he rolled a massive charge roll and promptly crushed Toe Jam in melee then due to his size and positioning was within three inches of the objective on my right flank. This gained the Chaos Knights a big thirty victory points and the score was now 40-30 for the Knights.

Chaos Knight on Chaos Hellbrute crime

Battle Round Three

Of course I moved some models, but I also used Smite on Godrick doing three mortal wounds. A second psycher that moves faster has a lot of appeal as with all these high toughness models in the campaign now, one way I can potentially deal with them is via mortal wounds. The Death Guard have a number of ways to deal mortal wounds, but dealing them from outside charge range is nice.

Only hitting on 4+ sucked

I also cast Miasma of Pestilence on the Right Hard Posse this is much more affordable than Cloud of Flies. Maceo adjusted his weapon, supercharged his combi-plasma and did four wounds to the Watchmaester. Then he charged but the Chaos Knight used overwatch and I had to save three autocannon shots and possibly four more heavy stubber shots but I did it, Maceo went on quite a streak as the funk got stronger. He only did one wound but he did infect the Watchmaester and this means a lot more after last game and something I’ll have to plan to leverage better.

Maceo was feeling chuffed as the British say and was stuck in as the Chaos Knights started their turn. Godrick healed two more wounds and shooting must have been uneventful as the next thing I wrote down is Godrick charged the Scarlet Fevers. Of course I used overwatch and after some thinking used the Plague Brewers stratagem. But then I rolled only a single shot for my Plague Spewer. The Plasma Gunner also hit on supercharge, so does he just die or take a single Mortal Wound Internet?

Aiden said he died, but I swear last week it was just a single wound that was taken. It might not have mattered as Lord Godrick did a lot of wounds in H2H and Killious Bilious the Silliest never even got to use his power fist. The extra models definitely help but 12 PL is a lot to fit in a 40 PL game.

Lord Godrick looms over the Scarlet Fevers

On the other flank Maceo got to strike and he killed the Watchmaester. But apparently the Chaos Knights have a strategem where he can come back to life, it isn’t automatic though kids, it is on a 4+. But of course it happens so the Watchmaester was back with three wounds (I think) and no longer in melee, it was looking bad for Maceo the Knight Slayer.

Battle Round Four

Most every model I have maneuvers towards the knights. Of course I Smite Godrick and do a single wound. I believe I split my fire with the Right Hard Posse. Their combi-flamer did a single wound to the Watchmaester, I should have shot the bolter barrels I think I always should as the flamer part always hits. I forget sometimes you can fire both barrels in 9th Edition. The combi-bolters in the squad also did a wound. However the Reaper Autocannon which was likely aimed at Godrick failed to wound.

This game was close a few more better rolls…

Several of my photos are of dice or have dice in them there was definitely some swings in luck this game. Did I mention I could never roll a single six to get back a command point this paragraph? Maceo’s gun was working and he did a wound to the Watchmaester and of course he charged. This time however overwatch was too much and his last wound was taken, but killing two Chaos Knights in melee with your Chaos Lord is good sledding. This also shows how tough that Wraithlord is to kill, Aiden can confirm this.

In the Chaos Knight half of the turn Lord Godrick shot at the Right Hard Posse. I failed an invulnerable save and lost a model. The Watchmaester accomplished nothing with his compromised shooting. Of course Lord Godrick charges McFly and pastes him. Killing the larger knight is definitely a challenge, my hope may have started to turn to rot at this point but I did not yield.

Battle Round Five

I was worried my notes were going to let me down, but I did move the terminators towards Lord Godrick, but I turned some of them so they marched backwards as I split my fire using two guns on the Watchmaester and two on Godrick. It was Osteoporosis the Old School who did the deed killing the Watchmaester for the second time.

The score was 90 to 40 going into this turn so technically I could not win, but if the knights did not count as multiple models I would have. But as it was I still accomplished a lot this game, for instance the Plague Spewer did another wound to Lord Godrick and I charged.

This is where my dice grew even crueler, the rule where my 3+ to hit becomes a 4+ and my ability to re-roll plague weapon wounds goes away resulted in the terminators doing only a single wound. Apparently the rule is called Bale of Shadows or apparently not Aiden. I own this codex so that does not bode well for our next game…

Lord Godrick did five wounds, but I passed morale as they have leadership nine on the champion. They also have objective secured now and that meant I got thirty victory points which made the score a lot closer especially as Lord Godrick withdrew from combat then charged back in. I played Overwatch lacking the second command point to play Hateful Assault during my turn. Lord Godrick killed another terminator and of course I failed to do anything but the game was over.

The final score was 90-70 for the Chaos Knights and considering the beating they may have put on the Ultramarines a few minutes later I think that is respectable. This was my first game against Chaos Knights and my army is notoriously not good at killing high toughness large models and vehicles so Knights or any large model heavy army is my worst matchup. But this is a new edition to me and as I learn the rules more and enhance my campaign force I think I can do better.

Osteoporosis fights Lord Godrick to a draw

Post Mortem

So in the end it was another loss but Maceo killed two knights getting extra experience for the one that stayed dead. The Right Hard Posse also got extra experience for re-killing the Watchmaester but Lord Godrick proved a bit too tough. I think you need to get to him early before that rule where you need a 4+ to hit and can’t re-roll kicks in.

Maceo rolled a one and picked up a scar but I immediately used a requisition point to remove it. He may not be the best Chaos Lord but he is my Chaos Lord until he turns into a spawn or a Daemon Prince. Afterwards at the pub there was talk of resetting the campaign to allow new armies to join, but it is still early in my opinion. I marked the Right Hard Posse for greatness so they got their first battle trait. I gave them Grizzled to lean into their Right Hardness harder.

More importantly McFly picked up his second battle honour and now that I know the rules better I used it on the Conversion Field relic. This gives him an unmodified save and now he may prove more of a threat to Lord Godrick or anything really, he actually does a lot of wounds, he just can’t take many hard hits.

The campaign will officially be on hiatus but who is to say there can’t be a small skirmish or two in the Pariah Nexus while the Ultramarines are distracted. If you have thoughts on the new Chaos Knight codex, how it can fit into a Death Guard or CSM army or even if you have a clever way to kill toughness eight models with a plethora of special rules you can leave a comment below.