Still painting Plague Marines

Although I took a break and despite the new hotness of the Chaos Codex being here I am still painting Plague Marines for my army the Diseased Sons…

Although I took a break and despite the new hotness of the Chaos Codex being here I am still painting Plague Marines for my army the Diseased Sons. I definitely am not as skilled as I used to be and I’m not sure my signature painting technique is wise when speed matters and your vision gets worse every year, but I’m committed to painting maybe a dozen more rank and file models for this army.

Painting a Plague Spewer

This model of course has the not terribly popular Plague Spewer. I must paint another one right after this for the same squad, the infamous Burning Sores because I embraced letting the galaxy burn before it was cool, so when the Death Guard Codex came out I decided despite it not being the darling of the Internet to go with the Chosen Sons. I’m still waiting for this decision to pay off, but I hope once I finish this squad it’ll start paying dividends.

If you have not been following our narrative campaign, I have not been dominating and my commitment to using my vintage models in a plague marine heavy army has been a struggle so the new sexiness has some appeal. Devin will use the new rules, I will focus on updating my army and leveraging the rules in the Death Guard codex this year.

Maceo has not proven optimal and after failing again to kill the enemy warlord despite me unleashing the toxins, I won’t be surprised if he turns into a chaos spawn. I have one new on sprew for just such an occurrence, but I also have a new daemon prince too for you optimists out there. And I believe it is a 2 in 9 chance to turn into a spawn so less than 33% of the time.

Tomorrow the Chaos Codex may be physically available. I did pre-order a copy from the Friendly Local Game Store but I’ve also been reading the odd blog post and in a big change from the days when we had to pray every day for a Chaos Codex, they actually sent a pile of copies to various social media influencers so I’ve already seen battle reports and reviews on YouTube.

Always bet on black

Painting Challenges

Before I engage in speculation I’ll point out that I decided against the Plague Marines backpack being all metal but then one of his leg pieces of armor was just too tough to paint in the tiny line style so it is going to be a big piece of brass. The armour plating is basically done, I did not use the exact same recipe as the terminator and I think I’m in the market for a dark green that covers over black well. Either that or I go full on contrast paint for my plague marines, I think I can just paint tiny lines over that.

Blightlord Terminator
My previous Diseased Son

Next up, likely tomorrow as this is Canada Day long weekend, is the metal bits starting with some iron or steel coloured metal. I’ll do the trim in a tin bitz plus brass just like always then it looks like I may have to use some copper or even some gold as these new models are both big and detailed. I will possibly be simplifying my Nefarious Fire paint scheme, maybe even use some dry brushing.

I’ve been painting these models and this army for so long there isn’t a recipe that is in-print, but I did use one of my secret weapons, Black Green Game Ink, which I did not use on the terminator.

Chaos Codex Potential

If you’re a long time follower of this blog or Muskblog or my online activities in general you’ll know I’m not really a Death Guard player. I’ve long been a Nurgle guy, but I developed my own chapter, paint scheme, fluff and never used any of the Death Guard special characters though I definitely used their model bits.

I also thought I was done painting more Nurgle guys, I’d painted them all, I converted all the conversions, tried all the schemes, I’d moved on to Chaos Undivided and painting other models I’d collected over the years like Noise Marines and Bezerkers. But then my life changed and I basically got out of the hobby for many years, but I never sold my models, I just put them in storage until things got better.

The Phantom of the Rock Opera
For those about to rock, we salute you.

Now I’m back living in Calgary Alberta and one of the few people I knew who lived here was a gamer and after dabbling in Warcry and various board games the big game must have called to Bill as we’ve completed eleven weeks of our narrative campaign and I think 9th Edition is the version I’ve played the most since perhaps 5th edition Warhammer 40,000.

I was of course following the rumours over at the B&C but the plan was to use the DIY rules to may own renegade chapter for both the Diseased Sons and the Nefarious Fire then when the book finally comes out, it turns out there are no DIY chapter rules, so you must choose a legion and then just paint it however you damn well want and forgo special characters which I do anyway. I wanted to use all my models or as many as I could so the Chaos Legions devoted to a single god were out, that still left several options and I’ve pretty much decided the best fit is the Iron Warriors, oh the irony.

How many times can I make that joke? You see back in 2nd Edition and even more so 3rd Edition the Iron Warriors were infamous because they could take an extra heavy support choice and they could thus have more big guns than any army and this was a big deal on the original Grand Tournament circuit. I believe I played against Iron Warriors in Vancouver, but Jeff supposedly chose the legion because it was easy to paint. I’m going to choose it because it is tough, Iron Warrior rules plus Nurgle rules will be the Diseased Sons.

If you played against the Diseased Sons in 2nd Edition you’d know not only did my Nurgle Renegades have heavy weapons I had a quite a few and they were mostly missile launchers too, because I had developed a Rad Missile strategy even won a tournament with it. But after many years I stripped a lot of models both because I thought I could paint them better and the missile launchers and other heavy weapons couldn’t be Nurgle anymore. Then GW changed the rules…

Games Workshop has changed the rules many times since, but if I want to field as many painted models as possible I must use two or three or possibly even four codices. I have many many Nurgle daemons on square bases, I doubt I’ll ever rebase them, but if we keep playing 40K and they release another Chaos Daemon Codex who knows, but right now I’m focussing on Death Guard and planning to use the new Chaos Codex to field an army with Plague Marines, Bezerkers and eventually at least one squad of Noise Marines and I will use the Iron Warriors rules to do it.


Although I don’t have the book yet, it doesn’t matter as I mainly go with the rule of cool so I’ve decided now that I’m an Iron Warrior I need a Warpsmith. I also must have the Cultist Coven as I still plan to paint up two squads of twenty cultists. That just leaves the warlord and I don’t know, it might be a terminator lord because that is what I want to do with the Death Guard rules, I want to field the Lord of Virulence, but I could just go with a Daemon Prince as they’ve released a new snazzy model, but that would take me a month or more to paint, so what I want/need to paint is a consideration and I already have suitable terminators painted.

Old School Chaos Terminator Lord
The Oldest Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour


I can field over seven squads of plague marines and my goal this year is to try to get them all on the board and funky fresh, but when I use the Chaos Codex I generally only use one or two squads max. This is when painting my models a different color for their battlefield role actually proves useful. I also bought the White Dwarf and may get my one squad of painted Khorne Bezerkers on the table again. I believe I have every Khorne Bezerker ever made which is way more than one squad but my goal is ten in a rhino. We’ll see if I remember how to paint evil dark red.

Long have I thought Noise Marines were the best, but the Rubric marines could be the best now I don’t know, we’ll see after people get a few more games with he new rules. I doubt I’ll ever do 1000 Sons but I will get my Tzeentch Renegades on the board again and maybe I’ll run a Tzeentch Daemon Lord as my supreme commander. But eventually I’ll paint my collection of Noise Marines as just like Bezerkers, I believe I have collected them all. Playing in the narrative campaign has made me a big fan of max sized squads, why not have all the toys?

WE Assault Marine in Nefarious Fire Colors
People hated these models when they came out, but now they are collectable.

The problem with the Elite section of the codex is there is too much good stuff. I of course have Chosen including a whole squad with combi-meltas which may no longer be an option, but I’ll probably come up with something new and a big block of ten terminators may be returning, they are just too strong or too tough not to field and I already have them painted. Using models I already have painted is a big theme for me in 9th Edition 40K.

All the Nurgle Terminators I rebased
Don’t they look Right Hard?


If I’m spoiled for Elite choices I have even more troops as basically every squad in the Diseased Sons can be fielded as Plague Marines or Nurgle Renegades plus I have a bunch of Undivided and other god worshipping models. My plan still remains to paint more cultists. I will go for two squads of twenty, half armed for H2H and half armed with long rifles. That leaves me four troops choices, my Tzeentch lascannon with Icon may be legal again so that is interesting, but I’ll also do at least ten Nurgle renegades, then how can I not do a squad armed with chainswords but they may worship Slaneesh as I pretty much want the Balefire Tomb or whatever it is called, to have a mini psycher. I could conceivably field six psychers.

Converted and Fallen Space Marine
Back in 2nd Edition Nurgle could have Lieutenants with Jump Packs

Fast Attack

I will bulk out my spawn more, I want to get a full squad of five. I also will build a squad around my lone Nurgle model on a bike and my Nurgle models with jump packs. Then I’ll probably do another bike squad, I think based on the what I’ve read I may be a big biker user in this Codex.

Heavy Support

Even before I became an Iron Warrior I already had quite a lot of heavy support choices including by my count three havoc squads, two devoted to Nurgle and one undivided the legendary Longed Four. As I plan to run a Warpsmith I was thinking a daemon engine but he apparently can boost any vehicle so maybe a new predator or land raider or defiler instead of a Mauler Fiend. Lastly I do have a lone Obliterator and fielding him and possibly some new mates will probably happen, basically the plan would be to max out everything in a detachment.

My lone Obliterator

What about Chaos Knights?

Painting a Chaos Knight seems to now be a part of my three year plan. I own the codex but have not read it. Basically I’ll paint if not the biggest one then the coolest one, maybe the psycher one as I plan to field an army of psychers, but the Knight player in our campaign Aiden says it is less useful if you aren’t running a pure knight army…

If you have thoughts on painting plague marines or how to use the Death Guard codex or the new Chaos Codex you can leave a comment below.

40K Narrative Campaign Week 6

The forces of Chaos and the Aeldari again fought over a desolate scrap of land in the Pariah Nexus…

Abandoned by our not so fearless leader and thus bereft of all representatives of the Imperium, the forces of Chaos and the Aeldari again fought over a desolate scrap of land in the Pariah Nexus. Although I’ve yet to see the Bastion of Vanithros, I assure you we are besieging it. But once again we were forced to play a three way game and it seems going second is the least advantageous outcome of the crucial random first roll.


Final Blightlord

So Bill had other things to do as did apparently Daniel but the rest of us got up bright-eyed and perhaps not so bushy tailed on Easter Sunday. I had actually spent over five hours painting this long weekend and I swear I did not finish a single model. I thought I could, but apparently no, Death Guard have gotten too large and detailed. But I can give you a preview of what the last unpainted model in my campaign force looks like.

I’ll get to finishing it this week and it shows I can still paint the tiny line style, even if the greens are slightly different and I chose not to use any washes or glazes on the green armour portions. Now the metallics are not done, they’ll get some more weathering and corrosion. Next I’ll do bones and tubing, but one thing I learned is, it is going to take me 5+ hours per Diseased Son so I don’t want to paint that many more, I’ll probably even try Dark Angels Green contrast paint as I used the original as the darkest green on this model.

The handles everyone likes take up more room on my painting table, the little shelves are blocked so I cleared off a spot on another shelf to put the models I’m not working on, but basically I think I’m painting the Diseased Sons one at a time, when I do the cultists or perhaps the Nefarious Fire I’ll paint them in groups of four or five.

Actual Diseased Sons Army

I tend to pick my army ahead of time and once again although I had a plan or an idea, I forgot key rules, but not Contagion, nor Disgustingly Resilient or even Armour of Contempt but my actual hard earned battle honours.

  • Maceo the Maligned, Chaos Lord of Nurgle 5 PL
  • McFly the Malevolent, Malignant Plaguecaster 5 PL
  • The Burning Sores, ten Plague Marines 12 PL
  • Syphilis Squad, ten Plague Marines 12 PL
  • Billalexdevin, Spawn of Chaos 1PL

The plan was basically be harder to kill with two big blocks of Plague Marines, but I think ideally you’d want one big squad to tank the hits and two smaller ones to give you more units, but in the campaign you need to requisition more troops in a squad before it becomes too experienced. The single spawn is an easy kill, but in a standard deployment game lets you delay deploying more valuable units so I’m thinking I’ll bring one or two more single spawn. Perhaps some missions they can’t complete but they are faster than either cultists or pox walkers so I think that alone has value.

Mission and Agendas

With Bill MIA, Alex became the brains of the operation. We played a three-way battle from one of the campaign books, basically the mission was just kill enemy units and the twist besides three players was a random half of your army started on the board and the rest must go in strategic reserves.

For my agendas I chose Assassins as I figured with two opponents there would be more characters to kill but the damn Aeldari Rangers excel as sniping them, next time I play I’ll likely bring a vehicle, at least a Rhino to park between me and the Aeldari snipers. My second agenda was also out of the main book. I chose Survivor and dubbed Syphilis the newly enbiggened as my unit that needed to survive.

Underdogs and Seizing the Initiative

So in a three-way game there is always an underdog, at the very least going last is considered a disadvantage. But then in a campaign the differences in campaign points results in extra command points. Somehow I had the most campaign points so the Aeldari got an extra command point and the impure forces of Chaos got two! We all chose not to spend command points to try and go first and I think I rolled a one or a two. I honestly can’t blame the dice too much, I definitely failed some armour saves even using re-rolls but overall I did alright when I remembered the rules.

Devin and Alex tied so I got to go last, after a rolloff Alex got to go first so I got to choose one corner which had basically a fortified tile. Devin chose the other corner and Alex got the middle but the Aeldari shooting is so much better than ours.


As mentioned previously half your army starts on the board. I divided mine into a purple half and a green half and because Nurgle loves mathematicians my halves were the closest to even. I got my wish and purple which contained the must survive Syphilis started off the board. I deployed the Burning Sores who really need me to paint and convert more models as they only have two special weapons currently… the extra special weapon definitely makes a difference. I put Maceo out of sight and with ten plague marines between him and the Dark Reapers and Dire Avengers.

Devin actually had a rhino so he put at least one five man squad in that and his lord behind the rhino and basically a refinery. Then he used some trickery called Renascent Infiltration to move things around more. So briefly it looked like the photo below.

The Initial Deployment, before the Redeployment Stratagem

Battle Round One

So the turn order was Aeldari, then Chaos Space Marines and Renegades and then finally the heroes of our story, the Chosen Sons of Mortarion, the Diseased Sons of Nurgle. The Aeldari had a Farseer and he generally Doomed something if he was in range and he also could Guide a unit. The Aeldari can also move and shoot and then move again. So they did, using Blade Storm and rolling all the dice to destroy the Rhino. Before the Dire Avengers shot the Dark Reapers may have put some missiles into the APC.

The Battlefield and Forces

One thing you can use your underdog points on is smoke grenades which basically gives your entire army light cover, but my army was in light cover so I saved mine, Devin didn’t do that nor did he use the rhino’s smoke stratagem. The one from underdog is better as it affects your entire army in Alex’s reading of the rules. Bill didn’t seem to explain it so well, there are also special treacherous stratagems but Alex left those out so I never used them. I actually hoarded my command points ending the game with two, but the traditional enemy charge never occurred.

If you spend all your CP you can’t overwatch our launch a counter offensive or use all manner of stratagems that help you in the Fight phase, so I’m trying to keep one or two in reserve especially in with two opposing armies.

The rhino did not explode and I don’t even think anyone in it died, but they definitely don’t last long against big guns, none-the-less I’ve pencilled mine back into my 35 PL army for next week. I’m not sure Devin did much in his turn except reposition his army behind the refinery looking building.

Mind the rhino shaped gap

In my turn the Burning Sores fired and all hit with their bolters. I forgot to use my Sigil of Decay to have sixes with bolters autowound but I did remember their battle honour, tri-lobes but they didn’t need it. I took a picture of this roll it was so good, but I never thought to consult my iPhone as apparently I got four autowounds, that could have been the difference between winning and losing, this game was close.

Fearsome bolter fire

Turn one may have been the only shooting I remembered tri-lobes which all three of my infantry squads now have. Plus one to hit with plasma guns would have helped, next game I hope to do even better as I’ll make some notes ahead of time, but it is written right on the index card, so perhaps I should actually use them during the game instead of just updating them when I kill a unit.

The Dire Avengers failed their morale check even after a re-roll and soon were down to just two models and the Exarch so this was a successful first turn but due to the mission the score was 0-0-0.

Battle Round Two

You can not score any victory points in the first turn so the picture I took of my new game aids is valid, alas I still forgot rules, so I’m going to make a list of rules not to forget for next week, another list because the one on the inside cover of my campaign log never gets consulted.

My new score board

I got these game aids from schoonerlabs straight outta Nova Scotia.

Alex likes to start his turns with some Doom. My psycher was still in strategic reserves. I guess before Doom the Aeldari brought on the Rangers now boosted to ten models and the Wraithlord. The Burning Sores were Doomed and as a result of Dark Reaper fire I believe three died. While I was putting those models back in my case, the Rangers did 5 mortal wounds to Maceo.

Maceo and the Burning Sores safe in their deployment zone

I never saw the dice rolls but I’m sure Devin did and I think Alex may have used some Strands of Fate to autowound which makes the die a six. The Rangers also have the Headhunters Battle Honour and for his agenda Alex took King Slayer and one where he gets bonus points for killing Chaos…

Are all Aeldari hated or just Alex’s?

Too late, I thought I could have used Cloud of Flies on Maceo, but he had walls, a squad of plague marines between him and the empty field which hadn’t contained any Rangers a few seconds ago. I know they recently changed the Bodyguard rules but would a unit of Deathshroud have saved him? He is so integral to my strategy even though long term I’d like a Lord of Virulence, next game he may be a bit cowardly and if he can’t find a corner from which to grant his auras he’ll hide behind a rhino.

Because the Rangers did mortal wounds I couldn’t even roll a contemptuous armour save. It is hard to plan for troops that aren’t even on the table, I guess Devin’s Chaos Lord must have been completely out of sight or Alex just hates the Death Guard more than the Alpha Legion.

My reinforcements arrive

The Alpha Legion were not idle this turn, they too brought on some strategic reserves including a Sentinel. They killed the remaining two Dire Avengers leaving just a wounded Exarch. Devin probably got a little over confident, he used some trickery to get close to the Wraithlord and charged him. Alex used Overwatch and the Wraithlord has two flamers and almost wiped out the Chaos Space Marines then I’m not even sure if the 9 inch charge worked.

I don’t believe it did based on the photos that were on my iPhone.

When you come on from Strategic Reserves you must be 9 inches from the enemy. I brought on everything, I think Devin kept one unit of renegades still in reserves. I put Billalexdevin nine inches from the Rangers and I put Syphilis and McFly behind the solid walls and about nine inches from one of Devin’s renegade squads, so I killed a unit on the turn I appeared. Devin and likely everyone forgot my agenda, so it wasn’t good for the Burning Sores and it was downright disappointing that Maceo died, but I can use cover once the enemy is on the table.

The Goonhammer guys seem to think some other power is better than Plague Wind but I’m not paying a Requisition Point to make that change. I rolled 9+ but McFly was just out of 12 inch range so no free mortal wound, but I did do four. I then cast Miasma of Pestilence on the Burning Sores. I’m a big fan of this and was using it on my cultists but I think it is better on the higher priority targets which in this case was the Burning Sores.

The Burning Sores or at least the bolters in the Burning Sores fired at the Dark Reapers they are harder to kill than Dire Avengers apparently either that or Alex rolled better. The Spawn of Chaos attempted to charge but the tricksy hobbits had a new wonder weapon, a Wireweave net and that did multiple wounds, it also increased the amount I had to roll by two. Billalexdevin rolled nine which would have made it without the Wirewave net.

Battle Round Three

Apparently I still struggle to remember the rules, but I can write things down such as what turn it is and how many battles we’ve fought during the Siege of Vanithros’s Bastion and I can keep score and the score was 10-0-10. So I was tied with Alex and I kept it that way for a long time…

Maybe no one was in range or he targeted Devin, but my notes for this round don’t contain the word “Doom”. What it does say is four more Burning Sores died due to Aeldari shooting as the Dark Reapers and the Rangers were forced to shoot at them as I put the other squad and my other character behind a solid wall and twelve inches of area terrain!

The Aeldari charge Chaos

The Aeldari actually charged this turn, the Wraithlord charged the champion and the Exarch charged the Sentinel. The champ died but Devin’s Chaos Lord heroically intervened saving the Sentinel.

Next came Devin’s turn he kept bringing on squads close to my lines and he fired many shots at Syphilis who Alex could not see. I made some saves, because I’m disgustingly resilient and armoured with contempt.

I think he tried to charge but failed to roll nine. He may have used a re-roll and I think he did and failed again. Then he wonders why I had more command points remaining because I don’t waste them on 6 in 36 chances early in the game.

The Exarch must have died at some point, but if you didn’t kill a unit in your turn you didn’t get victory points for it, just campaign experience, according to Alex’s reading of the mission. In Devin’s turn his Chaos Lord was able to charge the Farseer. My memory is getting hazy and even with three plus pages of notes I didn’t write everything that happened down, but the Farseer made it to turn five, the Chaos Lord did not but I think Devin did cause some wounds.

I didn’t move my models much, but I did move and even with cover, smoke grenades and a Miasma of Pestilence the Burnings Sores were still dying at a rate of several models per turn, going to have to get the Blightlords back on the table, they’re Right Hard. Billalexdevin was deemed not worth shooting by the Rangers so he moved seven inches directly towards them. Syphilis may not have moved knowing their agenda and the value of not having the Aeldari be able to see you.

Apparently Devin forgot that Syphilis means business

McFly again cast Plague Wind on the renegades who thought it was a good idea to set up nine inches from Syphilis. I also cast Miasma of Pestilence on the Burning Sores which did another mortal wound. Syphilis probably finished them off in the shooting phase, basically that was my strategy get the easy unit kill against every cultist squad foolish enough to set up near the enbigged Syphilis.

Spawn VS Rangers

Billalexdevin made his charge I think he had to not roll snake eyes. He was again the target of overwatch but once again survived and killed three Rangers but then died to strikes as he was on his last wound.

Battle Round Four

The score was 20-0-20 according to my notes. I kept getting an underdog die for going last and Devin started getting two. We both started using the smokescreen grenades option. We also could buy an extra man of the match, which is worth three experience points. Alex as per tradition started casting but rolled snake eyes, apparently he is immune to Perils of the Warp and gets an extra re-roll too because of his craftworld. Despite all that he still Doomed the Chaos Lord. So I guess Guide failed…

The Aeldari fear Plague Marine champions

The Rangers killed more Burning Sores despite my smokescreen, actual rocks, the Miasma of Pestilence, but Germie the Overly Prepared survived, he planned ahead. So the Dark Reapers shot at him too, but Alex must have been feeling confident as he split his fire as Syphilis had advanced into sight.

Wraithlord VS Chaos Lord, don’t always bet on black

In melee the Wraithlord “poofs” the Chaos Lord, so I guessed he charged and the Farseer danced away, either way no Chaos Lord survived this battle, the Aeldari aren’t playing around when it comes to fighting Chaos, we need to triple team him next time.

The Last Renegades

Devin was now down to one squad of renegades but they had a lascannon. I’m old enough to remember when the lascannon was the most feared gun in the game, well maybe it was the Conversion Beamer but those models were rare and I don’t think that gun made it to second edition. Germie who prepared his armour with contempt and survived the lascannon took a wound from the plasma gun but survived the lasgun barrage.

My stockpile of command points were starting to get used, but losing Maceo so early put a cramp on my usual strategies and no one wanted to come and assault the Burning Sores in cover. Without my warlord I can’t do Blight Bombardment for instance.

In my turn four, I cast Miasma of Pestilence on Syphilis, because Germie was the only living member of the Burning Sores and he decided he’d be safer in H2H rather than take another turn of Eldar fire, the Diseased Sons did survive several turns of Aeldari shooting, well except for Maceo…

Syphilis kept marching in formation towards the Aeldari and managed to kill two Dark Reapers with their plasm guns, it was shortly after this that I remembered that all my Plague Marines have tri-lobes and should only miss on a one, because if I’d killed a couple more Aeldari who knows it could have been enough! My humble bolters boosted by the banner, aka the Sigil of Decay killed two as well.

Germie charged, he survived the overwatch but then Colonel Richard Flair was deemed to just be in range to heroically intervene, if I was cleverer and less thematic I think I could have avoided that. But on Alex’s advice I wacked him with my daemonic plague blade. Although in previous editions swords were the best, I’ve come to see this weapon as a bit of a cop out. Either you run a budget champion, a shooty champ or you go big and take the power fist. So in some future state I will build and convert a new champion to lead the Burnings Sores.

I still miss having the combi-flamer on the unit champion.

Germie was prepared for Overwatch too!

Anyway I think I used more command re-rolls to get this far with Germie and Colonel Richard Flair took two wounds, but then he does have a power fist and Germie was no more. The heroics of Bagonthehead may never be exceeded, but I do think cinematically and even tactically you can use a squad of Plague Marines to deliver the champion, they can be boosted with relic for instance.

Battle Round Five

Now I thought the game was tied, but somewhere along the way there may have been some Aeldari trickery or Alex may have re-read the mission. Either way Devin wasn’t having any fun anymore as guess who the Rangers were shooting at now?

As this was now our second three-way game, I actually think the player going second might take the worst of it, but the underdogs, aka Chaos, because having twice as much power as the Aeldari clearly isn’t enough, got extra tricks and the trick we both opted for was smoke grenades.

Syphilis was Doomed, because they had maneuvered towards the Eldar deployment zone and even smokescreens and Miasmas of Pestilence don’t protect you from the robotic hymn of doom, but it sure livens up a party. Anyway they were now in the crosshairs and lost a model to a bright lance. I think the renegades bereft of the leadership of Colonel Richard Flair fired on Syphilis as well.

I still had lots of command points left, so I started reading which stratagems I was going to use. But before I could shoot or charge I had to use some psychic powers, once again I cast Plague Wind on the renegades as I was preparing to charge them. They were too far from McFly to take the extra mortal wound. McFly did a lot of damage but never killed a unit, both my HQ boost the plague marines. I did use virulent rounds and fired on the Wraithlord he may have used some Aeldari trickery to survive the plasma that hit but one of the bolters did a wound, but he has so many, finally I charged the surviving renegades using trench fighters and killed them all.

Then low and behold my official score dice said Alex won, apparently he picked up an extra ten victory points on the sly, from killing a unit on the turn his reinforcements appeared, this presumably would have been when the Rangers killed Maceo. I’m not saying he didn’t deserve to win, but if I’d killed two or three more Aeldari it would have been a tie. And in the final turn I remember I was +1 to hit with all my infantry units due to battle honours so they should only miss on a one going forward, which Maceo will let them re-roll. I’m going to have to write that in big letters on a cue card before next game.

Post Game

Devin lost every unit and a number of them picked up battle scars. Alex may have escaped without scars but I rolled two ones. Billalexdevin earned the Mark of Shame. I still refuse to take a disadvantage that does nothing, for instance Chaos Spawn can’t shoot, so worsening their non-shooting is like cheating, but they apparently can feel shame, this made Alex chuckle. Worse the Burning Sores gained a battle scar too. I didn’t even pick one instead deciding to use my requisition point to undo it.

I keep forgetting rules that help me, but I always remember rules that hurt me and the Burning Sores are the flagship unit of the Chosen Sons of Mortarion or they will be once I get them armed the way I want. Maybe Blightlords are better and I have ran a unit of ten terminators in previous editions of Warhammer 40,000. However, that is a lot of eggs in one basket and ten plague marines is pretty tough especially armoured in contempt, in cover with a smokescreen and a Miasma of Pestilence, alas they are not immune to the Robotic Hymn of Doom!

It wasn’t all Robotic Hymns of Doom and battle scars I did complete my second agenda. I also got a second set of bonus experience points as a result McFly and Billalexdevin were marked for greatness and gained Inspiring Hero and Grizzled respectively.

What’s Next for the Diseased Sons?

Bill should be back next week, so maybe it will be one versus one but the latest Balance Slate is just more rules for me to remember, I’m going to have to make notes before our weekly game, but my game aids did help me remember Contagion and Alex is big on doing the math to figure out the armour saves, I think he secretly worships Nurgle.

I plan to try and finish my Death Guard terminator with the heavy flamer. I’ve used that model a couple times unpainted but I prefer to use fully painted armies that are WYSIWYG for the most part. After that I plan to paint the already primed plague marines. I also plan to build a new champion with a power fist and a plasma pistol. I built one like that before but for some reason I put it in a purple squad. This edition and given how slow I paint, I plan to be more strategic with my painting and do less models just for fun.

If you have thoughts on how I can remember all the ever changing rules or improve my army besides giving everyone and their dog a Relic you can leave a comment below. If you’re in Calgary we could use one more person to commit to our campaign. We play at Sentry Box which is the subject of a new movie debuting this month!

40K Narrative Campaign Week 5

The games were over quickly this week…

The games were over quickly this week with the Ultramarines being defeated by the Aeldari before we’d even finished our second turn. Of course maybe Devin and I just play slow, but if it wasn’t for Bill I’d be alone in last. Absent from the Pariah Nexus of late were the accursed Sisters of Battle.

Due to a die roll, Devin’s Chaos Space Marines were matched up with my Death Guard and it did not go well. The mission was pre-selected as Sabatoge and I had made up my mind I’d be the Attacker but the Defender got the bigger better deployment zone and as I setup the terrain this was my fault, but when I setup the terrain I thought we’d be going across the width, I can’t even setup the terrain right this edition.

The Battlefield


So before setting up I did win the roll to choose to be the attacker and defender and I chose my army not knowing if it would be 25 PL or 35 PL, basically I have a number of combinations of units that make ten power. I still haven’t hit upon the right combination of units and I seem to really struggle to kill vehicles so I’ll be adding that melta gun squad next in all likelihood.

The Forces of the Diseased Sons

  • Maceo the Maligned, Chaos Lord of Nurgle
  • The Right Hard Posse, 5 Blight Lords
  • The Cancer Cell, 10 Chaos Cultists
  • Toe Jam, Hellbrute
  • Boris the Defiler
  • Billalexdevin, Spawn of Chaos


This deployment went better as I may have had more units than Devin, he had two units of cultists, one unit of chosen, one regular CSM unit, his defiler and his Chaos Lord. I think I was officially the underdog and got one extra CP, but based on how this week went I may be a bigger underdog next week unless I play the Sisters of Battle again.

Devin placed one unit of cultists the maximum distance forward and I think I may have immediately hid Toe Jam behind a building. Then he placed his second cultist unit back in some ruins, or at least we played them as ruins. I put my cultists opposite his first unit, hoping to get to use their flamer. He placed his CSM squad also far forward and I think I put Boris on the board next, also nestled and hopefully out of sight, but about then I realized I controlled who got to go first.

The big unit of Chosen were placed far forward but before that I think the Chaos Lord went into the ruins. When he placed his Chosen down I placed the Right Hard Posse directly opposite and eventually backed them up with Maceo but before that I deployed my lone Chaos Spawn to make a run for an objective. But Devin’s Lord is a Master of Diversion and got to redeploy his Chosen far from the Blight Lords.

The Initial Deployment of the Opposing Armies


The Objectives

These are actually chosen before deployment, I’m pretty committed to Turn their Hope to Rot as it earns me a Virulence Point and I was doing well at achieving it in practice games, but now I’m struggling. My second choice was Cull the Horde as I thought I had a chance of it against the twenty cultists but it is six models by a single unit in a single phase, and I failed to accomplish it three times at least. Next game I may try the Reaper or if I’m feeling optimistic Survivor.

Battle Round One

I chose to keep my right to go first and with a Hellbrute, a Defiler and Blightlords with two heavy weapons this was my most alpha strike-y army of 9th Edition, alas it didn’t go well. I had fancied the chances of the Right Hard Posse against Chosen especially boosted by Maceo the Maligned but that combat was merely delayed…

Carefully Positioned Bombardment

The objectives weren’t clear in the deployment photo but basically they must be 9 inches from the edges and 9 inches from each other so they end up basically in a square. According to the mission I had five turns to destroy them and then there were additional victory points for destroying the enemy units, so I prioritized killing the first unit of cultists.

Once again I opted for the Blight Bombardment, I put it near the Chosen and Chaos Lord and between two objectives. My hope was the advancing army would end up under it, but I underestimated how fast models move. Now that it is week five of the campaign several units are much better than when it started, the Alpha Legion Chaos Lord apparently has something called the Talisman of Burning Blood which allows him to advance and charge. I think the Chosen can also move faster than normal now.

As for my movement, Toe Jam moved up and actually could see the repositioned Chosen, the Blightlords, the Defiler and Cultists took aim at the enemy Chaos Cultists. I actually advanced Billalexdevin and this was that models best game.

The Defiler shot first, I chose to shoot at the cultists because of how the scoring was done and my agenda but I failed to roll over three with my blast markers and I think all game I rolled poorly with my flamers too, maybe I got one four, so I averaged below 3.5, that likely hurt me as I sacrifice range and power to be the plague flamer guy. Boris I think killed four cultists but I think all his heavy bolter shots did nothing. The Cancer Cell was within flamer range and I’m coming around to the auto rifle being better than the pistol and brutal weapon, but I also think I need a bigger unit of Chaos Cultists or to strictly use them as backline objective holders.

So the Right Hard Posse had to fire at the cultists and probably Maceo too. I did split fire though and took a wound off the Defiler with the Reaper Autocannon but it heals one per turn. Toe Jam was also a bit unlucky with his shooting all game and he has the twin-linked lascannon. He killed a lone Chosen and it took a command re-roll to do it, so perhaps in hindsight I rolled poorly this game.

Enemy Turn One

Here come the Fallen

I had managed to kill one unit and to wound two others so it wasn’t horrible but it was far from an alpha strike. Devin moved his models forward aggressively, I thought he was being a bit overly optimistic and it almost cost him his Chaos Lord but his Chosen are a lot stronger than they were in our first practice game, but by the time I learned that it was too late, as I actually think I had the shootier force for a change.

Devin’s shooting was not so damaging, a cultist or two died and a Blight Lord also died to a melta gun, it turns out Devin has a lot of melta in his army now. Toe Jam and Boris were basically fine but then came the charge declarations. This was the subject of much debate because of course I declared overwatch. Devin was granted cover so +1 armor save. He chose to send his Chaos Lord at the Blight Lords so I used my flamers and again didn’t roll that many shots and they aren’t hugely strong, I had optimistically used Plague Brewers but not a single plague spewer shot got through his saves. I did do two wounds with combi-bolters or Reapers, but then Devin failed his charge.

The Chosen did not fail their charge and crushed the cultists in H2H. You can only play the Overwatch stratagem once so they never got to use their flamer defensively and that extra attack they get for their brutal weapon, they didn’t get to use either. His CSM also charged and made it into combat with the Blightlords, they did a wound but then the counter attack with six axes and six sword attacks killed all but one alpha legionnaire. I even played Break their Spirit but Devin chose to use Insane Bravery, this resulted in them being in H2H one more crucial turn.

At the end of Battle Round One, it was one dead cultist squad a piece and thus a 0-0 tie.

Battle Round Two

This is when I found out I missed with my Blight Bombardment. I’d also used up almost all my command points, but I thought I’d line up my shots on the Chosen. But before I could fire Devin played a Stratagem called “Conceal”. This meant Toe Jam had to put lascannons into something other than the Chosen which I questioned the wisdom of, but I guess the Lord has invulnerable saves and other tricks.

I’m not sure how the Chaos Lord and others survived taking lascannons I must have rolled worse than I thought. Weapons that do a straight three or six wounds are better as I must have rolled lower than three many times when I needed to roll high. I did use command re-rolls but the reason I lost is I continually misjudge the speed of models and the power of models.

Toe Jam actually chose to fire at the Defiler doing six wounds with the single lascannon that got through, so obviously I needed more of that. With the Blightlords engaged I put a defiler cannon, twin-linked heavy bolters, a havoc missile launcher and the combi-plasma into the Chosen who got cover due to being close to the boxes. Devin must have made a lot of saves as with all that shooting they went from nine to eight models. We are playing that his CSM get an extra wound.

You can see Billalexdevin taking the long way around as it was ruled he couldn’t fit past the Chosen, but then later it was ruled he could fit through the windows in the walls…

After my turn two move

The Right Hard Posse did kill the Chaos Space Marine they were locked in combat with, but not before possibly taking another wound.

Nine Chaos Chosen Survived

Enemy Turn Two

Devin advanced towards the Blightlords and my Defiler. His Defiler and second cultist squad also advanced. His Defiler comes apart, I prefer to make a definitive choice rather than magnetize and he’s going to have to pin pieces to get them to stay together better.

As alluded to earlier, it seems his Chosen squad is packed with combi-metlas. It isn’t completely WYSIWYG. This resulted in 12 wounds being done to Boris as his Lord has a Combi-Melta too. I think his defiler returned fire at Toe Jam doing two or three wounds. I had bought fancy new wound markers on the Internet, but somehow Devin didn’t twist it all the way as when I moved him later it didn’t show how many wounds he’d taken, I think we played it as three.

Chosen about to Charge

Once again the Chaos Lord chose to charge first and I chose to Overwatch with the Blightlords because if you don’t Overwatch then you are engaged and can’t. The Chosen split charged which turned out to being a winning strategy as was bringing all those melta guns. Overwatch failed to cause a single wound, like I said I did not roll well with my flamers this game and my decision not to try and charge with my Defiler may have been a poor one, but I knew the squad had melta guns, but they would need a six to hit if I had charged…

The result of all this was Boris dead and I think all the Blightlords died before they even got to strike. He also has power axes in that squad and his Chaos Lord has a Thunder Hammer, weapons that do multiple wounds are good, I wonder if I forgot my Disgustingly Resilient, I don’t think I did, but maybe it was conveniently forgotten here and unlike last game I remembered my Contagion but not every unit causes it.

Losing both Boris and the Right Hard Posse to a single charge was a crushing blow, one I couldn’t recover from but I did try. My army doesn’t have a way to fight first other than Counter Offensive. I think I need to play more aggressively but I keep trying to play the Death Guard as a shooty army, rather than an army that must charge any chance it gets even if it would take a lucky roll to get into H2H.

Battle Round Three

The score was actually 10-0 as obviously last turn Devin killed units than I did scoring ten victory points. But having lost 19 power level and my two most powerful units things were dire. Toe Jam moved towards the enemy cultists. My lord moved towards his lord and then Billalexdevin snuck through the ruins towards an objective.

Toe Jam again fired on the Defiler and may have done something but Devin made a lot of 5+ invulnerables with that model. Maceo likely fired at the opposing Lord, but my hope was by defeating him in H2H I could use a special requisition, but I failed.

Maceo was converted for fourth edition and although I like the combi-plasma a little I’m not sold on the power maul. None of my other models had these weapons, but I think I would prefer the Lord of Virulence in 9th Edition. The Arch-Contaminator warlord trait I do like and will possibly put it on a future warlord of the Diseased Sons but the Fugaris’ Helm I may save for another character as my Lord lacks offensive force but he still can become more powerful as the campaign goes on.

Any unit can sabotage an objective

I can also give relics to champions but requisition points are becoming scarcer so my spending one to make two units Treacherous I may regret. But increasing the strength of my existing units is possible, as so far the largest game we’ve played is 35 PL, I don’t need need more units.

Billalexdevin can destroy an objective so that was his greatest accomplishment of the campaign. Toe Jam killed several cultists and they needed sixes to hurt him, but even before that I’d also come to the conclusion that Hellbrutes should try to get into H2H ASAP and taking this model as opposed to The Beast Rabaan just because he fits in my case easier was a mistake. I will likely make a 9th Edition Hellbrute and I’m think Hellbrute fist, with heavy flamer then twin-linked heavy bolters but today Boris couldn’t kill much with his…

Devin’s cultists did fail their morale test and two more died leaving three.

Toe Jam and Maceo are just too weak

Enemy Turn Three

Having failed to defeat the enemy when I got to strike first in H2H things were not going to go well when I was counter charged. Devin’s Defiler shot all it’s guns at Billalexdevin and apparently his Defiler has a combi-flamer and I guess I could maybe glue one on mine, but I do plan to make a new Defiler but likely for my Chaos undivided forces. My Diseased Sons army is already so large and even if it isn’t optimal or the official model, I’m not sure they need a second Defiler, we’ll see how long the campaign goes.

His Defiler charged Toe Jam and his Chosen charged Maceo. Toe Jam survived but Maceo of course did not. The Lord of Virulence is looking real good right about now, but I’m committed to spawndom or daemonhood but I haven’t been in a hurry as I’ve only marked him for greatness once.

Toe Jam actually chose to kick the cultists and killed one or two, they failed their morale check but this robbed Toe Jam of the unit kill.

Battle Round Four

My lone model left was Toe Jam but he can fire his heavy weapons while in H2H further proof that Hellbrutes should get into close combat as fast as possible. The Defiler had taken a number of wounds and I kept using re-rolls to hit or at least try harder to hit with the twin-linked lascannons but alas Devin kept making 5+ saves or I would roll one to wound or if I did get through my D6 wounds would turn out to be low. It just was not my game.

The Defiler Claws had no trouble finishing off Toe Jam because defenders fight first.

Post Game

I ended up losing big having only destroyed a single objective but in hindsight I think I should have chosen to be the Defender, I just don’t have an alpha strike army or the ability to move quickly to take and then destroy objectives. I’ll have to keep tweaking my force but I also gotta get painting.

Both the Cancer Cell and Toe Jam picked up a battle scar. Although I was encouraged to, I don’t take disadvantages that do nothing, so the Cultists can no longer use Stratagems or re-rolls but they never often did, for Toe Jam I chose weakened armour which may make him die even faster but that scar seems thematic having died every game he’s ever been fielded in during the campaign.

Our project at work, is again supposed to end this week, but it never seems like it will end. So how much time I have for painting will be limited. I’ve already chosen my next 35 PL combination and if we go up then I could field my plague marines, my Blightlords and my HQ and that would be closer to how I want my army to be, but I think I need melta guns, lots of melta guns and probably some blight launchers too.

The quest for the optimal plague marine squad will resume next week so if you have thoughts on that or how to take my losing army and make it a winning army besides rolling higher when I need to roll higher, you can leave a comment below.

40K Narrative Campaign Week 2

That is correct, the Siege of Vanithros’s Bastion is back on…

That is correct, the Siege of Vanithros’s Bastion is back on and I boldly predicted I would lose my second campaign game as I decided to take the B-team from my starting 50 PL. I did get to bring McFly the Malevolent my Malignant Plaguecaster who was added after game one, but I also got the exact same mission I played against Devin last time and once again I had too few and too slow moving of models to win.

Not getting to go first also hurt, as did poor deployment, poor decision making, I forgot my plan about every second turn and apparently I roll double ones an inordinate amount of times when I take psychic tests. Now that I’ve completely ruined the battle report, I can also tell you we continue to recruit new participants in our campaign. The mysterious Chris has yet to play, but we did see him and lay guilt upon him. We recruited Daniel who may play Sisters of Battle or he may not. Alex succumbed to shiny new codex syndrome and apparently is now an Eldar player.

I Bought Stuff!

That is right my loyalty to the Sentry Box continues as I cashed in my points and bought soda, but also brown paint, which apparently is in short supply in Calgary. I also bought three GW handles which will apparently fit 40mm bases as I supposedly manhandle my models when I paint them. I also bought a new model. It was a model I wanted, but I don’t think it will help me win games. What I need is anti-armour, anti-armour that shoots more than 12 inches. So I should have bought a Myphitic Blight-Hauler but they may have been out of stock, so perhaps I should have a got a Foetid Bloat-drone because not only is my army poor at shooting, we’re slow too. But no, for the good of the campaign and to amuse Bill I bought a Plague Surgeon. It just might be the third best Foetid Virion…

My New Painting Handles

Suboptimal Army List

So after defeating Bill and boosting their shooting with a battle honour I promptly left my most expensive squad, the Burning Sores, in the case. My entire army is basically designed around them and my lord. I plan to paint new additions to that squad ASAP but I am trying to spread my experience points out so I took:

  • Maceo the Maligned, Chaos Lord of Nurgle
  • McFly the Malevolent, Malignant Plaguecaster
  • Syphilis, 5 Plague Marines with 2 Plasma Guns
  • Boris the Defiler

Devin’s army was a lot different and included a tank, a walker, and I swear thirty or more traitor guard. So even though I saw his army when he took it out of his case, and in theory I can read his order of battle online, I still lost the roll to go first and put my Defiler right on top of an objective, not in any cover. This was my first and maybe biggest mistake after taking an army list I knew was inferior to the army list I took last time which was already likely suboptimal according to the Internet.

Pregame Setup

Somehow I got volunteered to set up the terrain on both tables. Our game board had obvious sites for buildings so I set the terrain up in a grid and this meant there was only certain spots a vehicle could go, so of course after losing the roll to be attacker I set up my only vehicle and one of only 8 models I got to place on the table out in the open, but near a key objective.

The rest of my models, all seven of them went in a clump in cover. When Devin finished setting up he set up his big gun right opposite of mine, so the roll to go first became a big deal.

Battle Round One

Perhaps I placed Boris poorly

So if you haven’t guessed Devin won the roll to go first and I started thinking I should have set all my models up in cover or out of sight as I only had eight! But I also had three CP and checked that I could indeed launch smoke from the Defiler. Devin had an extra CP as I have spent more of my requisition points on warlord traits and relics each one of which apparently boosts your campaign point total.

Devin actually advanced. I have so few models I rarely use the extra movement because I want to shoot, but yeah Myphitic Blight-Haulers and Foetid Bloat-drones are looking real good in hindsight. But I both paint slow and I have literally hundreds of painted models, I just need to enbiggen their bases and requisition them. But long term I need more guns that shoot over 24 inches and can hurt tanks.

I know anything can hurt tanks in 9th Edition but my models were all literally on foot, so the deep striking Blightlord Terminators will likely also help, but I want more guns and will likely never field an army with this low of model count again. Anyway Devin shot all his big guns at Boris, this includes a hunter killer missile on the lone sentinel. That hit and I think did four wounds. I did use my Foul Smokescreen and I didn’t realize it at first because the battle tank got to roll a lot of dice, but Devin missed both shots with the vanquisher cannon. He did use a command re-roll and that missed too, so Boris got a bit lucky and maybe overconfident.

Death Guard Turn One

My entire army moves forward

Boris took four wounds, but he probably healed one, so maybe he took five. Either way he was alive and was still able to move and shoot maximumly so I moved him straight up towards the enemy and the next objective. We were playing Sweep and Clear again, so you can abandon objectives to try and capture another one.

I moved all my plague marines and my characters forward but did not advance. I chose to shoot Boris at the Sentinel as I thought I had a good chance of killing it in one turn and little chance of killing the Vanquisher in a single round of shooting. So that actually worked but may have been a mistake. McFly was over 18 inches away from the enemy but the Plague Marines were within 24 inches so I got to put some bolters and plasma blasts into some rebel guard.

I had chosen Honour Thy Patron as my agenda even though I didn’t have seven units, but I figured I had a good chance of killing regular Joes and it turns out veteran guardsmen. I think I might have killed three in turn one. I did cast Miasma of Pestilence on my Plague Marines reasoning I could use Foul Smokescreen again and everything would be alright.

Small armies on a small battlefield

Battle Round Two

Devin had scored 20 VP in the first turn, because technically I had no objectives, then he only scored 10 VP in the second so the score was 30-10 but then after advancing more guardsmen or former guardsmen he opened up with the Vanquisher cannon again. It did probably miss but he re-rolled and this time it did wound twice and I of course failed my invulnerable saves so I took 11 wounds. And for those mathematicians, I took four in the first turn or was it five, anyway my biggest most powerful model was now dead.

We forgot to test if it exploded, but no one was nearby. That was my hope, I would get close enough for Boris’s death to mean something. As it is, I’ll have to make better use of cover in the future as I really only had one source of guns that could shoot over 24 inches. We’ll get to larger games eventually, but I need to play better.

One plague marine may have also died this turn.

Death Guard Turn Two

I scored another 10 VP to start the second turn making the score 30-20 which doesn’t look so bad, but I pretty much knew I would lose because I just can’t walk all the way across the board to get the far objective. I need to add some speed to my army and some more ranged attacks quickly because my ability to predict whether I’ll win or lose is pretty accurate, but the game wasn’t over, I had six models.

My models all moved towards the enemy, I was keeping Maceo or the model I put on the table instead of Maceo, the unit champion of the Burning Sores, behind the lead Plague Marine but then I was thinking maybe I could get a charge so I nudged him to the front.

Looks like I’ll get to charge right?

In my psychic phase McFly killed 9 guardsmen. Devin wasn’t surprised because he said they were worth like 50 points, but still two offensive spells and extra mortal wounds to the closest unit, things usually don’t go well for me. This meant there was one model left and my charge was looking iffier, so I drew out my plasma pistol which my unit champion has but Maceo does not and shot the last one. I think the Plague Marines then shot at another squad of guardsmen.

So I knew Maceo, or the model that was taking his place was in trouble, and yes Boris had just failed his key invulnerable saves and yes I did use a command re-roll but surely a 4+ invulnerable save is better than a 5+ right? Also some guardsmen may have died in the moral phase. If the last model in the squad dies due to a combat attrition test or a failed moral check, you don’t get any XP for killing the unit, at least that is how we’ve been playing it…

Battle Round Three

So there were less guardsmen, but apparently the unpainted models, the ones with the shotguns and Forge World bits were the veterans. I really should ask my opponent what his stuff is and how much it costs in PL, but if I didn’t have anything to complain about, how can I blog? Anyway his warlord was with them that should have been a giveaway.

Devin was trying to get to a midfield objective, both in fact as he still had guardsmen or traitors on both flanks. He also still had the Vanquisher cannon and now Maceo was the closest model, I should really read the rules because now that I think of it, if he is within three inches or a squad isn’t he safe? What I need are some Death Shroud that or my Plague Surgeon may have helped him or just making my damn armour saves.

It’s alright ma, I’m only bleeding.

Maceo took four wounds from the Vanquisher cannon, I dutifully stacked four skull markers beside him and took a picture. I think I saved one shot or maybe Devin failed to wound once, he definitely used command points almost every time the Vanquisher cannon shot. The other guns it has are two heavy bolter sponsons and a heavy stubber. The heavy bolters are only -1 AP I think and the heavy stubber has no AP. I probably rolled a one for my armor save, I definitely rolled a lot of key ones, there are photos of some of them.

Death Guard Turn Three

With Maceo and Boris dead my chances looked even slimmer. Devin was now scoring 20 VP a turn so the score was 50-30 but I had five models, all in a clump, in no cover trying to get to an objective. McFly will probably never do 9 wounds in a psychic phase again and I tried to keep him behind Syphilis squad, but there is only so much you can do.

Five Death Guard remain on Turn Three

Of course I charged, but I let McFly charge first, he rolled an eleven, but he also had to take the overwatch and it included plasma guns. He survived, but perhaps I should have sent the plague marines in first, it is a toss up sometimes, but not something I gave a lot of thought to before now. Syphilis also rolled 11 on their charge so all my models got in and all chargers fight first.

I positioned my models to shoot one squad and charge another. I killed the guardsmen who were kinda disputing the objective I was after, so next time I got a command phase it could be mine. I think I also killed some advancing veterans. They were advancing because they had shotguns. They got first one and then were trying for a second midfield objective.

The Malignant Plaguecaster has no invulnerable save yet needs to get within 12 inches of the enemy. The model only has a bolt pistol so H2H seems like a win, hopefully his warlord trait, Revoltingly Resilient will keep him alive a while longer this campaign. I didn’t roll that well with McFly he probably killed two models and Syphilis killed the rest, so Honour Thy Patron was going well and now it was something like five models to two, as Devin’s warlord was making a run for my deployment zone and the objective I set Boris up on.

Five Death Guard, Two Traitor models

Battle Round Turn Four

The Vanquisher hadn’t even been shot at, but once again it had a target rich environment. I had kept the Plague Marines in front, so they took some damage, they might have been take down to two models or perhaps three. The Rebel Guardsmen HQ ran towards my deployment zone.

Death Guard Turn Four

This was the turn I may have damaged the Vanquisher. I thought about using the mind bullets on it, but if I was to have any chance of winning I had to split my forces and go for the enemy HQ and the enemy deployment zone at the same time!

Now it is four models versus two

I once again never advanced and I think I forgot to advance on the crucial last turn as I got sick of the Vanquisher and put some plasma into it. I lost one plague marine to enemy fire, the Vanquisher must have rolled some ones, McFly was in the open again, but I had hoped he could charge the enemy HQ and he succeeded. I first tried psychics and his not so trusty bolt pistol but ironically the only wounds were caused when I rolled over 7 on my psychic test. The actual Plague Wind did nothing.

My memory is hazy already but I rolled double ones for my psychic test multiple times, I kept a command point in reserve for this, it may have only been twice this game, but it may have been three times. However in H2H I got two big hits on the wounded traitor but he rolled double sixes for his invulnerable save and survived!

Also because I was smart enough to take photos and notes, I cast a second psychic power in turn four, Miasma of Pestilence.

Battle Round Five

Syphilis was visible and the colonel fell back towards my deployment zone and objective. I chose not to spend a command point for a one in six chance to do a wound, because he had two wounds left and I knew I’d need my command point to try and survive.

Apparently, I thought of making them -1 to hit!

The Vanquisher cannon and the rest of that tank I believe fired on Syphilis, the Vanquisher cannon hit twice and killed two models, then the heavy bolter did a wound, then of course for the stubber I couldn’t roll even a 3+ and that squad was no more. I took a picture of that one. As bad as my armour saves were it was the multiple one in 36 chances of failing my psychic test with double ones that finally got me to curse.

Death Guard Turn Five

This happened too often

McFly used his mind bullets but I not only failed my psychic test with double ones the re-roll was three, so I used the second psychic power because you don’t bring a Malignant Plaguecaster then become so scared you don’t use his powers. I think I had taken one wound at the time. So short story I didn’t kill myself, nor did I kill the enemy warlord.

However I did still have my bolt pistol, which promptly missed or failed to wound, so once again I had to charge, and finally, I did it, Colonel Richard Flair was dead. This left the battlefield with two models, the wounded Plaguecaster and the damaged Vanquisher.


After predicting I would lose and doubling down when I saw what random mission I rolled against Devin’s horde, the final score was 80-50. Technically I got 10 VP because I painted all my models, but seven plague marines is just too few to make an army. The Defiler should use cover, but we’re just playing for fun and if I wanted to advance up the board, there was literally one clear path.

We did our post game Out of Action tests and of course Maceo rolled a one. I was going to sacrifice D6 experience but Devin convinced me to take a battle scar. You can spend a Requisition Point to remove them later, but I will not do that for at least a week or two. I chose -1 Movement which is a lot of hopping, but maybe he’ll learn his lesson and not get ahead of his screening unit now that he has one leg. It appears, I don’t have to bust off a metal leg and convert the model by next game, in Gorkamorka we would have, second best GW game ever!

Syphilis and McFly did really well at Honouring Thy Patron but there was no way I could score all the points, you need a much bigger game. They each got two extra VP. Both Boris and Maceo killed a unit, but not an important unit, I need to learn my opponent’s armies better and prioritize my targets. I made Boris man of the match, even though it was really McFly who killed 15 models to Syphilis’s 13.

The reason I marked Boris for greatness is I really need more shooting. I can paint some models of course, but I gotta stop buying models, so perhaps a dreadnought gets dusted off, that was one way I got heavy weapons back in the day. I have three painted dreadnoughts, none are armed optimally for 9th Edition perhaps, but the rules keep changing. I need to now make sure it will fit in my case.

Building for Next Game

I almost took a dreadnought in my starting 50, but I decided a Defiler was just more threatening, but I only have one painted Defiler so that means I can spend two Requisition Points and bring one of my three dreadnoughts, two have two heavy weapons, but I kinda think on the new small boards, having a H2H weapon is good. I may choose the smallest least converted dreadnought or maybe I’ll take a night to think about it.

Syphilis was a 20 model squad so I can easily add five more models including a third plasma gun to that squad. I was going to bring five more green Plague Marines, my proposed melta gun squad. I’m trying to theme every squad but in previous editions I eventually moved towards squads with two meltas and a combi-flamer for the champion. This option is no longer available and of course I eventually made my take on the plasma gun line squad. I’m going to stick to my plan and make a plague flamer squad but longer term I may end up with a mix of flamers and meltas in the same squad because I always have trouble killing armour.

I think I will paint some blight launchers eventually, but I don’t want to buy a box of seven models to get one special weapon, so I’ll have to try to buy just key bits, but they always seem to be unavailable in the bitz shops so I may haunt eBay or I may just get tired of painting plague marines.

In 9th Edition the Plague Marine champion can not have a combi-flamer and I’ve yet to field a power fist. I think a cheap champ or a plasma gun champ is a valid option, as is a plasma pistol champ, but the full gun is just better because it has 24 inch range which is big in these low PL games. I have lots of painted champions but I’ll probably do some new ones, but that is way down on the priority list. Getting four plague marine squads probably 40 guys on the table is a near term goal, but without guns that can shoot over 24 inches and do more than one wound I will struggle as bigger and bigger models join the campaign.

Enter Toe Jam

Although my least sexy and least converted dreadnought, Toe Jam has two heavy weapons and both could threaten a Vanquisher. A dreadnought, neigh Hellbrute, doesn’t give me the speed of the newer small daemon engines, but there is a Hellbrute stratagem and with two weapons that can shoot 48 inches and costing 7 power, I can have this model and its’ guns now whereas I’d have to paint the new sexier models over the coming weeks.

Another reason I picked this model is it is easy to transport. It has no spikes, it is isn’t metal or resin, it was a boring dread that came in the 3rd Edition boxset I believe that I converted to the dark side to rival Owen’s Kickie and Stompie. Toe Jam did make an appearance at GT Calgary and since there is no appearance score in our campaign, transportability trumps looks. This is also my only dreadnought that is 100% perfectly legal in 9th Edition WYSIWYG.

Elsewhere in the Pariah Nexus

Ultramarines VS Eldar on Table Two

For those keeping score, Bill lost again. This means Bill is 0-fer, he has no wins. Devin and Alex are actually undefeated and I am a respectable 1-1. Bill’s Avenging Sons and their ability to pass moral tests has apparently boosted them considerably. They do have a Battle Scar, Devin seems pro-Battle Scar, but I have enough trouble remembering the rules without having to remember rules that make my models worse, come to think of it, I actually specialize in those rules.

A Battle Scar supposedly lowers your Campaign Points or is it Power Level by one, I should check that. It is one less Campaign Point, Devin must be scheming how to keep his Campaign Points low to get extra Command Points in the game, so Maceo will now limp five inches a turn until he learns to make better use of cover and screening troops.

Spreading the Plague

I had a virulence point left over from completing my agenda last game, so I’m using that to give the Plague Carrier ability to McFly. He got into H2H multiple times and only three characters can be given this but I doubt I get many more than three or four characters in this campaign. Bringing Toe Jam who is an Elite Choice and not a Heavy Support choice now, means I may have one Elite choice left until we get to the really big games and having bought a Plague Surgeon it is pretty obvious Foetid Virion are in my and every Death Guard player’s plans.

That means no Death Shroud anytime soon, c’est la vie. Historically I struggle with armour, I know deep striking and H2H are viable options now, but there are a lot of Stratagems and the enemies are only going to get more powerful. I will try to bring one or both my Elite choices next game, maybe my true screening troops and then see if Maceo and McFly can’t spread some plague.

If you think I played terribly and should have bought a model that wasn’t in stock and painted it in the ten block car ride home, you can leave a comment below. If you want to leave taunts for Bill who has yet to win an official campaign game, I will also allow that. Until next time, make mine Nurgle.

A moral victory, is still a victory right?

Yesterday’s game became today’s game and killing all your opponents models became a loss…

Yesterday’s game became today’s game and killing all your opponents models became a loss, but we’re talking practice here, practice. As you may have guessed Bill texted me and asked me if I could play 40K on this holiday Monday in Alberta and I ended up playing Devin again, as we showed up and were prepared, well maybe not totally prepared but I had four Nurgling Infested Objectives!

As you may have guessed our campaign has not started, but I’ve been told in no uncertain terms that the campaign that still does not have a name, the campaign for which I still haven’t painted all the models I need to paint, the campaign for which I haven’t prepared all the index cards I need to prepare, the campaign where some players haven’t even decided on their faction, the campaign for which I will once again change my starting 50 PL is going to start next Saturday. Unless of course it snows again or someone has to work.

Starting Campaign Force

There will be an official Google sheet and I will prepare index cards for all my units and I will keep a journal, not just a blog, though everyone is starting to come around to becoming Instafamous. Although you start with 50 PL of supplies, you may be forced to play 25 PL games so you need a legal and small Patrol detachment. Today I played with just 23 PL because we’re talking practice, but hopefully I learned something and the ability to take exactly 25 PL of legal Battle Forged army may be an advantage I need, to have a chance against our newest recruit, Alex with an E!

50 PL of Death Guard

  • Chaos Space Marine Lord
  • 10 Plague Marines
  • 5 Plague Marines
  • 10 Chaos Cultists
  • 5 Blightlords
  • 1 Defiler
  • 1 Chaos Spawn
  • 1 Rhino

The biggest change was to drop McFly the Malevolent my Malignant Plaguecaster for the moment. He is exactly 5 PL so he is an easy recruit, he is painted, he has been rebased and people think that is a valuable addition to a Death Guard force. This strategy will allow me to go up to the next detachment in size, because I will have 2 HQ and 3 Troops. I replaced McFly with a lowly spawn and a rhino.

Bill has an irrational hatred of rhinos, but my main troops move 5 inches. I can not win some missions without greater movement and you can mount a havoc missile launcher on a rhino so that gives me another gun that can shoot over 24 inches. The chaos spawn will not do much, eventually maybe I can recruit four more, but having something that is one power level makes math easier both now and in the future.

My suboptimal army

Today’s Army

My army list for today was simply one Chaos Lord, Maceo the Maligned whom I’m beginning to think is not optimally armed but no one else has his stick or his gun in my entire collection so that makes him special. He has also never led a major excursion or should that me incursion of the Diseased Sons. In a perfect game he won’t get stuck in H2H or get shot at much, but I do think a terminator lord or one of “the Lords of” would be better. I also had the freshly rebased Syphilis squad which already I think would benefit from more members and even more guns so that will be another early campaign requisition. Finally I had my ragtag group of cultists led by Cancerous the Extremely Naughty plus Boris the Defiler.

My Opponent’s Army

Devin once again went with his Fallen and some cultists. He changed his Lord’s armament I think he had the Black Mace and I think he boosted his Chaos Space Marines to ten models and they might have gotten a banner of some sort. Their champion had a power fist.


Campaign games require a lot of preparation and maybe even more work between games. I know I can’t keep up painting like this so I will not get the extra 10 victory points for fully painted unless we stick to 25 PL forever. Fully painted is a thing, but WYSIWYG appears not to be a thing…

Our plan today was to play campaign mission one “Sweep and Clear” and our plan going forward is everyone in the campaign will play the same missions right up until someone misses a week, then I don’t know the plan. But we will play “Sweep and Clear” next week and it won’t be practice, it might not even be 25 PL or 23 as was the case for me today.

I could have taken some Deadly Pathogens but I wanted to try my units as they would appear in the campaign.

I won some rolls, I became the Attacker, not sure that is advantageous but I got to place my newly painted objective. Devin got to go first and he got to choose sides, so I didn’t win all the rolls, nor did I make all my 4+ invulnerable or even half, but that is foreshadowing.


Devin put one of his cultist squads in the ruins with an objective, I placed my cultist squad basically diagonally opposite in ruins with an objective. He placed his other cultists in some other terrain on his opposite flank, so my left his right. I put my purple plague marines on the far side to advance on that objective. He placed the rhino on one flank and I placed my defiler whose non-standard shape may be an issue to some, over by the cultists hoping to shoot the rhino because my agenda was to kill the squad in the rhino, his agenda was to kill my lord which I forgot about, though I think I wrote it down.

Both lords were deployed last, his by his rhino and Maceo by my plague marines. They would meet and one would die.

The enemy battle line

Battle Round One

Devin got to go first so he roared a rhino up and it skidded behind a ruined building. One squad of cultists advanced and his chaos lord had a counts as jump back or something. Devin had very little shooting and did not kill a model. The mission does not let you score your primary objective in turn one so it was on to my half of the battle round. Devin used a CP for a smokescreen.

My Turn One

I moved my cultists up to the wall, they really should be armed better and I’d prefer it was a bigger squad, but 10 cultists that is weeks of painting for me, so it all depends how the campaign goes whether it happens, but I own a lot of unpainted models. My defiler actually backed up because I thought he might try to charge and I was lining up my big guns. My lord and plague marines moved 5 inches forward. I forgot to shoot with the lord, but the plague marines killed three cultists. I like the icon of better bolters. I really do think a ten strong squad of mostly bolters can work, I will experiment with different configurations during the campaign.

So at the end of battle round one, the score was officially zero zero, but I had killed three cultists so it kinda felt like I was winning, but it turns out my army is too slow to walk to the other deployment zone.

Battle Round Two

His rhino and all his chaos space marines did not pursue the cultists instead they drove towards the Nurgling Infested Objective. His rhino captured the other objective in the middle of the table. In 9th Edition you have to get out of the rhino before it moves so he decided to stay in the rhino and this time he did not use a CP to pop smoke. His shooting was once again ineffective. He did score 20 VP as at the start of his command phase he had his two objectives.

Capture the Objective, Kill the Enemy

My Turn Two

In my half of the round, I scored 10 VP as the Cancer Cell can indeed sit on an objective and hide behind a wall. They stayed put while my vintage kit bashed Defiler advanced, in hindsight maybe that was the model to run headlong at the enemy deployment zone, but honestly I brought it to give me some shots over 24 inches not to win a one hundred meter sprint. The plague marines and my Lord walked 5 inches forward, this was important as it got their plasma guns within 12 inches of something.

When everyone was on the plasma bandwagon I stuck with my meltas and flamers for the most part but I did build Syphilis which used to be able to be 20 plague marines strong and if used as a havoc squad have four or was it three plasma guns. Anyway it is a very big, very purple squad. I have another smaller purple squad, the Scarlet Fevers who have a less cool banner but maybe better champs, but for this campaign it will be the Burning Sores and Syphilis to start.

The bolter plague marines always get to rapid fire and if they are near the lord and the banner of better bolters they can roll some dice. Bolters have no AP in this edition of 40K, hence why I like meltas and my melta squad will be the next Plague Marine squad requisitioned into the campaign. As it is, they rolled a lot of dice, I did not roll any ones with the plasm guns but his lord got a fright. His Chaos Space Marine Lord has a 4+ invulnerable save and I think was in cover too, so he survived but I did do a wound.

My defiler has two blast weapons and with the split fire rule, I generally put the battle canon err Defiler Canon into the rhino and the other two guns into infantry. Last game it was the heavy bolter that did better because it always gets six shots, the havoc launch has to get lucky to get six shots, but really I built the model to get the big gun which used to be able to indirect fire. I’ll probably get some Plagueburst Crawlers eventually, but as unpurchased, unpainted models they are way down the list on what might get requisitioned in our campaign.

My cultists well two of them fired off some pot shots as cultist on cultist crime is what I’m all about. Their big gun, is not so big, but I think they need it so boosting this squad to twenty models will be another campaign and painting goal.

Battle Round Three

Devin got his Chaos Space Marines out of his rhino and along with his lord, prepared to charge my thin purple line. His two cultists in his deployment zone left cover to support them. His rhino roared towards my cultists and his unbloodied cultists were creeping around in some ruins.

He made both his charge rolls and once again the turn before I did not try to charge because honestly I think I’m supposed to take the charges and I don’t have anything that opens rhinos up, a power fist could easily happen I have several champs with one, but I’m trying to theme my squads and make them all unique and special so that is another unit to requisition, the power fist champ led Plague Marines, I think I can do two or three squads like that, but I usually just have one. Every devotee is a unique and beautiful snowflake in the eyes of Nurgle.

I did miss my plague flamers and along with my two plasma guns I can have a plague spewer and in my very first practice game I did, so that model will be pressed back into service because he looks cool and I’m the plague flamer guy apparently.

The battle truly begins

Chargers fight first so my guys took it, he killed two models in Syphilis maybe three with his shooting and charging. He also did two wounds on my lord likely with his lord. I really hope people think of names for their characters, Maceo the Maligned doesn’t just kill anybody.

I did get to fight back in H2H and I had two Plague Marines and my lord against 10 CSM and another Chaos Lord with the Black Mace. I played Trench Fighters and Creeping Blight. I like Trench Fighters it is an extra attack for each member of Syphilis which was only two attacks but hey, I was happy to be alive. I never rolled any unmodified sixes and won’t be in a hurry to use that other stratagem again, I think there are better options. Maceo of course helped them re-roll and he has the Power Maul which is odd, because it is high strength but has low AP. I did at least another wound on his Lord but the Chaos Space Marines made all their saves.

Time to release the toxins!

My Turn Three

I scored 10 VP after Devin scored 20 VP so the score was 40-20 for Devin now that I check my math, but I was alive on the right flank, outnumbered 11-3 but alive. I immediately released the toxins. I had not used any command points until Devin charged me so I was hoping my Lord would survive at least to do this. It is better than either Trench Fighters or Creeping Blight, it killed a Chaos Space Marine and more importantly his Lord.

Then in my shooting phase I played the Blightening. This really upset Devin even though I used this exact same Stratagem in our last game on his rhino. He took the card over to Bill to confirm it says what it says. Last time he was all excited to see 18 dice, this time less so. It says “Death Guard models” so my lord can be one of the three. This thinned the herd but again Blight Grenades have no AP so it isn’t that bad, but the Lord can let the Plague Marines re-roll so it was twelve potential wounds. I kept telling Devin he shouldn’t charge but he kept insisting he had to…

Also in my shooting phase the Defiler took the centre of the battle field and starting killing cultists and stripping more wounds off the rhino. My cultists advanced and actually got to use their flamer. I think I even spent a command re-roll as first try I got a one, I ended up with a three and I killed a few cultists with my shooting.

In H2H I think it went less well one of my plague marines died and I was down to just the champ who was wounded. Devin’s guys all have bolt pistols so he can shoot in H2H too, that is called foreshadowing.

Battle Round Four

This game was tight but Devin scored 30 VP because his army is more maneuverable than mine and right about now I was thinking handicapping myself by 8% of my army’s power was not so smart. His rhino drove towards the one objective I held, his surviving cultists also advanced on Cancerous the Extremely Naughty and his plucky squad including the recently escaped and recruited Purple Bootie Gang.

Did I mention his Chaos Space Marines can shoot their pistols in H2H and he has special rules too, one letting him basically rapid fire bolt pistols? He had a plasma pistol and power fist guy in there two and soon it was just Maceo all alone.

Flamer on Overwatch FTW!

His cultists charged my cultists which surprised me, but I had my flamer so I used overwatch. Even one of my non-flamer guys rolled a six. And as I kept telling him getting closer to the Death Guard is bad for your health as cultists drop to toughness two! So once again it was cultist on cultist crime, the Death Guard won, but I did get shot up before he charged and finally my pistol guys got to use their extra attack.

My Turn Four

The filth must flow

I think Maceo lived to see my half of turn four, but he did not live to see the end of the battle. I of course used Eruption of Filth, I think it killed a Chaos Space Marine. But before all that I moved my defiler right up close to his rhino. There was some debate over how big my defiler was, but honestly unless I roll double ones I should make my charge and engagement range is not 3″ so I could put some shots into the rhino as it was the only thing not in H2H. I think the other cultists got picked off earlier by the defiler.

I did not roll double ones to charge, I rolled a total of six. The Defiler Claws, now those can peel some armor, the rhino still lived but was down to two wounds and later drove towards my deployment zone objective.

Battle Round Five

Devin was running out of guys, I think my cultists had killed his cultists in H2H in the previous Battle Round, but it doesn’t matter in this mission you score the objectives you touched until the enemy touches them basically so he got another whopping 30 VP giving him 100.

I know I killed his Chaos Space Marines, the Defiler was man of the match, but the Redemptionist with the flamer, which was very difficult to assemble and I basically have no chance of painting by next Saturday managed to do almost as well, he walked over and cooked some Fallen. So the game ended with me getting another 10 VP and losing 100-40. I had unpainted models and technically Devin did not, so that would make it 110-40, but I was alive, I completed my agenda but so apparently did Devin in hindsight, so like I said it felt like moral victory and I did kill every one of his models again.

Post Game

We went to the Pig & Duke. We did not do all the proper post-game record keeping, as once again this was practice, we’re talking about practice. I’m not sure sacrificing every soldier in your army including having your warlord die because he fancies himself a beast in H2H is how you win a campaign, but I learned a lot.

I learned that saving your Command Points for when it matters can help. I learned that 10 Plague Marines is probably more than twice as good as five. It used to be people took small squads to max out special weapons, now I can’t paint enough and I’m not sure I want to buy enough special weapons to max out special weapons in every plague marine squad. I’m not sure I’ll run the five man minimalist squad but I think Sigil of Decay combined with Malicious Volley and Inexorable Advance backed up by auras and likely some melta guns and plague flamers, I mean the Chosen Sons never even got to use their signature stratagem and I don’t own a Foul Blightspawn but eventually I must get two.

Time will tell, but is the melta gun and flamer combo still be the best for Plague Marines, I will have to paint some more models and find out as I’ve yet to try the blight launcher. Finding the optimal plague marine squad or just some cool ones is my hidden agenda for this campaign. My main agenda will probably be to annoy Bill.

Post Post Game

25 to 32 to 40 millimetres

So after lunch which was at 3pm and before typing all this up I actually glued another base to Maceo. After consulting Bill and the Internet I went with a 32mm base for my Chaos Lord in Power Armor, Alex our newest recruit and probably the person to beat, says 40mm. Bill and Devin thought it would make him stand out so I am putting him on a pedestal.

I also spent about two hours building a chaos spawn. I briefly thought if it is just a base coat and I have four evenings maybe I can get my entire army painted. Two hours of cleaning tentacles and trying to glue it together later and my goal is to get this soon to be hated model painted. I want to do a good job especially on my elite Blightlord with his out of print never painted before Forgeworld bits. I also want to help Cancerous rise again, even if he got demoted.

This does not look easy to paint and assemble

Foolishly I consulted Bill again and he wants a giant skull with glowing green eyes on the base of the chaos spawn and he wants me not to dry brush the spawn, but instead he thinks maybe a blue grey flesh tone or an actual flesh coloured flesh tone would look good. I glued way too many tentacles on this spawn, all the tentacles or at least seven. I’m not even sure I can dry brush him well. So it will be Contrast paints and washes, maybe following my recent pink Nurgling recipe is easiest. After all aren’t spawn just like big Nurglings?

If you have thoughts on what colour I should paint my first ever chaos spawn or you already know the optimal plague marine squad and want to share this info, or even if you think 32mm is the one true Chaos Space Marine Lord base size you can leave a comment below. This has been a crazy hobby weekend, there may never be another one like this one until we start our Kill Team or Necromunda campaign.