Painted a Model

After an over three year break, I finally paint another 28mm model.

So I went to see some old friends who just happen to run a gaming store. So while we were talking they said, why don’t you buy a model and paint something, so it became something of a challenge. The models I bought were the new (to me) Nurglings and I used the store paints and even more challenging the store brushes to paint one stand. Nurgling stand in three pieces

I never timed it, I wasn’t in a big rush, I picked Nurglings because I like to paint them and they are good to experiment with, they also can’t look wrong. I used five different colours to basecoat with, one grey, one purple, one green, one blue, and one brown. I never wrote the paint names down, I can’t even pronounce GW’s current paint names. But a clever person could figure out what I used.

I painted the model in three pieces until I got to the highlight stage. I used just one very well-used starter brush which made doing good eyes and teeth almost impossible. I had to repaint a lot of lips and noses. In the end I just had to say good enough because the store had to close.

I used every wash err “Shade” but the red one because it had ran out. I used purple and blue to shade my red. I also used the red glaze some. I tried one of the dry paints, it isn’t for me, but I can see how it would help painting an army of skeletons for instance. Finally after I used many many washes and I used the flat of the brush to do my highlights such as they are, I tried the texture paint to do the base. It never dried in time to highlight, I even used some special tool to apply it.

My basically finished stand of Nurglings

People badmouth GW but they make nice models, expensive, but I spent about six hours painting this one stand of Nurglings. I’m old, my back seriously had seized up by the time it came to highlighting. I could have done better with some better brushes, even using a smaller brush to do highlights and the faces would have helped, but I stubbornly stuck to the one brush even after it became less and less pointy. As Owen noted this was the first model I had ever painted in a store. Usually I go home paint with my paints, with my brushes, which I keep reasonably good care of and sort my colours specifically from lightest to darkest. This model was very much ‘winged’.

If I can get a new job and a new place to live, I’ll put together a painting desk. I’m one of the few people in the world who wants to paint worse. I spent maybe six hours on this Nurgling from opening the package to taking the last photo, Owen looked it up, it was a 15 point model in an army I don’t want to use needing a book I don’t own. So since 1500 points is the standard Warhammer 40,000 game size where I come from, I only need to paint 99 more Nurglings to have an army. If I want to get an army painted I gotta choose models that are easy to paint and high points value, which is why I never start a new army err faction as GW terms them now.

Of course I already have painted almost a dozen Nurgling stands and plenty of other Nurgle demons, more than enough for a 1500 point army, they just wouldn’t be much of a force seeing as how I don’t even know the rules, let alone know enough to build an effective army. Unlike everyone else I’m not big on summoning or deep striking, I’m more into just painting stuff that looks cool.

I actually think I did a better job on the backs of the Nurglings, but I never took a photo of the backs, when the model is finally officially done, based and sealed I’ll take another photo. The tips of the horns kept rubbing off, it’ll be tough to match the paint perfectly, someday I’ll paint again, it was July 18th 2011 when I last finished a model. My back is so shot. Six hour painting days or other long, long days in front of a computer is hard on the back, so what do I do when I get home? Update this blog and pour myself a whisky.

Textured Paint Applied to the Base

More tools of the trade

Today I haven’t painted a single brush stroke. I’ve been so unproductive and lazy I forced myself at around 4:30pm to bike down to Grand Prix hobbies to buy some styrene. I’ve been hanging out more on the Waaagh and I want to get my Looted Wagons armed correctly and fully painted for this edition of Warhammer 40,000.  I also plan to do at least two Battlewagons which will be converted and kitbashed but first I need a new job.

I actually have a job interview Tuesday afternoon. However I have my doubts about the position and the job offer. The company is a startup and although I’m totally willing to work for a startup, I don’t know what they actually do or how they plan to make money, besides the ever trendy “social media“. Seems to me that the social media field is a lot more crowded than it was three or better still four or five years ago. I know as I’ve been blogging for a long time. Anyway we’ll see what the CEO has to say.

Styrene tubes and more
Styrene tubes and more

I ended up buying more than a few tubes of styrene.  I forgot how much styrene and Woodland Scenics stuff they carry. I think they get some model train people, scale modelers, and maybe even a few architects or students at least. Imperial Hobbies has a lot of stuff too, but I always think that is farther to go.  Grand Prix is a decent bike ride, but you can still bike there and back in under an hour I imagine. I usually stop somewhere else on the way back…

I couldn’t pass up the battlefield styrene. I’ll probably cut one of them up. The tubes will also serve as pipes and what not, but some may get turned into gun barrels. I wanna order some more paint and of course Forgeworld goodies, but first I have to paint some Diseased Sons, then assemble and paint some more Chaos Space Marines, then two Forgeworld models… Then maybe I won’t feel guilty buying some small Forgeworld stuff.

Plus I’m going to get back to making terrain tiles every couple of weeks. I have to assemble another paint rack. All these plans don’t leave a lot of time for Warhammer Fantasy Battle. If I want to play that game, the Daemons are ready to go, but they always lose, so I’ll have to finish off another goblin unit. I plan to paint some Slaneesh daemons gradually, possibly over a grey basecoat which I’ll continue to experiment with. Painting even a dozen Slaneesh daemons seems easier and funner than 25 Ork Boyz or even 66 goblin shields…

New Painting Queue
New Painting Queue

Waaagh Musk 40K, requires lots of touch ups, and re-armings. Last night I did further revisions to the army list, I added and removed some vehicle upgrades, and I think one of my dreads will get a weapon swap, and I might as well give the Blood Axe nob a powerfist too…  It might sound like a lot but there isn’t very many Orks in Waaagh Musk at 1500 points. I do have to do up five large vehicles, which I usually hate to do, but Ork vehicles can be made a lot funner and less work through heavy drybrushing and crazy weathering techniques.

Stay tuned, I might paint something late at night. Last night while I couldn’t sleep I tried out the Vallejo paint on gloss varnish, it worked great on the Bloodletter’s horns. If not tomorrow I will begin work on the last Purple Plaguemarines/Nurgle renegades I will ever paint, I mean it this time.

Remember these models?

Work In Progress Models
Work In Progress Models

Well they are still not finished.  Finishing up all the models on my desk and in my painting queue was another post-Astronomi-con Vancouver goal. Speaking of Astro Van the official scores were released today. I finished tied for 2nd in Best Appearance and lost the trophy due to tie breakers. Apparently no one voted for me for best army, while 3 people voted for Will’s Iron Warriors.  Oh well perhaps if I finish my army before 4AM the day of the tournament…

I’ll have to see about improving my appearance score by one more point, it’ll be tough but not impossible. Maybe I should join a club and try to get some friends and family votes…  I finished 12th overall which is another personal best, but I think I could have done better in Games 3 and 6, if not winning at least getting a draw. So the goal for next year is to finish my trench table, try to improve my painting score some how, and to win at least three games, hopefully four. Given twelve months it might be doable, though it has gotten hot again.

Primed or mostly assembled
Primed or mostly assembled

First thing I need to do is apply for more jobs. I’m still waiting to hear back from some company that might want me, but I found a few jobs yesterday that I was just too tired or lazy to apply for. I think I’ll be applying to those this afternoon. Then this evening back to the painting desk. I gotta finish the 2nd test bezerker and the purple Bloodletter. Both are only an hour or so away from being done. Then I think I might paint some Gretchin…

That’s right three Gretchin have wormed their way into my paint queue and I think I can clear them out pretty quick. Then there are a bunch of Diseased Sons that I’m going to do to complete certain units for this codex. A new Chaos Codex would complicate my life but I think it is more than 12 months away, so eventually I’ll be doing Bezerkers, more Chosen, and some giant robots in theory for next year’s Astronomi-con Vancouver. The Servants of Decay might have to wait another year, as will my orks. I only paint so fast and the trench table is going to take most of my hobby time I think.

Warhammer 8th Edition Battle Royale

That’s right, this week in our Mighty Empires Campaign it had been decreed by the store owner that everyone who showed up would take part in the Battle Royale Mission as per page 406 of the big red rulebook. I read the rules and knew right away I wasn’t winning. Even with some changes and additions to my army there are a lot better armies in our campaign and I always seem to get ganged up on whenever games like this are played.

The infamous Ogre Army
The infamous Ogre Army

When we showed we were divided into two groups, those at the top of the campaign standings and those like me at the bottom. You’d think this would increase my odds, but some new players had joined including an Ogre army that was really nice and really intimidating sitting on the table top. I took a bunch of photos of the armies being unboxed to show the folks in Austin and Ron from From the Warp what painted armies look like. Apparently in places other than Vancouver, people can’t be bothered to paint their armies. In our campaign at the store I go to, if it ain’t painted you can’t use it. Not just primer either, painted, multiple colours and based or you play down points or not at all in the store. I’m sure people field partially painted models now and then, not me of course, and if you look at the armies and the photos from our game, you won’t see much that is undone.

Sidhu's new Skaven Army
Sidhu’s new Skaven Army

I volunteered to lead our table and keep the five player, unusual mission game, moving. I was better at that than I was at actually played the game. Our game went way smoother than the top players who had tonnes of Level 4 wizards and the more blood thirsty lists. I also think several of them spent gold to go over points in order to try and win. This week there was to be only two winners, though I think some other folks might have got an extra campaign point or two…

We rolled to see who went in the middle after setting up the terrain and objectives. I rolled one, but Ben also rolled one, so we rolled off, and I rolled one again. I deployed first in the centre of the table where everyone could see me and potentially charge me early and often. I set up so I could quickly secure three objectives. This seemed like a sound strategy and in 40K it probably is. But none of my Nurgle Daemons have any shooting attacks so standing around isn’t usually in their best interest, especially when magic spells are getting hurled at you.

My Deployment
My Deployment

Ben should have had to deploy second, but he had the Scouts campaign event which complicated things a bit. The ogres set up next and it turned out my entire army had their backs to the entire ogre army. I knew eventually the Plaguebearers would be charged in the rear, the question was when? Taking a huge unit of ogres up the ass was going to hurt.

Pavol, the Undead player, got to deploy last which has its own disadvantages but he rarely got charged as a result of always going last. The lizardman player wasn’t the best Warhammer Fantasy Battle Player and he was too conservative and indecisive he never wanted to cross the potentially mystical river and that hurt him. He hurled spells and did other annoying stuff but in general most of the game took place on the other flanks and it was the big battle surrounding the Plaguebearers that would determine the winner.

All five armies arrayed for battle
All five armies arrayed for battle
My first turn of movement
My first turn of movement

Warhammer Fantasy Battle is funny, I can tell you exactly where the pivotal battle will take place as soon as people start deploying their armies. I’m not even good at the game, so either I have some innate tactical ability or it is fairly obvious that the empty spot between certain units is where they will meet and the game will be decided. In this case it was between the Plaguebearers and the Beastmen. And due to the fact the ogre guy played it very conservative early on, the Plaguebearers and Beastmen beat each other up and the Ogres ran in and just pounded on the Plaguebearers from behind. The ogres would have won the game until the Undead player got involved and even the Lizardmen player started casting minor annoying spells his way.

The enemy armies advance in turn one
The enemy armies advance in turn one

It wasn’t everyone versus the ogres, it was everyone versus me as I was in the middle. After five turns there was only two combats I didn’t take part in and they were both in the far corner of the table between units that never really did anything in terms of capturing objectives or killing generals, ie what the mission was all about.

The Big Hoe Down Round One
The Big Hoe Down Round One

I kept the game moving and light hearted. I’m the one that was destined to get the shit kicked out of me and my legendary bad luck reared it’s head but I learned a valuable lesson. Don’t make your general a spell caster, especially if your general is a 300 plus point daemon prince. The one spell you get isn’t worth the potential miscast result. Making your BSB a spell caster is also unwise, but I believe Lizardmen players frequently do both, but they have 40 Saurus bodyguards for their Slann and Slann are not helpless they are tough old buggers.

So yeah I move, take some objectives. Magic and shooting are minor, but the undead player has some spell that does damage to every enemy unit on the board which is bad for us all, and it usually fell to me to stop him from casting it, using my Spellbreaker ability or all my dispel dice. I was a good team player even though people kept attacking me.

I decided to get more aggressive and with the ogres looming marched away from them to fight the Beastmen. I didn’t think I’d dispatch the beastmen, in fact I thought he’d charge me, but he waited to get flank charges, but Slime Trail negates that to some degree. The ogre guy continued to wait until he thought it was prudent to charge. The lizardman player had cast a bunch of spells at Slim. He took Lore of Heavens, which obviously he must like, but looking it over I don’t think it is that great, it does do extra damage against models that can fly though.

Nurgle VS Skinks
Nurgle VS Skinks

I didn’t like this so Slim and the Beasts charged the closest Lizardmen. One unit fled so both Slim and the Beasts of Nurgle hit into some Skinks. The Skinks stood and shot and managed through poison to kill a Beast of Nurgle they’d already wounded in the previous shooting phase. This only upset me more so Slim cast his one spell on the Cold One Knights with the fancy banner. It wouldn’t even do anything to them really, just weaken them for a turn that they weren’t even in H2H but some how I got it in my head to use my last three power dice having already tried to cast my Tzeentch spells or the Tzeentch spells that were in range. I promptly rolled two sixes.

After Slim Blows Up
After Slim Blows Up

No big deal I thought. BibbltyBobbltyBoo had already miscast the turn before and I made my ward saves and nothing happened. This time I rolled 3. This meant a Strength 10 hit, Slim is a big boy, he has four wounds, then the next part said I had a 50% chance of just plain disappearing. Oh it wasn’t a Strength 10 hit on all my spell casters. It was a Strength 10 hit on all models under the large template centered on Slim. This killed 5 skinks and wounded the Beast of Nurgle, but Slim was fine.

So I had to make one 4+ or Slim would die, I of course rolled a one.

All was not lost, the Beasts rolled up 14 attacks and crushed the skinks, then they fled into a unit of Sauruses who panicked and I wiped both the units out through the magic of Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Both the Ogre and Beast player saw this coming and after losing my Daemon Prince I wasn’t crying any tears for the Lizardman player.

Who won this battle?
Who won this battle?

I ended up having to fight another unit of Saurus Warriors this time armed with spears. And if you have spears and someone foolishly charges you, well they get what they deserve. I didn’t foolishly charge, I pursued into them perhaps…

I just realized we might have forgot the new 8th Edition rule where you get +1 Combat Result bonus in the turn you charge. I charged many times and I know I never took that bonus. I gotta write down about a half dozen rules on queue card…

So with Slim dead and the big hoedown underway on the other flank a lot of dice were rolled. Even more dice were rolled when the ogres charged one turn later into the rear of the Plaguebearers.

The plaguebearers are dead men walking
The plaguebearers are dead men walking

In the first turn of the hoe down, the Plaguebearers actually won. The Centigures failed their fear test and then their break test and basically ran off the board. The giant jumped up and down on Plaguebearers for three turns killing about a dozen all told. The Beast Lord was always toughness 8 or something despite much talking up of him, the Beastmen lost combat every single round.

The Beastmen, the Giant, the Centigaurs, even the Ogres when they showed up all strike before Plaguebearers. It really is a huge disadvantage being initiative one.

None the less I knew all about it and after losing a bunch I got to return fire. I forgot my poison attacks against the Beastmen, but I remembered it against the Giant and Centigaurs. I won combat and the Centigaurs ran away.

Another uneven fight against me
Another uneven fight against me

After another turn of magic and shooting, BibbltyBobbltyBoo had to get into H2H too. I charged the Dire Wolves but I didn’t expect the Varghul to be able to run around the end of them and flank charge me. I still don’t have the subtleties of movement down. This was to be the end of my Herald of Tzeentch.

The end of Round 2 of the Big Hoe Down
The end of Round 2 of the Big Hoe Down

The Plaguebearers had always been dead men walking. The Impact Hits, Thunder Stomps, regular Stomps, and the Tyrant, the Butcher and god knows what else killed about 14 Plaguebearers in one round. Despite that I survived, killed enough Beastmen so they had to take a break test and even with the general and battle standard reroll they ran. The Ogre player tried to claim he routed them as he won combat overall, but he never killed a single beastmen all game.

Big Hoe Down Round 3


Anyway turn four or was it five, anyway the third turn of the big fight and the Undead joined in with a flank charge on the Rhinox unit. They didn’t do much but die in droves, but it was enough to hold up the ogres and allow the Undead player to do some other stuff and he ultimately won the game. The Plaguebearers were truly doomed this turn the Giant jumped up and down on them and then Ogres finished them off. The Ogre player challenged Harold and he couldn’t hide. I’d already sacrificed my unit champion fighting the Tyrant the turn before. The Beastmen player tried to kill Harold the turn before but at Toughness 5 he’s harder to kill then the rest of the unit…

He was no match for the Tyrant though. I think I did a wound though, he struck last as the Tyrant had a Great Weapon.

So I was out of the game now with one turn to go. Magic was causing less and less of an impact. The Beastman Bray Shaman had miscast earlier and lost a level and a spell. He also broke and ran for a while. The Undead Player either kept failing to cast stuff or had it dispelled. The Ogre player added and removed wounds and caused a panic test or two, but they weren’t game winners. The Lizardmen guy cast the most spells but all he killed with them were Gnoblars (the red coats) and Dire Wolves in the second half of the game.

The most contested objective
The most contested objective

I determined it was a tie so in GW style we diced off and the Ogre player lost after the Undead player rolled a five. Darren was willing to have a tie but in the end it was decided Pavol was the big winner and the Ogre player got an extra campaign point too, as Darren felt generous I guess.

After the game I walked to the Five Point, had a beer and something to eat and revised my army list. I had gold to spend so I promptly started spending it. I went a little overboard with Daemonic upgrades for Harold and BibbltyBobbltyBoo. The first thing I bought Harold, even though I was very satisfied with the Banner of Unholy Victory, was an even more expensive magic standard. There is no limit on points for this so I opted for the Banner of Hellfire, reasoning that every game the enemy surround the Plaguebearers and beats them down eventually. They are just CORE troops after all, 12 point models.

I buff them up as best I can with a Herald of Nurgle, but they need to do more damage so the Banner of Hellfire can potentially kill a few models every magic phase. I also learned recently that you can use Breath Weapons in H2H. Previously I thought Stream of Bile was useless for Harold as no one was going to stand still in front of 35 or 40 Plaguebearers. But 2D6 extra hits in one round of H2H that could be a game winner.

Although having something to do in the shooting phase, was a novelty and technically I might have killed 25 points worth of Dire Wolves, there are other options for BibbltyBobbltyBoo’s daemonic reward points. Spellbreaker (dispell scroll) is handy but generally when someone really wants a spell cast they just giver and miscast. So after doing math I opted for no Slime Trail and Master of Sorcery for my Herald of Tzeentch.

Some people are convinced that every Lore in the big red book is better than every other magic spell list currently in print. I’m not so sure of this, but knowing six, neigh seven spells, sounds useful. I actually rolled a six and got the big Tzeentch spell but I don’t own any Horrors let alone have any painted up and with me at the store,  so I traded it in for the default. When I got home I looked through all the spells of all the lores, looking for stuff that was easy to cast, as I still only had a Level 2 magic user.

Having spent 405 points on heroes I needed to spend 120 extra points and baring being Fool’s Gold’ed I would have that much or more next time I show up for the campaign having saved 110 gold up already. So Slim could cost up to 405 points too, I considered all his options and gave him Wings (as he has them), Mark of Nurgle (which does nothing) and Trappings of Nurgle which I always wanted so he’d have an armour save, he also now had regeneration which isn’t as good as it used to be.

I then bought the three Beasts of Nurgle, they aren’t great, but they are better than Nurglings and I only had the three painted. If I buy another Nurgle Daemon ever, it’ll be another Beast of Nurgle.  I then figured out how many Plaguebearers I could buy and still have full command and the Icon of Eternal Virulence. It turned out to be 37.

When I got home I went through the spell deck. I like hexes as you cast them without line of sight on models in H2H. But mainly I was looking for easy spells to cast so BibbltyBobbltyBoo could get off a couple spells a turn. I had already gone over the evil half of the Lores thoroughly and although I like the Lore of Metal, it was not the winner. Lore of Light was an early favourite as there is a perverseness in taking it. Then I read Lore of Life, more specifically the Thrown of Vines spell. That seems awesome to me, you cast that and then you are safer from miscasts and almost all your spells are better.

Casting Speed of Light on the big unit of Plaguebearers and having them strike at Initiative 10 instead of Initiative 1 would be pretty awesome but when I got to the last set of spells in the deck I remembered Transformation of Kadon. This always seemed pretty cool but at 16+ to cast it wasn’t easy and BibbltyBobbltyBoo would obviously have to risk a miscast to pull it off. However it just so happens I have a fully painted Manticore sitting in my miniature case. The rest of the spells aren’t bad. Nurgle is supposed to be all about toughness so boosting that makes some sense.

OOP Manticore

The Beastmen player used this Lore and it didn’t accomplish much but he didn’t have ALL the spells. I could just cast “The Flock of Doom” every turn on a 4+ until I was ready to go for broke. BibbltyBobbltyBoo is not a H2H Juggernaut but turn him into a Monstrous Creature complete with Thunder Stomps… I thought the Manticore would have Poisoned Attacks, it doesn’t, but Killing Blow is possibly better.

So yeah next time I play in the campaign I will have 1600+ points on the table and I will be casting from the Lore of Beasts. I also decided that I need to keep my army tightly deployed like a fist. This mission was strange so spreading out to capture multiple objectives made sense, but since every game I’ve ever played with this army, the opposition tries to gang up and multi charge the big unit of Plaguebearers, I’m sticking Slim on one side, the Beasts on the other side, terrain willing of course, and I’ll hide BibbltyBobbltyBoo behind them or in some trees again and just annoy the enemy until I’m ready try to become a Monster. Maybe if this actually works I’ll have to get an even bigger monster to turn into. Or maybe like a lot of my plans, it looks good on paper but I’ll just get stomped.

Once again I’m sweating profusely while typing this up. It is 9pm and the sun has gone down. I haven’t painted a thing all day. With Astronomi-con Vancouver looming I have to finish a model a day for the next five days, despite the heat, and all the other things I need to accomplish.

I wish it wasn’t so hot that is for sure…

Revised 8th Edition Goblins and Ork army list

Last night or this morning I was lying in bed thinking of changes I could make to my Warhammer armies to try to actually win a game of Warhammer Fantasy Battle in 8th Edition. There isn’t much I can do with an all Nurgle Daemon army at 1500 points. I can add or subtract Plaguebearers, Nurglings, and Beasts of Nurgle and none of them have done much on the table top. The Herald of Tzeentch might keep a few more of my models from dying in the magic phase but in general I have to play with the models I have painted.

New brushes and white paint
New brushes and white paint

After finishing the sorcerer I picked up yet more hobby supplies and looked for work. A lot of jobs seem to be good fits for me this week and I talked to a CEO of a startup so maybe my third lengthy period of unemployment post-MBA will finally come to an end. I really don’t care what I do, any experience will obviously help me, and I need money as I have too much debt. But that’s not what my few readers care about.

I just finished writing a new army list at 1500 points, as that is the magic number at Strategies. Bigger games obviously are possible as I have a lot of models painted and quite a few unpainted unlike the Daemon army which is mostly painted except for a few odds and sods OOP models. My army list is goblin heavy and I’ve been trying to embrace that.   even tried to go all goblins, but in the end I couldn’t say no to a 5 point bully and the Big Waaagh spell list. So my 1500 point army list actually has 2 orks in it. My 2000 point army list will have more orks and to save on painting but also so I can have a magic banner (Mork’s Spirit Totem) I’m breaking my vow of no Big ‘Uns. I’m still unlikely to have Black Orks, though some Savage Orks might be fun, especially if new plastic models are in the pipe line as rumored.

Picking my daemon list is easy, my Ork and Goblin list takes a lot more time. I have a lot more options, even with only a few units actually painted. I painted so many goblins (with a tiny bit of help) that I can add or remove dozens of models from units, which doesn’t do that much, but it means I pick my CORE last. I pick my warmachines first as I want them to be central to my army. They shoot over the goblins, which in turn shoot and cast spells at the enemy until they get annoyed and charge or I get to cast one of the movement spells and opt for a surprise charge. The Fanatics of course get in the way of the enemy.

Having dealt with Leadership 4 Night Goblin mercenaries I’ve been thinking of ways to increase my leadership. I still don’t want an Ork general, but I can switch to a Goblin Warboss for one more leadership over the Night Goblin Warboss I added last time I revised the army list. I also decided to put him in with the unit of spearmen and to move my Goblin Battle Standard Bearer to the big unit of archers as that will keep them from running away better than the sorcerer who I had leading the unit. My yet to arrive new Night Goblin Boss figure will still go with the blue archers, but he’ll be demoted to Big Boss and I doubt I’ll bulk that unit up anymore. This all means that I need to paint two hero goblins, which will be a pleasure, something like seven warmachine crew and then base up everything that doesn’t have it’s base finished, which is every model not in this picture.

Night Goblin Archer Horde

So without further ado here is the army list:

  • SPECIAL: Rock Lobber with Bully 75pts
  • RARE: 2 Doom Divers 160pts
  • LORD: Goblin Warboss with light armor, shield, Talisman of Preservation, and Martog’s Best Basha 131pts
  • LORD: Night Goblin Great Shaman with Staff of Sneaky Stealing, Amulet of Protectyness, and Magic Mushrooms 235pts
  • HERO: Goblin Big Boss Battle Standard Bearer with light armor and the Spider Banner 112pts
  • HERO: Night Goblin Big Boss with light armor, shield, Mad Cap Mushrooms, and Ulag’s Akrit Axe 79pts
  • HERO: Ork Shaman, Level 2 Wizard with the Horn of Urgok 140pts
  • CORE: Blue Archers, 24 Night Goblins with Bows, Full Command, 3 Fanatics, and Nets 202pts
  • CORE: Purple Archers, 28 Night Goblins with Bows, Full Command, and 2 Fanatics 154pts
  • CORE: Spearmen, 44 Goblins with Spears, Shields, and Light Armour plus Full Command 240pts

After working out all my heroes which I really need to keep the goblins from running away and to try not to get dominated in the magic phase, I priced out all the blue archers, this is my smallest unit, but with max Fanatics and Nets and a Big Boss geared offensively they are both my most expendable unit and the one I’d like to send out first from my lines. I’d just as soon not get into H2H with the other units as their main goal is to keep their heroes alive.

I also moved the Mad Cap Mushrooms to the Big Boss, this unit is almost completely painted and should be easier to base and make the movement tray for as it is half the size of the other archer unit.

Goblin Army

For the purple archers I wanted to make them a Horde so that meant three rows of at least ten. They also have two heroes the Battle Standard Bearer for his Leadership 7 and the Night Goblin Shaman who is the most expensive model in my army. Hopefully even at Level 3 he can do a good job at dispelling and combined with his Sneaky Staff he should. The Magic Mushrooms are just for fun and so that I can avoid an unlucky failed casting. The Ork Shaman is my offensive magical force. He should have better spells and at 2000 points he’ll be a lot more powerful due to the unit of Big ‘Uns, Waaagh Paint, and Mork’s Spirit Totem. I really think both my armies will start to come into their own at 2000 points…

The last unit I priced out was the biggest. Previously I’d stubbornly insisted on fielding 65 Goblins with spears as that is how they are ranked up in my miniature case, but honestly once you get past four rows of ten, the rest are mainly human shields and based on how my games have gone lots of my models get killed before they get to fight anything. I think this army will do most of it’s damage in the shooting and magic phase with my heroes occasionally having a good round of H2H. The rank and file mainly will die in droves. In order to maximize my Fanatics as much as possible the final unit ended up being 44 strong with full command. This will necessitate me making three more movement trays to play this army at 1500 points but that’s alright, they aren’t as much work as painting and basing the actual models. Eventually maybe I’ll have a whole collection of custom movement trays.

I haven’t priced it out, but I know what I want to add at 2000 points. Waaagh Paint and Mork’s Spirit Totem and a unit of Big ‘Uns on foot with Choppas and Shields will eat up most of the points, but I’m tempted to buy another small Night Goblin Shaman just to get certain other magic items, like say a Dispell Scroll but honestly with all the anti-magic I will have thanks to other magic items I don’t really need it. Usually when someone really wants to cast a spell they risk the miscast to get Irresistible Force. I’ll also probably bulk up the purple goblin units a bit as I have the models painted, unlike the Orks on foot which I only have a handful painted.

I wanted to do a Horde of Orks but honestly I haven’t benefited much from the new Horde rule. I think I’ve fielded the two largest units in the Mighty Empires Campaign and I’ve yet to win. I think higher initiative is still more important than just masses of expendable bodies. Leadership is even more important than Initiative which is why I fitted in the Horn of Urgok into this army list. That will increase my Leadership army wide with a one in six chance of the Shaman carrying it taking a wound. That’ll probably be the first thing I try to cast every Magic Phase, at least while the Shaman has two wounds.

Horde of Plaguebearers with Banners