Waaagh Musk WFB Target Army List

I finally got my hands on the new Orc and Goblin army book for Warhammer Fantasy battle. All the cool Orc and Goblin players already had it and have been adapting their armies to the newest rules. What I lack in coolness I make up for in stubbornness and weirdness. Here is the 2000 point all Goblin army I’m going to be running some day. I actually have almost every single goblin painted, I just need to do some basing and some shields.

I plan on running the new mega spider with a Shaman on top so I use up almost all of my Lord allowance. The core of my army remains however three big blogs of infantry, three war machines, and a hero to lead each mob. When I totalled it all up, using most of my allotment for magic items, I was just 80 or 90 points short of 2000, enter the Squig Hoppers. I might eventually go higher points and run a second Lord on a Gigantic Spider or even just a Big Boss and a block of spider riders to continue the spider theme. Not sure what I’ll do with all my ork models, maybe I’ll sell them or use some of them for 40K…

Here is a picture of my ‘bigger’ unit of Night Goblins. It is the only unit completely finished, complete with Shaman leader Icky Bob.

Night Goblin Archer Horde

Army List


  • Goblin Great Shaman, riding Arachnarok Spider, with Catchweb Shrine and Opal Amulet 490 points


  • Night Goblin Shaman with extra level, Ironcurse Icon, and Dispell Scroll 115 points
  • Goblin Big Boss, Battle Standard Bearer, Mork’s War Banner, Light Armour and Shield 164 points
  • Night Goblin Big Boss, Light Armor and Short Bow, Enchanted Shield, and Obsidian Loadstone 84 points


  • 54 Night Goblins with Short Bows, full command, three fanatics  267 points
  • 29 Night Goblins with Short Bows, full command, three fanatics, and nets 237 points
  • 65 Goblins with spears, shields, and light armor, full command and three skulkers 320 points


  • 6 Night Goblin Squig Hoppers 72 points


  • 2 Doom Divers 160 points
  • 1 Stone Thrower 85 points


My theoryhammer, besides just finding a use for all the old plastic goblins I own and have almost gotten painted over the years, is, the goblins do the fighting.  So much so I don’t even have a single ork in my army, even though the ten point bully might be worth it.  I went with a hero in each squad as the heroes and the upgrades arguably will do more damage than the actual goblins.

Having played once and a while, generally every second edition of the game, I know goblins aren’t very good, but lots of them can look intimidating.  The plan with the massive units is to not take panic checks.  Every hero has defensive magic items, that boost their squad, I even opted for the most expensive magic banner.  I also hope to dominate the magic phase and maybe even the shooting.  The war machines can hurt most anything and the big spider should be able to handle itself.  My main plan is to advance so I can’t run away in the first turn, release the squigs and just wait.  Bombard the enemy with stones and spells and eventually arrows.  After they get through all that I release the fanatics and hope to halt the charges.  But if all else fails hopefully 60 plus goblins in a horde is a tough nut to crack.  The Night Goblin units run away often, but hopefully not before they release their fanatics and get off a volley or two of arrows.

Wish me luck.

Old Stuff Day

Someone decided today was the day old bloggers, post old stuff, about old minis or something.  I’m not sure.  I finished painting my naked chicks, but I can’t show anyone a photo for fear of offending Zee Germans.  They are however old models that I got in a trade in I think 1996.  Remember 1996?  That was Warhammer 40,000 2nd Edition.  Also known as the big one, as that was the edition that had the first box with models and rules.  I still have unpainted models from that box… Old Stuff Day Logo

I’m known online and in Vancouver for painting old out of print models.  I’m also known for still working on my old armies, rather than start a shiny new army, so old stuff day is a bit redundant for me.  This blog is only a little over a year old, but I’ve been blogging for over five years and posting pictures of my minis to the Internet for even longer…  So lets see what old stuff should I recommend to Malcolm, oh wait Malcolm can’t be bothered to read this blog, as he thought my naked chicks were in fact Daemonettes…

Here is a few years old post showing some of the top painted Chaos Space Marine models in my collection.

In 2006 I went to see my friend Thor in Nanaimo and took a few photos of his minis.  He was working at GW Burnaby last time I saw him.

Every few years I try to paint some Goblins in the hopes of getting a painted Goblin army on the table.  The new book is out and one has my name on it at the LGS, so here is the command group from one of my big blocks of Night Goblins that I painted back in 2006.

I’ve painted a few models that have become famous and people have talked about them in foreign languages on boards you’ve never heard of.  I know this because I look at web analytics and do Google Image searches and such.  Blastmarker Billy is one of those famous models.

If you want to go really old school, here is an army list, and the surviving members of the army I took to CanGames in 1997, when I won my only Warhammer 40,000 tournament.

I should still take more pictures of my old models, people ask me to on forums, but I don’t have the really fancy camera and I just would rather work on adding to my painted miniature collection rather than documenting every model I’ve ever painted.  None the less a lot of photos have been posted to my vanity domain over the years, but the best of them are on Flickr now too.   I guess I’ll throw in a few inline images from there and call this post done.  ;-)

Goblin Command

Beasts Of Nurgle

The oldest plastic GW ork

Shuttle and escorts for Silent Death

More tools of the trade

Today I haven’t painted a single brush stroke.  I’ve been so unproductive and lazy I forced myself at around 4:30pm to bike down to Grand Prix hobbies to buy some styrene.  I’ve been hanging out more on the Waaagh and I want to get my Looted Wagons armed correctly and fully painted for this edition of Warhammer 40,000.  I also plan to do at least two Battlewagons which will be converted and kitbashed but first I need a new job.

I actually have a job interview Tuesday afternoon.  However I have my doubts about the position and the job offer.  The company is a startup and although I’m totally willing to work for a startup, I don’t know what they actually do or how they plan to make money, besides the ever trendy “social media“.  Seems to me that the social media field is a lot more crowded than it was three or better still four or five years ago.  I know as I’ve been blogging for a long time.  Anyway we’ll see what the CEO has to say.

Styrene tubes and more
Styrene tubes and more

I ended up buying more than a few tubes of styrene.  I forgot how much styrene and Woodland Scenics stuff they carry.  I think they get some model train people, scale modelers, and maybe even a few architects or students at least.  Imperial Hobbies has a lot of stuff too, but I always think that is farther to go.  Grand Prix is a decent bike ride, but you can still bike there and back in under an hour I imagine.  I usually stop somewhere else on the way back…

I couldn’t pass up the battlefield styrene. I’ll probably cut one of them up.  The tubes will also serve as pipes and what not, but some may get turned into gun barrels.  I wanna order some more paint and of course Forgeworld goodies, but first I have to paint some Diseased Sons, then assemble and paint some more Chaos Space Marines, then two Forgeworld models…  Then maybe I won’t feel guilty buying some small Forgeworld stuff.

Plus I’m going to get back to making terrain tiles every couple of weeks.  I have to assemble another  paint rack.  All these plans don’t leave a lot of time for Warhammer Fantasy Battle.  If I want to play that game, the Daemons are ready to go, but they always lose, so I’ll have to finish off another goblin unit.  I plan to paint some Slaneesh daemons gradually, possibly over a grey basecoat which I’ll continue to experiment with.  Painting even a dozen Slaneesh daemons seems easier and funner than 25 Ork Boyz or even 66 goblin shields…

New Painting Queue
New Painting Queue

Waaagh Musk 40K, requires lots of touch ups, and re-armings.  Last night I did further revisions to the army list, I added and removed some vehicle upgrades, and I think one of my dreads will get a weapon swap, and I might as well give the Blood Axe nob a powerfist too…  It might sound like a lot but there isn’t very many Orks in Waaagh Musk at 1500 points.  I do have to do up five large vehicles, which I usually hate to do, but Ork vehicles can be made a lot funner and less work through heavy drybrushing and crazy weathering techniques.

Stay tuned, I might paint something late at night.  Last night while I couldn’t sleep I tried out the Vallejo paint on gloss varnish, it worked great on the Bloodletter’s horns.  If not tomorrow I will begin work on the last Purple Plaguemarines/Nurgle renegades I will ever paint, I mean it this time.

Revised 8th Edition Goblins and Ork army list

Last night or this morning I was lying in bed thinking of changes I could make to my Warhammer armies to try to actually win a game of Warhammer Fantasy Battle in 8th Edition.  There isn’t much I can do with an all Nurgle Daemon army at 1500 points.  I can add or subtract Plaguebearers, Nurglings, and Beasts of Nurgle and none of them have done much on the table top.  The Herald of Tzeentch might keep a few more of my models from dying in the magic phase but in general I have to play with the models I have painted.

New brushes and white paint
New brushes and white paint

After finishing the sorcerer I picked up yet more hobby supplies and looked for work.  A lot of jobs seem to be good fits for me this week and I talked to a CEO of a startup so maybe my third lengthy period of unemployment post-MBA will finally come to an end.  I really don’t care what I do, all experience will obviously help me, and I need money as I have too much debt.  But that’s not what my few readers care about.

I just finished writing a new army list at 1500 points, as that is the magic number at Strategies.  Bigger games obviously are possible as I have a lot of models painted and quite a few unpainted unlike the Daemon army which is mostly painted except for a few odds and sods OOP models.  My army list is goblin heavy and I’ve been trying to embrace that.  I even tried to go all goblins, but in the end I couldn’t say no to a 5 point bully and the Big Waaagh spell list.  So my 1500 point army list actually has 2 orks in it.  My 2000 point army list will have more orks and to save on painting but also so I can have a magic banner (Mork’s Spirit Totem) I’m breaking my vow of no Big ‘Uns.  I’m still unlikely to have Black Orks, though some Savage Orks might be fun, especially if new plastic models are in the pipe line as rumored.

Picking my daemon list is easy, my Ork and Goblin list takes a lot more time.  I have a lot more options, even with only a few units actually painted.  I painted so many goblins (with a tiny bit of help) that I can add or remove dozens of models from units, which doesn’t do that much, but it means I pick my CORE last.  I pick my warmachines first as I want them to be central to my army.  They shoot over the goblins, which in turn shoot and cast spells at the enemy until they get annoyed and charge or I get to cast one of the movement spells and opt for a surprise charge.  The Fanatics of course get in the way of the enemy.

Having dealt with Leadership 4 Night Goblin mercenaries I’ve been thinking of ways to increase my leadership.  I still don’t want an Ork general, but I can switch to a Goblin Warboss for one more leadership over the Night Goblin Warboss I added last time I revised the army list.  I also decided to put him in with the unit of spearmen and to move my Goblin Battle Standard Bearer to the big unit of archers as that will keep them from running away better than the sorcerer who I had leading the unit.  My yet to arrive new Night Goblin Boss figure will still go with the blue archers, but he’ll be demoted to Big Boss and I doubt I’ll bulk that unit up anymore.  This all means that I need to paint two hero goblins, which will be a pleasure, something like seven warmachine crew and then base up everything that doesn’t have it’s base finished, which is every model not in this picture.

Night Goblin Archer Horde

So without further ado here is the army list:

  • SPECIAL: Rock Lobber with Bully 75pts
  • RARE: 2 Doom Divers 160pts
  • LORD: Goblin Warboss with light armor, shield, Talisman of Preservation, and Martog’s Best Basha 131pts
  • LORD: Night Goblin Great Shaman with Staff of Sneaky Stealing, Amulet of Protectyness, and Magic Mushrooms 235pts
  • HERO: Goblin Big Boss Battle Standard Bearer with light armor and the Spider Banner 112pts
  • HERO: Night Goblin Big Boss with light armor, shield, Mad Cap Mushrooms, and Ulag’s Akrit Axe 79pts
  • HERO: Ork Shaman, Level 2 Wizard with the Horn of Urgok 140pts
  • CORE: Blue Archers, 24 Night Goblins with Bows, Full Command, 3 Fanatics, and Nets 202pts
  • CORE: Purple Archers, 28 Night Goblins with Bows, Full Command, and 2 Fanatics 154pts
  • CORE: Spearmen, 44 Goblins with Spears, Shields, and Light Armour plus Full Command 240pts

After working out all my heroes which I really need to keep the goblins from running away and to try not to get raped in the magic phase, I priced out all the blue archers, this is my smallest unit, but with max Fanatics and Nets and a Big Boss geared offensively they are both my most expendable unit and the one I’d like to send out first from my lines.  I’d just as soon not get into H2H with the other units as their main goal is to keep their heroes alive.

I also moved the Mad Cap Mushrooms to the Big Boss, this unit is almost completely painted and should be easier to base and make the movement tray for as it is half the size of the other archer unit.

Goblin Army

For the purple archers I wanted to make them a Horde so that meant three rows of at least ten.  They also have two heroes the Battle Standard Bearer for his Leadership 7 and the Night Goblin Shaman who is the most expensive model in my army.  Hopefully even at Level 3 he can do a good job at dispelling and combined with his Sneaky Staff he should.  The Magic Mushrooms are just for fun and so that I can avoid an unlucky failed casting.  The Ork Shaman is my offensive magical force.  He should have better spells and at 2000 points he’ll be a lot more powerful due to the unit of Big ‘Uns, Waaagh Paint, and Mork’s Spirit Totem.  I really think both my armies will start to come into their own at 2000 points…

The last unit I priced out was the biggest.  Previously I’d stubbornly insisted on fielding 65 Goblins with spears as that is how they are ranked up in my miniature case, but honestly once you get past four rows of ten, the rest are mainly human shields and based on how my games have gone lots of my models get killed before they get to fight anything.  I think this army will do most of it’s damage in the shooting and magic phase with my heroes occasionally having a good round of H2H.  The rank and file mainly will die in droves.  In order to maximize my Fanatics as much as possible the final unit ended up being 44 strong with full command.  This will necessitate me making three more movement trays to play this army at 1500 points but that’s alright, they aren’t as much work as painting and basing the actual models.  Eventually maybe I’ll have a whole collection of custom movement trays.

I haven’t priced it out, but I know what I want to add at 2000 points.  Waaagh Paint and Mork’s Spirit Totem and a unit of Big ‘Uns on foot with Choppas and Shields will eat up most of the points, but I’m tempted to buy another small Night Goblin Shaman just to get certain other magic items, like say a Dispell Scroll but honestly with all the anti-magic I will have thanks to other magic items I don’t really need it.  Usually when someone really wants to cast a spell they risk the miscast to get Irresistible Force.  I’ll also probably bulk up the purple goblin units a bit as I have the models painted, unlike the Orks on foot which I only have a handful painted.

I wanted to do a Horde of Orks but honestly I haven’t benefited much from the new Horde rule.  I think I’ve fielded the two largest units in the Mighty Empires Campaign and I’ve yet to win.  I think higher initiative is still more important than just masses of expendable bodies.  Leadership is even more important than Initiative which is why I fitted in the Horn of Urgok into this army list.  That will increase my Leadership army wide with a one in six chance of the Shaman carrying it taking a wound.  That’ll probably be the first thing I try to cast every Magic Phase, at least while the Shaman has two wounds.

Horde of Plaguebearers with Banners

The Beat Goes On

Literally, when I came home and walked up the stairs my downstairs neighbour was playing music very loud, I could here it just fine in my apartment and I could feel it coming through the floor.  Now I like music, but if I’m being forced to listen to some, I’m choosing the tracks.  So I put on my surprisingly large stereo considering how loud I usually listen to music, anyway I put on some Emmylou Harris circa “Spyboy” and “Wrecking Ball”.  These are mostly ballads with a lot of bass.  It was amusing to drown out crappy dance music with a gospel track, but then I think the music got louder downstairs, so I switched to a custom funk mix I made which is great for painting to.

I never did much painting so far today, but I appear to have won the stereo war.  This is the second one to take place.  If there is a third it will be take no prisoners.  Last night a different neighbour in a different building played music until 2:30 AM.  I need to move, but my never ending job search goes on…

After talking to a recruiter and revising my resume at his suggestion, I really think it is just strange now, but anyway I’m not what people are looking for… I’ll probably revise the resume again before I update copies online so that and applying to yet more jobs are the order of the day beside the laundry.

More hobby supplies
More hobby supplies

Now this really is a boring blog posting! But there is a reason, after revising my resume I walked to Deserres and bought more balsa wood, a brush, and some two part epoxy.  With these fresh supplies and the Slaneesh Daemons off my painting desk I’m ready to tackle the big Goblin baseoff.  Actually it is the medium sized Goblin baseoff as the biggest unit will sit in the case as I once again avoid painting 63 goblin shields.

Before I get to basing goblins and making them a custom magnetic movement tray, I need to finish off the second movement tray I’ve made for my Plaguebearers of Nurgle.  I have attached the sand and a sealing layer of white glue is drying.  Once that is done, I’ll use my new bigger brush, but still smaller than 1 inch, I think it is a half inch brush, to paint the movement tray black then the traditional three GW brown drybrush and it’s done.

Old Gretchin and Older Squig
Old Gretchin and Older Squig

The funk gets stronger as it goes longer.  “Burning Spear” by S.O.U.L. complete with funky flute solo won the stereo battle, but now it is the JBs.  This song has bass.

Also being primed right now are the chaos sorcerer model and the fancy magnetic plaguebearer base thing I made.  Those will possibly get painted this week, but it is already Wednesday so perhaps not.  More important as far as the Mighty Empires campaign is concerned is getting the goblin mercenaries fit for their 8th Edition debut at Strategies on Sunday.  And as promised I got out an old 2nd Edition 40K Gretchin which got a squig bit I’ve been saving for about 15 years and some beach sand and will be used to test the Krylon Grey primer I bought at Deserres or Micheal’s quite a while ago now…

Rather Unproductive Day

I stayed up late last night reviewing the big red book and revising my Warhammer Orks and Goblins army list.  Basically I decided I didn’t need an ork general, I’m not trying that hard to win anyway.  The only reason I wanted an Ork Great Shaman was for the improved leadership and access to the Big Waaagh spell list.  I wondered if I couldn’t accomplish the same thing in another manner.  I still could not afford a big unit of orks on foot, so I went with just the goblins, that’s right my entire 1500 point 8th edition army list has two orks in it.  One is a Level 2 Shaman for access to the Big Waaagh spells, as some of them are very good, at least for Ork magic, the other is a bully leading my rock lobber crew.

Here is the gory details, it is all painted but the warmachine crew, the Night Goblin Warboss, and of courses bases and shields…

  • SPECIAL: Rock Lobber with bully: 75pts
  • RARE: 2 Doom Divers: 160pts
  • CORE: 65 Goblins with spears and shields and full command: 345pts
  • HERO: Goblin Big Boss, Light Armor, BSB, Spider Banner: 110pts
  • HERO: Ork Shaman, Level 2 Wizard, Waaargh Paint: 110pts
  • LORD: Night Goblin Great Shaman, Staff of Sneaky Stealing, Mad Cap Mushrooms, Amulet of Protectyness: 245pts
  • LORD: Night Goblin Warboss, Sneaky Skewer, Potion of Strength, Talisman of Preservation: 130pts
  • CORE: 29 Night Goblins with bows, full command, and three fanatics: 183pts
  • CORE: 24 Night Goblins with bows, full command, and two fanatics: 142pts

This army is more 8th Edition and even more so, the current O&G army book, I think I liked the previous ork and goblin army book better.  Even though I’m not sure they are particularly combat effective I purchased all three of my warmachines and I will add to this arsenal as the army grows.  How else are goblins going to hurt big tough things?  The large block of spearmen was also non-negotiateable, if I ever get it finished, damn straight I’m fielding it, 345 points isn’t that much.  With the 110 point Battle Standard Bearer it has the potential to deal out a lot of damage with all those poised attacks.  I also discovered the Steadfast rule which will really help my goblins, especially at 2000 points when I get to add more Night Goblins and a big ork unit to the mix.

Picking this army list took a long time as I agonized over the magic items.  A lot of the more interesting items are Goblin or even Night Goblin only but there are a few good Ork only ones.  There are also a lot of new common magic items which are often better/cheaper than the army list specific ones.  At 2000 points I’ll have even more points for heros and magic items but I won’t be adding another lord choice I had to work hard to squeeze two Night Goblin Lords in at 1500 points.  I don’t have a painted model for the Warboss, but I might have one in a blister somewhere.  I have plenty of plastic goblins I can use for war machine crew.  So having to buy one more goblin isn’t a deal breaker, besides there are some nice new models.  I have at least 40 Orks laying about, as I always planned to do one big unit with choppas, but now I’m thinking of giving them shields for the parry.

Yet more shields I’ll have to paint. Warhammer Fantasy Battle can real tire out a painter like me who likes individualistic models and usually does minor conversions and puts extra detail into his models.

In yet more time wasting and avoiding doing the laundry I looked into Warhammer’s number one competitor, Warmachine.  I’ve seen people playing it in stores, even yesterday people were playing it despite the fact 8th Edition just came out which is getting a lot of push from the local gaming store owner.  Hordes and Warmachine basically have a new edition for 2010 too. Not sure if this is accidental or not.  It’s big appeal besides not being part of the evil empire as some people call GW, is it requires less models.  Of course most of the models are metal, but there are plastic starter sets now.

I’ve long wanted to move more into skirmish games as the Diseased Sons, even the Nefarious Fire aren’t that portable.  My Warhammer Fantasy Armies are worse as I haven’t played them in so long, I haven’t tried to transport them.  The best thing to do would be to buy a dedicated case for your armies which I’m going to do for the Servants of Decay.  I have several miniature cases, some home made, others made by Charon and GW.  I’m thinking of getting a Battlefoam one as they precut the foam for you, put spending money is an impossibility so to play Warhammer at Strategies I’ll need to figure out how best to transport stuff on monster bases.  When I got the Charon case I ordered one bigger, monster sized, foam layer, but I’d actually prefer if my whole army fit in one small compact case.  Hence the appeal of smaller, skirmish sized games.

Skirmish games are more portable, which as an apartment dweller who currently can’t host games, I need to consider more and more.  Warhammer used to be something you played in your parent’s basement, or if you’re lucky at a local club night, now it seems you need to travel to find opponents for the games you used to play with your friends.  I don’t have a car so portability is a bigger and bigger deal for me.  Something to work on in 2011, as I already have more than enough on my plate for 2010.

I’ve been doing a little painting and now that it is evening hope to make some real progress.  I still plan to finish the test models, hopefully in the next day or two.  Then it is on to the Nurgle lesser daemons so I have a legal, if not necessarily effective, 1500 point Warhammer army.  Then it is full speed ahead to finish my Astronomi-con Vancouver army.

Oh here are some links I’ve discovered recently that might be of interest to anyone who’s read down this far:

Well my computer seems to be having issues and it keeps getting later, tomorrow hopefully I’ll be more productive so I’ll have better photos to post online.  I’m using my Cool Grey AwesomePaintJob.com wash and it is real hit and miss, the pigment separates in this, the red one, just like in all the old GW flesh washes pots I ever had.

My current painting queue

Orks and Goblins in Warhammer 8th Edition

So yesterday was a busy day on this blog or was it the day before.  I’m still waiting to hear back from a potential employer, I’m beginning to think I’m not their first choice.  I ran into an old business contact from my previous job at the cafe, but where I spent my afternoon was at Strategies trying to price out a 1500 point Orks and Goblins  army list from my existing painted miniature collection.

My Goblin Horde

I have well over 100 painted goblins but at 3 to 5 points a piece it only goes so far.  I also have three warmachines which I can now use all in one small army and plenty of character models painted or could be quickly painted.  I found another goblin shaman in my collection the other day, I really should move that model to the proper box…  I’ve written a number of army lists in the last ten years, generally trying to get just 1000 points on the table lately, but now 1500 is the number for Darren’s (Strategies) 8th Edition Mighty Empires campaign so I decided to rank up my Nurgle deamons rather than paint 63 goblin shields and base them and do movement trays etc. etc.

However I want to get some use out of my large painted goblin collection someday so I got some advice on a 1500 point army.  I have 66 painted goblin spearmen, I want to do them as one big unit eleven wide, they were to have my Battle Standard Bearer and the Raggedy Red Banner, but when I told a guy what it did he said that was now impossible.  Literally the entire unit and the core of my army were based around this unit and that banner, all is not lost, but I have to see the FAQ right about now…

Apparently as of July 12th 2010 no one at GW headquarters thinks the Raggedy Red Banner is an issue.  I now own the Big Red Book so I guess I’ll try to understand the problem, which apparently is Battle Standard Bearers now let you re-roll all leadership tests so the Raggedy Red Banner’s ability to re-roll panic tests is borked because there is some big overarching rule that says you can never reroll a reroll.  I also learned today that you can have one of a Ward save or a Regeneration roll but not both, this affects my proposed big unit of plaguebearers some.

So here is the 1500 point Ork and Goblin list I’m going to work towards someday fielding, it uses all three units of goblins I have painted, though some of them are not on the field at 1500 points.  It requires the painting of the 63 shields, the basing of the entire army, the construction of various custom movement trays, the painting of some goblin crew with hand weapons and lastly the painting of 9 Ork Arrer Boyz, no one uses them so I decided since I have the figs I’d rather a small unit of them than a small unit of regular boys.  My 2000 point list will have a horde of orks and likely another warmachine, bulked up Night Goblin units, and maybe a chariot or two.

I’d like to field snotlings, but I’d also like GW to make plastic snotlings.  I had some old lead snotlings but I appear to have lots them, I haven’t seen them in years and I think I’ve gone through just about any box they could possibly be in…  Maybe I’ll go through mom’s attic next time I’m home.  Without further ado here is my totally sub-optimal but hopefully fun and unique Ork and Goblin army which maybe this fall could be coming to a table near you.  I just need to find the motivation to paint and base the goblins.  A squad of 10 orks is just to give some ablative wounds to my Ork Sorcerer Lord.  It should be pretty obvious where my heroes go:

  • CORE: 65 Goblins with Spears and Shields and Full Command: 345pts
  • CORE: 39 Night Goblins with Bows, Full Command, and 3 Fanatics: 212pts
  • CORE: 25 Night Goblins with Bows, Full Command, and Nets: 130pts
  • CORE: 10 Ork Arrer Boys, Full Command: 90pts
  • LORD: Ork Great Shaman, Level 4 Wizard, Horn of Urgok, Amulet of Protectivyness: 280pts
  • HERO: Goblin Big Boss, Light Armor, Shield, Battle Standard, Ragged Red Banner: 112pts
  • HERO: Night Goblin Shaman, Dispel Scroll, Mad Cap Mushrooms: 95pts
  • SPECIAL: Rock Lobber with Bully: 75pts
  • RARE: 2 Doom Divers: 160pts

Goblins are like the antithesis of Chaos Daemons they cost so little each, you have so many options on what to do at 1500 points.  I once read that O&G have the most CORE choices, if it wasn’t for warmachines my army would be all CORE and HEROs and LORDs.

My glorious plan, assumes the other player is more clever, more maneurverable, and has better combos of magic items than me.  My plan is to stand in a big green wall, with warmachines between my units to prevent the outbreak of violence and basically pepper the enemy with arrows, rocks, doom divers, and spells.  If the opponent gets close to the big Night Goblin unit he gets amped up Fanatics.  I wasn’t planning on maxing out on fanatics, that is all anyone seems to use Night Goblins for.  Maybe at 2000 points I will max out, I have six painted.  I will also bulk up both Night Goblin units so they look more fearsome and replace the arrer boys with a big unit of boys.

But first I need to learn the rules, paint, base, make movement trays and learn what the Raggedy Red Banner actually does, anyone in my meager blog readership know? Maybe I’ll ask on the Waaagh.

One final crazy option I have is to use Grom the Paunch in larger games or even at 1500 rather than a sorcerer lord.  I have the model, as for a while it was the only Goblin Chariot in print…  I have no wolf rider miniatures but I always thought they were a cool CORE option, but I don’t have the time and money or energy to field hordes of them.  I was a big fan of Light Cavalry in the previous edition, even though of doing Dark Elves or Marauders so I could have a lot of them on the table…