True Grit

I continue to plug away at the first of at least 24, twelve inch square modular trench table tiles I want to make. A few people have noticed, probably because I told them.  There is a thread over at the Miniature Pages where people are discussing techniques for making terrain, particularly trenches. I of course ignore everything they say and just do things my way.

The Miniature Pages is a bit old fashioned, but I think that is the way they like it. Hopefully they don’t completely lose my thread like Terra Genesis did…

Beach Sand applied to tile

Onward and upward, in this installment I basically put grit in the form of sand and cat litter on to the tile. I used regular white glue. The first two layers of grit I just squeezed the glue on, this makes the grit thicker and works better for cat litter which is super absorbent. After two layers of grit, I sealed it with watered down white glue. This can take a long time to dry so mostly I just use a really thin layer of straight glue in my basing and terrain work.

After taking the photos I then put thinned white glue where I had put the ‘S’s this stands for sand. I want my terrain to be playable and modular so I can’t have as much texture as I did on my GT display board which everyone admired. I also think the brand of cat liter I used back then was bigger, though I also think I did two or three coats of cat litter. I intend to use some air dry clay, foam, and other stuff to build up no man’s land some, but mainly I need to keep it not too rough so models and scatter terrain can rest easily on it.

Tile after two layers of grit

Now I wait overnight and in the morning shake off the excess fine sand.  Once that is done I have to get serious about choosing colors for the wood, dirt, and sandbags. I think I may use GW paint for the sandbags, but for the dirt and the wood I’ll probably use cheaper paint, which I’ll bike to the art supply store to pick up tomorrow.

Sealing grit with thined glue

Laying down more thined white glue

Applying a layer of fine grain sand