Rephotographed Miniatures

A while back I got a personal message over at the Bolter and Chainsword. I ignored it as I have much more important things on my mind than miniature soldiers. However I’m not an asshole so while trying to get to inbox zero, I read the message. It was a request for photographs of the Hakanor’s Reaver model I did as a tutorial when the last Chaos Codex came out. We were trying to do tutorials for all the new official renegade chapters. We never made it. People promised to do tutorials and then didn’t. I took on two difficult to paint chapters and completed both my tutorials. I personally think the second tutorial model is far better painted, I allowed myself to do more elaborate highlights on the trim for instance.

Anyway I asked the dude to send a real email detailing what he wanted. Turns out they are working on some sort of fan publication. They want photos of all the official GW Chaos Renegade factions and they also wanted action or staged shots. Now I live in a modest apartment in East Vancouver. I don’t have room for a gaming table. I don’t have the vast, vast, majority of my gaming terrain with me in the city. However loyal readers will remember I started a new large terrain project, but like most things in my life the last five or six years it got derailed…

I told the fellow I only had an iPhone he assured me those were pictures of sufficient enough quality. So I stopped rioting long enough to take a couple dozen pictures, even setting up my finished terrain tiles in my living room to take a bunch of staged photos. I put them up on Flickr but I’ll cross post a couple here.