Painted Servant of Decay Test Figure

As promised late last night I did indeed finish this model.  I took the pictures this afternoon and realized I should have put one more highlight on his little skull pendent.  I fixed that but couldn’t be bothered to retake the pictures.  I still haven’t done the laundry but will be doing that shortly, I mean it this time. Servant of Decay from behind

The model is an old Necromunda Orlock I pulled out of a bag that had been in my mom’s storage room for over a decade.  I thought they’d make good Mutant Rabble for my Imperial Armour 7 Servants of Decay Rebel Imperial Guard army list.  That sentence has a lot of keywords, too bad this blog doesn’t get any search engine traffic…

The model was started alongside the WW1 Canadian Corps test figure as after painting my original Foundry Triad test figure I decided brown, more specifically English Uniform Brown might make a good primary colour for Rebel Imperial Guard.  Brown is a solid Nurgle colour and I’d already ruled out all black.  They have to blend in a bit with the Nefarious Fire, well not really but I wanted them too.  So purple flames and chaos stars on a black background will still be present.  I’m thinking of doing the tanks black and purple, but I figured the uniforms would still be basically Imperial Guard for the Militia and for the Rabble I thought they’d be kinda dirty earth tones too, but they’d grab some purple rags or what not to symbolize their allegiance.

That is why this Orlock made such a great test figure.  I used Liche Purple and the first two colours, the A and B from the Foundry Royal Purple Triad (#19).  It has no wash and I think I may have found my new dark and evil purple recipe.  The skin is the other unifying feature of this army.  All the models will have sickly pale blue skin.  I’m using a recipe I stumbled upon via trial and error painting Nurgle daemons and other chaos figures over the last two years or so.  I use a Foundation Grey (Astronomicon Grey) base coat with the infamous Cool Grey wash, with Space Wolf Grey highlights.  You can highlight to white even and I probably will on the character models.

The wash is finicky it tends to separate.  It is more grey than blue.  I previously used thin blue and green washes on my pale skin, but I gave this product a try and if you’re patient, and use the right amount which sometimes is one coat, sometimes is two or more, you get a really nice and relatively easy to paint sickly blue-grey skin tone.  Unfortunately if you make a mistake getting the tone back is a little bit difficult, so I discovered when correcting one eye, the one on the left of the model if you want to see my touch ups.

Well that is more than enough text.  Like the WW1 Canadian Corps figure I think I can do better job with the painting, maybe simplify it a bit more, but I have other miniatures I need to get done in the next month or so…

Servant of Decay test figure