Is Kill Team the future?

I bought the Kill Team book when I moved to Calgary…

I bought the Kill Team book when I moved to Calgary. I got it at the GW store in Chinook Centre. I was eager to play it but Bill wanted to play Warcry. So I’ve played Warcry but not Kill Team nor the most recent edition of Necromunda or either of the two most recent editions of Warhammer 40,000.

That is a lot of money spent on books for games I never actually played. Bill like’s Warcry and we had planned on finishing our campaign, I even got the rules for a second gang. But I do not think Nurgle is an effective faction in Warcry or Kill Team 2.0 or Kill Team 2021 as some people are calling it.

Bill and I were going to play 40K and Necromunda, I have lots of painted models for 40K but not necessarily an effective army by today’s standards. I bought and even started painting models for Necromunda but then the pandemic hit. As a result no in-person gaming and I eventually stopped painting and blogging too.

Kill Team Octarius

Today I’m updating my blog as yesterday I got the Kill Team Octarius boxset and compendium. This is the first GW box I’ve bought since Malcolm talked me into buying Black Reach. I was getting close to finishing my Chaos army and thinking I would revise my Orks. I’ve painted one Nob for a B&C contest so that is why I have lots of rules for lots of GW games but few of the boxsets. Supposedly they are good deals, but they seem expensive compared to the first boxed sets of my youth.

I bought Kill Team 2.0 pretty much sight unseen. I don’t really follow the rumours even though I do follow some of GW’s social media. I knew it was Orks and Deth Korps but I mainly bought it because Bill wasn’t. I figured it would increase our likelihood of playing it, if we owned the whole thing.

The new models are supposedly nice, they have some tiny little bits. I found one that broke off and took a picture. I’m not sure when we’ll play, we’re actually doing a Zombicide campaign now. We still have our Warcry campaign and we were going to do Necromunda and of course the big game. Some people in Bill’s little group don’t seem as addicted to GW as Bill, but they buy a lot of board games. I however think Kill Team may become my go to.

Why Kill Team?

  1. Low model count to buy and paint.
  2. Smaller table needed.
  3. No need to build more terrain.
  4. Actually would consider a new faction in a skirmish game.

After I bought the game or at least pre-ordered it from the Sentry Box, I watched a YouTube video or read a blog post. Gangs seem to be between 3 and 20 models. They aren’t called gangs like Necromunda, they are called teams like Bloodbowl. This low model count and the fact I have painted hundreds of Orks and CSMs implies those are my two factions. I’ve already said I don’t think Deathguard will be great, I too think Harlequins may be where it is at, until the next greatest thing comes along, but I also think six 18 wound Tyranids may be intimidating on the tabletop.

During all this Covid-19 stuff I actually moved into a larger apartment. I still don’t own a car, so games with lower model counts requiring less table space and weighing less to carry around have a lot of appeal. Smaller tables require less terrain which GW is happy to sell you. I still hope to finish my trench table eventually, but in the meanwhile the Octarius terrain looks nice and as you can see there are so many factions some requiring as few as three models to buy and plaint. That said I’m unlikely to do an Imperial team unless Bill makes me. I bought the boxset so I’m making Bill play the Imperium.