My Lead Painter League 5 entries

I only finished two teams.  I have been really trying to get a job and just not been in a painting mood I guess.  I haven’t touched the Khorne Bezerkers in a month or two.  I hope to get back to painting soon.  In the mean time here are some closeups of the models I did complete including my somewhat infamous naked chicks:








Lead Painters League is On

There are a record 70 official competitors. So if you want to see a pile of cool mini’s you know which link to click. Every week for the next ten there will be a bunch of freshly painted unseen miniatures in all types of scales and genres. People can vote for their favourites.

My naked chicks should be in there somewhere. I didn’t take the best group photo as I only have an iPhone. Some people didn’t even enter as they couldn’t take good photos which seems strange… I’ve been hit by ‘real life’ but I have two entries done, so hopefully this week I’ll make progress on my OOP Bezerkers. In the meantime I’ve got some minis to check out.