My Lead Painters’ League 5 entries

I only finished two teams. I have been really trying to get a job and just not been in a painting mood I guess. I haven’t touched the Khorne Bezerkers in a month or two. I hope to get back to painting soon. In the mean time here are some closeups of the models I did complete including my somewhat infamous naked chicks:








WIP OOP Khorne Bezerkers

These fellows were supposed to be my third entry into the Lead Painters’ League, as you can see they are not done. My life isn’t as easy as some would have you believe. I’m no peasant farmer in Cambodia, but I have been unemployed entirely too long the last five or so years, ever since my Sauder MBA not in-coincidently.

I’ve had other things on my mind, but mainly I’ve just been lazy, or at least unfocused on finishing these models. I’ll get in a couple hours one day then a week could go by before I paint again. This week I painted on Monday inspired by Trumpeter Salute I guess. But then reality set back in. None of my problems have been solved, despite having a job interview this week. I’ve been disappointed far too many times to count any chickens at this stage.

WIP Khorne Bezerkers
WIP Khorne Bezerkers

Well enough about me, this is what I’ve done on these models. I primed them black, with GW Spray Primer and likely a lot of Chaos Black touchups. Then I did the main metallic parts, the silver is Boltgun Metal + Chainmail + Silver + a couple washes. My brushes were in a sad state for awhile. I got two new ones, but I’m over due to try and rescue some old brushes or just need to do less jabbing in crevices I guess…

The trim is currently just Tin Bitz. It will look more like brass once I finish the power armor.

The black parts of the armor are completely done. I used the Foundry Black Triad plus a little bit of Badaab Black wash and a final spot highlight of Astronomicon Grey which may be a bit too bright, I might have to shop around for another grey someday… I paint black power armor pretty good, red is more work.

I was using the P3 Wet Palette and once again it was probably too wet so I need too coats of Clotted Red. I also used Go Faster Red and of course Ruby Red along with some custom dark red washes made from old Citadel Inks. I need a bit more blending, with maybe one or two highlights of Ruby Red and a red glaze and the power armor will be done.

I hope to fix up the metallic bits too tonight, but the models will not be finished by tomorrow morning. I plan to do the green tubing and many skulls after the metallics are done, that still leaves the skin, the leather pouches and various small details, plus some elaborate resin bases. I’ll be glad when I can go back to painting simpler models than these guys. I’m trying to do a good job, as I always try to do a good job, but I think choosing your models and paint schemes can save a lot of time.

Hopefully I get a job soon, as I don’t know what will happen if I don’t…

LPL 5 Week 2

I’m at the #EastVanLove Tweetup but before that starts I’ll update ye old blog. The second week of the Lead Painters League is on now, something like 68 new teams of miniatures for you to peruse and vote for. I lost week one badly, but I think I could have done a better job photographing my entry and perhaps gone with one less highlight would have been more natural. I’m used to painting unnatural subject manager, not naked chicks.

I also drew a very good opponent, this week my entry is simpler and my opponent is not as esteemed so perhaps I can win. My OOP Khorne Bezerkers are not going well. I left town to visit a sick friend in the hospital and then just didn’t paint much. I painted some the last two days but I don’t think I’ll make it, oh well Week 4 can be Bezerker week.

In addition I have my first product un-recommendation. Previously while studying for my CFA and just suffering from insomnia I spent a lot of time reading Tabletop Gaming News and other sites and bought a lot of stuff, particularly from small independent companies. I bought a lot of resin terrain which I did wash and have slowly, very slowly been painting as part of my trench table. I also bought a lot of boutique miniatures, including a bunch of cowboys, some WW1 Canadians, some Picts/Celts. I hope to paint most of it eventually, maybe even some of it for the Lead Painters League. The other thing I bought a lot of was resin bases.

Resinforge Bases
Resinforge Bases

Not all resin bases are created equally. I like Epicast and Dragonforge plus I also like the stuff outta Poland. One company I tried was Resinforge. Their bases arrived in a pale yellow color, not ideal. I prefer darker colored resin. They also seemed thinner than regular GW bases. I finally got around to using one and paint would not stick to it. I rinsed it with water. I tried GW spray primer, craft paint, GW Chaos Black. I gobbed it on. But it would just erase, kinda bead off, like a felt pen on a blank CD… It only did it on part of the base. It was annoying. Once applied paint also wiped off easily. So I got out the file and filed off the edge which was the biggest problem. Still didn’t help. I ended up gobbing on more black.

We’ll see if it takes.

Soaking Resinforge Bases
Soaking Resinforge Bases

In the mean time I got all my Resinforge bases and dunked them in a jar filled with dish soap. Hopefully this solves the problems, but I have my doubts after repeatedly sanding off resin only to have paint not stick to the resin underneath. So in conclusion, I’m not recommending Resinforge bases. You should be able to just grab them from a package and glue a mini to them. A little sanding or scraping is OK, but you shouldn’t have to dunk them and leave them soak overnight. You also shouldn’t have to keep repainting your base black…

Lead Painters’ League is On

There are a record 70 official competitors. So if you want to see a pile of cool mini’s you know which link to click. Every week for the next ten there will be a bunch of freshly painted unseen miniatures in all types of scales and genres. People can vote for their favourites.

My naked chicks should be in there somewhere. I didn’t take the best group photo as I only have an iPhone. Some people didn’t even enter as they couldn’t take good photos which seems strange… I’ve been hit by ‘real life’ but I have two entries done, so hopefully this week I’ll make progress on my OOP Bezerkers. In the meantime I’ve got some minis to check out.

Painted More Miniatures

But I can’t show them to you. Them’s the rules in the Lead Painters’ League. If I don’t watch it, I’ll turn into one of those miniature painting blogs, where they don’t actually paint any miniatures. They show pictures of models they own or in often cases don’t own, they complain about the prices, the rules, how much time it takes to paint, how hard it is, how they’re no good at painting, how they can’t find a recipe or a tutorial, or a decent brush or whatever.

My advice to them remains:

Shut up and paint!

They have a word in the dictionary for people like that, hypocritical. They have another word too, lazy. If you’re too busy to paint, surely you’re too busy to blog about not painting. Blogging about not painting is like dancing about politics, it makes no damn sense and is just a waste of time.

Just scroll back to previous posts and imagine the unpainted miniatures painted. That must be what those other bloggers want you to do too… …except I really will show them painted when I’m able to in a few weeks, or you can just follow the Lead Painters League over at the Lead Adventure Forum.Random Miniatures

Next up for me is some more Khorne Bezerkers. I took a picture of what the models look like lying around on the shelf above my painting table. I’m going to convert and base them, then I’m going to paint them. Then they’ll look rather like these ones, which I painted.

Someone took a photo of my bezerkers and put it on their blog and basically said, if they were going to paint some Bezerkers, you know if they had time, and determination, they’d want them to look something like these ones.

The three Khorne models I've painted in dark red armor
The three Khorne models I’ve painted in dark red armor

Of course they didn’t credit me with painting the models or link to my website. It was a picture of just the two bezerkers, not sure where I posted that, maybe on the Bolter and Chainsword, it isn’t on Flickr…

Painting Naked Chicks

Once you start painting naked chicks you’re a true “artiste“.

So I decided to enter the Lead Painters’ League, season five. One of the hardest to win Internet painting competitions. I’m not even sure there is a prize. Just bragging rights is enough. So anyway the powers that be over at Lead Adventure made one of the bonus rounds, “non-combantants”. In fact Week One is non-combatants. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. Despite my collection of unpainted figs, they are all ostensibly for one army or another.

Plastic Bags filled with Lead
Plastic Bags filled with Lead

Then I remembered some guy from the 40K mailing list threw in with a trade some naked chicks. What is more non-combative than naked chicks?

So I dig through my little baggies of lead for the one with the bonus figures. Whoever it was through in a bunch of small scale models. Scale doesn’t matter in the Lead Painter League so the smaller the better, these models were certainly smaller than the usual models I paint.  I’m not sure the scale, 20mm maybe, maybe 25mm. I’m also making no comment on the anatomically correctness of the naked chicks.

Bonus figs thrown into trade
Bonus figs thrown into trade

After lining up the contents it appears there are some torturers and even some secumbuses  and amazons, but also a bunch of chained naked chicks. This post is going to do wonders for my keyword referrals. I picked a team of five naked chicks in chains and after briefly considering basing them on square bases, went back to round.

My basing techniques and my resin base collections are all based on battlefields or at least sci-fi or fantasy settings. This harem of naked chicks isn’t going to be standing in a burnt out building or an open field so I had to dig out my old green stuff and sculpt a token cobblestone base. My greenstuff is so old and hard to work with, time to buy some more.

Miniature Naked Chicks
Miniature Naked Chicks

I think I got these models in 1996, sure enough on the bottoms of the bases is the words “Dennis Mize 95 Ral Partha”. So I’m saying these figs were sculpted or at least caste in 1995 by Ral Partha. I’m sure the diehards over at the Lead Adventure Forum will know more about them.

Round or Square base?
Round or Square base?

The Green Stuff is curing now and I’m enjoying a beer. I may get around to assembling another week’s entry. This time some space ships form the Silent Death range. They too are small and hopefully easy to paint. We’ll see if I have any flesh painting skills…

Due to the rules of the contest I can’t show any WIP or finished pictures until after they are used in the contest. I think the contest runs ten weeks starting in March. I’m not sure I’ll even try to paint ten teams, but for the next couple months I’ll try to paint models in groups of five.

Five Naked Chicks
Five Naked Chicks
Green Stuff Bases
Green Stuff Bases

Everyone’s Doing Cool Sh!t But Me!

Well maybe not everyone but a lot of the miniature painting and hobby blogs I follow are making me look even lazier than I already am. I thought after my last game, I’d get in some more games and get my hobby mojo going again, but it didn’t happen. I still do a lot of thinking and planning, but not enough getting off my ass and doing. In truth I have bigger problems than lack of hobby output, but I have so many cool ideas and so much money invested in this hobby, I really should try and do something.Nurgle Terminators on Bigger Bases

Either that or I should move up my excess hobby crap sell off date…

Anyway inspired by one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time, I resumed rebasing my Nurgle Terminators. I kinda wish I had one more armed with Chainfist. I could convert another one up, I have the parts, but I have enough models I need to paint and I think just making my one chainfist guy a champ will accomplish almost as much.

I’ve got them all on 40mm round bases now and I commenced gluing bits to them. I raided my bits box and gluded on a bunch of 28mm metal skulls I got from Black Cat Bases. It’s not all glamorous showpiece projects, sometimes you have to spend an evening with nail files and little metal skulls and various chemical concoctions. I think six of them still need more bits so I will be busting out my bits still on a sprue, maybe even bust open one of the many boxes I still have shrink wrapped for some fresh bits too. Some bases still need more bitz

Lots is going on in the hobby, the Lead Adventure Forum is running their Iron Painter or whatever contest. The Iron refers to your ass or your will power as the goal is to paint 10 groups of five models over a ten week period. You can get started early, as in right now. Scale doesn’t matter, so I’d be better served painting small models not say Nurgle Terminators.  These models on my table right now won’t be eligible, they need to be in groups of five, not three, and rebasing doesn’t count as freshly painted, no matter how many little bits you glue on the bases.

I like to paint in groups of four sometimes even less. I often paint one or two models just to add to a squad or to give me another option. I’m going to have to alter my painting preference and re-order my queue. I’m also going to have to dig into the many, many, models I own that are unpainted and find some that will score the odd bonus points. First up is non-combatants. I thought of some, I don’t know who manufactured them, or who traded them to me, but I have some dancing ladies that got thrown into a trade about 15 years ago. They are definitely unarmed, in fact I think they are pretty much naked. They are also smaller than 28mm so they will paint up quickly.

I will do up five Khorne Bezerkers though in reality I need to paint six… One I think will remain unpainted until after the contest. I will also paint up some Night Goblin Archers and a Big Boss for one of my units. It is the basing that worries me there. Normally I base the whole unit, in one go, that is 30+ Night Goblins in this case. We’ll see how I feel, it takes a whole day to do the multi step basing process on that many models.

I’ll also be doing up some regular goblins armed with say a sword to serve as war machine crew. Again I think I need six, so this time I’ll probably just do six. I’m going to make custom movement trays for everything, so again basing these models will be way more work.

If I can get all that done in ten weeks I’ll be doing pretty good. Might do up some Zombies or something for my Servants of Decay army. Either that and go way off the wagon and buy something just for the contest, say the Fellowship of the Ring.

Wish me luck and stay tuned as I’ll try to update say weekly.