Bought Some Foam

As part of my generally not very successful life and career post Sauder MBA, I had to move, putting all my stuff in storage until I can find a permanent job. My job search has continued to go very poorly and I don’t have any answers or fresh ideas on where to apply or what type of position I would finally be “the right fit” for. Anyway as part of my move I had to take all my painted minis out of the three glass Ikea cases I bought for them and put them somewhere. Fuzz box budget foam miniature storage

I own several miniature cases. Some I’ve my made myself. Some I’ve adapted from gun or computer cases. I’ve cut my share of foam and I’ve bought cases from GW and Charon. I don’t play much, haven’t played a miniature wargame in well over a year, see first paragraph for the reason why. But when I do play I usually need about 1500 points maybe 2000 which works out to about 40-50 guys plus a couple tanks and walkers or if I’m playing fantasy more men but less big models. Sabol pick and pluck foam

I got my customized Charon case to hold just about anything, since then the truly custom laser cut foam has come on the market. I may get one of those cases someday, cut to match my next army, if I ever do a next army. But in the mean time I discovered I didn’t have enough cases, especially good cases with nice mini-specific foam to move all my models at once.  So I ended up moving them in stages. I filled up the Charon case and maybe the GW case and moved those models to my mother’s house, then later I brought back the empty cases and moved the rest of my collection using every case I had.

I thought about buying some more foam or a dedicated miniature case then, but I didn’t want to rush my purchase decision and I’m well past broke from being unemployed for so long, so movement expenses were being kept to a minimum. Several months have gone by and my minis have sat on a shelf I cleared of books or in a case in storage at my mom’s house or in a storage locker on Terminal. Miniatures in need of a foam home

It was recently Christmas and my 36th birthday so I got given some money and not wanting to spend it, I didn’t. However I keep reading more books and need that shelf space back, my mom’s house has too much stuff in it, and miniatures just sitting on a shelf are at risk so I bought some econo miniature cases I read about online. I got 5 of them from the War Store for 50 something dollars and I bought two more Sabol Design foam pieces that I can use to store the bigger more awkward models.

The econo boxes are the bigger ones, the so-called Fuzz Boxes. They can hold a lot of models for about 10 bucks, but the spaces look a little small, now that I have them in my hands, especially for Chaos Space Marines. I’ve previously cut GW and Charon foam to make room for spikes and big guns and it is possible to get larger foam cutouts, but not this cheap. The budget boxes are all one size fits all. I may get out the scissors, I also may repack the Charon and GW case as they have some goblins in them, Goblins are much smaller but spear goblins are difficult to pack none the less. Most of my 4th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle spear goblins are in a rifle case at the back of a storage locker. The archers and misc. other goblin models may be repacked into these econo boxes.

Some day I may have the money and space to have dedicated foam for each army, if not a dedicated case for every model. As it is I’m unemployed, and many of my models never even see the table top and many had not even seen the outside of a miniature case until I bought the Ikea cases and put almost every model I ever painted on display in my apartment for no one to see.

UpdateOld plastic goblins in budget foam

A few days later I brought all or most of my miniature cases into my bedroom at my mom’s house and tried to figure out which models would fit best in the new foam.  As I suspected the old GW goblin archers fit best. I have two units of those, the spear goblins are in storage in a rifle case but you can see from the photos how they fit less well.  My old Rogue Trader era and 2nd Edition Space Orks fit pretty well in the budget foam cases and the other models that got volunteered are my one piece metal plaguebearers. Old OOP Space Orks

I cut the odd little gap but I couldn’t safely fit my big spikey Chaos Space Marines in the budget boxes. I also couldn’t make enough room for them in my Charon Productions and GW foam. I used the Sabol foam to make my three dreadnoughts a home. I need a better long term solution for my orks and goblins, my Silent Death space ships, and models on 40mm round or square bases or motorcycle bases. My ork models like that are in an old tool box I’ve lined with foam, but my Chaos Space Marines are just too numerous. I have one piece of Charon Productions foam that has larger spots, but an even better solution is needed. Whether that involves pluck and pull foam, custom cut foam, or just ordering more specialty foam, I don’t know. Metal Plaguebearers in foam

I don’t know if I’ll ever start another army or even “improve” the two old ork and goblin armies. I’m out of practice painting and my life is not going well so time for hobbies I do not have. Everything will set in storage as is at my mother’s house for the foreseeable future. Maybe after sixth edition comes out, I’ll dust off the Diseased Sons and the Nefarious Fire and play some games, but I’m not optimistic I’ll get a lot a use of my miniature collection in 2012 or even 2013. Dreadnoughts in their new foam

Re-Based Beasts of Nurgle

Today didn’t start up well, I stayed up way too late, or more accurately couldn’t sleep so I kept getting up to look up things online or in the Big Red Book. So as a result I slept in or just lay in bed for hours…

The first thing I did when I got up besides check my email and this blog’s stats was to start updating the index page at I’m committed to this blog and painting more non-Nurgle stuff, I just had to drop back into Nurgle mode to get 1500 points of demons on the table by Sunday, but after tomorrow I’m going to be working on some non-Nurgle Chaos Space Marine stuff and then back to terrain, Van Doos, Servants of Decay, and zombies.  Mmm Zombies…

I’ve been putting my newly painted models on Flickr, but now I think I may put up a pile of old pictures of older but still well painted models or just use my new photo set up and the almighty iPhone to take some fresh snaps. I like my old Flickr integration in iPhoto as I could add all the tags before uploading, hopefully Apple fixes that as they put the third party app makers out of business. Anyway now one random miniature photo, from Flickr, appears on my Nurgle homepage.

Much more work was getting the RSS feeds to display. The age of static HTML has come to a close, the fact I still have 100s of static HTML pages online is a testament to my stubbornness as much as anything. I could move all the content into a CMS such as WordPress. I’m not even hosting this blog myself or paying to have it hosted, why bother, the few plugins and tricks I can’t do on don’t really take anything away from the blog. Before I was more of an IT guy, now I’m just over-educated and unemployed.

We’ll see if these small changes result in more traffic to my Flickr photos and this blog. was a lot of work over a long, long, period and even though it doesn’t have much PageRank it still does fairly well in Google.

Beasts Of Nurgle

The Beasts are basically done, the Plaguebearers are still ranked up on the shelf where I photographed them. I think I’m going to have to put them in a miniature case, probably the biggest one I own, not because the army has such a high model count, it doesn’t, because the beasts and Demon Prince are odd shaped and fragile and fitting them and 40 Plaguebearers in a small case would require custom foam I don’t have the time to do…

Slim finds a new home
Slim finds a new home

I’ve got a number of cases but I think someday I’ll buy another as Battlefoam is making some really useful custom foam inserts. I think if you put a lot of time into your army and you want to play anywhere but your house you’ll eventually want to invest in the best case you can. I used to make custom ones myself, but now there is so much foam out there from pluck and pull to these custom cut ones.

Well time to get going, I’ve been at home too long, we’ll just make room to photograph the Beasts and Slim and I’m outta here.

There turned out to be enough room in Sabol Designs pluck and pull tray that I’d fitted into a Charon Skirmishpack to carry two tanks for what turned out to be West Coast Mayhem. That is the case I’m using to transport my Daemons as I bought some vehicle and bike/cavalry foam too for it, but it also holds a hundred plus man-sized or even bigger based daemon-sized models which is doubly important when your model is all metal. Only about four of the models are multiple pieces though, most are solid.

Slim snug and safe
Slim snug and safe

While re-basing the Beasts I freshened up some of the guts with spare GW Blood Red and Reaper Master Series Clotted Red, along with my custom red-black ink based wash.  I’m pretty pleased the paint job on Sluggie (the green one) has held up as well as it has, the flesh is drybrushed and the paint job is over 15 years old I think, one of the oldest models with the original paint job still serving in the Diseased Sons warband. 

Busted Esmerelda

So I’m moving again. This time I’m moving less than 300 meters to a condo I bought in Calgary. I got all my Beasts of Nurgle to Calgary without busting them. But I couldn’t remember how I did it. I tried making a custom spot for each one in the Sabol foam, but I crammed too much in too tightly and busted a tentacle off of Esmerelda.

I haven’t done much gaming during Covid, indeed any gaming and haven’t painted maybe all year, but I had to box up all my miniatures that were in my display case and although I have plenty of cases and foam, I don’t remember what goes where and I seem to have more and more non-standardize models. The foam that worked the best so far is from Charon and Battle Foam. I did some Googling and found this old post, so after the move and after I likely buy some new furniture I will be ordering more foam.

I also hope to get back to painting, gaming, and updating this blog. But packing my miniatures was such an ordeal I took to Instagram but ultimately I was able to identify the useful big roomy foam trays. I doubt I’ll ever start a new army and GW keeps making models bigger, look at the latest Plague Marines let alone the Blightlords.

So if you have thoughts on Nurglings, transporting miniatures, foam, or miniature cases you can leave a comment below.