Miniature Scale

People who don’t paint miniatures and just see them online in say my Facebook feed don’t realize that a lot of effort goes into them. They are actually quite small even though I mainly paint heroic 28mm scale, there are both smaller and larger scale miniatures. Some how I ended up on my own Flickr feed after adding a contact and I thought this model looked pretty good even blown up like that.

I still haven’t used them in a game and with the way my life is going my models may soon go into storage for an extended period of time. I just can’t find a job. Today I haven’t been the most productive, just stayed at home and surfed the net mostly. But I thought it would make a fun photo to take the mini out of the cabinet and hold it up beside the picture on Flickr as shown on my 13″ MacBook Pro, to give an idea of scale. I did something similar once before on Muskblog.

Miniature shown next to photo of miniature to show scale

Video Tour of my Painted Miniature Collection

This is an idea I’ve had for a while. I was going to do it over the holidays when I was testing the new camera I got my mom for Christmas, but I never got around to it. I ended up just using my iPhone. It is about a 5 minute video but it took a lot longer to upload it to YouTube than that. The video was converted from a Quicktime friendly format to likely FLV which is what YouTube likes. This downgraded it a bit, but oh well.

I also should have done a series of videos, maybe even, one per shelf, as then I could try and do close ups and 360 panarama type shots of individual models. Oh well, something to work on in the future. I’d still benefit from a better camera and some post production. This is the raw video from iPhone, to iPhoto, to Quicktime, to YouTube with minimal clicks.

You can read all about the Diseased Sons on their own website. Well back to trying to be productive.

Lead Adventure

My life hasn’t been going so great and I’ve been staying away from the hobby aspects and websites trying to focus a bit. Hasn’t really helped. I haven’t even been to Strategies (LGS) since I dropped off my miniatures for their painting competition and that was several months ago. I’ve been doing some gaming on the iPhone, my computer, even the Wii, but again not my focus. Today however I received an email from the founder or one of the people behind the Lead Adventure forum, he’s launched his own miniature company called Lead Adventure which probably focuses on genres not associated with say GW, though Mordheim or Necromunda are closer to what the Prof likes to play.

So if you want to see some new and hopefully interesting figs check out Lead Adventure.

Wow even WordPress seems to have changed since I last posted.