Closeups and Touchups

I’m back from Vancouver Island. I ended up missing the ferry I was trying to catch, it was a hot slow day and we arrived minutes too late on my bus. Coming back from Vancouver Island was no great relaxing trip either, I re-read some Too Fat Lardies scenarios for the Through the Mud and the Blood that are in the supplement Stout Hearts and Iron Men. Closeup of Rusty Sword

Otherside of Rusty SwordI basically had a nap when I got back to Vancouver but now that it is evening I did some touch-ups on the Nurgle demons. I then tried to take some closeups of the rusty swords. This didn’t go that well with my iPhone. Eventually I got some OK pics of the light grey Plaguebearers sword, the other demon didn’t seem to want to photograph well, which is ironic as his sword had more rust detailing.  I think I may have done one rust wash too many…

The other thing I read on the ferry was Sidney Roundwood’s latest post on making terrain. He made the World War One trench table seen in the Through the Mud and the Blood rulebook, he eventually added a ruined village scratch building the buildings. I will probably add a ruined village to my trenches someday, I’ve looked into some of the resin buildings for sale but maybe I’ll have to have a go at making some.

Hopefully tomorrow it isn’t too hot and I’ll resume painting, but I have a lot of real world things to do too…

Finishing Up Old Models

So having finished off two terrain tiles, I cleaned up my painting area pretty good, put away most of the materials and bits that were littering the floor and set about getting some models finished an off my painting table. The first batch I decided to finished were mostly already painted. The batch consisted of some new Nurgle demons that I’d been painting on the side and experimenting on, also added to the queue was an old plastic goblin spearman. This model had a bent spear and hadn’t been seen for years having gotten stuck to some foam. I fixed the spear and gave the model an average actually better than average paintjob, plus affixed a shield to him. Touching up and finishing miniatures

The two models I finished first were too old mid 90s Diseased Sons character models. Both were converted to have jump packs, one an old Ork jump pack and the other a converted metal loyalist jump pack. Back in the day during 1st and 2nd edition jump pack characters were all the rage.  hey usually had conversion or possibly even displacer fields which made them tough to kill. Now-a-days models seem to go about in rhinos and land raiders as it is safer and the models are cheaper and readily available.

Old plastic Goblin SpearmanThe one with no helmet is Oderous the Unclean he was the lord/leader in the early days of the Diseased Sons. The other model which is in Crusader Armor was usually used as a lieutenant, sometimes both would be in an army list. He only has a chainsword whereas Oderous usually used a Plague Sword or sometimes a Deamon Weapon when I went a bit over the top.

These models were considered pretty damn well painted back in 96 or 97. I learned that once sealed you can’t use washes much on old minis so when I update one, I generally just add highlights or paint in lowlights. These models got the tiny line treatment and because they have sentimental value and I wasn’t in a hurry I touched up and improved a lot of things about the models, from Oderous’s face to the leather bits. This is the best these models have ever looked. Old Diseased Sons HQ

I still don’t think they’ll see the tabletop much, I may make another lord with wings someday, but generally I try to keep costs down on my HQ and like everyone else stick them with a squad in a vehicle for safety. I was going to make some Nurgle Raptors and I’ll probably still do it someday, but first I think I’ll do Khorne Raptors it makes more sense tactically.  I’m also trying not to buy stuff, but to complete a squad of 8 Khorne Raptors I may need another jump pack or two plus possibly legs…

WIP PlaguebearersThe models that I put a lot of work into, especially relative to their importance are the Nurgle daemons. I don’t need more painted Nurgle daemons, I can’t even use them in a Chaos Space Marine army currently. However I bought some both for fun and because I had a plan for hordes of Nurglings… After buying and assembling them they sat primed in a box for years so slowly I’m working through them. I think I have six more stands to go. I use Nurglines and Plaguebearers to try out new techniques and color combinations, sometimes I just use up paint on them left on my palette.

These models were mostly finished prior to the terrain building period, but I still had enough bits undone to try some more stuff out. The blue grey skin may become a fixture of my Servants of Decay force. The Zombie on the Nurgling base was painted similar to how I did the sandbags with GW greens: Gretchin, Camo, and Rotting Flesh. Camo isn’t so important now that I have Gretchin green, it is probably better for zombies anyway. I used washes mostly Badaab Black and Devlan Mud but also probably Gryphonne Sepia. Most of my plague daemons will look similar to this one, but I’ll try to streamline the technique some. Three dark reds made by Reaper

Plaguebearers with dark red gutsThe other thing I wanted to test was the new Reaper brand dark reds I bought. The plaguebearers especially the pale one had lots of exposed guts these got covered in Terracotta Clay, Bloodstain Red, and Clotted Red. Clotted Red is the big winner it covers well and is a nice dark red. The others are more brown, still useful but when trying to get say a squad done I’ll be keeping my red recipe as simple as possible. I will be painting some Khorne worshiping models and I don’t want them wearing no sissy red. GW reds especially the new ones tend towards orange. I don’t want that.

I’m going to Vancouver Island for a few days, see the family, watch the World Cup Final with my cousin from Austria. So I’m trying to get these models done before I go. I tried finishing them last night but it is getting hot in Vancouver even late into the night. The reds are drying right now, soon I’ll give them some washes and some highlights with GW reds, I have plenty of those then finish off their weapons and the rags on the one model and they’ll be done.

I tried to use my Awesome Paint Drying Blood wash but despite shaking regularly it separates and then gums up its dispenser. I ended up mixing a bit of the thick stuff with water and using that. I bought three of these washes and the only one that has worked well. I used an excessive amount of Cool Gray again because it gummed up and came out in a big blurt. I’ve taken to poking a needle in the Reaper and these pots, Vallejo gives me less trouble but it separates too, it just mixes back together betterNext four models I will paint

I have various red washes, glazes, and inks mostly old GW stuff, but you can buy artist ink.  I’ve been buying some of that mostly orange, sepia, and flesh. I have this olive green one too, but I haven’t tried it. Oh well maybe on the next batch of Nurglings.

I’m using pigment mixed with water and my beloved old Rust Brown Ink to make the rust on the Plaguebearers blades. I’ll also probably mix in some orange paint as I often do two or three tones of rust to get an interest effect. My mom just called so I have to wrap up the miniatures and this post and make sure I don’t miss the 5 o’clock ferry. It is only 2:30 but I also have to pack and take out the garbage… I wish I would have done the laundry yesterday, but I guess it will just wait until I return.

I’m going to try the Krylon Matte sealant on these models. I used it on some of my scatter terrain, nothing bad happened, but we gotta wait and see how it wears, I don’t play much, but I do use my models in games occasionally. When I get back from Vancouver Island I’ll work on these four tester models and maybe yet more Nurgle demons.

Nurgling Stand

Plaguebearer of Nurgle

Plaguebearer of Nurgle

Contrary to what you may have read elsewhere online, I do know how to paint Nurgle models.

Still plugging away

So after finishing my second modular trench tile yesterday I took a break, but I couldn’t sleep so I got up and worked on terrain some more. I still plan to assemble and get painting some more miniatures for my 2010 Astronomi-con Vancouver army, but I also worked on another entrenchment. This one entirely scratch built to fill a gap, as Snapdragon only makes so many sizes and shapes. I’m wedded to the 12″ tile for at least the majority of this project. Test fit of tiles D2 and D3

I also cleaned a lot of resin this morning during the second half of the World Cup game. All these bits are from Ramshackle, they were bought for my ork army to scratch build and customize some vehicles, but a few of them will do nicely as battlefield debris.

Hand made and cast entrenchmentsI also dug out the photo I took of the drawing of how the battlefield will look. This is the second drawing and it has been fixed to the wall above my painting table for months. I’ve been scheming and planning and preparing for this project for well over a year. So far things have gone according to plan, but if I don’t get a job soon, I may have to put stuff in storage…

Update: I did have to store everything for several years and may never finish this modular trench table now, but I did start painting again.

I plan to assemble several models. I actually have a written down paint queue which I regularly adjust, but don’t regularly post to the Internet. It is one of the tabs on my army Excel file which lists all the models I have painted for the Diseased Sons and the Nefarious Fire. It also shows real and hypothetical ways to field them. I’ll have to make a similar spreadsheet for the Orks eventually. I’ve held off even making an army list for them, I want to make all or as many of my old ork figures and squads legal before I worry about tactics and optimizing.

I also uploaded the document that details the plans for individual tiles, some have detailed descriptions, others are more vague. I jotted these down one night and have been updating it and the drawing when I feel the need. I’ve even worked on a No Musk’s Land 2.0 tile layout. It requires six more tiles, so that might be for 2012.

Consulting my own Excel file, as sometimes I forget to build things or paint them the correct color. Often I write which squad a model is for on the bottom of it’s base when I prime them, as sometimes models sit on my painting desk for years…

  • 2nd Test Bezerker
  • Test Servant of Decay
  • Test WW1 Canadian Corps Rifleman
  • CSM with Heavy Bolter
  • Plaguemarine with Melta Gun
  • Plaguebearer
  • Secret model

OOP Plastic BezerkerFor the test bezerker I’m using the old, original, OOP, plastic model, I have five of them still on sprues. That tells you how long I’ve been going to do some Khorne guys for… For the test Servant of Decay I think I’ll use one of the plastic Necromunda figures. He’ll be pretty much as is, but I’ll paint him in my proposed scheme of brown uniform, black boots, shoulder pads, and helmet, with purple accents. The rabble can have a variety of earth colours for their clothes possibly including some greens and reds. The big risk is the skin tone, I’m going pale blue as they are supposed to be Nurgle followers. The Plague Zombies will be more traditional greenish tinged flesh. Ramshackle Games Resin Bits

I’ve painted a number of Heavy Weapons for the Nefarious Fire but no Heavy Bolter, which as the cheapest will be pressed into duty for my Chosen. I don’t know when the plastic CSM with Heavy Bolter came out, but I’ve never painted one, so that is the fig I plan to use. The plaguemarine is just for looks, I have unused metal Plaguemarine havoc bits, so I figure I’ll paint one up. The plaguebearer is just for fun, I like to have one on my paint table to use up colors or to test techniques, Nurglings are great for this too. I’ve already got a couple on the go, which along with touching up some old models I hope to finish off quickly.

WIP Demons

Second Test Post

It seemed to me that before the posts were appearing in reverse chronological order. I’ve never seen that before, WordPress is always adding new features which is another reason I have a blog, but also a self hosted blog that I can test things out on.

I dug up another photo which probably hasn’t been widely seen, instead of an Ork Nob it contains three OOP (Out of Print) Chaos Terminators. I’ve got a lot of painted terminators that I never use, I plan to rebase them. I have some of the Forgeworld Nurgle ones on my table which I’ll get to in a couple months, they seem to always get put off, as mainly they are just for fun figs. Nurgle terminators are too expensive pointswise to use regularly in small scale Warhammer 40,000 games.

Out of Print Chaos Terminators

I painted them quite a while ago, I’m not even sure they’ve all hit the gaming table, but they probably have by now.

Update December 2019

It is now many years later and I’m editing all my old blog posts to improve the taxonomy. I did rebase these models but based on the new Death Guard Codex many of them are unusable. Nurgle err Death Guard terminators can no longer have power weapons. Plague marines can no longer have flamers. So basically every squad in my army needs updating with new models and probably champions. Plague marines can also not have bolt pistols again. I will have to look into the regular Chaos Codex but first I need to get back into the habit of painting regularly and and actually play something, even if it is Warcry.