Two more links and news

I have had these two links I’ve been meaning to work into a blog post, but I’ve had plenty of pictures and lots of old stuff to show…  Anyway the news is I finally have another job interview.  This job seems real promising, but you should never count your chickens before they hatch.  I think they might be as interested in me as I am in them.  I’m not one to make lofty demands.

Now back to the hobby.  The Tau of War wants you to stop using Chaos Black primer and start using Army Painter colored primer.  I talked to Darren about this, he carries Army Painter at Strategies.  I’ve been doing a lot of black painting for my trench table and perhaps brown would work just as well if not better, but I think you will find that trying to wash an entire 6*4 foot table plus all the scatter terrain gets expensive and awkward.  I’ll stick to the all mighty dry brush, a technique I almost never use on individual miniatures.

I may have to try one of the colored primers when I have a better bank balance.  In the mean time I will use cheap black paint for the most part on my terrain.  I also probably stick to black primer for my upcoming models, though I have some Krylon Grey spray primer I bought a while back I’m always going to test.

The other thing I’ve mentioned just about every post, is Astronomi-con.  It is one of the better, if not the best independent Warhammer 40,000 tournaments out there.  It has grown from its origins in Winnipeg to this year being run in four separate cities in North America.  The brains behind the tournament (Christian and Mike) are old time 40K mailing list members I’ve known for years.  They’ve put a lot of effort into growing the hobby in the ‘Peg and giving Canadian 40K players something to look forward to with the demise of the Grand Tournaments and the Conflicts in Canada.

Now they’ve done gone to Texas and from most accounts it was a success.  Maybe it’ll give the overly competitive American Internet know-it-alls something to think about besides ‘Ard Boyz.  Maybe some of them will journey North where the minis are painted the missions are complex and the opponents drink beer afterwards and sometimes during the games.

Clay Smith yet another old time 40K mailing lister has a detailed account filled with pictures, I won’t ruin it for you, but he enjoyed the experience and did well with his Orks.  They had some nice scenery, but if it was like the ‘Ard Boyz or other US tournaments there was some underpainted armies, ‘Ard Boyz had a lot of primer in the pictures I saw.  I remember when if it wasn’t painted it didn’t appear on the table, it is still that way at Strategies, but Darren is old school like me.

I’d like to see the Leaf Blowers shave off 1000 points and come to Vancouver in 2010, give No Musk’s Land a go.  My other thought was if a “Leaf Blower” blows ‘Ard Boyz does that make them Fluffers?

Well I better get going I have to prepare for a job interview and watch glue dry…